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We’ve Created a Monster – Bad Recruiting

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Outsourcing Recruiting & Sourcing Types Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Sourcing Sourcing Function Sourcing training TA Training & Certifications Talent Acquisition FeaturedI read recently in a random article that there were 6,900 open jobs within Talent Acquisition in the United States currently.


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What Are the Best Channels for Sourcing Candidates?


Fortunately, the digital age has provided no shortage of channels for sourcing candidates, which include a whole host of competing job sites, as well as an ever-expanding list of social media platforms. Among the most traditional, and often most effective, methods of sourcing candidates is the old-fashioned approach of looking inward. As your organization grows, so too should your ability to source candidates through more narrow channels.

3 Tips to Help SMBs Source Top Talent


Although SMBs often face fierce competition among larger companies to source top talent, they have quite a few advantages. In order to source the best candidates, you need to post jobs where qualified candidates are actually looking. Glassdoor and LinkedIn have become favorites of millennials, while sites like Monster and CareerBuilder remain at the top of the list for baby-boomers. The post 3 Tips to Help SMBs Source Top Talent appeared first on JazzHR Notes.

Building a Business Case for Implementing Creative Sourcing Tactics

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Recruiters are now hustling to keep up with the endless buying and selling of candidate focus via attention grabbing sourcing methods. Previously, career board giants such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed would throw their weight around due to their promise to connect recruiters with the best and broadest candidate pools. This is being applied to HR and recruitment through the implementation of automated sources, screeners, and chatbots. Sourcing Recruiting

The Game Has Changed: Building A Grid of Sourcing Alternatives

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For some reason, this reminds me of the recent “tool” wars with Chrome, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Indeed, new AI and APIs talk, and the takeovers of Monster and Careerbuilder. Users in the sourcing community, The SourceCon speakers, writers, the gurus, your teammates, and most importantly, you. Niche Searches Search Techniques Semantic Search Sourcing Talent Acquisition Uncategorized Featured

Building a Business Case for Implementing Creative Sourcing Tactics

Proactive Talent

Recruiters are now hustling to keep up with the endless buying and selling of candidate focus via attention grabbing sourcing methods. Previously, career board giants such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed would throw their weight around due to their promise to connect recruiters with the best and broadest candidate pools. This is being applied to HR and recruitment through the implementation of automated sources, screeners, and chatbots. Sourcing Recruiting

Creative Sourcing: The Legend Continues.

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The one with the client, or the hiring manager, or some douchebag on your team (or so you had thought) who, after a little shop talk mixed with strategy, finishes the meeting by muttering that one godforsaken maxim destined to send any sourcing ship smashing into the path of pure peril. To any experienced sourcer – who’s heard it all before – it’s like some funereal dirge, a siren song of sourcing sorrow. I give you the birth of sourcing.

No, the Recruitment Industry Won’t Be Dying Anytime Soon

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News AI indeed Jan Tegze monster Recruiting Recruiting Industry SolarWinds Sourcing“Those who have knowledge don’t predict. Those who predict don’t have knowledge.” ” – Lao Tzu The recruitment industry has an uncertain future because recruitment will die … and soon.

The Ultimate List of Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Tools

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How Sourcing Tools Work. Sourcing tools work in two different ways, generally. Businesses of all sizes can make use of sourcing tools, though the specific tools will change. Contactout – This is a small tool that allows you to scrape contact information for an individual via a Chrome extension, utilizing LinkedIn and hundreds of other data sources. Hiretual – This company provides a platform with sourcing, screening, and engagement options. Candidate Sourcing

Career Builder Soon to Have Monster Problems

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Other job board technologies I’ve tried (standard Monster, Dice) suffer from the same weakness – too many results. Enter Monster’s new “Power Search” facility. I’m not privy to Monster’s source code, but the search results (see below) reflect what you’d expect from an LSI based engine. But for the moment Monster has an offering worth looking at I’ve been using Careeer Builder on and off over the last few years to search for candidates.

