7 Resume Database Software Tools to Source Hard-to-find Candidates


Offering a very broad range of search features, BrightMove tends to favor firmly established staffing operations. SignalHire. A comprehensive recruiting solution, SignalHire is making a name for itself particularly thanks to its HR analytics capabilities. SignalHire’s resume database software offers access to a very large collection of curated candidates, and its users praise its smooth integration with its CRM features. As the U.S.

SourceCon Roundtable Mike and Jonathan’s Recap


Jonathan Kidder , AKA the “WizardSourcer,” is a top-ranked technical talent sourcing recruiter, staffing expert, and corporate trainer who assists organizations of all sizes in identifying and attracting top talent. SignalHire – another great extension for finding emails. I had the opportunity to present at SourceCon Digital with Mike Cohen “Batman!” ” during the round table session. We spoke about the latest trending tools on the market.