Decreasing Candidate Drop-Off Rates Through Mobile Recruiting

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Mobile recruiting is certainly not a new concept in the staffing and recruiting industry. In the past 10 years, implementing mobile recruiting tactics has become increasingly more important for recruiting success! The Mobile Friendly Application.

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

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This isn’t a beginner’s guide to understanding analytics; however, even if you are new to recruitment analytics I encourage you to read this post for its tips for using Google Analytics to measure mobile recruiting activity. Why Should You Track Recruitment Site Activity? Even with access to a recruiting software platform with in-application measurement dashboards, it still makes sense to use Google Analytics as a complementary analysis tool.


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Mobile Recruiting Strategy Fails – When Your Organization Isn’t Prepared

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You built a mobile recruiting presence, the applicants came…but then your organization wasn’t ready. Or, maybe you’re well on your way toward social recruiting Shangri La and you sense that a few hiring managers may be late to the party. In this blog, I’ll review five mobile recruiting strategy fails encountered when a business is not prepared in the hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes.

Manual Processes Recruiting Software Automates


So, why do we still conduct so many recruitment functions manually? Talent acquisition software automates recruiting operations to help you beat the competition and hire top talent. Accelerate time-to-hire with recruiting technology by storing all career fair information in a single system, collecting resumes digitally at events and reporting metrics to easily identify the hiring events that generate the greatest return.

Text Message Recruiting Software: To Adopt Into Your Recruiting Program

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Text Message Recruiting Software: A comprehensive review of the best platforms available. With the increased development of mobile applications comes the upgraded originality of the recruitment strategies. Text-recruiting enabled ATSs or CRMs.

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4 Considerations for Your Mobile Recruiting Mix

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Mastering the art of social media utilization isn’t the only key to implementing an enviable mobile recruiting strategy. In order to thrive in what might be called the “mobile recruiting wild,” these elements must be addressed. In this post, I’ll present a survival guide for successfully incorporating additional external resources into your mobile recruiting strategy. #1 Moving to Mobile Responsive Web Design. Recruitment Budget.

Cell Counts: Why Mobile Recruiting Matters for Candidate Experience

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The concept of candidate experience has become so ubiquitous to the recruiting conversation it’s become something of a cliché, a commoditized, catch all catch-phrase that’s grist for the content marketing and consulting mill. Which means it’s a lot like “mobile recruiting,” that other obnoxiously omnipresent talent technology trending topic. Which makes you wonder why recruiting still sucks so badly at both mobile and candidate experience.

How to use the Workable mobile recruiting app for hiring


Luckily you’ve already set up Workable recruiting app on your mobile. You review every application via the Workable mobile recruiting app. When recruiting isn’t your main task, finding time to review every application in a single sitting is a big ask. Request a demo to learn how you can optimize your hiring efforts with our all-in-one recruitment software. And as soon as the candidate accepts the offer, you’ll get the good news on your mobile.

Crelate Talent Recruiting Software Company Sponsors 2019 NAPS Conference in San Antonio


Recruiting professionals at the NAPS 2019 conference will learn how to use one system to accelerate the hiring process from job opening to candidate placement. . Members of the Crelate team will attend to learn about emerging recruiting trends from industry leaders, as well as share Crelate’s latest technology advancements built specifically for recruiting professionals. Recruitment marketing email campaign builder that tracks opens and clicks.

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How to Take Advantage of Mobile for Recruiting


With 45 percent of candidates taking advantage of a mobile device to apply for a job, it’s no wonder businesses are upping their mobile game when it comes to recruitment. Here are some ways that mobile can jump-start the recruiting process. The post How to Take Advantage of Mobile for Recruiting appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

6 Tips for Employers Trying to Attract the Mobile Millennial


The unrelenting proliferation of technology suggests that hiring managers, recruiters, and background check companies need to become more technically savvy for a variety of reasons. The post 6 Tips for Employers Trying to Attract the Mobile Millennial appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

Using Your ATS to Find Candidates During the Candidate Shortage

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This has caused staffing and recruiting firms to focus their strategies on reaching out to candidates that are already working. Looking at this information can help determine what “currently” is the best source for you to recruit candidates.

The Top 6 Apps for Recruiters


According to a Jobvite study, 43% of applicants have used a mobile device to search for a new job. With smartphones and tablets far outstripping the number of PCs shipped every year, it’s no surprise more and more job candidates are turning to mobile to seek out new opportunities. They expect you to be where they are, to be reachable even if working remotely, and to be savvy enough in the mobile space to understand their job needs. LinkedIn Recruiter: iOS and Android.

Blind Recruitment – The Way to Overcoming Bias in Hiring?


The post Blind Recruitment – The Way to Overcoming Bias in Hiring? Recruiting applicant experience applicant tracking system ats candidate experience hiring mobile recruiting recruit recruiter recruiting recruiting questions recruiting software recruiting solutions recruiting tip recruitment social recruiting talent acquisitionPartiality. Prejudice. They’re ugly words in any circumstance.

