Winning Recruitment Marketing Campaign for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Great Recruitment Marketing campaigns show, rather than tell. To communicate this externally and attract qualified talent, we recently launched a Recruitment Marketing campaign to position TE as an innovative employer with a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging.

How I Landed My Dream Recruitment Marketing Job at Hubspot

Rally Recruitment Marketing

I’ve been in my role for a little under 4 months now and this is my first official foray into employer branding and Recruitment Marketing. Most recently, I’ve pivoted sideways on this career climb, from marketing into Recruitment Marketing. Hi, Rally community!


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Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Proactive Talent

As 2019 propels forward, recruiting leaders and talent acquisition teams have much to consider and prioritize when it comes to recruitment marketing. These important questions can be a very daunting endeavor, especially with limited time, resources and recruiting tasks at hand. Spoiler Alert: Proactive Talent’s Recruitment Marketing Team can help strategize and deliver these tactics without any additional cost above your advertising budgets.

Recruitment Marketing in APAC: What’s Different and What’s the Same?

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Hi Rally community, my name is Joyce Chan, and I’m a Recruitment Marketing & employer branding practitioner for 10+ markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. One thing I’ve learned in recruiting experienced talent is that they are much more passive than campus talent.

7 Big Impact Recruitment Marketing Ideas We Learned at RallyFwd

Rally Recruitment Marketing

At RallyFwd , we heard from a number of outstanding Recruitment Marketing practitioners from companies of all sizes and industries. A common theme that came up is that many of us either only have a small amount of time to dedicate to Recruitment Marketing tasks or are working as a solo Recruitment Marketer without a team. Big Impact Idea #3: Use email marketing to reactivate previous applicants to get new hires faster and cheaper.

Top Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Even better, conferences often provide the chance to network with other Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing professionals to learn how they’re solving the same sorts of challenges you might be facing. . To help with the decision, here’s a comprehensive list of global Talent Acquisition conferences happening in 2020, along with some of the sessions that stand out as you look to increase your Recruitment Marketing skills. Recruitment Marketing

The Top 7 Fall 2018 Conferences & Workshops for Recruitment Marketers

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Even if we’re no longer students ourselves, fall is still the perfect time to refresh what you know and brush up on the latest tactics and approaches to boost your Recruitment Marketing know-how. Here’s the Rally-curated list of the best Fall 2018 Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding conferences and workshops for you to consider this year: The Best Fall 2018 Conferences & Workshops. 2 – Glassdoor Recruit. 3 – Recruiter Nation Live.

Top 5 Recruitment Marketing Priorities for 2019 (Plus, Resources to Turn Your Priorities into Action!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The start of a new year brings new hiring goals, a new Recruitment Marketing budget and a fresh outlook on all the ways we aspire to move our talent acquisition strategies (and our own careers) forward. It means we need to remain scrappy, agile and creative, and—above all else—ultra-focused to achieve our Recruitment Marketing strategies! To help you shape your focus for 2019, I’m sharing the top 5 priorities for Recruitment Marketing this year.

5 Inspiring Books for Recruitment Marketers in 2019

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Here are 5 books you may want to add to your 2019 reading list to inspire ideas, strategies and programs for the new calendar year: This is Marketing by Seth Godin. Seth Godin is one of the leading voices in the marketing profession. His new book, This is Marketing , is a rallying cry for marketers to realize their potential to “cause a change you’d like to see in the world.”. Why it’s relevant for Recruitment Marketers. Recruitment Marketing

How to communicate company culture changes: Recruitment marketing tips


First step: update your recruitment marketing efforts – how you promote yourself as an employer to attract future candidates. Top recruitment marketing tips for company culture changes. Below, we’ve gathered some recruitment marketing ideas to make things easier for you.

Here’s Where You Need Recruitment Marketing Content — Outside of Your Careers Site

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Your careers site is certainly one of the biggest and most effective tools in your Recruitment Marketing toolkit. With social media, paid ads and job boards becoming a larger part of the Recruitment Marketing mix, many job seekers are bypassing companies’ careers sites entirely during their search. They are still an incredibly vital part of any recruiting strategy. Including the name and contact info for the recruiter responsible for the individual job!

Why You Should Supplement Recruitment Marketing with Social Media


It goes without saying that the recruitment landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. One such development in the space that has captivated recruiters is the use of social media in talent acquisition. When people think of social media as a recruitment tool, they immediately think of LinkedIn or Glassdoor. Staffing agencies, employers and job boards alike have begun putting budget behind platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

How Social Media Fits Into Recruitment Marketing


Yes, we’re very aware the Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters of the world are widely used for entertainment purposes, keeping in touch with friends and viewing videos. For more expert advice on how to use social media as part of your recruitment marketing plan, contact Hire Value Inc.

Rally Round-up: Our Top 10 Recruitment Marketing Blogs of 2018!

