4 Considerations for Your Mobile Recruiting Mix

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Mastering the art of social media utilization isn’t the only key to implementing an enviable mobile recruiting strategy. In order to thrive in what might be called the “mobile recruiting wild,” these elements must be addressed. In this post, I’ll present a survival guide for successfully incorporating additional external resources into your mobile recruiting strategy. #1 Moving to Mobile Responsive Web Design. Recruitment Budget.

Mobile Recruiting Hacks

Glassdoor for Employers

In April 2015, Google announced an important change to their algorithm – it would now prioritize mobile friendly sites in search rankings. This shift was in reaction to an important discovery – over half of Google’s search traffic was from a mobile device. It’s no secret that people are enamored with their mobile technology. According to Glassdoor, approximately 90% of job seekers will search for new jobs on their mobile devices.


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How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

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This isn’t a beginner’s guide to understanding analytics; however, even if you are new to recruitment analytics I encourage you to read this post for its tips for using Google Analytics to measure mobile recruiting activity. Why Should You Track Recruitment Site Activity? Even with access to a recruiting software platform with in-application measurement dashboards, it still makes sense to use Google Analytics as a complementary analysis tool.

Mobile Recruiting Strategy Fails – When Your Organization Isn’t Prepared

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You built a mobile recruiting presence, the applicants came…but then your organization wasn’t ready. Or, maybe you’re well on your way toward social recruiting Shangri La and you sense that a few hiring managers may be late to the party. In this blog, I’ll review five mobile recruiting strategy fails encountered when a business is not prepared in the hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes. 5 – Failure To Enable A Talent-Focused Culture.

All Recruiting Is Mobile Recruiting.

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I’m lucky (or unlucky) enough to have gone to enough recruiting related events and conferences over the past few years to realize that while mobile has progressed to the point of ubiquity, for some reason, the “thought leaders” thoughtlessly keep offering up the same old drivel as ever about “mobile recruiting.”. If you need that business case made for you, look up from your smartphone screen and pay attention. Mobile Recruiting: Press 1 for “Duh.”.

Dialed In: Mobile Recruiting and The Candidate Experience.

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If there’s one thing I really, truly hate about using my smart phone, it’s when I go to look up some basic bit of information (should be easy enough), and get stuck playing a little game that I call “the mobile hokey pokey.” You put your address in, you pull a s**t site out, you squeeze and pinch the screen, and turn it all about. With the mobile hokey pokey, you want to scream and shout…this ain’t what it’s all about.

Mobile Recruiting: Why Recruiters Should Care About The Google Algorithm Change

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With the omnipresence of mobile devices, it can be tempting to pull up your browser at any given moment of the day to immediately find the answer to a problem, the background on a new topic or person, and “how to” do nearly anything. If a site is not optimized to auto-adjust to mobile device formats, its ranking can drop from one position to the next or from one page of search results to another – potentially leading to a major loss of web traffic.

Mobile Recruiting: Get in the Know

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Rick is the founder and CEO of JXT, the number one provider of cloud-based digital marketing solutions for recruiters and corporate recruiters. Rick has coached thousands of recruiters, empowering them to take their businesses and careers to the next level. Mobility influenced the ways we access and exchange information in hiring to be about relevance, speed, and simplicity. Mobile apply is huge. Your mobile recruiting strategy.

#nowmobile – A Guide to Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Applicant Tracking

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Everyone is always talking about Mobile Recruiting, but what that term really means, and how to implement a truly mobile recruitment and hiring process, has been confusing. First, given that job seekers and job searches are now predominantly coming from mobile devices, employers must have careers pages and job applications that are mobile friendly. Read on and bring your recruiting process into the modern era. PART 1: Mobile Apply.

Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting

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Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting. With the amount of time we spend on our smartphones and tablets, it’s crucial to stay accessible to potential hires on these types of mobile devices. Without mobile access to applications, what could have been great, tech-savvy candidates might end up not being a contender at all. Here are just three reasons why your company should prioritize mobile recruiting: It saves time. Mobile Recruiting is Here to Stay.

One Major Way to Eliminate Interview & New Hire Ghosting!

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All three did one simple thing that changed their recruiting life. It’s just one more reason why I think SMS automation, like what Canvas offers, is the most underutilized, high ROI recruiting technologies on the planet! So, move fast, using technology to do some screening, but then over-communicate via text messaging on what’s next. FOT Note: We here at FOT like to think we get talent and HR at a different level. appeared first on Fistful of Talent.

The 996 Recruiting Schedule!

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So, let’s skip the money and just talk work schedules and expectations around recruiting. . Right now, your hiring managers and your candidates do not believe you are only recruiting Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Both sides think you are recruiting all the time–24/7/365! ” But, the reality is exactly that for the vast majority of us hiring talent. . The question is, can we become ‘that’ recruiter? That 996 recruiter?

Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Optimized: What’s the Difference and How Does it Impact Employee & Candidate Experience?


