HR Problems You Can Face in Real Estate Business


Real estate job satisfaction rate is amazing. Here’s what the stats from Real Estate Express say: 77% of agents are satisfied with their job; 93% of brokers claim that they are satisfied with how their business is running; Consequently, the overall satisfaction rate in the U.S. real estate industry exceeds 50%. Real estate agents have some of the highest scores in job satisfaction out of workers across America | Source: Real Estate Express.

Recruit The Best Real Estate Agents In 10 Steps With Our Ultimate Guide

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Real estate recruiting is a lot like figuring out which stocks to invest in for the long term. Finding the best real estate agents calls for intense research and candidate sourcing abilities as they're going to add on to a brokerage's long-term capital. Get real!


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Effectively Using Your ‘Digital Real Estate’ to Attract Talent

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There’s a ton of real estate in the e-mail space, and if you aren’t using that space effectively, you could be losing candidates’ interest before they’ve even read the job description.

6 Helpful Tips For Recruiters To Write The Best Real Estate Recruiting Letters

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Call it “old school” if you want, a real estate agent recruiting letter is one of the most effective methods of candidate sourcing. To help you out, here are some tips in crafting the best real estate agent recruiting letter you’ve ever written.

This is How You Recruit the Best Real Estate Agents

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As the American housing market continues to improve, real estate brokerages are trying to attract top real estate talent to handle business in 2017, a year that many housing analysts are predicting will be the best of the last 10 years. . Excellent realtors hold the keys to real estate success. If you own or manage a real estate brokerage, recruiting the best realtors in 2017 will guarantee that you will have a great year.

Expand Your Real Estate Business Through Top Recruits

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Contrary to what many people believe, real estate does not sell itself; people sell real estate, and it takes the right kind of individual to succeed in this competitive field. If you are the owner or principal of a real estate or mortgage business, you need to associate yourself with the right people. When thinking about expanding your real estate business and increasing your bottom line, you need to start with a good recruiting strategy.

Social, Search and Job Boards During the Pandemic


The combination of more impressions, lower clicks and a higher cost per click implies more searches are taking place, so the real estate is more valuable. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the staffing industry.

Do you want to own or rent your social media channels?

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Social media is a great innovation allowing businesses to expand their market reach and engage with new audiences. That’s right – you are simply renting your audience from these social giants. As a business, you want to have full control over your marketing messages and platforms so if you want to own and not rent your audience you need to move people from your social media channels to your ‘owned’ channels. Not all real estate is created equal.

Staffing News Of The Day, January 31, 2012

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The Eliant awards are presented annually by San Clemente, CA-based Eliant in partnership with Real Estate Temps. Charlotte’s real estate holdings were expanded to keep pace with the demand by its corporate and law firm clients for cost-effective legal staffing and managed review services for document reviews and foreign language translations. [PR]. The call will be webcast in a listen-only mode over the Internet for the media and the public.

Want Hiring Managers to Pay Attention to Your Candidates? Do These 4 Things


Looking for new listings on a real estate app. Sifting through posts on social media. We live in a world of swiping, scanning, and occasionally scrolling. Reviewing a daily news feed. Sorting your emails. Finding love on a dating app. Our mobile devices allow us to quickly review lots of topics, messages, posts, and pictures. Every so often one grabs our attention prompting us to scroll through the details. Candidate Control & Management Hiring Process Featured

Applicants, Bikinis and Instagram - OH MY!

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EVERYBODY is talking about the latest kerfuffle between aspiring marketer Emily Clow and some salty chicks over at Kickass Masterminds , who have since taken down all their social real estate (THAT HASHTAG THO). Clow showing her in a bikini and with the caption that basically said they're not hiring a bikini model and stop putting these pictures on the internet if you want a real job. recruiting advice social media

Are LinkedIn and Facebook Merging?

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It also looks a lot more like Facebook Messenger, which is probably by design, as those two social media goliaths move inexorably closer to just merging and forming a complete platform for both professional and personal dealings. Speaking of which, I was surprised, and then scandalised, to get a Facebook friend request form one of our local real estate agents recently. Uncategorized Facebook Linkedin Social Media Social Recruiting Sourcing

Ready for My Close-Up: The New Rules of Talent Attraction

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” And in our constantly connected, socially savvy society, it’s really all about “me” – with an increasing emphasis placed the individual perspective over the interests of the collective. These extrinsic drivers include things like overall brand prestige, professional development opportunities, corporate social responsibility and the life that your work-life balance affords.

