The More Recruiting Changes, The More It Stays The Same.

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And so it goes in recruiting, too. And we continue to talk about the exact same things in an endless cycle of recognizing the problem, but failing to find any real solution. Even with the technological advancements in recruiting today, they still haven’t eliminated the old ways – or rendered the talent Luddites obsolete. Mark O’Brian’s Three Rules for Recruiting. ” This, for me, fairly succinctly sums up recruiting. Recruiters Do.

9 Super Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 9th May 2016

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In recruitment news this week: These are the Best Times to Post Your Jobs. Upon looking at the jobs posted by the top US and European staffing agencies, LinkedIn made two rather fascinating discoveries that can help each and every one of us improve the reach of our jobs: 1. Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte has just launched its engineer genome project to foster software-driven, intelligent job-matching. “We

Contingent Search - Still A Very Flawed Industry

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I just refuse to believe, or even understand, why staffing firms and their customers still bang their heads against this rock, both complicit in the madness. At a time when the contemporary staffing business was coming into vogue (80's) things were different, right? Smaller companies just follow along because it's common knowledge that staffing firms will work for free. Meanwhile, the account manager communicates the need to one or more recruiters with a sense of urgency.