Your Mobile Recruiting Just Got A Mobile Rebooting

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Recruiters and hiring teams can go about their business while they go about their business. Message templates, so you don’t need to take typo-chances on mobile. Padding your Mobile Recruiting Bottom Line … Breezy for iPhone, iPad and Android Version 2.0 is the fluid and flexible mobile recruiting solution to Out-of-Office ordeals. is mobile recruiting software for the way you do your job IRL.

PwC Study Unveils Cloud Migration of HR Technology

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The post PwC Study Unveils Cloud Migration of HR Technology appeared first on Newton Software. Choosing Recruiting Software Industry Trends Mobile Recruiting analytics Cloud Computing HR technology mobileHR Technology Is Moving To the Cloud. Are You Prepared? A recent PwC study, “Transformation enabled by HR in the Cloud,” is offering a first-hand look at the the rapid progression of cloud migration in HR technology.

It’s Getting Hot in Here! The Most Popular Recruiting Blogs of 2016… So Far

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Grab Some Sunscreen and Throw On Those Shades, We Have the Hottest Recruiting Blogs of Summer ’16! From practical recruiting tips and industry trends, to recruiting compliance and so on, we have you covered with the hottest recruiting blogs of the summer! Grab some shade, a nice big glass of lemonade, and get your recruiter on! Newton was founded by recruiters. 3 Key Traits of a Successful Recruiter. Recruitment compliance.

Avionté Staffing Software announces integration with WorkN to Deliver Mobile-First Recruitment and Candidate Engagement


This partnership will allow staffing firms to build a mobile strategy and to create custom, white-labeled apps that allow for a comprehensive in-app experience for candidates and workers while creating organizational efficiencies. The integration of AviontéBOLD and WorkN will provide staffing firms with a robust mobile recruitment tool to connect with candidates directly on their smartphones, streamlining the recruitment process and delivering an incredible in-app candidate experience.

Top 5 Recruiting Challenges to Overcome in 2016


These types of issues require recruiters and HR professionals in every type of industry to implement new solutions and strategies to improve the entire process––from sourcing to placing, and even beyond that. If you missed our webinar revealing the solutions to the top five challenges in recruiting, here’s a quick overview of the common challenges and how an end-to-end cloud platform can solve each problem. Recruiters need to make a quick hire as soon as a position is available.

7 Brilliant Reasons to Automate Recruiting

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Today’s post explores a fundamental issue in the recruiting industry: why you should automate recruiting. It you are using paper-based recruiting processes, this post is for you. Let’s discuss why you should automate recruiting. Why Automate Recruiting? How Do You Automate Recruiting? An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of HR software that automates hiring processes. Mobile Recruiting.

How Healthcare Companies Manage Credentialing.


Anyone who has dealt with the recruiting and hiring process knows that verifying and keeping track of credentials is not only time consuming but can also be very overwhelming. Such a centralized system makes it easy for HR managers and recruiters as well as providers to add or change information, such as adding or changing professional designations. What does a quality software application do. Entire recruiting process. Credentialing Review.

Mapping out Solutions: Integrated Geolocation


Data analytics, when applied to mapping and geographic information, allow powerful tools to be developed that can be used for a wide range of purposes, recruitment not the least among them. Location targeting can benefit recruiting in general. Recruiting via Geolocation by Industry Professionals. Other metrics allowed recruiters to identify which candidates my might have potential, but who were not presently qualified to join (find more about the Marine Corps.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2014’s Biggest Outcomes

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2014 was choc-a-block with lessons to be learned, tips to take note of and techniques to be applied to how we go about sourcing in 2015, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss any of them: Mobile Usage Surpassed Desktop. In 2014, mobile was no longer just an up and coming technology to be thought about in future terms. And the mobile phenomenon had quite the impact on the recruitment industry : Mobile changed job search. Mobile changed job boards.

Mobile 143

Rebuilding Your Business and Need to Hire Fast? 9 Nifty ATS Tools

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A mobile-friendly interface lets candidates apply, interview, and onboard remotely. An applicant tracking system is a specific type of recruiting software. Why automate recruiting with an ATS? ATS recruitment texting allows you to text candidates from the software.

5 Marketing Trends Shaping The Future of Recruitment

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Recruitment has evolved dramatically over the past decades and is now a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks largely to the development of and advances in technology. Recruitment was heavily reliant on word-of-mouth and face-to-face applications. But now, with new technology and changes in candidate behaviour, recruiting is using modern marketing tactics to fill open positions. Today, we are exploring the 5 main marketing trends that will shape the future of recruitment.

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What’s Your Recruiting Personality? [QUIZ]

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Looking to get into the recruiting profession? Or, maybe you’re already a seasoned pro but just want to better identify your true recruiting strengths? Whatever the case, take ExactHire’s “What’s Your Recruiting Personality?” Whether you’re happy managing metrics, driven by social shares or energized by candidate conversations…there’s a recruitment role that speaks to your passion. This is especially true when it comes to navigating the mobile recruiting space.

