4 Things To Look Out For When Using A Personality Assessment


What’s Wrong With Using A Personality Assessment? The great news is that use of a personality assessment in the hiring process is growing in adoption. But what’s not so great is how to determine which assessment to invest in to help build your company.

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment – 11 tools for technical recruiters


After sourcing, candidate screening process in IT recruitment is the second most time-consuming stage. Weak in terms of their skills, personality, culture fit and so on. Have a look at these screening tools and check them out. Second – personality questionnaires.

You Hate Personality Tests, But Do They Work?

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This is what personality testing is like. The use of personality assessments in the workplace is as divisive an issue as they come. Personality assessments are neither crystal ball mumbo-jumbo nor are they the end-all, be-all recruitment tool.

Why Your Recruiting Strategy Isn’t Working

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You’ve posted the job ad with specific requirements, you’ve screened and pre-screened pages of resumes and candidates, and yet. nothing. Despite your best efforts and strategies to find the “right” candidate, no one seems to fit the bill.

My Personal Journey to ApplicantStack

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Date Resume Received”, Date Email Sent, Phone Screen Date & Time, etc.). The candidate would then be contacted along with a list of dates & times for a phone screen. The phone screens consisted of a series of questions and answers that would need to be manually typed.

Forget Interview Questions: 4 Fresh Tactics to Screen Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

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If you’re looking for someone with a proven sales track record, or a master at Excel, there are easy ways to screen for those skills. For onsite interviews, you can enlist the help of your building’s front desk person, receptionist, or even the valet to help you gauge for soft skills.

Does Your ATS Software Integrate With Pre-Hire Assessments?

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Studies have shown that résumés and job applications, which are the most used candidate screening tools, have very little predictability on whether or not a candidate will succeed in a given position. NEWTON + PRE-HIRE ASSESSMENTS. applicant tracking software pre employment assessment

Blind Hiring: A How-To Guide To Reduce Bias & Increase Diversity


The original blind hiring experiments were conducted by orchestras when musicians started auditioning behind a screen to hide their gender. Blind hiring technique #1: Blind candidate screening. Another common pre-hire test is a personality assessment.

4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Recruiting Processes in 2018

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Sometimes the fat is a two-hour personality assessment no one actually looks at, and other times a third round phone interview prior bringing the candidate onsite. This means paring down hours of screening, scheduling, and mass market communications. Current talent markets for all industries are becoming hotter, and it’s quickly becoming a candidate’s market if we’re not already there. Last quarters numbers don't lie. The unemployment rate for the U.S. was at 4.1%

Are You Slowing Your Company Growth Down By Ignoring These Hiring Trends?

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Candidate skills screening tech. But it all goes to waste when the person turns out to be a bad fit. In our survey, 67 percent of companies said they used skills tests when screening. Fifty-six percent said they used personality assessments.

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New Marketplace Additions: December 2016


As an innovator in professional skills assessment technology since 2003, eSkill provides online testing for applicant screening and staff training to thousands of staffing firms and HR Departments worldwide.”

4 Ironclad Tips to Validate Candidate Skills and Experience

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Tammy Cohen, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of background screening company InfoMart says body language can be a tell: “Constant fidgeting, darting eyes or complete avoidance of eye contact during important questions can mean an applicant is unsure of their answers.”.

The Roundup: Good News for Indeed and Bad News for Google

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Using automated screening tools, language tests and personality assessments Interviewed has been helping recruiters conduct in-depth interviews since 2015. “We Indeed buys Interviewed. Working for SocialTalent it feels like I write as much about Indeed as I do my own employer.

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9 Assessment centre exercises & practical steps to select the right combination

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Assessment centres have been around for almost a century now. What began as an evaluation technique during the World War 2 to select military officers, is now viewed as a prominent process to assess talent by organisations world over. The more senior the role, the longer the assessment.

What Really Matters for Predicting Candidate Success?


Fairness of Workplace Personality Tests Focus of Wall Street Journal Front Page Story. The value of personality assessments for hiring was the focus of a prominent piece on the front page of The Wall Street Journal yesterday. The piece stems from an Equal Employment Opportunity commission investigation on whether some personality tests discriminate against people with disabilities.

Personality is the catalyst for career performance.


Personality at work has never been more important. More and more recruiters are using personality assessments to evaluate candidates for hiring and job placement. A recurring problem we see in recruitment these days is recruiters heavily relying on resumes to screen candidates.