5 New Sourcing News Stories for the New Month- 3rd November 2014

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Such is the power of social sourcing in 2014. million from recruitment and Monster brought in a total of $393 million in the first half of this year. Monster will report its third-quarter numbers next week.). sourcing tool, SourceHub, and it just keeps getting better and better if we don’t say so ourselves. The post 5 New Sourcing News Stories for the New Month- 3rd November 2014 appeared first on Social Talent.

Three Ways Sourcing Automation Can Improve Recruiters’ Time Management


Sourcing Automation. There are high volume candidate search tools that sort through thousands of resumes across a multitude of job boards (CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed, Monster, etc.). The post Three Ways Sourcing Automation Can Improve Recruiters’ Time Management appeared first on Avionté. By: Brian Vesce, CEO of COMPAS, an Avionté Business. Recruiting processes can be littered with redundant tasks and is often supported by archaic tools.

HR Vendor Cagematch: Monster vs LinkedIn vs Indeed

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Monster or LinkedIn or Indeed? Sourcing Summit Europe 2016. When it comes to advertising jobs online, which website gives you the best overall value? In this episode of “The Jim Stroud Show,” Jim compares the 3 sites in what he calls “HR Vendor Cagematch.” ” Tune in for the fun and for an announcement. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT ON & SHARE THIS VIDEO! // CREDITS. Advertise A Job: Where to Find Employees Online [link].

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Automated Sourcing – Find, Zap, Engage


so I’ll go ahead and close the poll and see what the what what what our audience is thinking about when it comes to the time they spend finding people and sourcing so Doug and David here are the results and everybody else so the majority of the folks are saying that they’re not spending enough time or and actually quite close in second place is too much time so any feedback or reactions to those to those answers Doug .

Unique Tools to Boost Your Social Media Sourcing

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Social media is a valuable platform for any recruiter that acts as a wide source of information. TalentBin is a tool developed by Monster in known for aggregating all the relevant candidate info into one rich profile. With the help of TalentBin the whole process of candidate sourcing and outreaching becomes more effective and seamless. We live in a connected world and with the advancement of technology in terms of social media it will more connected tomorrow.

HR-based Podcasts Are Great Sources For Your Recruitment Efforts


In 2019, the podcast has taken over the traditional radio talk show as a top source of news, current event information and entertainment. Monster Hiring Podcast. Both employers and job seekers alike often utilize Monster to fulfill their desired career-based requirements. But did you know that Monster hosts a podcast of its own? Gone are the days when you needed to tune into an AM radio station in order to hear talk radio.

How to Source Passive Candidates on Facebook


Indeed , one of the biggest job boards in the world, gets around 360 million monthly visits , Monster gets around 23 million monthly visits , and CareerBuilder around 15.2 Low candidate sourcing costs. Monster – Fees for a single 30-day listing are $375. Fast sourcing. Source: HubSpot. Source: Teamweek. Here are some more great job post examples: Source: Disney Careers. Source: Boeing Careers. Source: Scoro. Why recruit on Facebook?

Monster (MWW) Q1 Sales to be Down 45%

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My sources at Monster forecast a 45% decrease in sales 1Q2009, and the reasons go deeper than the lousy economy. Recruiters are finding it easier to find candidates with social networks and increasing effective searching capabilities on Google and Twitter

10 tools that help IT recruiters in sourcing technical talents


IT sourcing takes a great deal of recruiter’s time. That’s why we looked for sourcing tools that can improve your recruitment process. These tools also provide contact information on candidates, another time saver for IT recruiters in the sourcing stage. Have a look at these sourcing tools and check them out. They’ve helped many IT recruiters with improving their sourcing process. Social recruiting and sourcing tools (social aggregators).

