Report: 2016 Global Recruiting Trends for SMBs


I imagine you are all busy making plans for the coming year, as we are here at Leoforce—luckily, LinkedIn released their annual global recruiting trends report just in time to help us all solidify our plans. To generate the report, LinkedIn surveyed 3,894 talent acquisition decision makers across the globe, 55 percent of who manage small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs). What are the top 3 recruiting priorities for SMBs in 2016 ?

2020 Recruiting Trends


We’re deep into Q4 2019 now, so it’s only natural that we start with the 2020 trends lists. . And it’s also true that for years, any recruiting / HR trends articles have focused largely on AI. As a result, we’re not going to say “AI is a trend for 2020!,”


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Remote Work: Recruitment & Retention Tool?

Employment Metrix

A survey conducted by IBM back in May showed that 75% of adults would like to work from home occasionally. Nexxt is a recruitment media company that uses today’s most effective marketing tactics to reach the full spectrum of talent – from active to passive, and everything in between.

7 Australian Recruiting Trends Your Company Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

Social Talent

What should Australian recruiters look forward to in 2016? A recent report from LinkedIn based on a survey of 3,894 recruiters and HR generalists makes it clear that while some recruiting trends that blossomed during recent years will fade, others will only gain strength and become more prominent as 2016 unfolds. Here are 7 key recruiting trends your company shouldn’t miss out on in 2016. Employee retention is more important than ever.

4 Key Global Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016 (Infographic)

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The fifth edition of the LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report surveyed over 4,000 talent acquisition professionals from 40 countries, in order to get a handle on their top priorities, the potential challenges they’ll face and opportunities they see arising in 2016. T his year’s results showed a key theme emerging for recruitment next year: the power of relationships. Infographic recruitment trends

Innovation Recruitment Challenges 2016 Survey Findings - By FDIN Jobs

BroadBean Technology

As well as helping companies find new talent, it’s enabled FDIN Jobs to learn a huge amount about what the food & drink community wants from a recruitment service. December saw the launch of the FDIN Jobs 100 Club – and its first initiative - the Innovation Recruitment Challenges 2016 survey. The research was designed to quantify the recruitment challenges the leading UK recruiters of food and drink innovation talent believed they would be facing in 2016.

4 Hiring Trends You Need to Know


The team you hire to help you run your business will be an integral part of the success of your business, and to hire the best, you need to not only know best practices for hiring franchise employees, but also understand some of the trends in recruiting and hiring that you should be looking for – your best candidates will certainly be looking for some of these in their next company. A few soft skills that are increasingly important based on a LinkedIn survey are: Creativity.

Trends 121

4 Hiring Trends You Need to Know


The team you hire to help you run your business will be an integral part of the success of your business, and to hire the best, you need to not only know best practices for hiring franchise employees, but also understand some of the trends in recruiting and hiring that you should be looking for ? A few soft skills that are increasingly important based on a LinkedIn survey are: Creativity. The list of hiring trends and creative recruiting tactics is nearly endless.

Trends 121

4 Trends That Hold The Key to Successful Recruitment in 2018 (LinkedIn Report)

Social Talent

The social network has such a huge outreach of professionals and, in our case, recruiters across so many industries that you can be sure reports are detailed and verified. Every year the company releases its Global Recruiting Trends report that helps recruiters all over the world paint a picture of the recruiting landscape ahead. This came in as the top trend, with 78% of talent leaders, globally, finding that diversity impacts how they hire.

5 Key Trends That Recruiters Need to Know to Succeed in 2017

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LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 and Global Staffing Trends 2017 reports are here and with them are 5 must-know takeaways about the state of the recruitment industry in 2016 and the trends you should be paying close attention to in the year ahead. The results of the Global Recruiting Trends report are based on the responses of almost 4,000 corporate talent acquisition professionals across 35 countries, and all respondents were at manager level or above.

