Does Your ATS Software Integrate With Pre-Hire Assessments?

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NEWTON + PRE-HIRE ASSESSMENTS. By combining ATS software with pre-hire assessments, recruiters can minimize the risk of employee turnover by 1) asking the right questions prior to hiring and 2) knowing the candidate’s ideal management style to keep them happy once they start. Pre-hire assessments are tools that quickly identify the best applicants for specific positions and for your broader company culture. NEWTON CUSTOMERS. NOT A NEWTON CUSTOMER?

4 Ironclad Tips to Validate Candidate Skills and Experience

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Say a candidate exaggerates their ability for a software coding language and then buckles under the real requirements of the role. If you’re interviewing for a software development role, include your lead software engineer in the conversation. There are a variety of assessments available to gauge a candidate’s skills. Another way to validate whether a candidate is the right fit for a role is to explore personality tests like Meyers-Briggs and DISC.


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Identifying Core Competencies When Hiring

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There are two different categories of core competencies: technical qualifications (skills, knowledge, expertise) and behavioral characteristics (personality, culture fit). Incorporate Assessments – Using assessments in your interview process is a great way to see if a candidate would be a good fit for the role. There are two main types of assessments: technical and personality.

How to Perform a Background Check

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Even with skill and personality assessments, there are certain patterns of behavior that only a background check can reveal, granted the employer knows how to analyze and dissect the vast multitudes of data included in a typical background check report. While these items may not be directly related, they are instrumental in determining the “fitness” of a candidate and whether they have the skill set and personality traits they say they have. Conducting a Background Check.

How to Conduct a Technical Interview

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Assessments. Assessments are a key part of any technical interview process. There are many different kinds of assessments that are used for different industries but they can be broken up into two main types; personality and skill. Personality assessments ask questions about what the person may do in certain situations or questions about their character type. This is due to the fact there are usually assessments involved in the decision process.