Motivation + Engagement = Employee Retention

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Source: fizkes / shutterstock. Competitive compensation and benefits are still crucial, but there are other factors employers should consider with regard to employee retention. Creating a positive employee experience is critical to increasing retention and meeting company goals.

How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

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So it's critical to think about retention as early as when you're interviewing new candidates. Because attrition can have such a profound effect on your bottom line, it makes fiscal sense to prioritize retention.


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Training as a Retention Tool

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Precoronavirus, employers were pulling out all the stops to attract and retain top talent, because when it comes to talent retention, it’s no longer just about salaries and bonuses, flexible schedules, and abundant paid time off (PTO). Source:Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock.

Why is employee retention important and how to improve it


According to a survey conducted by SHRM, 47% of HR professionals consider employee retention a top workforce management challenge. It’s more efficient and cost-effective to retain high-quality employees than it is to source, recruit, and onboard a replacement employee of the same quality.

Hiring in the Fitness Industry: Effective Employee Engagement & Retention Strategy


This article looks at the features every successful employee engagement and retention strategy has, which gym owners can use for their businesses today. 2018 Workplace Learning Report | Source: LinkedIn. Study says that remote workers are happier and stay in jobs longer.

Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


Work Institute conducted a study in 2017 and reported that the average cost of turnover per employee is approximately 33% of that employee’s annual salary. Retention, what’s the big deal?

Critical Retention Strategies: AI Identifies Dissatisfied Employees Before They Leave


Tools like artificial intelligence technology can inform retention strategies and help employers predict who is most likely to leave, as well as what incentives might encourage them to stay. Most retention strategies rely on two tools: exit interviews and annual employee surveys.

Getting Tech Managers More Involved in Sourcing


Studies show that having managers highly involved in the recruiting process has a critical impact on talent acquisition performance , including quality of hire and retention. Getting the hiring manager involved in sourcing can save everyone time by eliminating bottlenecks and targeting candidates who are the right fit,” Weiss said. Innovative tech recruiters have extended the popular “lunch and learn” training concept to talent sourcing by hosting “lunch and source” events.

Do’s and Don’ts of Female Retention and Advancement

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Source: Yuri_Arcurs / DigitalVision / Getty Images. Below, we discuss a case study in “the wrong way.”. The advancement and retention of women and minorities isn’t about assimilating everyone into the current culture.

How Can Machines Aid Employee Retention?


But now with Machine Learning, it’s no longer a surprise that we can now find ways to strengthen employee retention strategies. . Studies have shown that it costs a company about $9,444.47 years on average in one of the worldwide largest technology companies, we can imagine how low retention financially drains organizations rapidly. There are many reasons why employee retention isn’t easy. The post How Can Machines Aid Employee Retention?

Europe Leads the Way on Employee Retention

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A recent article by Kathy Gurschiek in HR Magazine highlights the counties best equipped to support an employer interested in attracting, developing and retaining workers… employee retention. The source of the ranking is a study done by the IMD World Competitiveness Center. The study is titled IMD World Talent Report and the center is a part of the International Institute for Management in Switzerland. Global Recruiting employee retention

Benefit Mental Illness, Retention, and Well-Being with Flexible Work Arrangements

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Source: AlexLMX / Shutterstock. Retention. Organizations have serious challenges when it comes to recruiting and retention. The study also showed that 88% said if their job had offered flexibility during those circumstances, they would have been able to remain in the workforce.

The 2019 HR Media Study: Hot Topics + Key Insights


Yello’s 2019 HR Media Study is a comprehensive look at seven leading HR publications: HR Dive , Recruiting Daily , SHRM , NACE , TLNT , ERE , and Human Resource Executive. Here’s what we learned: Top 3 takeaways from the 2019 HR Media Study: The most popular discussion topics include recruitment strategies, HR technology, HR leadership, and diversity and inclusion. . Less popular topics include employee education and benefits , HR news, candidate experience and candidate sourcing.

Study 45

15 Actionable Employee Retention Strategies You Can Use Today

A study in Harvard Business Review shows that the ideal ratio between positive and negative suggestions is 5.6 Your action step: find a course or a book for your employees to study this month. Per Peter Economy , full-time ghostwriter and best-selling author, “The secret to unlocking this unlimited source of energy for your company is to build and strengthen the bonds between you and your employees. But forcing too much change too soon can affect employee retention.

Recruitment from Unlikely Sources: Exit Interviews

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When you think of recruitment sources for your institution, exit interviews rarely come to mind. The same study puts 93% of healthcare turnover as voluntary. Recruiting Tips & Employer Resources Candidate Sourcing Employee Turnover Exit Interview RetentionBrijith Vijayan/ These are employees on their way out – not their way in. What possible value can the information provided during their exit interview give the recruitment side of HR?