Tools 73

6 New Talent Sourcing Tips You Need

Spark Hire

Places like Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, and Simply Hired can put you in touch with qualified candidates who are looking for new opportunities, so don’t shy away from them when your business is ready to hire. Talent Acquisition hiring new talent sourcing tips talent sourcingBefore the Internet and social media dominated nearly every facet of life, hiring was fairly simple: you’d hang a sign in the front window of your business that read “HELP WANTED” in big bold letters.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Impact to the Naukri Monopoly due to Randstad buying Monster

Recruiting Blogs

At Sourcing ADDA ( @SourcingAdda ) we conduct Wednesday discussions where a topic is picked mainly from the Members suggestions and a discussion is held. The topic for the discussion was conducted in reference to the article - Randstad buys Monster for $429M as recruitment consolidation continues. You can view it here [link] or https://techcrunch/2016/08/08/randstad-buys-monster-for-429m-as-recruitment-consolidation-continues. Monster- Randstad. Monster.

6 Incredibly Important Sourcing News Stories this Week – 29th September 2014

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While attending #SoSuEu in Amsterdam we announced our new sourcing tool – SourceHub. The product (originally named SourceDash, due to it’s dashboard-like appearance), is a one-stop shop for online sourcing, as it not only allows you to create an all-encompassing Boolean string in a matter of clicks, it also allows you to save that string and run it in a variety of different online places including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google, Monster, Indeed, Github etc.

8 Shocking and Thought-Provoking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 29th August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Monster’s Largest Shareholder Will Fight Company Sale. Source: One of the US’s largest newspaper companies and reportedly Monster’s largest shareholder has said it is opposed to the $429 million sale of the recruiting services firm to Randstad (announced 2 weeks ago), and has urged other stockholders to do the same. “As As Monster’s largest shareholder based on publicly available information, MNG believes the $3.40

Traffic, Transparency & Talent Technology: The Future of Online Recruiting

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In 2004, Monster (8.6%), CareerBuilder (8.1%) and HotJobs (6.1%) were responsible for approximately 22% of all external hires , according to that year’s Career XRoads Source of Hire Report. In fact, Monster’s “acquisition” of HotJobs from Yahoo! LinkedIn, Monster and CareerBuilder have all tried to fight the job board label , and in doing so, have rightly realized that owning search is the only way to truly own online recruiting.

Staffing SEO and the Impending Death of Monster Boards

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For search engine optimization experts in the staffing industry (aka ‘Staffing SEOs’), eliminating traditional advertising costs like Monster is job #1. Internally at Google every tweak or code change goes through extensive testing and data analysis, so it’s possible that what Matt Cutts and the Google programmers see as simply a quantitative improvement actually reflects a less understood reality that people want to go directly to the source or brand as opposed to directory sites.

9 Truly Game-Changing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 13th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Monster Acquires ‘Tinder for Jobs’ App, Jobr. Monster announced last Wednesday that it has acquired the San Fran-based startup Jobr , which had been developing a job-finding app the company described as a “Tinder for jobs”, thanks to its use of swipe-based gestures. Not many deal terms were disclosed, but we do know that the app will not be shutdown, it will instead be integrated into Monster’s platform. Source:

6 Methods for Strategic Sourcing through JazzHR


Reaching these job seekers takes time, effort and, most importantly, strategic sourcing. Just like with your investment strategy, diversifying your candidate sourcing methods is key to maintaining a broad, sustainable recruitment pipeline. Juggling multiple strategic sourcing methods at once, though (along with screening, interviewing and onobarding) can be clunky, inefficient and ultimately ineffective.

CareerBuilder Put in Play By Its Broadcast Owner

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When Monster announced a few weeks ago that it was being bought by Randstad , the only surprises were the buyer and the price, $429 million. HR Management HR News HR Trends Human Resources Job Boards Recruiting Recruiting & Sourcing Types Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured

LinkedIn Strikes Back, and Truthfully Do You Blame Them?

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Ever since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn , they are trying to pick up the pieces, and they are doing everything they can not to become another Monster or CareerBuilder fatality. LinkedIn Social Networking Sourcing Talent Acquisition FeaturedIf you got sucker punched in the stomach what would you do? Well, LinkedIn has been hit pretty hard lately. The press has been relentless. LinkedIn Recruiter seats have been dropping like flies.