Trends 122

5 HR Trend Predictions For 2020


As 2019 winds down, it’s only natural to wonder what the next year will bring and what the trends of 2020 will look like for HR. However, AI for recruiting, per some statistics, is in about 24% of midsize to large organizations, with 56% planning to add it in the next year.

Benefits of Automated Recruiting

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Over the past few years, robotics has become increasingly prevalent in every industry from manufacturing, to agriculture, to healthcare, to recruiting. I’m here to set the record straight about automation in the recruiting industry (and if you want to learn about robots and humans successfully working together in other industries, click here ). Contrary to popular belief, the goal of automated recruiting software is actually not to cut down on costs by replacing human recruiters.

4 Recruiting Challenges that HR Will Face in 2016 (And 4 Proactive Ways to Solve Them)


This trend is likely to be a more immediate concern for companies as they look ahead to 2016. These four factors are contributing to recruiting challenges this year: Challenge #1: Growing Levels of Employee Turnover. A survey conducted in late 2015 found that one-third of the workforce was planning to change jobs within six months. In response, many firms are focusing on employee retention, but a certain amount of turnover is inevitable as the economy improves.

Hiring Digital Talent for Your Digital Transformation

The Staffing Stream

At the same time, a new survey from Aptitude Research finds that companies with a digital transformation strategy in place are twice as likely to improve quality of hire, retention and performance. Factor their roles into staffing and recruiting, as well as communications at every turn. Recruiting Talent Management and Recruiting Trending total talent management“Future of work” is a frequently used phrase, especially as of late.

50 recruitment stats HR pros must know in 2017


However, learning takes time and it’s no secret that recruiters are busy people. In order to save you time, we’ve compiled a list of top 50 recruitment statistics HR pros must know in 2017, based on research by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Harvard Business Review, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Deloitte, MRINetwork, Jobvite, Capterra, Edelman Trust Barometer, NFIB, Future Workplace, Career Arc, PayScale, and Society for Human Resources Management.

The 10 Essential Skills Every Modern Recruiter Needs to Master in Order to Survive


Most recruiters make a conscious effort to keep up with trends in their profession. But the seeming avalanche of next-generation (NexGen) trends in recruiting cover so many new areas, that without realizing it, your skill set may already be out of date. We all read about these emerging recruiting trends and approaches – including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality , predictive analytics, machine writing, personalized marketing and “automated everything”.

The 10 Essential Skills Every Modern Recruiter Needs to Master in Order to Survive


Most recruiters make a conscious effort to keep up with trends in their profession. But the seeming avalanche of next-generation (NexGen) trends in recruiting cover so many new areas, that without realizing it, your skill set may already be out of date. We all read about these emerging recruiting trends and approaches – including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality , predictive analytics, machine writing, personalized marketing and “automated everything”.

What questions should you ask of your recruitment data?

BroadBean Technology

Recruitment data is no different from information collected by Governments, NGOs and global blue chips, however the industry can be a little slow in realising the benefits to the wealth of data available. As an in-house recruiter, the question you should be asking is “what do I need to know from my recruitment data?”. Retention. Companies, like us at Broadbean , provide software for recruiters that allow better decision making by mapping the hiring landscape.

Data 50

HR Check In: Why Your Company Needs to Invest in HR Tech


Sure, this might mean tapping into your budget, but chances are the investment will pay itself off with the improvements you’ll see in cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and retention rates. The 4 Things You Need to Know for a Better Candidate Experience (Undercover Recruiter). In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 82 percent of employers replied that they thought there was little to no impact on the company when a candidate had a bad experience in the hiring process.

The 15 Essential Best Practices of an Always Closing Recruiter (and What You Need to Be Doing to Get There)


With that kind of proving ground, the recruiting techniques honed in that market can give you an edge anywhere. As part of our FutureTalent webinar series exploring the future of recruiting and talent acquisition, we asked three recruiters from different backgrounds how they get the job done in the tough Silicon Valley market. (If But even if you’re not recruiting in Silicon Valley, their advice was universal and can be used to ensure you’re ahead of your competitors.