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Job Tweet

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According to the 2014 Global Sourcing Survey , Twitter is now the second most popular social site (after LinkedIn) among sourcers and recruiters looking to attract and identify talent. Social Talent Jobs (@soctalentjobs) May 7, 2015. Long links are not only a waste of precious characters and visual real estate , but they do nothing to help content get re-shared. Social Talent Jobs (@soctalentjobs) April 24, 2015. Images/Media.

Using Employee Wellness Programs to Attract Talent

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Many employers, like Dream Unlimited, share information about their employee wellness programs on social media. As you know, one of the more effective ways to reach candidates is through social media.

7 FREE Twitter Products for Serious Social Recruiters

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Twitter is now the second most popular social network among recruiters and sourcers the world over. Twitter Analytics is one of the most comprehensive free analytics products associated with a social network on the market. In this example, you can see the Social Talent Twitter account received 56 retweets on the June 23rd, 2015: You can also do the same for the overall number of link clicks, favourites, replies and engagement rates.

You Won’t Read Recruitment News this Good for Another 4 Years – 29 February 2016

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An employee loves what she sells so much, she’s willing to promote the company on her own social channels free of charge to all of her like-minded friends in the hope of inspiring them to come in and buy the clothes. And the person behind the Philadelphia Police social media accounts has definitely got it! In fact, they put so-called “social recruiters” the world over to shame! Social Media Manager. Real Estate Agent.

9 Super Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 9th May 2016

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People You May Know” and “Popular Near You,” however, get more screen real estate as they’re presented as cards you can scroll through horizontally. Look out for a dedicated blog post detailing these highly social methods of recruitment in the near future here on Social Talent. RELATED: 40 Interview Questions that are Way Better Than Real Ones ). The post 9 Super Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 9th May 2016 appeared first on Social Talent.

8 Shocking and Thought-Provoking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 29th August 2016

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Introducing LinkedIn ProFinder , a LinkedIn marketplace that connects consumers and small businesses looking for professional services – think Design, Writing and Editing, Accounting, Real Estate, Career Coaching – with top freelance professionals best suited for the job. The post 8 Shocking and Thought-Provoking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 29th August 2016 appeared first on Social Talent.

7 Strategies to Hire Diversity of Thought In Your Organization

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The quickest way to grow an diverse network is of course through social media. Have your team and peers share your job opportunities across their social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more. Instead of recruiting from his industry, he started attending meetings of women in real estate. “I If you always recruit from the same places, with the same methods, you will always get the same people.

How I Landed My Dream Recruitment Marketing Job at Hubspot

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My name is Lauren Murray and I’m an Employer Brand Specialist with HubSpot , specializing in content strategy for our HubSpot Life social media channels. I started my career in real estate marketing right out of college, before moving into non-profit brand management.

What Lynda Means for the Future of LinkedIn

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For the short term, the purchase of Lynda also provides a significant boost in available online content inventory for LinkedIn to drive traffic, increase ad costs and provide more real estate for selling their lucrative PPC packages. Blog Posts HR & Recruiting Technology Recruiting Recruiting News Recruiting Products Resources Social Media and Recruiting Tools bridget webb hr technology LinkedIn lynda Products Recruiting Industry Tools

LinkedIn’s New Terms of Service: Better, But They Still Suck

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Heather also practices in the areas of real estate, mortgage fraud, construction and business law including business entity formation and corporate governance. Blog Posts HR & Recruiting Technology Recruiting News Recruiting Products Social Media and Recruiting Tools guest post heather bussing hr technology legal LinkedIn Recruiting Industry Tools Linkedin’s new terms of service go into effect October 23, 2014.

LinkedIn Class Action Settlement: What You Need To Know

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Heather also practices in the areas of real estate, mortgage fraud, construction and business law including business entity formation and corporate governance. Recruiting News data privacy heather bussing legal LinkedIn linkedin class action settlement linkedin lawsuit Products Social Media Tools If you’re a recruiter or employer, there’s a good chance that when you opened your inbox last week, you receive an e-mail from LinkedIn announcing a class action settlement.

Talent42: Why The Future of Tech Recruiting Does Not Suck.

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Conferences, like real estate, are all about location, and #Talent42 is one conference that doesn’t switch venues, but rather, perpetually draws tech recruiting’s best and brightest to Seattle. Larson, whose account, @Tea_Addict13 , is one he’s a big fan of, and took a little bite off the shame at losing his social crown. The Real Tech Recruiting Tools.

Beautiful Struggle: Why Social Recruiting Shouldn’t Be Easy.

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I mean, the click through rates on hashtags are just terrible – maybe in 2008, back when Chris Brown and Flo Rida were topping the Billboard Top 100, The Dark Knight was dominating the box office and real estate was still as safe a bet as you could make. Social Recruiting Just To Get By. There’s an inverse relationship between how easy something is to do on social and how useful it is to do. Social Recruiting’s State of Grace.

