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Here’s A List Of The Top 5 Challenges & Trends We Expect In 2019: 1. As the war for talent gets more brutal companies are making large investments in technology to gain a competitive advantage. Randstad alone spent $393 Million on IT last year! Employee Engagement Employee engagement has become […] Source. Blogs

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5 Popular Recruitment Trends For 2021

Recruit CRM

Companies have been hiring more than ever and the recruitment and staffing industry has been growing and touching skies this year. In this article, Recruit CRM will talk about 5 popular recruitment trends that headhunters will need to look out for.


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Farewell Google Hire – Alternatives to G-Hire and Lessons Learned


Google announced it was discontinuing the Google Hire applicant tracking system now several months ago to the frustration of many TA professionals and recruiting agencies. And to plan the right next move for your core recruiting platform if you’ve procrastinated (just a bit).

Recruitment trends: 10 experts share what’s in store for 2020


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Why You Need Recruitment Marketing in Your Firm


As you progress in 2019, it is important to focus on recruiting trends to make sure you don’t fall behind the competition. One of the biggest trends that your firm should adopt is the use of Recruitment Marketing. Recruitment Marketing, also called Inbound Recruiting, is the process of attracting, assessing, and engaging with talented individuals to your organization using marketing tactics and methods.

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Oldie but Goodie: Where are You on the Recruitment Technology Curve?


If you are there, talk with us about all the innovations below and our Recruitment Marketing Platform at Table #1 (and please reach out to set up a meeting at the event!). For this post, I want to talk about technology adoption and take a look at where we are with the technology we use for recruitment and talent acquisition. Tomorrow, the SmashFly team will be in San Francisco, CA to participate in the HCI Talent Acquisition Innovation Forum on December 11-12.

The War for Talent’s Secret Weapon: Technology


A solid foundation of basic recruiting principals should be identified and carried out to all levels of the organization. But assuming (and you know what they say about assuming) your organization has an exemplary executive and recruiting staff, your recruitment technology will either help you to triumph over or lose this War for Talent. Technology makes it so that searching for candidates has become an artform, not just a job within a recruiting firm.

What’s in your recruiting technology’s DNA?


Recruiting Process Sourcing and Nurturing #recruiting #hr hr hr software human resources jobvite jobvite refer recruiting CRM recruiting process recruiting software recruiting trends social recruiting social recruiting strategy social recruitmentAs humans, we like to say that our DNA defines us. It’s like specialized coding that’s inherent to our very core—and it makes us who we are.

What’s in your recruiting technology’s DNA?


Things are similar in the world of recruiting technology, particularly with respect to social media. I could provide a laundry list of statistics to back up how prevalent social media is in the job hunt for candidates, and for recruiters, but you might want to comb through that list yourself. The bottom line is that social recruiting is a core strategic component. Jobvite is the original social recruiting solution. As humans, we like to say that our DNA defines us.

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


Last week, we shared a new report from Brandon Hall Group’s Kyle Lagunas on “ Key Components of High-Performance Recruitment Marketing,” available for complimentary download here. The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. The report is packed with best practices that modern recruiting organizations can learn from.

ATS vs CRM: What does Your Headhunting Agency Need?


As recruiters, there is already so much stuff to do in the day-to-day operations. Some of the major ones that most recruiters use are ATS and CRM, but which one do you need more? The latter is crucial because it provides valuable insight that can help you recruit better.

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Oldie but Goodie: Mobile in Recruiting: What Does That Mean?


On occasion we will share these posts to show how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go with recruitment marketing as an industry. This is no more present than in recruiting. Your recruiting team is on the move more than ever and having tools in place to help them manage, capture and engage with candidates is very important. Let’s take a look at a few of the different areas where mobile can provide real value to your recruitment marketing strategy.

10 Best Recruitment Tools That Every Agency Recruiter Needs

Recruit CRM

As a recruiter, you have heaps of work to complete apart from selecting and hiring suitable candidates. To make things easy, we had previously written an article on productive recruitment tools that'll save you time and money. Recruiters can use Asana to onboard fresh recruits too.

How Will The Recruitment Game Change In 2021?

Recruit CRM

Apart from finding crucial hiring solutions and recruitment factors which will mould 2021 like leadership, culture and so on, recruitment automation and remote work will also play a key role. Recruit CRM hereby is pointing out below how recruitment will change in 2021.

5 Major Indications You’re Investing in the Right Recruitment Software


The recruitment trends over the next 5 years suggest 68% of recruiters believe that the most optimal way to improve their performance is to invest in new recruiting technologies. 5 Major Indicators of the Perfect Recruitment Software. Getting quality recruits.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Technology Changing Recruiting


Staffing and recruiting are no different. It can be difficult to stay on the cutting edge of staffing and recruiting technology so we’ve collected a few advances that are making waves. We’ll probably never reach the point of robots replacing recruiters due to the people-driven nature of recruiting. This data can help recruiters get ahead of demand by building a pipeline of candidates for positions that will be open in the future.


13 Best Recruitment Podcasts Recruiters Need To Listen To [Updated]

Recruit CRM

With recruitment networking events put to hold due to Covid-19, gather inspiration from these amazing podcasts that we've shortlisted. These 13 podcasts have been trending time and again providing recruiters with the latest tips, trends and best recruitment strategies this year.

5 Signs that You Have the Perfect ATS


We talked about how some only provide the core functionalities, while others offer much more advanced features that simplify the recruitment process exponentially. According to LinkedIn , these are the top five priorities of recruiters over the next 5 years: 1.

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Recruitment Hacks: 5 Tips to Use Your ATS Effectively


Not only does it simplify the whole recruitment process, but it also allows recruiters to save time and effort that prompts maximum work productivity. In order to avoid that, it’s vital to keep these recruitment hacks in mind to get the highest ROI possible.

Transformify & Volunteer4India: Enabling Indian corporates to build on their inclusion and diversity recruitment goals

Transformify - Recruiting

Transformify , a UK-based Recruitment CRM, is pleased to announce a partnership with Volunteer4India , a social enterprise, to further broaden the presence of Transformify in India. In a survey conducted by Linkedin on the global recruiting trends, 81% of the leaders stated that diversity recruitment had a heavy impact on their hiring strategies. London, 27.08.2018.

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Crelate Talent Recruiting Software Company Sponsors 2019 NAPS Conference in San Antonio


Recruiting professionals at the NAPS 2019 conference will learn how to use one system to accelerate the hiring process from job opening to candidate placement. . Members of the Crelate team will attend to learn about emerging recruiting trends from industry leaders, as well as share Crelate’s latest technology advancements built specifically for recruiting professionals. Recruitment marketing email campaign builder that tracks opens and clicks.

What is an ATS?


Every recruiter must keep scalability in mind. It also smoothens and optimizes the recruitment process by providing an all-in-one solution using various tools and features. An ATS is often used by recruiters to help them save time and effort for maximum productivity.

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How to choose the best tools for your staffing agency


General Guidelines on What to Look for in a Recruiting Tools. Before going deeper into the topic, here’s a general guideline on what you should consider in such recruitment tools. This is one of the most crucial aspects of a recruitment tool that you should look into.

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What Does the Recruiting Industry Look Like Today?

Recruiting Blogs

Why does it matter to know how the recruiting industry has evolved over the years? Well, if someone is currently seeking employment, understanding current trends will help them find the right approach to finding a job. Even for an employed individual, keeping abreast of current and future trends could help with a potential job search down the road. The recruiting landscape is constantly changing and remaining adaptable is as important as ever.