4 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Small Business

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Large enterprises and recruitment firms require an applicant tracking system to manage the large volume of applicants and resumes. But what are the benefits of an applicant tracking system for small business owners, who have more modest recruitment needs? The reality is, whether you’re a huge corporation or a small business owner, recruiting good applicants costs time and money – an average of $4,129 per new hire, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

This Job Crunch is our Least Favorite Form of Exercise

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While LinkedIn now boasts more than half of a billion users , recruiters are simply competing against each other for all the exact same candidates ( who probably already have a job anyway ). In this record-low era, some users are so bombarded with recruiting messages, they are just ignoring them altogether. Fatigue is just part of the reason recruiters are investing fewer resources into professional platforms this year. Mobilize your recruiting strategies.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


I talk to high-growth startups every day and I keep hearing versions of “compared to recruiting, fundraising was easy”. Recruiting software and tools. This means you have something to bootstrap your social media recruiting effort to. External recruiters.

5 Steps to Better Job Description Click-Through Rates

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This responsibility generally belongs to people in human resources or recruiting. Make Landing Pages Mobile Responsive & Job Board Friendly. However, while many organizations have corporate websites that have long been coded with mobile responsive design, the same doesn’t always hold true for the third party job portals they use to manage the job posting and application submission process. Recruiting hiring tips job descriptions marketing mobile recruiting recruiting

The Future of Applicant Tracking Systems: A Recruiting Roadmap.

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There is no single piece of technology that’s more universally despised throughout recruiting’s rank and file than applicant tracking systems. In fact almost every one of the many potential perils the average recruiter out there today faces on the talent battlefield can be more or less directly traced to the system that they’re forced to rely on, even at the expense of recruiting efficacy, efficiency and optimal outcomes. Recruiting Isn’t Broken.

Best Practices for Accepting Paper Resumes at Career Fairs


In fact, the demise of the paper resume was predicted as far back as 2001 , and several technologies have emerged since then to alleviate common campus recruiting headaches. . But any recruiter who spends time at career fairs knows that we’re hardly paperless yet. Simply stated, retaining recruitment documents is the law, and it’s not optional. Students can upload their resume digitally, or recruiters can take a picture of physical resumes to eliminate paper stacks. .

8 Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 8th February 2016

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In recruitment news this week: LinkedIn to Acquire Connectifer. We first reported on Connectifer , the AI-based recruitment search, late last year when they had just raised $6 million more to continue building out their platform. At the time, their growth underscored an evolution not just in recruitment software but in the bigger area of vertical search. More than half of those active users (57%) are on mobile. Tinder for Recruiters” Gains £7 million Investment.

You Should Start Text Recruiting Today. Here’s Why.


05/31/2018 // Mobile Recruiting. It’s time to elevate your recruitment strategy with text recruiting. Your chances of a quick response are infinitely better with text recruiting. Recruiters can instantly engage with candidates even when they’re on the move. It’s a natural fit for campus recruitment. Text recruiting is an ideal solution for campus career fairs. The post You Should Start Text Recruiting Today. Mobile Recruiting

6 Top Tips For Effective Text Recruiting


05/24/2018 // Mobile Recruiting. As a recruiter, do you text with job candidates? Read on for six ways to attract and engage candidates through text recruiting. Don’t let your content get buried in email—connect with top talent via text recruiting. Through texting recruiting, increase the likelihood this content will be opened and viewed—not lost in an email inbox. Maximize text recruiting efforts with a clear understanding of candidate engagement.

6 Top Tips For Effective Text Recruiting


05/24/2018 // Mobile Recruiting. As a recruiter, do you text with job candidates? Read on for five ways to attract and engage candidates through text recruiting. Don’t let your content get buried in email—connect with top talent via text recruiting. Through texting recruiting, increase the likelihood this content will be opened and viewed—not lost in an email inbox. Maximize text recruiting efforts with a clear understanding of candidate engagement.

The Mobile Job Seeker Infographic


If your recruiting strategies aren’t already optimized for mobile job seekers and their devices, you could be in trouble. Candidate Engagement Sourcing and Nurturing infographic infographics job seeker trends jobvite millennials mobile job seeker mobile job seeker infographic mobile recruiting recruiting software recruiting trends social recruiting trends

Android: Improving the sign-in experience with Google Sign-In and SmartLock


This article was written by Pavlos and Vasilis , as part of a series of posts explaining how we created Android and iOS apps for Workable recruiting software. The post Android: Improving the sign-in experience with Google Sign-In and SmartLock appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better. Backstage at Workable News and Updates Mobile recruiting Tech Technology

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The Mobile Job Seeker Infographic


If your recruiting strategies aren’t already optimized for mobile job seekers and their devices, you could be in trouble. Are you prepared to recruit wherever, whenever, on whatever? Learn what the 2014 job seeker expects, when and where job seeking happens, and the tools of today’s mobile-addicted workforce. The latest statistics reveal that today’s workforce is rarely without a smart phone or tablet in hand.

Taking Recruitment Mobile: Mobile Career Site vs Native Mobile App


Every time you switch your television on, tune up your radio, or walk by random billboards and posters on the road, you’re bound to see an advertisement for a new mobile gadget. Whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, or any multi-task mobile device, the new trend of “technology-on-the-go” is growing more and more in popularity. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices comes with it the rapid demand for mobile application software. mobile recruiting