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What Will the Talent Acquisition Platform of the Future Look Like?

Fistful of Talent

This summer I’ve had a number of great conversations with some really bright people in talent acquisition about talent acquisition technology and the future of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Traditionally, our ATS was just this big dumb database of applicants who applied to our jobs that were listed on our career site. When I break down the TA tech stack right now I see roughly 22 different verticals of talent acquisition technologies.

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This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. LinkedIn Talent Blog. Talent Leadership. What Is Talent Acquisition? Talent Acquisition. Talent and Learning. Talent Management.


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5 reasons why it’s hard to solve the recruiting tools conundrum

Great Hires

For nearly every company the ATS is the central database for all job and candidate information. Nearly every significant task for sourcing or selection uses information from the ATS database as the content source. As mentioned above, recruiters and coordinator know what information already exists for a Job or Candidate and they have no interest in re-entering data that they know already resides in another system.

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The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


Instead, we focus on the employers doing the most hiring as measured by number of open job descriptions. Symphony Talent (Findly, SmashFly. Talent Reef (JobAppNetwork). We use these 5 tiers of hiring volume to keep things simple: 1,000+ job openings. 500 – 999 job openings. 100 – 499 job openings. 25 – 99 job openings. 0 – 24 job openings. Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems (500-999 Jobs).

Recruitment Marketing Platforms 101: What you need to know

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The best job listing in the world isn’t worth a thing if you can’t get it in front of the right candidates. That’s why Recruitment Marketing has become so crucial in recruiting, yet many practitioners aren’t confident about which talent attraction strategies really work. In Rally’s 2019 Recruitment Marketing Job & Salary Survey results , we asked practitioners to tell us how well they can measure their Recruitment Marketing effectiveness. Job alerts by email and/or text.

6 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st August 2016

Social Talent

In recruitment news this week: This is What Millennials Want From Their Job Hunt (Psst! thing millennials want out of a job is advancement opportunity (67%), narrowly beating out better pay (60%) and challenging work (51%). In fact, compared to other generations, they use more resources in general to learn about company culture and they’re more likely to use online job boards, company career web pages and social media to hear about new job opportunities.

The Top 12 Career Site Self-Service Tools


Headline: Transform your career site and your job postings. based career site job search (in partnership w/ Google) and the #1 most dynamic job postings in the world. Ongig Career Page Design Features: Artificial intelligence-based job search partnership with Google.

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Candidate Experience Part III – Tools

Great Hires

Note: Talent Tech Labs produces an excellent quarterly map of the recruiting ecosystem if you are looking for an overview of the key players grouped by segment in the talent acquisition field. Thanks to digital technology it is much easier to measure candidate behavior when it comes to talent attraction and the application process. the job description), you should be measuring the click-thru-rate to start the application process. CEB, Jibe, Smashfly).

Everything you need to know from HR Tech 2018


We build talent attraction programs (super smart talent attraction programs) for large growing companies all around the world. In doing so, we engage with numerous technology suppliers to help solve our clients’ biggest talent acquisition challenges. Technology companies are extremely good at their jobs, whether it be a CRM, open web sourcing tool, or chatbot, and we like to partner with the best of the best because it’s what they specialize in.

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Part 1: How to Turn Passive Leads into Hires

Glassdoor for Employers

This series is a partnership with SmashFly covering the key elements and examples of nurture in a recruitment marketing strategy. Look for Part 2 and 3 on the SmashFly blog! With unemployment rates at a low since 2008, attracting talent with ease is a thing of the past. Job applicants now hold more power when it comes to making the important decision of where they want to work. Give your leads different options for how they want to join your talent network.

Candidate Experience & the Application Process: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Social Talent

Building a great employer brand can be challenging for some companies, but successfully doing so can enhance a company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate talented individuals. According to Christopher Brablc , Director of Marketing at SmashFly Technologies, the candidate experience can be defined as “all the interactions you have with candidates in the recruitment marketing and hiring process “ . Vague/Redundant Information about the Job.

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. He’s a true thought leader on the use of Recruitment Marketing, recognizing ahead of most that Recruitment Marketing is its own formal discipline inside talent acquisition, separate from traditional recruiting. Automation rules customize the experience based on job family and skills.

Oldie but Goodie: The Time for Talent Analytics in Recruitment is NOW


We have written over 500 blog posts on the SmashFly blog and many remain as relevant today as they were when we wrote them. Talent Analytics is one of the biggest trends in today’s HR. And while I could write more about this, I think it’s a better use of our time to point to Josh Bersin’s great article before we begin, “Big Data in Human Resources, Talent Analytics Come to Age”. Just like Talent Analytics for Core HR, the need for analytics can be explained pretty quickly.

No Quick Fix: Why HR Technology Can’t Fix A Broken Candidate Experience.

Recruiting Daily

By combining qualitative data as well as anecdotal experiences through personal follow ups and automated surveys, you’ll get a better sense of what you’re doing right right now, and what you can be doing better today to create the kind of candidate experience you’ll need to win the top talent of tomorrow. Candidate experience isn’t limited strictly to the talent attraction and application process, however.