Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies

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As 2019 propels forward, recruiting leaders and talent acquisition teams have much to consider and prioritize when it comes to recruitment marketing. These important questions can be a very daunting endeavor, especially with limited time, resources and recruiting tasks at hand.

Why Video Is Essential to Recruitment Marketing in 2020

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You have 1 min 36 secs to create an impression on a candidate through recruitment marketing videos. Recruitment MarketingHere’s why you need to use each minute wisely.

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Recruitment Videos: Everything You Need to Know


An Overview of Recruitment Videos. Recruitment marketing covers many areas of talent acquisition, and one that’s not as often talked about is recruitment videos. In this post, we’ll review everything you need to know about recruitment videos.

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Why Video is Now a Best Practice Recruitment Marketing Tool


We are moving to an inbound recruiting model, using digital channels and talent communities to attract candidates through the discovery of online content. HR Tech Recruitment Marketing Talent Acquisition Video Marketing

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3 Tips to Create Authentic Recruitment Marketing Videos Yourself

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Did you know that 1/3 of online activity today is spent watching videos ? This statistic emphasizes the growing popularity of video as a preferred media form. Rally note: Want to hear more from Kristi about videos that can help you achieve your Recruitment Marketing goals?

5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Recruiting & Job Videos

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Mobile, Video & Online Recruitment Marketing Experts Job & Recruitment Videos. Video Recruitment Marketing. Mobile Recruitment Video Training Course. Recruitment Events. Why Online Video?

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Coronavirus: Should Your Recruitment Marketing Change in a Crisis?

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However, it raises legitimate questions about what the right approach is to marketing and sales during a crisis, and specifically for our community, what the right approach is to recruiting and Recruitment Marketing. Recruitment Marketing

Don’t Waste Time! 10 Tips for Implementing Video Job Interviews


Recruiters and hiring managers are scrambling for solutions to replace on-site interviews yet still make meaningful connections with candidates and continue to fill their requisitions. The solution is video interviewing.

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5 Recruitment Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

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Many talent acquisition teams may be recruiting less than usual this summer as a result of COVID-19. After all, normally when we’re busy recruiting at full blast, we’re often focused on immediate and urgent hiring needs. Does your site convey information using video content?

What is recruitment marketing?


While recruitment marketing sounds like another HR buzzword, it’s actually a business function that aims to attract and engage potential job candidates for future hiring needs. To better understand this recruitment marketing definition, let’s see how it compares with traditional corporate marketing: Traditional marketing. Recruitment marketing. Marketing team (digital, events, emails, design). Recruitment marketing.

2016 Recruitment Marketing Idea Series: Zach Lahey on Video


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Talent Attraction: What it is and Things to Think About

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The means and tactics of attraction vary and include, but are not limited to, employer branding , recruitment marketing , organizational culture , compensation and benefits.

12 Video Stats Every Recruiter Should Know


Video is no longer a ‘trending’ recruitment marketing strategy. Recruitment Marketing Video Marketing Video Education

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Expert Advice: How to Create Recruitment Marketing Content During Coronavirus

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The coronavirus crisis is necessitating that we take a step back and rethink our approach to creating and sharing Recruitment Marketing content. In other industries, like healthcare, now is not the time to be asking for help with recruiting.

Recruitment marketing strategy: why it pays to be authentic


Marketing) trick or treat. Similar to how candidates sell their skills during an interview, companies apply a recruitment marketing strategy to talk up their culture and attract future hires. What’s so funny ‘bout recruitment marketing?”. Meet Susan.

Transform 2020 Recruitment Marketing Conference Recap

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For over five years now, Transform has brought together the brightest in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing with the goal of transforming an industry. ’s complete Transform 2020 Recruitment Marketing Conference recap. Reading Time: 11 minutes.

LinkedIn & recruitment marketing

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And those quick but powerful stories are ideal social recruiting content. This week, we are all about LinkedIn for recruitment marketing. We also created a video tutorial for LinkedIn, about LinkedIn. Employer Branding Hashtags That Are #KillingIt at Social Recruiting.

5 Steps to a Better Recruitment Marketing Content Calendar

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Content marketing is a core component of Recruitment Marketing — and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! If upgrading your Recruitment Marketing content strategy is on your to-do list for this year, I hope my approach and the info in this blog post will prove helpful for you!

How to: Use Recruitment Marketing like a Fortune 500 Company

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You are going to be hearing a lot about recruitment marketing in 2016. In fact, they are technically a recruiter’s consumers. And the only way you’re going to convince them of all that, is with recruitment marketing. What is Recruitment Marketing?

Rethink Your Recruitment Marketing Content Strategy for 2020

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Years ago, when I first transitioned my role from recruiting to employer branding, the world of Recruitment Marketing looked a little different. All those ads, blogs, emails, social posts, news stories, podcasts, videos are coming at us faster than our brains can consume it.