Trendwatch 2017: What’s Next in Recruiting?


Jobvite’s CEO Dan Finnigan and Chief People Officer Rachel Bitte recently joined up with Kris Dunn , founder of Fistful of Talent and CHRO of Kinetix , for an insightful webinar that explored some of the most notable trends uncovered by our recent Recruiter Nation survey. I wanted to share a few highlights from the discussion: Everyone agrees that the candidate experience is now a make-or-break element of your recruiting strategy, right?

4 SMB Recruiting Best Practices for 2017


LinkedIn recently published a recruiting trends report based on survey responses from more than 2,600 corporate talent acquisition leaders at SMBs in 35 countries. They will look at retention, hiring manager satisfaction, and time-to-fill to measure success. Seventy percent of most recruiting budgets goes to traditional methods such as job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies. Future trends to watch: diversity and screening automation.

SMB 163

2019 Recruiting Automation Trends– Join the Conversation Today!


Every year, Entelo surveys thousands of Talent Acquisition professionals to uncover the leading trends in recruiting technologies, best practices, and initiatives. In the 2018 Recruiting Trends Report , some of the most interesting (and surprising) findings included: Recruiters spend an average of 13 hours/week sourcing candidates for one role. On average, recruiters reference 7.8 recruiting automation Thought Leadership Artificial Intelligence

10 Best Recruitment Tools That Every Agency Recruiter Needs

Recruit CRM

As a recruiter, you have heaps of work to complete apart from selecting and hiring suitable candidates. To make things easy, we had previously written an article on productive recruitment tools that'll save you time and money. Recruiters can use Asana to onboard fresh recruits too.

15 HR Tech must-reads from January 2021

Recruiting Blogs

Highlights from this month’s round-up include: Recruiting trends that will stick around after COVID. Survey data about salary transparency. Many voices chime in on Keirsten Greggs’ article for ERE, sharing recruiting tips from a holiday episode of her weekly live chat. .

Staffing Firms Bullish On Revenue

NPA Worldwide

Bullhorn has released its 2018 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report. Nearly half of survey respondents rank the downward pressure on pricing and margins is a top three concern. More than 40% of survey respondents say the talent shortage is their top challenge, while nearly two-thirds rank it in their top three. Candidate retention must be elevated in importance as half of respondents place less than 25% of their candidates into their next assignment.

Quality of Hire: The 5 Best Ways to Measure Recruitment’s Golden Metric


In fact, according to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report (2016), quality of hire ranks as the most valuable performance KPI. Tracking retention . Retention is another widely used metric to measure quality of hire – 49% of talent leaders use it when trying to gauge new hire quality. Again, the rational for using retention to measure quality of hire is simple: the longer an employee stays with a company the more value they can add to the business.

The State of the UK Staffing Sector: Was September a turning point?

The Staffing Stream

For many, September was touted as the month that things would start to get back to “normal,” However it brought a mix of local lockdowns, further changes to the job retention scheme and various government announcements that will continue to reshape the business environment in the UK.

How to integrate personality tests into the recruitment process


In one of the findings gathered from surveyed employees, G2 shared that 43% of them sought job opportunities elsewhere due to the company culture. Read more: How Personality Tests Became a Recruitment Trend ). Personality in Recruitment: What are the benefits?

By the Numbers: November 2, 2018


The Numbers: The ‘October 2018 NABE Business Conditions Survey’ found that 90% of respondents “expect real GDP growth of more than 2% in the coming four quarters, with 74% anticipating growth in the range of 2.1% The flash PMI surveys indicate that the pace of economic growth gained momentum again in October after having been subdued mainly by adverse weather in September. Disrespectful Bosses Harm Retention. Job Seekers Expect A Lot Out of the Recruiting Process.

Food for thought: 7 takeaways from In-House Recruitment LIVE!

