Screening Candidates Through Social Media


At this point, social recruiting is firmly ensconced in the toolboxes of most recruiters. Although it’s not the be-all and end-all of their work, more and more recruiters find social media provides them with a universe of qualified candidates that’s both wide in numbers and deep in specific skills. But social media can be an important part of the hiring process, even after a candidate has made it past the résumé review, telephone screen or even the first interview.

Social Media Recruitment Strategies That Work

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Social media has become an increasingly valuable tool for job seekers when they’re looking for their next career opportunity. And social media recruiting strategies have become a key way for companies to find and connect with right-fit talent. But it takes a lot more than a social media profile for employers to use these platforms to their full advantage. So why exactly should social media be such a crucial part of your Recruitment Marketing plan?


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Why You Should Supplement Recruitment Marketing with Social Media


One such development in the space that has captivated recruiters is the use of social media in talent acquisition. When people think of social media as a recruitment tool, they immediately think of LinkedIn or Glassdoor. True, both are in the social media family and are primarily targeted at the jobs space; however, social media provides many more channels to recruiters than the two listed above.

Social Media Secrets You’ll Wish You Had Known

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Social media now plays a huge role in the HR industry, especially when it comes to recruiting and attracting talent. Such as, how can you be more intentional about social? How can you optimize social media so you are getting the most of it and not wasting your time? Hootsuite wrote a great article about the ideal character length of social media posts for each platform and I will include those numbers for optimal response and engagement from your audience.

How a Student’s Social Media Presence Affects College Admissions


A Kaplan study suggests that college admissions officers have less interest in checking applicants’ social media activity when reviewing applications. While 40 percent of the respondents in a similar 2015 study said they had checked an applicant’s social media profile , only 25 percent say the same in the November 2018 study. This shift in attitude could also explain why fewer college recruiters are checking social media.

How To Use Social Media To Land Your Dream Job


I believe that social media is the most effective tool for building your brand and business. So, do you need to use social media to find a new job? Let’s look at some statistics, courtesy of the study done by the Society for Human Resource Management : 57 percent of companies hired from LinkedIn, 19 percent hired from Facebook and 65 percent of companies used some form of social media to hire. Career Social Media career job

Why Your HR Lady Hates Social Media.

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That sort of insolence, of course, is why performance improvement programs were created, thank goodness, but even with decades of distance, Jan still hasn’t fully forgotten the nerve frazzling trauma that memo caused all those years ago when she was just starting out as a 25 year old HR manager, challenging her steely resolve and everything she’d learned while studying for her SPHR (back when that acronym actually meant something). Some Social HR Straight Talk.

8 Reasons To Start Using Social Media Recruiting Strategy


Social media is most often used by organizations to promote their products, show-off company culture, and/or present themselves and their brand, in the best light. But did you know that 92% of recruiters also use social media as a part of their recruitment sourcing strategies (according to a study by Jobvite)? It’s like if you’re not building social media into your recruiting efforts at this point, you’re not really recruiting on par with the industry standards.

Developing a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

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One of the most overlooked opportunities in the recruiting space is the use of an effective social media recruiting strategy. The idea behind social recruiting is using social media platforms, blogs, and other internet sites to both acquire and qualify new talent. Below you will find the reasons you should adopt a social media recruiting strategy and some best practices so you can make sure to leverage this powerful recruiting tool to its full potential.

Social Media in the Workplace: Everything You Need to Know


Learn everything you need to know about social media in the workplace, including: How is social media used in the workplace? Should social media be allowed in the workplace? What are the pros and cons of using social media at work? The right way to harness social media in the workplace. Spoiler alert: social media in the workplace is here to stay. In fact, 8 in 10 workers say they use social media at work.

Should You Be Using Social Media Screenings for Your Candidates?

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Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram; social media is mainstream. Virtually everyone has at least one social media profile, though how much they use it, how easy it is to find and identify as theirs, and how valuable it is will vary wildly. The Legality of Social Media Screening.

Social Media For Employer Branding: 7 Tips To Promote Your Employer Brand On LinkedIn

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With more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is no doubt one of the world’s largest social and professional networking sites, making it a great talent attraction channel to add to your recruitment marketing machine. The annual Edelman Trust Barometer study found that people today trust an individual or peer like themselves much more than a company’s CEO, senior executives or corporate channels. Employer Branding Social Recruiting

Hitting the Right Note on Social Media

The Staffing Stream

These are certainly unprecedented times, and now more than ever, people will be turning to social media for some form of support. Here are a few tips for making sure you hit the right note on social media. According to a study by eMarketer , Facebook experienced a 70% increase in usage of all its apps during the month of March. With constant changes going on in the world and with your company, utilize social media for keeping your audience updated and informed.

