Philips Case Study

Stories Incorporated

More than a pivot: Innovating in the face of a pandemic…a Philips case study from Stories Incorporated. But rather than face to face, the interviews happened screen to screen. Did our Philips case study provide you with inspiration to capture stories from your team members?

Study 52

Screening Candidates Through Social Media


But social media can be an important part of the hiring process, even after a candidate has made it past the résumé review, telephone screen or even the first interview. But studying how someone behaves on social media—developing relationships and contributing to the community—can tell you a lot about the person and their experience as you weigh whether you should add them to your team. The post Screening Candidates Through Social Media appeared first on Dice Insights.


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10 Unique Candidate Screening Questions You Should Always Ask

ClearCompany Recruiting

Pre-recorded video interviews have the ability to screen out the candidates who aren’t right for your company without lengthy phone screens or face-to-face interviews before the right stage in the process. Learn how to get better results out of your screening process by personalizing your process. The goal is not to screen people out, but to decipher if the job seeker has the capability of articulating their goals and ideals. Screening Candidates candidate sourcing

5 Tips for Better Background Screening

Recruiting Daily Advisor

When looking for a new background screening provider, for example, companies consider the cost, the provider’s history of compliance, its accuracy rates, and its turnaround times. Therefore, each new hire needs to be vetted through background screening. screening laws and regulations.

HR Efficiencies with Data-Driven Prioritization (Case Study)

HR teams are being tasked to do more with less and prioritization is key to maximizing efficiencies across lean HR teams. Coles leveraged Traitify for data-driven personalization during a hiring surge in the wake of COVID-19.

Launch That Saves Time with Career.Place - Case Study

With, they have full insight into demographics at every step of the screening process across every job. And, with’s anonymous screening, they have already seen increased diversity in the candidates that get the job. ROI Case Studies

Study 52

Launch That Saves Time with Career.Place - Case Study

With, they have full insight into demographics at every step of the screening process across every job. And, with’s anonymous screening, they have already seen increased diversity in the candidates that get the job. ROI Case Studies

Study 52

Guest blog: 4 screening strategies to boost your recruitment and hiring process


Screening is essential to successful recruitment and hiring, allowing teams to weed out candidates who aren’t a fit and narrow the field to top-tier talent. And no matter how thorough your screening process is, there are always ways to make it better. Provide case studies. Instead of asking general questions during a screening, like “What’s your biggest strength?”, Offer a hypothetical case study, and see how they’d approach the situation.

Managing Staffer Background Checks – Why Thorough Preemployment Screenings Are Critical for Staffing Agencies


According to a 2017 study , nearly three out of four managers admitted to making a bad hire over the course of their career. According to a report from ADP Screening and Selection Services , out of the 2.6

Upcoming Webinar: Employment Screening Risks You Need To Know


Elizabeth McLean, FCRA analyst at employment screening company GoodHire , spends her days studying these and other cases. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for the employment screening best practices webinar on February 18 to get additional insight into what you need to know to keep your hiring practices up to date. . The post Upcoming Webinar: Employment Screening Risks You Need To Know appeared first on Jazz Notes.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

subconsciously start screening for. A study by the Ascend Foundation showed that white men. 154% A Mckinsey diversity study concluded that companies in. Automated resume screening for job matching There are video interviewing tools out there that. screening.

When Background Screening Goes Astray, Employers Face Severe Penalties

Recruiting Daily Advisor

If background checks aren’t conducted by a background screening company skilled in keeping your company in regulatory compliance, the risks actually increase. Any background screening program needs a strong compliance component to fully protect the organization from risk.

We’re Going to Study How Assessment Can Help Shape the Future Workforce


One of my fellow ERE community members recently helped me get involved in a really cool study that focuses on my core areas of expertise, pre-hire assessments, and the future of hiring. Screening & AssessmentOne great thing about being part of a community is the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with others who share common interests.

How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

Glassdoor for Employers

Here's what to look for on a candidate's application - and what to listen for in a screening interview: Source: Did the applicant apply through Glassdoor? A 2019 Glassdoor Economic Research study shows that hires that use Glassdoor have higher retention rates.

Video Interviews and Live Interviews Comparison (with a fictitious case study)


To clear this misconception lets look at a fictitious case study. . For the purpose of this case study- we’re going to use two recruiters. Todd includes screening questions that require text responses. . The same rules apply to phone screening calls.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

In Dice’s first-ever Recruitment Automation study, we asked nearly 450 recruiters how they are. engagement Screening /. negotiations Screening Candidate outreach. scheduling Screening Background. RECRUITMENT. AUTOMATION.

