The Business Case for Digital Onboarding Software


Is your company considering purchasing digital onboarding software? Throughout this blog we’ll discuss six reasons why digital onboarding software is crucial in modern businesses and the immediate advantages you’ll received from implementing an efficient and online onboarding system.

Remote Onboarding FAQs


Table of contents: How can a company adopt a virtual onboarding approach when it is not tech-savvy or/and doesn’t embody a learning culture? Can you share a sample agenda for a new hire for the first week of onboarding remotely? What software do you recommend for remote onboarding?

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How to Choose the Best HR Software


The HR software arena is saturated with new companies, and they all contend to have the best recruiting tools on the market. Of course, this is impossible, but how can you gauge which recruiting software offers more features and customization?

7 Factors Of Virtual Onboarding


Onboarding is an important step in any company’s talent acquisition process. But what happens when you need to onboard remotely? Yes, video conferencing will have a big role to play but what else can you do to successfully onboard a remote employee and make them feel welcome?

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

screening and scheduling, and are left with little. relationships, assessing fit and onboarding new. his belt, who is searching for entry-level software. in the company, it is also determining if he fulfills the company’s basic screening. as a Software Engineer?

A Quick Guide to Remote Sourcing, Screening and Hiring

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However, implementing a remote sourcing, screening and hiring program for new employees isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Here are some recommendations on sourcing, screening, hiring and onboarding that you can tailor to meet your company’s business needs. Screening and Hiring.

AkkenCloud Announces Background Screening Integration with Sterling

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AkkenCloud, the provider of enterprise staffing and recruiting software, is excited to announce another new addition to its partner network, background screening partner Sterling. Recruitment & Onboarding

We’re Positive that Pre-Employment Drug Screening is Changing

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Pre-employment drug screenings have long been a staple for job applicants. Since then, positive test results have steadily declined as people become more aware of screening. The question is, will pre-employment drug screening become a thing of the past? .

The Top 12 Free and Open Source HR Software Systems for Your Small Business


Update 08/27/2018 : We’ve updated this article with additional software options and removed software that no longer meets our market definition, was outdated, or no longer free. Software is presented in alphabetical order (within the two categories).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Click Boarding and The Applicant Manager Partner to Deliver an Easier, Better Way to Recruit & Onboard Candidates  

Applicant Manager

Click Boarding , a SaaS provider delivering an easier new hire onboarding solution, and The Applicant Manager (TAM), a cloud-based recruiting software solution, today announced a partnership that will make it easier for HR to manage recruiting and onboarding.

Onboarding New Employees with Social Learning


And in the workplace, onboarding new employees is one such scenario. To understand how one can apply the theory of social learning to new employee onboarding, we need to understand the basics of the theory. When onboarding new employees, the first two are going to be the only factors you can affect. Here are some ways each might influence the success of your onboarding program. These are the directions you give when onboarding new employees.

5 Hiring Statistics Proving You Need Candidate Tracking Software

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Candidate tracking software is a versatile – even essential – tool for hiring managers and HR departments, whether you’re a recruiter for a major corporation or a budding entrepreneur with a growing small business. Recruitment automation software takes much of the guesswork out of the hiring process, and in doing so, saves you precious time (and money!). These five statistics demonstrate why every business should be using candidate tracking software to optimize recruiting.

Talent Acquisition Software: An Overview Of The Latest Innovations


Why is talent acquisition software considered so disruptive these days? To provide some clarity on the new talent acquisition software landscape including the latest in AI innovations, here’s an overview to help you choose the right software for you. Onboarding.

5 Best Recruitment Software and Plug Ins of 2019


Recruiters often face resume overload, screening of resumes manually, etc. To simplify this process, recruiters should pay attention to the benefits of using recruiting software, which enhances their recruitment process.

8 Recruitment Software Tools That Speed Up Your Day

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Luckily, the advancement of digital technology allows the production of software solutions that facilitate and speed up the recruitment process. Here are the top eight software tools you can use as a recruitment agent. Sourcing software. Automated resume screening.

CareerBuilder Expands Into Background Screening with Acquisition of Aurico


On the heels of launching a series of exciting new software-as-a-service recruitment solutions, CareerBuilder is further expanding its product line to cover another critical step in the hiring process: background screening.

What to Look for in Recruitment Software

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They are unable to seamlessly manage all the candidates’ screening and interview processes. Any recruitment software you use to acquire talent has to consider an evolving, modern-day workforce and address the challenges outlined above.

How to Create a Fluid Onboarding Process

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How to Create a Fluid Onboarding Process. Beyond increasing employee satisfaction and retention, the role of onboarding is to provide a newly-hired employee with the tools he or she needs to be successful in his or her position. Create a seamless transition with software.

What’s the Best ATS Software for My Business?


The thought of shopping for ATS software probably fills you with dread, and understandably so. On the other hand, the proliferation of ATS software suppliers also presents decision-makers with a challenging predicament: understanding which applicant tracking system is best for business.

The 28 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2017


With hundreds of recruiting tech companies out there, how do you determine which ones are the top recruiting software tools worth investing in? A big chunk of this market is made up of recruiting software. Onboarding. Kin HR is onboarding software designed for small businesses.

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Are you prepared for the hiring season?

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Screen resumes and add scoring to focus your efforts on the most valuable candidates. Make onboarding your new employee easy with an Employee portal: Once you find the right candidate. make sure you have an onboarding process in place.