A Social Media Recruiting Strategy Framework

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A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a Google+ Hangout on implementing social media recruiting strategies. It was a good session with Steve Ward from CloudNine and Louis Welcome from Colleague Software , where we covered the different ways companies can effectively implement innovative social media recruitment strategies. As a consultant specialising in this area, I have conversations around social media recruitment strategy every day.

Social Media: A Recruiter’s Best Friend


Social Media: A Recruiter’s Best Friend. Once upon a time, being active on social media during work hours was looked down upon. Now, employees are encouraged to stay active on their social media accounts throughout the day. It’s used to promote content and marketing campaigns, and it should come as no surprise that social media platforms have become a great recruiting tool for hiring managers. Case Studies. Recruiting.

How To Use Social Media for Employee Onboarding

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Social Media and Employee Onboarding: 3 Keys for Success. It is, after all, a very good place to start, particularly since so many companies seem not yet to have started doing even the simple stuff when it comes to leveraging social media for onboarding. Because when it’s used as a professional network and not a job board posing behind some basic social functionalities, turns out LinkedIn is actually not half bad.

Job Recruiters Aren't Taking Advantage of Social Media in Their Search for Rockstar Hires


But the majority of job seekers sure are, according to a new study. Social Media

3 ways recruiters can accelerate their social media strategy in 2016


It’s 2016, and it’s a high time for all recruiters to be accelerating their social media strategy. Social media needs to be embraced as the fantastic (and essential) recruiting tool that it is. All recruiters are busy people , and many recruiters feel that they simply don’t have the time to invest in a social media strategy. As a business-orientated social networking platform, LinkedIn is usually seen as the job seeking site of choice.

Why Employment Brands Struggle With Social Media


In industry media and on PR/marketing blogs like this one, we talk an awful lot about “master brand” social media marketing work. Without a huge agency behind the work, who’s going to write all those scintillating case study posts? So, you would think most brands that create these “employer brands” with social executions would take them seriously, right? Maybe making partner announcements isn’t the best content for social media channels like Facebook.

The 3 Top Social Media Trends in 2016 Translated for Social Recruiting

Proactive Talent

You've probably seen one of the many articles popping up this week covering the major trends emerging in social media as we head into the new year, like this one on , but how do these new trends translate over to talent acquisition in regards to social recruiting? We'll break down the top trends emerging in social media and translate them into recruitment marketing tactics your recruiting teams can start leveraging today to get ahead of the curve in 2016.

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


Social media sourcing involves using social networks to identify, attract, engage and hire potential candidates. Recruiters use social media sourcing to build talent pipelines for future roles and engage passive candidates who haven’t applied for current openings. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use social recruiting to build a strategy that meets your hiring needs: Intro to social media recruitment: Analyzing the data.

SEVEN Ways To Engage Employees on Social Media


Have you finally decided that social media needs to be an integral part of your recruitment strategy? Social is fantastic for creating consistent, genuine interest in your talent brand. Explain to your employees what you would LIKE to see them post about on social media and incentivize the process. Only telling them what they CAN’T post discourages sharing and makes employees wary of engaging on social on your company’s behalf.

How I Wrote My New Book – Social Media Recruitment

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After fourteen months in the making, my latest project – my new book, Social Media Recruitment – is now published*. What is even better is that Social Media Recruitment is already a No.1 The early reviews weren’t bad either ( here are just three) … ‘The definitive guide to social media recruitment. A must-read for those new to social recruiting, but with plenty of great content for those who are already social too.’

6 Ways to Use Social Media for Employee Engagement

Glassdoor for Employers

In particular, social networks have the potential to transform the workplace, build positive co-worker dynamics, and drive better business returns. Social media as a corporate tool. Forbes magazine notes that in this day and age, social media can make or break an organization’s reputation. Similarly, Business 2 Community contributor Angela Everett suggested that social platforms could prove valuable for internal communications within a company.

3 Steps to Recruiting Veterans with Social Media

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Social media is a powerful recruitment tool. In fact, more than 70 percent of hiring professionals are increasing their investment into social recruiting. Social media platforms offer an ideal way to showcase your brand and find quality applicants. Recruiting via social networks can also help increase employee referrals and reduce time to hire. When it comes to attracting talented military veterans, social media is an especially effective tool.

More Employers Checking Out Candidates on Social Media


Reviewing a candidate’s social media presence may soon become standard operating procedure. According to CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment study, the number of employers taking to the web to research applicants has steadily risen over the past few years — from 39 percent of employers in 2013 to 43 percent last year to this year’s 52 percent. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @CBforEmployers : Do you look up candidates on social media?