Improve Employee Engagement, Screen for Attitude


Screening For Attitude. A recent study tracked 20,000 new hires and found: Within the first 18 months, 46% had failed. The post Improve Employee Engagement, Screen for Attitude appeared first on Transforming Recruiting Into a Strategic Advantage with HarQen. A few weeks ago, I was asked to be a substitute for a bar league volleyball team. It’s worth mentioning that I am a terrible volleyball player.

It’s a Small World: Understanding International Background Screening


However, with more people living abroad to work or study, how can employers still properly check job seekers’ backgrounds and get a clear picture of a candidate who has resided in across the globe? The increase in international living has driven recent advances in background screening. It’s time to update your background check policy by understanding and executing international background screening. Otherwise, the background screening process will fail to progress.

A Case Study on Recruiting Using Facebook Messenger

Recruiting Daily Advisor

And if you aren’t convinced, maybe this case study from Facebook will change your mind. According to Facebook, “Through the Messenger and Talkpush integration, recruiters can screen, evaluate and hire candidates faster than ever before.”.

Case Study: How Teamweek Mastered Remote Hiring with Hundred5


2 Challenge: Screening a high number of applications. The sheer amount of applications would be impossible to screen without a badass HR department if we were to go through the traditional route and hire with resumes. Besides quicker screening, it was necessary to cut down the hiring process and become more efficient all together, if Teamweek wanted to stay relevant in the fast-paced remote environment. #2 Case Studies

Study 40

7 of the Best Questions to Screen for Toxic Employees in the Interview

Spark Hire

A study conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand found that good employees are 54 percent more likely to quit when they work with a toxic employee. Considering that toxic employees can cost you some of your best workers, the study estimated that hiring a single toxic employee costs about $12,800, compared with the average hiring cost of $4,000. Toxic employees can hide their poor qualities from employers, so ask the right questions in the screening process to reveal them.

Understanding Background Screening in a Data-Driven Universe


Many years ago at UCLA, I studied Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian intellectual whose work in the 1960s theorized that the “medium is the message.” The post Understanding Background Screening in a Data-Driven Universe appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight. Employment Background Checks Technology data analytics data visualization HireRight Analytics hiring data recruiting data screening data

Data 49

Top 3 Case Studies Showing AI Power in Simplifying Recruitment


HR technology Resume Parser AI Chatbot Recruitment solution Resume screening video interviews

Study 42

Should You Be Using Social Media Screenings for Your Candidates?

Contract Recruiter

So, here’s a question: should you use the information on social media as part of your pre-employment screening? We spoke about this briefly in our post about remotely screening candidates earlier this month, but today we’re going to dig a bit deeper into this strategy.

Return-to-Workplace Prep?A Case Study Based on 900+ Companies

Recruiting Daily Advisor

While most companies are jumping straight to decisions around what to do (like whether there should be screening stations at the front desk or in the lobby), companies handling RTW best first align on how they’re making those decisions. Who administers health screenings?

Study 77

5 Methods for Screening Your Job Candidates Remotely

Contract Recruiter

Yet with no available cure for the pandemic and a focus on remote work in many areas, a lot of candidate screening needs to be done remotely. How can your company screen candidates remotely, to hire without putting yourselves or your candidates at risk?

Study: Which Companies Offer the Fastest Online Job Application Process?


A recent study found that 30% of candidates and 57% of those earning $100K or more won’t spend longer than 15 minutes on an application. Make your application experience easy and intuitive by providing a clean user interface and fewer screens to click through. Optimize your applications for smartphone or tablet screens to capture more of the top candidates you need. For more research about how top performers search for jobs, download our 2016 Talent Attraction Study.

Study 75

Case Study: End-to-end Recruitment Software solution at Allity


Case Study: MyRecruitment+ for Allity. Efficient shortling and phone screening time. Significant time saving on shortlisting and phone screening time. The post Case Study: End-to-end Recruitment Software solution at Allity appeared first on MyRecruitment End-To-End Recruitment & Onboarding Solution. About the MyRecruitment+ platform. Requisition approval workflow. Posting + Recruitment Process + Candidate DB & Talent Pools. Onboarding.

Study 59

Social Media and Screen Time: Finding A Balance

Recruiting Blogs

Social media, screen time, and finding a balance. One of the biggest issues with social media is the amount of time that it involves spent focusing on a screen. Known as ‘computer vision syndrome’, prolonged screen exposure can cause eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision.