How to source candidates: An FAQ guide


Good candidate sourcing helps companies proactively find and hire qualified people. Here, we answer frequently asked questions about candidate sourcing to help you build strategies to attract active and passive candidates. What is sourcing? What is the difference between sourcing and recruiting? How does sourcing affect recruiting? What is a Sourcing Specialist? What is social sourcing? What are some of the most effective social sourcing tools?

When Open Source And HR Collide

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Open source comes to HR. We recently launched a new initiative within our HR team called Open Source HR ( #HootHROS ). This initiative also includes bringing transparency into our HR projects by creating detailed case studies—e. Illuminating and sharing our mistakes in our case studies shows that, by nature, many social HR efforts are experimental. Scaling open source HR. The post When Open Source And HR Collide appeared first on Glassdoor for Employers.

The Critical Link Between Effective Training and Retention

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But employee training initiatives are also effective tools in employee retention efforts. Source: Artur Szczybylo / Shutterstock. The link between employee training and retention is clear and supported by much research. Consider these informative employee retention statistics reported in a recent TalentLyft infographic : According to Gallup , 51% of employees are considering a new job.

Small Businesses Attracting Talent with Better Benefits, Study Says

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A new study shows that small businesses are joining the fray of the talent war by rolling out the best benefits they can muster. More than four in 10 small business workers say they depend on their workplace benefits for financial security and agree their benefits positively impact their overall health, according to the 5th Annual Workplace Benefits Study, “ Small Business, Big Benefits ,” by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ® (Guardian).

Concerned about Retention? The Potential for a Resume Tsunami


I’m so excited about a report we published today: Calculating the True Cost of Voluntary Turnover: The Surprising ROI of Retention. I’ve been wanting to write this report since I joined Bersin in 2013, but my study of retention began many years before then. Engagement HR Strategy & Benchmarking Sourcing & Recruiting Talent Strategy Workforce Planning

How Important Are Employee Retention Programs?


By now, business leaders understand the importance of driving employee retention. But it turns out that employee retention is perhaps more important today than ever before. You’re Handing High Performers Over To Your Competitors: Losing top talent is a rough blow in and of itself, but consider this fact presented by Management Study Guide : when your employees leave, it’s more likely that they’ll go work for your competitors.

Tech recruitment in London: Luring and sourcing top tech talent


The struggle for hiring and sourcing tech talent is the same in all three: many job opportunities, but not quite the talent. So, you can step up your game at conferences and events where you’re sourcing tech talent, getting far more involved rather than simply making an appearance. All three panelists agreed Tuesday morning was the best time for outreach, a verified good practice according to multiple studies found online.

Automated Sourcing – Find, Zap, Engage


so I’ll go ahead and close the poll and see what the what what what our audience is thinking about when it comes to the time they spend finding people and sourcing so Doug and David here are the results and everybody else so the majority of the folks are saying that they’re not spending enough time or and actually quite close in second place is too much time so any feedback or reactions to those to those answers Doug .

Entelo Study Shows Healthcare Recruiting Is Ripe For Automation


have the bandwidth to source for all of their roles. So it looks like we’ve identified the first problem: if healthcare recruiters hope to attract top talent amongst such a competitive talent market, they must actively source for every role; but given the demands of the job market, they lack the bandwidth. Recruiters agree – 84% of healthcare recruiters said that they would be more productive if they could automate sourcing.

Study 28

Salary Transparency in the Workplace: How it Affects Recruitment and Retention


In their study Wages, Job Queues, and Skills , economists Ioana Marinescu and Ronald Wolthoff found that job openings with a posted wage received 7.8 In their study, Marinescu and Wolthoff found that there was no relationship between posting a wage and the quality of applicants. In their study Who Leaves, Where to, and Why Worry? The post Salary Transparency in the Workplace: How it Affects Recruitment and Retention appeared first on Recruiterbox Blog.

6 New Talent Sourcing Tips You Need

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The study also revealed that 87 percent use LinkedIn, 55 percent use Facebook, and 47 percent use Twitter. CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behavior Study found that only 29 percent of applicants got an explanation when they didn’t receive a job offer after interviewing. In fact, one study shows that businesses with active employee referral rates have average retention rates of 46 percent. Talent Acquisition hiring new talent sourcing tips talent sourcing

Top 3 Sourcing Channels for New Talent


That’s because shrinking talent pools put recruiters under enormous pressure to find the sourcing channels that work best and to use them to their best advantage. Here are some key takeaways I found quite revealing, Sponsored by SmartRecruiters and Bersin by Deloitte, this webinar featured two well-known recruiting and talent acquisition leaders: Robin Erickson , Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Engagement, & Retention at Bersin by Deloitte. The 3 top talent sources.