Let’s face the facts – most of us are glued to our mobile devices, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. But, the crisis has also created an influx of mobile friendly apps and options for our routine tasks. for mobile to 48.7% Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites.

Six Tips for Employers to Attract the Mobile Millennial


The unrelenting proliferation of technology suggests that hiring managers, recruiters and background checking companies need to become more technically savvy for a variety of reasons. The post Six Tips for Employers to Attract the Mobile Millennial appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

The Rise of the Recruiting Suite

Fistful of Talent

When it comes to HR and recruiting technology, almost all companies right now have a foundational tech stack: Payroll HRIS ATS. What we’ve seen recently with the talent acquisition technology space are organizations merging and buying each other at a rapid pace to create recruiting suites or platforms. Think of a “recruiting suite” similar to that of your HRIS suite. Recruiting is too important to not have great tech.

What’s Your Recruiting Personality? [QUIZ]

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Looking to get into the recruiting profession? Or, maybe you’re already a seasoned pro but just want to better identify your true recruiting strengths? Whatever the case, take ExactHire’s “What’s Your Recruiting Personality?” Quiz to identify your talent acquisition sweet spot. Whether you’re happy managing metrics, driven by social shares or energized by candidate conversations…there’s a recruitment role that speaks to your passion.

4 Guidelines for Optimal Job Application Conversion Rates

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We live in an age of distraction and it’s wreaking havoc on your talent applicant sourcing process. While the aforementioned items are undoubtedly important factors in the talent acquisition game, another critical component is the length of your job application. However, know that the very best candidates always have options, so even in a seller’s…ahem…employer’s market, top talent still won’t fill out your 50-question job application. mobile – 4.96%.

Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Recruiting Technology

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It’s no secret that the world of work has changed – but the fact of the matter is, recruitment, largely, remains stuck in stasis, with many employers failing to adopt the tools and technologies today that will be required to compete for – and win – top talent tomorrow. Modern Times: 5 Recruiting Technology Trends Every Employer Needs To Know. Mobile Recruiting.

HR Technology: One Platform To Rule Them All, One Platform To Find Them.

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Every year in the US alone employers spend $72 billion — that’s billion, with a B — on recruiting services, staff and technology. The latter purchase would probably yield a better return on investment than most employers are getting out of their recruitment spend — so why do companies continue to spend so much? Gone are the days of just-in-time hiring, where time-to-fill was the only metric that really mattered to front line recruiters.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Recruiting Blog.

7 Ways to Optimise Your Recruitment Emails

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Talent acquisition teams are still playing catch up in this regard and are still utilising dated and manual practices that leads to their emails getting lost in the ‘noise’ So what can you do to improve your strategy and ensure your emails are getting opened, read, clicked through and replied to? That means passive candidates are receiving a large number of recruiting emails that are not resonating with them. Source: LinkedIn Talent Solutions blog.

You Should Start Text Recruiting Today. Here’s Why.


05/31/2018 // Mobile Recruiting. It’s time to elevate your recruitment strategy with text recruiting. Your chances of a quick response are infinitely better with text recruiting. Recruiters can instantly engage with candidates even when they’re on the move. Link to talent community forms, send candidates straight to your career page or showcase your company culture by texting a video. It’s a natural fit for campus recruitment.

7 Ways to Optimise Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Talent acquisition teams are still playing catch up in this regard and are still utilising dated and manual practices that leads to their emails getting lost in the ‘noise’ So what can you do to improve your strategy and ensure your emails are getting opened, read, clicked through and replied to? That means passive candidates are receiving a large number of recruiting emails that are not resonating with them. Source: LinkedIn Talent Solutions blog.

iCIMS Analyst Event: Building an Ecosystem

Brandon Hall

iCIMS’ focus is both simple and strong: “to help clients win the talent war by providing the best talent acquisition software on a pure SaaS platform.” As a private technology company in the burgeoning competitive talent acquisition market, iCIMS is in an enviable position as a profitable company for the past 13 years. They are always looking to enhance their talent acquisition suite. More mobile recruiting capabilities.

iCIMS 39

Hiring Success 18 Europe: Day 1 Wrap


All you recruiters, TA leaders, innovators, system owners, optimizers,” listed Ternynck, “all of us who’ve dedicated your career to helping companies find talent, to help people find jobs—we are critical to companies’ success.”. Employers can help by accepting applications without cover letters, offer mobile recruiting, and embracing diversity.”. Answer: they were repurposed by corporate recruiters to source quality talent.

Leveraging Technology to Hire the Right Talent in Today’s Crisis


In today’s hyper-competitive labor market , the challenge of hiring and retaining the right talent keeps getting tougher by the day. While high employee turnover leaves a bigger dent, an aging population could soon make the talent gap become larger. Faster Screening.