Why Observable Behavior Alone is Not Enough: A Study on Predictive Behavior in Hiring

Recruiting Daily Advisor

A 2019 International Study on the PeopleKeys 4-Dimensions (4D) Report correlates the data from the behavioral instruments used including DISC, Workplace Values, Team Thinking Style, and Behavioral Attitudes Indicator (BAI) assessments. The study includes assessment data from 300,000 participants ranging in age 16-90, in over 33 different languages and countries and thousands of different career paths.

Study 54

A global workout: Multi-language screening with Les Mills


The post A global workout: Multi-language screening with Les Mills appeared first on Weirdly. Better recruitment Custom Campaigns Weirdly Case StudiesA while back we talked about our new Weirdly language translation offering. Well, this week we’ve launched our first use-case with Les Mills International. As one of the world’s most respected fitness brands, Les Mills classes are taken in gyms all around the globe. Their recruitment efforts are equally global.

5 Ways Digital Interviewing Can Speed Up Your Screening Process


But according to a recent Glassdoor study , the average time-to-hire rate in the United States is 23.8 To improve your time-to-hire rates, it’s best to start making some key changes at the beginning of your interview process—the screening. At Take the Interview, we use digital interviewing to help hundreds of companies speed up their screening process and get the right candidates in for those in-person interviews.

How to Screen Candidates With Video Interviewing Software

Recruiting Blogs

With that in mind, whether you are a beginner or an expert in video-interviewing, knowing how to screen your candidates effectively is a must-read on to discover the fundamentals of screening candidates using video interview software. Tips to Screen Candidates During a Video Interview.

4 Candidate Screening Steps to Take in the Absence of In-Person Interviews


With many organizations switching to an entirely remote work environment for the time being, not only does this change the way employees communicate with one another but it also has an impact on candidate screening and communications during the hiring process. . Once initial candidate screening steps are completed, a critical stage during the hiring process is often in-person interviews. A recent study found that 93 percent of Americans know someone who has lied on a resume.

Case Study: Riotly Social attracts 10x more candidates with Hundred5


With the help from Hundred5 hiring experts, they set up the backend engineering screening test and started promoting the hiring campaign on Facebook. “At At first, we weren’t sure what skills we should test, what questions we should ask, and how we should ask them to properly screen candidates,” says Ho Yin. Hundred5 team helped us set up a good screening test with thoroughly chosen test questions.” You need a good screening system to quickly sift through the applications.

Study 53

Real Time Candidate Experience Feedback: A Case Study


You can read the whole story about real-time candidate experience feedback in our new case study about Nutanix’s success with Survale. Every candidate that applies and never receives any more communication from you will be asked for feedback Every candidate that reaches a phone screen stage where no one calls will be asked for feedback. Second, it’s like doing medical research by studying ancient Egypt.

Study 72

Case Study:?Listonic keeps bias out of hiring with Hundred5


This misleading and time-consuming process made the team at Listonic rethink their hiring process and look for better ways to pre-screen candidates, especially when hiring for their first remote role. "We He hoped to get as much information about candidate’s competence as possible via the screening test. Hundred5 screening test helped us assess candidates objectively and focus only on the best ones.

Study 50

Case Study: Kocourek Automotive Cuts Hiring Time to 21 Days with Hireology


Working with Hireology, all Kocourek hiring managers were trained on the recruitment CRM platform, and Hireology customized hiring steps, interview guides, and pre-screen surveys to drive candidate engagement. We pulled together a case study featuring several success metrics from the Hireology and Kocourek Automotive relationship. Read the full case study here to learn more about Kocourek’s hiring challenges and the Hireology solution.

Candidate screening process in IT recruitment – 11 tools for technical recruiters


After sourcing, candidate screening process in IT recruitment is the second most time-consuming stage. There are several different assessment and screening tools which help you get through your IT recruitment process smoother and these tools will save your time and money. In case of IT recruiting it is not only a matter of confirming information in a resume or verifying behavioral or decision-making traits but also it often includes technical screening.

Why You Should Stop Using Automatic Resume Screening


Resume screening software is growing in popularity, but it doesn’t always deliver on its promises. A screening software looks for keywords in resumes and ranks the keywords based on your preferences. Resume keyword screening might save employers time, but it is often inaccurate because many people are aware of how these software work, and they exploit it. How candidates can trick a resume screening software.