6 Ways to Grow Your Intern Talent Pipeline

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” A study from Glassdoor reveals that 40% of workers are more likely to apply for a job when they are familiar with the company’s brand. The same study found that 60% of employers identify their brand awareness as a significant barrier or challenge in attracting applicants and hiring candidates. Image Source here ]. Global & International Interns Niche Searches Retention & Engagement Source the Web Sourcing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Featured

The Biggest Retention Woes in Recruitment (Infographic)

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Lack of social awareness and online employer branding were also some of the problems listed in the study, with a big emphasis on the importance of online reputation. Source: BMS UK. The post The Biggest Retention Woes in Recruitment (Infographic) appeared first on Social Talent. Infographic employee retention infographic Recruiting recruitmentRecruiting ain’t easy.

Employee Retention Strategies You Can Start Today (Part 2)

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We’re back with a second helping of employee retention tactics that you can action straight away. In Part One we listed some ways you can start making changes to boost your employee retention rates. All of these steps build a complete picture of a successful retention programme. Change doesn’t happen overnight but all of these retention tactics can be put into place today and allows you to build on them with time and attention.

Survale TM Launches New SurvaleRewardsTM to Reward Job Seekers and Employees for Providing Feedback


Survale is also releasing a new case study detailing how client Craft Brew Alliance has used Survale’s candidate feedback platform to show it generates revenue from job seekers purchasing beer from one of their many well-known brands as research in advance of applying for a job. Candidate Satisfaction Case Studies NewsSurvale retail clients can now offer free or discount goods or services to incent feedback, boost employer brand and generate revenue from hiring.

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Internal Mobility: More Than an Excellent Sourcing Channel? Yes!


A study by Bersin by Deloitte, comparing organizations with “mature” talent acquisition practices to those not as highly ranked, showed huge differences in sourcing strategies. One of the three top resources used by those mature organizations is internal candidates – with top-ranked organizations allocating twice as much their recruiting budget to this source than those ranked lowest. That webinar we hosted, “ Better Talent Faster? It’s Possible!

Embrace Talent Diversity in Your Sourcing Strategy


Countless studies have shown that diversity initiatives improve morale, corporate culture, employee retention and recruitment , all of which increase a company’s competitive advantage. It makes sense that hiring can come down to the quickest and easiest solutions to source good-enough candidates, but that means you’re missing out people from beyond your typical search pattern and network. It's no secret that many companies struggle to nurture and promote diversity.

Webinar preview: Top 3 Sourcing Channels for New Talent


It’s Possible! ” — when two leading talent acquisition professionals will reveal the top three sourcing channels where the most successful companies focus their resources. You’ll get plenty of data-driven insights on these sources, plus actual examples of how one successful retailer uses these channels to keep their talent pipeline filled with excellent candidates. Real-world case study on how top organizations source the best talent. Three top talent sources.

Blue-Collar Industries See Increase in Talent Shortages

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Source: ESB Professional / Shutterstock. To help reverse this trend and combat its consequences, a new study —released by The Conference Board —explains the factors causing labor shortages and how companies are filling their job openings.

The War for Talent Is Here: What’s Your Strategy to Win It? 

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For HR professionals, the war for talent is the new normal, and your department is held accountable for recruiting, retention, and even overall performance. Retention might be even more difficult, as the “quit rate” in the United States is at a historic high.

Study Warns the Digital Talent Gap Is Widening—Here's What You Can Do

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What does a digital talent gap mean for a talent professional who is recruiting for specific roles, a learning and development executive who has to develop a curriculum to address specific capability gaps, or a CHRO who needs to understand the retention and development needs of his or her workforce? As a talent professional, understanding how to attract, source and retain digital talent can be the difference between staying ahead of the competition and falling behind.

5 Biggest Challenges Modern Recruiters Face

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Source: Gratisography. To give you an insight into the potentially tenuous relationship that can arise, iCIMS conducted a study and arrived at the following findings: 80% of recruiters think they have a ‘high’ to ‘very high’ understanding of the jobs for which they recruit. The ‘ Millennials at Work Study ‘ by PWC found that training & development and flexible working hours were valued more by millennials than financial reward.

Leadership: Is It Possible to Get Too Close to Your Employees?

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Employee morale and engagement are difficult to measure, but they can be a huge boost to an organization’s productivity, not to mention retention. Source: fizkes / Shutterstock. Learning & Development Talent engagement morale productivity retention

Why Culture is the Hot New Perk


Here are some of their creative retention strategies and tips for nurturing a magnetic culture: Here’s to Your Health. Developers also have the freedom to select a programming language for each project from a list of approved open-source languages. “As Unfortunately, only 36 percent of tech employees feel that their promotion and career paths are clear, according to a study of 5,000 tech employees conducted by TinyPulse.