Don’t Ask Me How I Know: Life Lessons Learned From A Life in Recruiting.

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E-Mail Signatures Don’t Have To Suck: Seriously, if you’ve got to have one, at least add something fun or interesting, like a quote, to that often ignored (but prime) real estate underneath your name and contact info.

Brick of Hashtag: Why Recruiters Need to Kick Their Twitter Habit.

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I’ll admit that I joined Twitter somewhat reluctantly; unlike, say, Facebook, which is instantly intuitive and almost universally acceptable, Twitter seemed, in the halcyon days of social media, something akin to the online version of the AV Club. Far Out, Man: Reevaluating Social Recruiting. Up In Smoke: 3 Easy Twitter Tips for Sucking Less at Social Recruiting. Social Recruiting: Still Smoking or Completely Cashed Out?

COVID-19 Stifles College Graduate Career Prospects

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New survey findings released by Real Estate Witch reveal just how dire the situation is for college graduates. Real Estate Witch surveyed 1,000 college students to learn how COVID-19 might affect their future careers, their financial situations, and concerns about returning to campus.

Facebook Jobs: Is It Worth Your Time?

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real estate, local business, company, education, shopping retail, etc.). The question now is: How will it fit into the grand scheme of corporate social recuiting? While the social media giant has made similar ventures in the employment sector in the past, this newest installment is superior in more ways than one. In what some consider an overdue grab in harnessing a piece of the employment market, Facebook launched their very own job posting feature on Feb.

Yes, You Can Probably Fire Employee Who Raided Capitol

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Rioters’ Social Media Posts Were Revealing. A Chicago news station reported a local real estate company terminated an agent after her social media post revealed she had participated in “storming the Capitol.” What About Social Media Posts?

10 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Better Presence On LinkedIn


This article will show you why your business – especially if you’re in the B2B space – shouldn’t wait another day to incorporate LinkedIn into your social marketing strategy. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry report , LinkedIn has now surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social platform for B2B marketers. LinkedIn is the third most used social platform among business owners. Social Media Recruiting

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10 Marketing Automation Tools to Use in Recruiting


These tools help automate various mundane tasks like client management, social media management, scheduling content, monitoring analytics, marketing campaigns, or lead generation. The majority of users have been using this tool for generating sales leads or in real estate.

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How to find Sales Agents with Boolean search strings


Run Boolean strings on Google to search through social media. For example: (“real estate sales agent” OR “insurance sales agent”) “member since”. When sourcing EU candidates, please refer to guidance on using social media for recruiting and collecting candidate information as per the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Boolean search is a great sourcing ally when you want to find resumes and profiles of Sales Agents.

DON’T MISS: This Week’s Intriguing Recruiting News – 20th July 2015

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Website narrative, video, social media messaging, TV, print, and the mobile phone). The main change is that media brands featured in the Discover section (which previously required another tap or swipe to navigate to) are now displayed prominently at the top of the Stories list, putting news stories before live events and stories from your friends: Snapchat just prioritized curated content over friend content in Discover feed. We can teach him cooking, life and social skills.

How Companies Are Using AR and VR for Remote Training

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By simulating, modifying, and enhancing real-world situations, these tools allow companies to have greater control over the “environment” in which training takes place. These stats definitely point to some real, and measurable, positive impacts of using VR in training.

Business survival planning in a crisis: Lessons from the front lines


Kevin – whose Maine-based family-owned lumber business was hit hard by the housing and mortgage market collapse of 2007-2008 – regrets that he didn’t do enough to keep the boat afloat at the time: “One of the biggest lessons for me is to manage in real time.

Recruiting for a New Generation

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Refresh Your Social Media Presence. They look for jobs on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (in addition to LinkedIn), so think about rebooting or refreshing your digital presence and social media strategy across multiple platforms.

The 10 Hottest Jobs Companies Are Scrambling to Fill

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Top Skills: Sales Management, Social Media Marketing, Salesforce, Sales Operations, Customer Relationship Management. Top Skills: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Adobe Photoshop, Email Marketing, Market Research. Real Estate Agent. Top Skills: Working with First-Time Home Buyers, Investment Properties, Sellers, Residential Homes, Real Estate Transactions. Companies Hiring: Imagine Real Estate, The Alcove Group, Jovio.

The Challenges of Recruiting for Luxury Brands


In the real estate industry, high-end customers are focused on luxurious finishes, being in a community in a desirable location and more. This may include your own company’s website, job forums and social media platforms. Just as you may use social media to promote your brand to customers, you should use social media in different ways to attract top talent to work for you and to promote your brand as being a great company to work for.