7 Ways to Streamline Holiday Season Hiring


11/2/2017 // By Tracy Kelly // TALENT acquisition. Is your company ramping up seasonal recruitment? With tight hiring timelines, an efficient recruitment process is essential to secure the hourly employees you need for a fully-staffed team. With recruiting technology , automate posts to social networks, to convert customers into new employees. Share talent pools across business locations. Talent Acquisition

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


This article is designed to help beginner recruiters better understand and utilize candidate experience best practices across the recruiting lifecycle. Candidate experience refers to how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. It has proven to be directly tied to recruiting performance , making it one of the most highly regarded talent acquisition topics today.

Candidate Experience Part III – Tools

Great Hires

The tools you choose for your candidate experience may already be part of the enterprise-wide solutions offered by your company, or point solutions you choose as a recruiter that match your personal best practices. Note: Talent Tech Labs produces an excellent quarterly map of the recruiting ecosystem if you are looking for an overview of the key players grouped by segment in the talent acquisition field.

Crelate Announces New Integration that Enables Calling and Texting for Recruiters Using RingCentral


New communication tools in Crelate Talent for recruitment calls and text messages without leaving the application. November 19, 2019 — Crelate, a leading provider of recruiting software solutions for talent acquisition announces the availability of its direct integration with RingCentral Inc. The solution was developed to simplify recruiting scenarios including calls, phone screens, and text messages with candidates, customers, or colleagues.

Say Anything: What the 80s Can Teach Us About Candidate Engagement

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The one lesson I probably picked up on the fastest when I first started sourcing is that finding talent is really only half of the battle. It’s engaging that talent and actually converting your prospects into candidates that’s the real deal breaker. To be great at sourcing or recruiting, you’ve got to think like a marketer. In recruiting, conversion means hires. Another idea: step away from the screen and pick up the phone.

Using the Right Technology to Support an Undeniable Candidate Experience

ClearCompany Recruiting

A recruiter’s day is often tied up in administrative tasks, leaving minimal, if any at all, time to update candidates on their application status or be available for questions and concerns. Unable to reach or communicate with a recruiter. Simple confirmation emails once applications are submitted and an email address a recruiter could be reached at would be a great start. If there’s something recruiters always wish they had more of, it’s time. Build Your Talent Pool.

Everything I Learned About Recruiting, I Learned From Content Marketing

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There’s a cottage industry out there of industry analysts, speakers, consultants and bloggers dedicated to the HR and recruiting industry, and the fact is, these “experts” must be seeing something I don’t see about the industry they’re covering. How come recruiters spend so much time talking about really obvious stuff like “ candidate experience ” or “ mobile recruiting ?” Great recruiters tell a damn good story.

Say Anything: What the 80s Can Teach Us About Candidate Engagement

Recruiting Daily

The one lesson I probably picked up on the fastest when I first started sourcing is that finding talent is really only half of the battle. It’s engaging that talent and actually converting your prospects into candidates that’s the real deal breaker. To be great at sourcing or recruiting, you’ve got to think like a marketer. In recruiting, conversion means hires. Another idea: step away from the screen and pick up the phone.

Recruiting Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Sourcing Efforts

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Recruiting top talent is never an easy task. Mobile apps can save you time by allowing you to easily post jobs, screen resumes, schedule interviews, and send out offer letters. Below is a list of the best recruiting apps that you can take advantage of starting today!

4 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Small Business

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Large enterprises and recruitment firms require an applicant tracking system to manage the large volume of applicants and resumes. But what are the benefits of an applicant tracking system for small business owners, who have more modest recruitment needs? The reality is, whether you’re a huge corporation or a small business owner, recruiting good applicants costs time and money – an average of $4,129 per new hire, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Automate the Recruiting Process with Candidate Texting


People spend an average of five hours a day on their mobile devices. According to Jobvite’s 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report , there is a 98% open rate for mobile recruiting texts vs. a 20% open rate for recruiting emails. Expedited Pre-Screening Process.

5 Solutions for Hiring During Busy Season

BirdDogHR - Recruitment

If you work in recruitment at a manufacturing company, you already know that hiring during busy seasons is a major pain point. Bringing on new staff at this time of year can be a catch-22: you need skilled new workers to contribute to your projects — but at the same time it takes time and energy away from your existing team to recruit, hire, and onboard these team members. Create a Talent Bench. Talent benches were made for busy hiring periods. Use Mobile Recruitment.

How to Create a Fluid Onboarding Process

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Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting March 8, 2017. Background Screening. (1). Mobility. (3). Recruitment. (16). Talent Acquisition. (4). Talent Management. (4). recruitment strategies. talent acquisition. talent management. recruiting. recruitment. talent retention. You are here Home » Blog » Latest Blog Article. How to Create a Fluid Onboarding Process. April 11, 2017.

50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]


That’s why we gathered a list of specialists in recruiting that you should listen to, who are worth your time. They are the people that change the ways of recruiting, finding new paths, streamlining recruitment process and squeezing out the most of recruiting funnels. On daily basis we focus on information for IT recruiters, but the mentioned specialists go far beyond it, being inspiration to the whole recruiting world. Generalists in recruiting.