BroadBean Technology

Firstly, many thanks to the In-House Recruitment Network for last week's fruitful event, In-house Recruitment LIVE! Topic: Social Recruiting: The Challenges and the Opportunities. The rising importance of and interest in social recruiting and employee referral was evident at In-House Recruitment LIVE as the sessions covering these topics experienced an overspill of attendees. An internal Broadbean survey identified 10 different referral motivators.

2019 Hiring Statistics, Trends & Data: The Ultimate List of Recruitment Stats


Looking for the latest hiring and recruitment stats and trends? We’ve collected the latest hiring and recruitment statistics, trends, and data to help in your quest. Current Hiring Trends Through 2019. Based on recent studies, these are the latest trends in the hiring world. Hiring is expected to become more competitive in the next 12 months for 74% of recruiters. Recruitment Statistics Impacting 2019. Employer Branding in Recruitment.

How to Attract Top Talent with a Top-Notch Interview Process

Spark Hire

And, considering nearly half (46 percent) of the 3,894 talent acquisition decision makers surveyed in LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2016 report are having trouble finding candidates in high demand talent pools, it may be time to step up your interviewing game. Forward-thinking companies are empowering recruiters and hiring managers to show their personalities and actually have conversations with their candidates.

By the Numbers: January 26, 2018


Low unemployment affects Super Bowl, Amazon adopts salary inquiry ban, hiring for diversity and employee retention are top hiring challenges, and more in this week’s highlights! Employee Retention Still Top Concern. Per the 2018 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Report, 47% of HR leaders surveyed stated that employee retention and turnover is their top challenge. Recruitment and culture management were second and third, respectively.

5 Common Misconceptions About Employer Branding


However, there’s still confusion about what employer branding actually means, and why it’s so important in your recruitment efforts. Additionally, you can complete regular activities, such as staff satisfaction surveys to continuously measure the happiness of your employees. Some companies choose to measure the success of their employer branding initiatives through careers site application conversions, employee retention levels or staff satisfaction surveys.

Setting Up a Future Ready HR Function


According to a report by The Information Services Group (ISG), a technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services firm on the ‘Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery’ more than 50% of survey respondents have implemented or are implementing cloud-based SaaS systems in their organisations. Retention of Existing Employees. Social media is emerging as a powerful tool for recruiters to tap into talent.

3 Reasons Why People Analytics Should Be a Priority for Every HR Team

Linkedin Talent Blog

And according to Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends report, 71% of companies see people analytics (also called talent analytics or workforce analytics) as a high priority, though only 9% believe they have a strong idea of which talent dimension drives performance in their organizations. Our Global Recruiting Trends 2018 noted that the top HR uses of data are to increase retention, evaluate skills gaps, and build better offers.

Measuring Quality of Hire in Recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

Per the Global Recruiting Trends 2017 by LinkedIn, in the top 3 of recruiting metrics we see “length of stay” and “hiring manager satisfaction.” Another main recruiting metric is “time to fill,” but this metric is about recruiting efficiency and not quality of hire. So “length of stay” doesn’t matter as much as retention and turnover rates after 1st year of employment for new hires.

5 Key Trends That Influence Talent Management In 2019


The rapid change in technology is bringing radical transformation in the workplace and HR managers need to constantly get flexible to adapt to new changes and keep up with the emerging trends that influence talent management. That said in this article, we present the five key trends that influence talent management in 2019 and beyond. But first, let’s understand some terms used in the recruitment and hiring process. Global Recruiting Trends 2016 | Relationships at the core.

Diversity in 2018: 3 Things Recruiting and HR Pros Need To Know

Recruiting Blogs

Many of us in the talent space have been poring over LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report in recent weeks, and with good reason: It’s packed with interesting, forward-looking data and helpful insights. Based on interviews with industry experts and a survey of almost 9,000 recruiters & hiring managers from around the world, the report covers “the four ideas changing how you hire”, and it details the biggest initiatives in talent acquisition right now.