Recruitment Marketing Platforms 101: What you need to know

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That’s why Recruitment Marketing has become so crucial in recruiting, yet many practitioners aren’t confident about which talent attraction strategies really work. The result is a diverse marketplace where recruitment marketers can easily suffer from paralysis by analysis.

5 Recruitment Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

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Many talent acquisition teams may be recruiting less than usual this summer as a result of COVID-19. After all, normally when we’re busy recruiting at full blast we’re often focused on immediate and urgent hiring needs. Does your site convey information using video content?

Why a Company Culture Video is Your Best Recruitment Marketing Asset


And as any recruiter knows, positive company culture not only contributes to better employee engagement and success, but it also gives your company a leg up on the competition when it comes to attracting and hiring talent. What is a company culture video? Recruitment Marketing

4 Steps to Emotive Copywriting in Recruitment Marketing

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Writing attention-grabbing copy is an essential skill set for Recruitment Marketers – and tapping into the power of your candidates’ emotions can be an effective way to make your job descriptions, careers site content, job advertisements and social media posts stand out from all the noise.

Beyond Content: Elevate Recruitment Marketing with an Integrated Talent Architecture

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Driving an aggressive recruitment marketing and brand strategy for talent is vital for high growth, high scale organizations. That is why at Wayfair we view recruitment marketing and employer branding as essential to successful recruiting. Recruitment Marketing

3 Recruitment Marketing Trends Here to Stay in 2019?

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For the second year in a row, Rally and The Muse have partnered to report on the biggest Recruitment Marketing trends from the past year. These trends represent a massive shift in candidate expectations that we need to respond to as Recruitment Marketing professionals.

Recruitment Marketing Panel Discussion with Video Summary


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4 Recruitment Marketing Strategies for Hiring Veterans

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What does this mean for employers, and particularly for Recruitment Marketing and employer brand practitioners? Recruitment Marketing

Video and Job Advertising: The Perfect Marriage

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Over the last few years, online video has quickly become a key way for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. According to Cisco , video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 – an incredible statistic! Why You Should Be Doing Video.

The 4 C’s of Recruitment Marketing, Part 2: A Marketing Approach to Recruitment


As we discussed in part one of our series last week, marketing is a consumer-driven business function, and similarly, the ever-evolving recruitment industry is now a candidate-driven marketplace. RECRUITMENT + MARKETING = RECRUITMENT MARKETING.

How Social Media Fits Into Recruitment Marketing


Yes, we’re very aware the Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters of the world are widely used for entertainment purposes, keeping in touch with friends and viewing videos. Instagram, which was specially designed to host photo and video content, is highly popular. Here’s a challenge for you.

6 Keys to Making a Catchy, Compelling Recruitment Video

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People love watching videos online. In fact, online video now accounts for 69 percent of all internet traffic, and 55 percent of people watch online videos every single day.

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5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Job Adverts


Recruitment Marketing Video Marketing Video EducationFirst impressions last a lifetime. With unemployment at an all-time low, skilled candidates have more choice than ever—you need to make that first impression count!

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5 Reasons Your Recruitment Company Needs To Be Using Video


Digital video is undeniably the most powerful and popular communication medium on the planet so far. So popular that 60% of people would rather watch online videos than watching television, according to Google.

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Making Job Descriptions Part of Your Recruitment Marketing Plan

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When you think of Recruitment Marketing, a variety of tactics might come to mind: Posting engaging content on social media, sending company information and job alerts via email, using automation tools like chatbots and text recruiting to better engage with candidates, and a whole lot more.

5 of the Most Creative Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

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We love a good creative recruitment marketing campaign that really stands out from the crowd. Here are our 5 favourite recruitment marketing campaigns that really appealed to our innovative side: 1.

Recruitment Marketing: The Ultimate Guide


Recruitment marketing is vital to talent acquisition. In this guide I share a primer on recruitment marketing with hopefully-helpful tips, including: My definition of recruitment marketing. The 6 stages of the recruiting funnel. Videos and pictures.

GUIDE: Compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion

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’s new downloadable guide to how compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion. In addition to videos that directly address diversity at an organization, a compilation video can show a team and an overview of culture. Reading Time: 2 minutes. Stories Inc.’s

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6 Free Tools to Help With Your Recruitment Marketing


Love it or hate it, marketing is one of th e core functions of every staffing and recruitment firm but it ’s often the department with the least amount of dedicated resources, especially with the planetary crisis of COVID-19.

Expert Advice: How to Create Recruitment Marketing Content Right Now

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The coronavirus crisis is necessitating that we take a step back and rethink our approach to creating and sharing Recruitment Marketing content. In other industries, like healthcare, now is not the time to be asking for help with recruiting.