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Employee experience can stop at any time, but with strong onboarding it won’t.


By having a powerful and successful onboarding process, you can keep your candidates onboard throughout the entire recruitment process; don’t lose potential employees half-way! You blame technology and your Recruitment Software , not realising it all had to do with your job ad.

How Your Recruitment Software Impacts your Recruiting


Talent acquisition software multiplies the outreach of your HR department with the automation, recruitment tools and applicant tracking abilities essential to successful outcomes. Employee screening. Onboarding. Recruiting software is only as good as its measurable results.

Getting It Out Of Your System: The Basics of Staffing Software Selection

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The costs associated with developing, selling and supporting staffing software similarly conspired to ensure that third party recruiters were off the roadmap of almost every vendor out there. How To Find the Staffing Software That’s Right for Your Firm.

How to Choose Between HR Suite and Best of Breed Solutions


If this topic is of interest, don’t forget to sign up for our upcoming webinar to get a deep dive into suite vs. best of breed with a specific focus on use cases in onboarding. HR Software and ROI Onboarding Recruiting Strategic Onboarding

How to Buy HR Software – A Step by Step Guide Complete with Best Practices

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After more than a decade working in software, we thought it was time to help people buy the right tools faster while avoiding all the bad stuff. This page is dedicated to the process of buying any type of HR software. You’ve bought your software.

Planning for the Pandemic? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Working During the COVID-19 Outbreak

ClearCompany Recruiting

Here’s a list of 7 tips and some blog posts and resources we’ve compiled to help you manage remote work, conduct interviews, and onboard new employees without missing a beat. Not if you’re using paperless onboarding! Managing Talent HR Software Employee Experience

Case Study: End-to-end Recruitment Software solution at Allity


End-To-End Recruitment & Onboarding Solution. Onboarding. End-to-End Recruitment & Onboarding platform. Onboarding: job offer, employment contract, TFN Dec Form, Super Choice form… etc. Efficient shortling and phone screening time. Significant time saving on shortlisting and phone screening time. Digital Onboarding. Induction modules sent during onboarding, prior they start. About the MyRecruitment+ platform.

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Employee experience can stop when it starts, but onboarding can prevent it.


By having a powerful and successful onboarding process, you can keep your candidates onboard throughout the entire recruitment process; don’t lose potential employees half-way! You blame technology and your Recruitment Software , not realising it all had to do with your job ad.

Online Recruitment Tools

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Implementing online recruitment tools to not only work more efficiently but also to save valuable time in the recruiting and employee onboarding process is now easy thanks to full-featured applicant tracking systems such as ApplicantStack. Online Recruitment Tools for the Modern Recruiter.

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The 6 proven steps to master full life cycle recruiting


Screening. Onboarding. Full life cycle recruiting begins when there is a need for a new employee and ends when the chosen employee enters the onboarding phase. . 3 Screening . Steps for screening . Image credit: Proforma Screening. #6 6 Onboarding .

Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Hire Remotely While Social Distancing

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But when paired with an applicant tracking software, it’s transformative—it’s the missing piece of the hiring puzzle that completes the picture and enhances a company’s performance. Updated March 26, 2020.

Exploring the Time Rack & JazzHR Integration


Headquartered in Corona, California, Time Rack provides time and attendance software and time clock hardware to clients nationwide to streamline workforce management by minimizing data entry and calculation errors. Uncategorized Applicant Tracking human resources onboarding

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3 Solutions to Help HR Adjust to New Challenges

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Not only do some have to adapt to a mostly, if not entirely, remote workforce, but they also have to ensure the safety of employees and onboard new hires to meet the changing needs of the business. Symptom Screening. Self-Service Employee Onboarding.

Identify Your Wish List When Evaluating ATS Tools

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There are plenty of sophisticated hiring and onboarding platforms. Pre-Screening Questionnaires. Pre-screening questionnaires perform first-level filtering with knockout questions. Pre-screening questionnaires filter out hundreds of applicants.

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Staffing for Multiple Markets? Your Staffing Software Matters

Automated Business Designs

Staffing Software Careers. Staffing Software Reviews. Your Staffing Software Matters. -->. Your Staffing Software Matters. March 22, 2016 | Articles , Best Practices , Staffing Software Solutions | Terri Roeslmeier. Using 40% of Your Staffing Software?

A Staffing Software Story About Leadership

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I did a post a while back about the one rule to creating a great staffing company , and I’ve been realizing ever since that it applies to software companies like mine too. The onboarding documents are automatically attached to the employee’s record.

4 Key Trends You Need To Know When Recruiting For The CPG Sector


Forward thinking CPG companies are addressing these high levels of turnover through retention efforts such as a structured onboarding process, training and development resources, mentoring programs, and more frequent performance feedback.

Software User Experience (UX) Matters for HR Service Providers and SMBs: UX Experts Explain Why

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Renard : The easier the software is to use, the faster you, as an HR service provider, can do your job. UI includes all of the components – navigation elements, fields, buttons, icons and images – that a user encounters on the screen when using an application or website.

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Rebuilding Your Business and Need to Hire Fast? 9 Nifty ATS Tools

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A mobile-friendly interface lets candidates apply, interview, and onboard remotely. An applicant tracking system is a specific type of recruiting software. Pre-screen candidates when they apply. ATS recruitment texting allows you to text candidates from the software.