Source of Hire 2016 (Infographic)

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SilkRoad’s Top Sources of Hire Report is back for 2016 with an analysis of millions of applications, and hundreds of thousands of interviews and hires. This year’s survey sees the Texas-based Indeed continue to reign supreme over external candidate sourcing for talent acquisition, providing more than 6 times as many interviews as the next largest external source—and nearly two and half times as many hires as all the other top-branded job sites combined.

Insight From #HRTX: Some Recruiting Issues Seem to Never, Ever Get Solved

Recruiting Daily

We’ve had two #HRTX events this year — one at Brazen’s offices in Arlington, VA and one in Dallas, TX sponsored by the good people at Monster — and look, let’s begin with the positive here. Candidate Sourcing News Trends #HRTX #HRTX Boston 2018 HR human resources Recruiting Sourcing TA talent acquisition Ted Bauer

Leverage Niche Job Boards to Source Talent Smarter


Major job boards such as Monster, Indeed and CareerBuilder are widely used by all types of companies today because they are effective at extending the reach of job postings to a broad audience. However, if you are sourcing high-skilled talent only on major job boards, you will find yourself in one of these two painful situations: You may get a few high skilled candidates, buried among hundreds of non-relevant applications, making it almost impossible to find the gems.

7 Game-Changing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 15th August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Randstad Acquire Monster For a Cool $429 Million. Source: In quite possibly the biggest piece of recruitment news since Microsoft bought LinkedIn , Dutch firm Randstad Holding announced last week that it was acquiring Monster. The announcement came just hours before Monster’s second quarter financials were released, and as a result of the Randstad deal, Monster canceled its quarterly conference call with financial analysts.

Suds, Staffing and Life: How do you Handle Trends?


In 2004 Metallica released the documentary Some Kind of Monster, which followed them as they recorded their St. Blog industry trends recruiting sourcing staffing Suds & StaffingAnger album. The documentary captures an argument the group had about guitar solos and whether they should follow the trends and not have them, or stick to what helped make them famous. Last week on Suds, Staffing and [.]. The post Suds, Staffing and Life: How do you Handle Trends?

Trends 100

New Year, Same Talent Problems

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Source: Ridofranz / iStock / Getty Images. Monster recently released its annual “ Future of Work” report , and for 2021, there is some good news and some bad. If you thought the new year would wash away problems from the past, think again!

Top hiring & HR statistics in tech for 2021


The numbers have been crunched by the likes of, iCIMS, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Jobvite, Stack Overflow, Robert Half, Manpower Group, Monster, and the The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Source: Unsplash. Source: BLS. Source: Manpower Group. Source: Zety. Source: Lever.

Talent Mining – Unearthing Value in Human Capital Data

Boolean Black Belt

There are people in the HR/recruiting industry who believe that searching databases, the Internet, and social networking sites to source talent is relatively easy and that it can be automated through the use of technology. In this post, I’m going to share my original slide deck from my SourceCon presentation on the 5 levels of talent mining that I delivered in DC at the Spy Museum (what an awesome venue for a sourcing conference!) Level 1 Sourcing / Talent Mining.

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Staffing News of the Day, February 5, 2013

Staffing Talk

Preparing for the expected temp worker boom, Monster India launches Contract Jobs section [Business Standard]. The end of sourcing is near , now recruiting is about selling [ERE]. Will Obama’s immigration reform strengthen the economy ? Human Resource Executive Online]. Cohen releases ACA staffing industry survey results [R.A. Cohen]. 73% of staffing firms reached revenue goals in 2012, and 92% think revenue will increase this year [MarketWatch].

Staffing News Of The Day, June 25, 2012

Staffing Talk

Monster’s Innovative 6Sense(R) Semantic Search Technology helping employers find better quality candidates quicker, to fill open jobs now. Robert Ray, Richeal Royal and Lynsey Whareham were hired to source and attract qualified, diverse candidates to meet the specialized technical staffing needs across CorSource client organizations throughout the Northwest. Supreme Court to rule Thursday on health care. What exit interviews reveal about why employees leave. TLNT].