Best Interview Question Articles – June 2015 Roundup

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A skills test can work alongside your pre-screen interview questions a way to further your insight of a candidate. An example of a skills test to conduct during an interview may include coding tests for programmers, behavioral/personality assessments for customer success representatives or (our favorite) video interviews as a pre-screening tool. Plus, their experience will be a bit more personal and welcoming.

Emerging Markets, Emerging Issues: Talent Mobility and Global Recruiting.

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When it comes to assessing new and existing workers for international assignments, behavioral skills should weigh heavily as a hugely important component of the selection process.

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Seven Reasons to Choose Plum over DiSC


Here are seven reasons why Plum moved past the shortcomings of traditional personality assessments so you can find employees that are the best fit based on your unique needs and company culture. As mentioned above, DiSC assessments are almost always offered through a pay-per-test model.

Do you Really Know Who You’re Interviewing?


But is this polished, poised, prepared-to-impress you candidate the same person you’d see on a day-to-day basis? One way is to use a screening company like HireArt — they conduct the first round of video interviews over Skype for you.

What To Ask & How: Guide To An Effective Interview


Some employers choose to use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that filters candidates based on keyword screening. However, it is critical to consider what other factors might make a person a success in a particular role.

How To Make Sure You Know Exactly Who You’re Hiring.

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Even though background and reference checks have emerged as more or less an inevitable component of almost every employer’s pre-screening process, it seems a surprising percentage of candidates are willing to risk getting caught in exchange for the rewards of getting an offer.

Effective Recruiting Strategies for Recruiters

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This in turn helps the applicant to decide whether they are the right person for the job. Assessment Tools. There are several assessment tools available to recruiters today to enable them to screen individuals on the talents and skills they possess. Hence these tools too should be updated before administering them as screening tools. The field of Recruitment has also evolved due to the changing times.

Vote For Me: Campaigning For Data

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Even with all of those dots of data on certain policies, the bottom line is that we make our decisions based on how we feel about the person, not based on the metrics and inputs. Maybe the biggest pain point for your team member’s job is time wasted pre­screening unqualified candidates.

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3 Ways Your Pre-Employment Assessment Loses Candidates

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To lower the number of bad hires, many implement a pre-employment assessment as a way of filtering out bad fits. Whether it’s a technical test or a personality assessment, careful design is crucial to their effectiveness and screening capabilities.

The Ultimate Guide To Closing The Skills Gap In Education

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Now, we don’t mean your typical PSA, but rather a personal outreach that taps into the emotional fibers of teachers. Adopting the technology that reaches this highly-connected generation on a very personal level is a good place to start. Skills-based and personality assessments.

How will the Future of AI Impact Your Job as a Recruiter

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Picture an ATS that can instantly search and compile a candidate’s available public information from social media and search engines, providing not just a personality assessment but also a schedule of the hours that candidate is most digitally active.

SkillSurvey Research Finds that Reference Checking Is an Integral Part of the Hiring Process


Reference checking ranked as the second most utilized method of obtaining candidate insight behind background screening (77%), but ahead of skills assessment (55%), behavioral based assessments (39%) and personality assessments (33%). News all industries assessments hiring trends reference checkingSkillSurvey Releases Results of Survey on the State of Reference Checking Today.

All’s Fair in Love And The War for Talent.

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When you finally did get successfully set up, you did some digging – since meeting people was so hard, it was important to meet the right kind of person. You don’t know the person, and they don’t know you, but since they’re out there, the worst that can happen is you never hear back.

3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


And your outdated “Careers” webpage that becomes unreadable on an iPhone screen is not going to cut it. These kids often operate on five screens at once. That means that the first place a younger person is likely to look for information about your company is on the internet. It’s not enough to get your brand out there on Generation Z’s phone screen. ApplicantPro also has integrated pre-hire and skill assessment programs.

No Time for Losers: Why We Love To Hate Recruiters.

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Even if you’re not the most extroverted or outgoing person, if you’re in recruiting, you either fake it until you make it or you get the hell out. A little personalized outreach today will go a long way towards winning hearts, minds and top talent tomorrow.

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Job Interviews Have Become Predictable and Ineffective – Here Are 10 Ways to Change That

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It’s important for those responsible for hiring to keep track of these developments because some of the new alternative interview and assessment approaches are both powerful and exciting. some HireVue data found that hiring managers get as many as 80% of their assessments wrong).