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In 2018, we created a ton of Recruitment Marketing content. 9: How to Build a Recruitment Marketing Event Plan (Example Included!). RallyRM Mentor Shaunda Zilich penned this blog on how to optimize your recruiting events with the right Recruitment Marketing strategy. 8: What is a Recruitment Marketing Content Playbook? 5: 19 Easy DIY Video Tools to Boost Your Recruiting Content Strategy. Recruitment Marketing

Top Recruitment Marketing Priorities for 2019 (Plus, Resources to Turn Your Priorities into Plans!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Is it just me, or as Recruitment Marketers have we become pretty comfortable with being torn in ten different directions at once? Often, we have multiple internal stakeholders wanting our “marketing magic” at the same time to improve the way their group attracts, hires and communicates with talent. And of course, add that to the fact that our teams are still much smaller than those that our marketing counterparts work on. Priority #3: Recruiter Enablement.

How to Analyze Your Next Recruitment Marketing Campaign Like a Pro (Template Included!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

One of my goals as a Recruitment Marketing professional is to make our recruiters’ jobs easier. An important aspect of this work is to keep the recruiting and hiring team partners informed along the way and to educate them on new recruiting channels, what’s working and how we’re helping them to fill their open jobs with high quality candidates. Many recruiters, leaders and hiring teams just don’t have the time to do a spreadsheet deep dive.

7 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017

Social Talent

Start your 2017 the right way by following some great people on Twitter and adding their knowledge to your daily feed. Here’s our comprehensive list of the 7 Best Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017: 1. Michael Goldberg is the Executive Director for DirectEmployers Association and has over 25 years of human resources and recruiting experience. Matthew Jeffery is one of the world’s leading recruitment strategists and futurologists.

How to: Use Recruitment Marketing like a Fortune 500 Company

Social Talent

You are going to be hearing a lot about recruitment marketing in 2016. In fact, they are technically a recruiter’s consumers. And the only way you’re going to convince them of all that, is with recruitment marketing. What is Recruitment Marketing? A recruiter’s job is to convert applicants into hires. Recruitment marketing is what helps you do that by enabling you to build pipelines of interested and qualified candidates.

Save Time AND Publish More Recruitment Marketing Content: Here’s How

Rally Recruitment Marketing

No matter the cause, one way to avoid this is by repurposing your Recruitment Marketing content. Repurposing content is a classic content marketing approach that will help you stretch your reach and get more done in less time – which we know is mission critical, since many of us in Recruitment Marketing are working on small teams and with a limited budget. This clears up more of your time to focus on other Recruitment Marketing projects and areas, as needed.

The Rise of Recruitment Marketing in HR Tech


If recruitment marketing is the framework around which you build a successful hiring process, then HR technologies are the tools you use to create it. Using the right technology can drastically reduce the recruitment workload , simplify the process and help you attract, nurture, and hire the right people for the right jobs. Let’s take a closer look at how HR technology has embraced recruitment marketing and how can it help boost your recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Marketing: The Ultimate Guide


Recruitment marketing is vital to talent acquisition. In this guide I share a primer on recruitment marketing with hopefully-helpful tips, including: My definition of recruitment marketing. The 6 stages of the recruiting funnel. 4 recruitment marketing strategies. The 3 major benefits you’ll see from effective recruitment marketing. What is Recruitment Marketing? Recruitment Marketing Strategies.

Can Twitter Product Pages Change the Recruiting Landscape?

Recruiting Daily

The new functionality of Twitter product pages will make it easier not only to find candidates that will fit into your company’s culture, but will make it easier for candidates to find you. There is no doubt that I am a big Twitter fan. When Twitter announced that they were starting to test a new product, it piqued my interest. If you’re one of the Twitter haters, don’t run just yet. Twitter Tech Breakdown. Picture that, but on Twitter.

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


Recruitment marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It erases some of the boundaries between your company’s desire to sell products and services and your efforts to find and recruit promising talent. Recruitment marketing does a similar job of streamlining the talent management process. We’ll speak shortly about some practical ways to engage in recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is one way to do that.

5 Clear-Cut Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

Social Talent

Marketing has exploded in the past few years and interest in learning new marketing techniques have surged. This is especially the case with recruitment marketing. The recruiters of today are a hybrid breed that are eager to learn. Nowadays, recruiters want to reach their target audience through the quickest methods available to them. A lot of which can be done through various recruitment marketing strategies and techniques! Recruitment

11 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2015

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Start your 2015 the right way by following some great people on Twitter and adding their knowledge to your daily feed. Here’s our comprehensive list of the 11 Best Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2015: 1. @ jerometernynck. What to expect: Daily links to unmissable recruitment-related blog content, live tweets from important industry events and invaluable nuggets of wisdom from an industry pro.

How To Make Twitter Work for Talent Acquisition.

Recruiting Daily

There’s no denying that I love Twitter. Recently, I can’t help but notice that a lot of people are trying to shoehorn their “usual” talent acquisition strategies into Twitter’s framework, and I can already tell you this: It’s not going to work. Why Recruiting On Twitter Doesn’t Work: A Blind Case Study. Let’s look at the followers of the careers-focused Twitter account that belongs to a large and very well-known retailer. And I know a lot of you do, too.

