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The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


Instead, we focus on the employers doing the most hiring as measured by number of open job descriptions. Instead, a homegrown ATS is ATS software built by the employer themselves. Greenhouse Software. Ultimate Software/UltiPro. Newton Software. SmashFly. iRecruit Software. We use these 5 tiers of hiring volume to keep things simple: 1,000+ job openings. 500 – 999 job openings. 100 – 499 job openings.

No Quick Fix: Why HR Technology Can’t Fix A Broken Candidate Experience.

Recruiting Daily

From enterprise platforms to point solutions, the concept of “candidate experience” has become increasingly commoditized, an organizational imperative reduced to a software sales pitch. And if your people and processes are actually aligned, then the tools you choose to help improve the candidate experience will actually have a real impact when it comes to your recruiting results and ROI. Recruitment Marketing: Meaningful Metrics And Actionable Analytics.


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15 Examples of Recruitment Marketing Platforms [Used by 500 Top Employers]


Below is a list of 15 recruitment marketing platforms used by 500 U.S.-based Our list of 15 recruitment marketing tools includes only the software that Ongig can track and verify. 15 Recruitment Marketing Platforms. Radancy job page example. Phenom job page example.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Top 3 HR/recruitment blog posts.

8 Game-Changing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 18th January 2016

Social Talent

In recruitment news this week: Introducing Glassdoor’s New Job Search Experience. With 45% of people reporting that they are currently job searching, or plan to search for a job in the next year, it’s a good time to be bringing out a new job search experience. But it’s not just job seekers who are excited about the new job search experience Glassdoor are offering. When you are applying for a job, it’s a very opaque process.