The importance of social media and employer brand in the transition to a post-COVID-19 world

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Social media and employer brand have an important relationship during, and in the transition out of, the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know exactly how long the phases of social distancing will be in place. However long the transition takes from sheltering in place, to relaxed social distancing, to business as usual, your company should be communicating with your audiences all the while. Social media and employer brand are interconnected for your audiences.

How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

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More and more, companies around the globe are investing heavily in social media heads and resources to respond to people talking about their brands on platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Just as you spend time responding to employees on these platforms, it’s equally as important to build Glassdoor into your social media strategy. You can also read on to get tips on how to streamline your social media process on Glassdoor specifically.

How To Market Your Recruitment Business on Social Media


This post is the next in our series of articles showing how SMEs are able to get tangible business results, in this instance from implementing the right social media strategy for recruitment agencies. Social media marketing is a particularly profitable activity in the recruitment industry because a new client win can bring many years of additional assignments to work on. The Basics of How To Market Your Recruitment Business on Social Media.

Is Your Social Media Presence Hurting Your Chance Of Landing A Job?

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Let’s face it: social media is a huge part of our digitally-obsessed culture. But, just how important is your social media presence when job searching? According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey , 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. Studies show that 85% of hiring managers use Facebook to research prospective candidates. The post Is Your Social Media Presence Hurting Your Chance Of Landing A Job?

5 Recruitment Takeaways From the State of Social Media 2015

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MDG Advertising have just released their “ State of the Internet 2015 ” infographic, and it’s jam-packed with findings surrounding social media and it’s usage in 2015. Well, it reveals a number of interesting stats surrounding the usage of social media by people the world over (read: job seekers the world over) that you can use to inform and advise how you use social media in your recruiting efforts. see an opportunity.

Don’t Block My Social Media Access!

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Before we get too far down this road though, the purpose of this piece isn’t really to go into why companies should or should not block social media sites for their employees. I just wanted to bring you up to speed – and date – on who is using social media sties and how and for how long and how many of you are still blocking access. Here is what they found about using social networking sites at work: • 31% of companies prohibit all access (down from 54% in 2009). •

Complete Social Media Recruiting Kit


Learn the latest social media recruiting tactics through our newest eBooks and studies. The post Complete Social Media Recruiting Kit appeared first on Jobvite. Download. eBooks Research

Talent and HR News Update: Social Media and University Recruitment


When it comes to amplifying your organization’s employer brand, social media and universities are often two key opportunities. But, how can you stand out amidst the flurry of social media updates and the sea of companies recruiting on campus? In this month’s update, we’ve curated five articles to help you think through your university and social recruiting strategies and tactics. Forbes states the because of Social Media “ We’re All Marketers Now “.

Which One Are You When It Comes To Social Media?

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I must admit I am bit confused about social media use after doing a little bit of reading and researching for this post. Richard Branson recently wrote in this blog about the surprising lethargy in the executive suite when it comes to engaging in social media. However, when you get to the very top of companies, there is a surprising lethargy about using the online tools already available: social media.

Which Social Media Network To Include In Your Recruitment Strategies?

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Social media recruitment is required nowadays and it’s perfect to find out star candidates. 73% of millennials have found their last job on social media. What do you mean by social media recruiting & does it really help?

How I Wrote My New Book – Social Media Recruitment

Sirona Consulting

After fourteen months in the making, my latest project – my new book, Social Media Recruitment – is now published*. What is even better is that Social Media Recruitment is already a No.1 The early reviews weren’t bad either ( here are just three) … ‘The definitive guide to social media recruitment. A must-read for those new to social recruiting, but with plenty of great content for those who are already social too.’

Obstacles of Social Media and Recruiting

NPA Worldwide

While there are many benefits of this, many studies done through Forbes, The Undercover Recruiter and MediaBistro have reported many obstacles as well. 5- Only 41% of job candidates say social media has helped uncover job opportunities. 6- 68% of CEOs have no social media presence. 8- 48% of job seekers are active on social networking. 9- Only 40% of executives are on social media more than one hour a week.

Social Media Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint


Let’s start with a case study: Back in 2015, a client of ours implemented their first ever Social Media strategy. First and foremost, a separate page for careers on each of your social sites is essential. There’s no overnight formula, but over time, with the right strategy, Social Media can become a potent recruiting tool for any company. Eighteen months later, the results have far exceeded any expectations set at the kick off!

Using Social Media to Enhance Your Career Prospects

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Social media has been a world-changing phenomenon. However, the last 10 years have seen a huge spike in both users of social media and reasons for using it. . In 2019, there were 3.486 billion active users on social media , equating to nearly half of the entire population having a social media presence. Studies have shown that this image can affect your job prospects when potential employees conduct a background check.