Recruitment Marketing: Today and Tomorrow

Recruiting Daily

Having spent over a decade sitting on both sides of the table in the recruiting and talent acquisition industry, I’ve seen the space evolve as both an end user and a solution provider trying to solve real challenges confronting real practitioners. Here’s what I found: New Tools, Same Results: Recruitment Marketing Today. Forecasting the Future: Recruitment Marketing Tomorrow.

6 UAE Recruitment Agencies That You NEED To Follow On Twitter Now

Social Talent

It might be another 4 years away, but Expo 2020 already has recruitment agencies in the UAE bringing their a-game to the table. Today, we’re looking at the major movers and shakers in the region that are rocking it on Twitter right now! The Twitter account to support the Middle East’s #1 job site, reflects just how popular this website is, with a hugely impressive near-130,000 followers!

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


Recruitment marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It erases some of the boundaries between your company’s desire to sell products and services and your efforts to find and recruit promising talent. Recruitment marketing does a similar job of streamlining the talent management process. We’ll speak shortly about some practical ways to engage in recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is one way to do that.

#IWantThatHat! On Twitter, Hashtags & Recruitment Marketing


I spent some time the other day exploring recruitment-related articles, blog posts and the like, specifically those related to recruiting via social media, and one story in particular jumped off of the page— Employers Take to Social Media for Recruiting. Some context: The Challenge: The Minnesota State Patrol sought an effective, non-traditional way to recruit high-quality, diverse talent (officers) and grow their talent pipeline.

How to Measure ROI on Recruitment Marketing


Recruiters and staffing professionals often spend loads of time and money on marketing efforts to help their business stand out from the 20,000+ staffing and recruiting firms in the US. With so many marketing channels and strategies, there’s a lot to play with, which begs the question: . What marketing strategies/efforts are paying off?” . If you break down the three most basic ROI recruitment marketing metrics , they include: .

Why You Should Include Employer Profiles in Your Social Media Strategy


When people browse social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram in their free time, they’re typically not there to look for a job -- but that doesn't mean they're not open to it. Social Advertising Social Recruiting Strategy Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing Trends Featured Pos

Here’s Why It’s Time to Add Reddit to Your Recruitment Marketing Mix


” Advertising & Marketing Facebook Google Twitter FeaturedIf you’re not yet familiar with Reddit , shake hands and say hello. Similar to the once-mighty Digg , it was founded in 2005 and is an online destination where users share content, comment, and vote up or down. As its website says, “Reddit bridges communities and individuals with ideas, the latest digital trends, and breaking news (…okay, and maybe cats).

Want Better Recruiting? Add These 41 Twitter Feeds To Your List


Twitter’s fast-paced, of-the-moment approach makes it a great way to keep up with the news in influencers in the recruitment and hiring fields. To see what’s happening, add these 41 top recruitment professionals to your Twitter feed. The post Want Better Recruiting?

Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 8.10 to 8.14


So now, time for one of our favorite parts of the week: compiling the best articles we read in recruitment marketing. Continue Reading → The post Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 8.10 It’s Friday! High five. But first, here’s a look at our content choice and tweet of the week. Content of the Week Check out our CEO Mike Hennessy on DriveThruHr with William Tincup.

We Upped the Twitter Game at OHUG 2015


Check out the best pictures, hashtags and insights from our panel with customers, “Think Like a Marketer: Recruitment Marketing Best Practices from Leading Organizations.” ” [View the story “We Upped the Twitter Game at #OHUG2015″ on Storify]. The post We Upped the Twitter Game at OHUG 2015 appeared first on SmashFly Blog. OHUG 2015 was a whirlwind, but we captured it tweet by tweet.

The 5 Pillars of Recruitment Marketing


The hiring market is embroiled in a vicious battle for the best talent – there’s an increasing need for new techniques to connect with the very best talent. Innovative employers are experimenting with a range of clever recruitment strategies and hiring hacks to get top talent through the door , but it might be recruitment marketing that gives companies a more sustainable framework to hire smarter and improve the candidate experience.

Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing

Web Based Recruitment

Attract Your Ideal Candidates Through Recruitment Videos & Targeted Social Media Advertising. Recruitment Videos. Recruitment Video Ads. Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing. With CISCO predicting that by 2019 online video will account for 90% of all Internet traffic it makes you wonder why Recruiters aren’t using online video to promote their company and current vacancies? Recruitment Videos. Recruitment Video Ads.

Video 100

Recruitment Marketing Shouldn’t Have To Be PC.

Recruiting Daily

Our political views ranged from militant leftist to staunchly conservative, from Marxist-Leninist activists to ardently free market Milton Friedman fans. By now, you’ve probably seen the University of Alabama sorority recruitment video that’s roiled social media and had fingers and talking heads alike pointing fingers at the sad state of affairs this abhorrent video represents , and what larger issues it suggests about women in society.

Recruitment Marketing Maturity: Where Do You Stand?


Not all recruiting teams are at the same stage in their recruitment marketing journey. Some – between 16% and 35% – have sophisticated marketing practices in place, like smart nurture campaigns, a sharp employer brand, and some really good candidate data management and performance monitoring. Every recruiting team communicates in some form with candidates. But that’s not the end of the marketing team’s work. Marketing