Join us in launching Workable Ideas


Save the date, Tuesday March 15, and join us in launching our new speaker series, Workable Ideas. We’ll be kicking off with one of the big topics of our working times, “The Rise of the Remote Worker”, with experts who know what it means to recruit, structure and manage distributed teams. Don’t miss the chance to hear from and meet some of the pioneers from Buffer, Trello , Ashoka, Help Scout, and Workable. VP Growth, Workable ( @_RobLong_ ). About Workable Ideas.

2016 social recruitment trends forecast


Social recruitment seems to have almost slavishly followed the stages of the Gartner Hype Cycle. We know that social recruitment isn’t going to replace everything else we’ve been doing but promoting your jobs to your most engaged audience makes sense. How to recruit employees effectively on social media. A quarter of all job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching. Recruiters will naturally go where great candidates are.

HRTech conference: innovative hiring with social recruiting and video

Workable’s social recruiting helps them hire great talent from anywhere in the world. Delta’s use of video throughout their hiring process supports high volume recruiting and gets high praise from job candidates. Why social recruiting works for

Will inbound marketing work on technical talent?

Recruiting Daily

Increasingly apparent to a growing number of recruiters and hiring managers is that traditional post-and-pray is no longer a workable plan for finding the right candidates.

7 Recruitment News Stories We NEED to Discuss This Week – 14th November 2016

Social Talent

According to numerous reports, Facebook might be about to muscle-in on LinkedIn’s recruiting business with ways for business Pages to promote job listings. Could You Recruit for the ”Worst” Job in Ireland? Any brave recruiters feeling up to the challenge?!

9 Industry-Rocking Pieces of Recruitment News this Week – 11th April 2016

Social Talent

In recruitment news this week: Watch Out! There’s Now a Recruiter Screening Tool for Candidates. Lazy recruiters beware! Andrew is just one of the thousands of candidates who don’t want unsolicited approaches from recruiters. Tech recruiters take note!

Recruiting passive candidates: what you need to know


Whether you’re a hiring manager, an internal recruiter or the owner of a small business at some point you’ll be faced with cold calling a candidate. Referrals are great, and still the fastest source of hire but sometimes they won’t provide you with enough leads to be confident that you’re making the right recruitment decisions. Need tips on social sourcing? Social media can also help you decide what might be a good time to drop your quarry a line. “I

Recruiter, Are You Worth Talking To?

The Searchologist

Last week I was chatting on Skype with a darling non-recruitment friend, unaware of what was going on in his world, when the stress of it all became too much. 3 different Workables. Get in touch if you'd like to use social media to find the right people on the right sites today.

Top 12 recruiting software for hiring technical talent

Hacker Earth

Continuing our two-part post on technical recruitment (Read: What is technology recruiting? ), we put together a list of recruiting software tools tech recruiters can use, in no particular order. Top recruiting software tools are. Recruit (HackerEarth). People Search (Workable). An award-winning social recruiting platform, Open Web aggregates profiles from over 180+ social sites to give you tech talent with hard-to-find skills.

The Top 25 Best Applicant Tracking Systems (Updated for 2018)


Applicant tracking systems are known for streamlining the hiring process through handling recruitment needs electronically. – ADP Recruiting Management. This service relies heavily on social media sourcing tools. ADP Recruiting Management. Zoho Recruit.

Modern recruiting tools and techniques for innovative HR teams


When you let it, technology can streamline your recruiting process. Modern recruiting tools won’t displace the human factor in hiring decisions but they can be a critical ally in the search for and selection of talent. The most innovative recruiting teams are always on the lookout for the best online recruiting tools or recruitment software. There are tools just for managing your recruiting email inbox. Workable. Blog Recruiting

What is a Recruitment Marketing Content Playbook? (And Why You Need One!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The #1 thing that the Rally Recruitment Marketing community asks for help with again and again is how to create good Recruitment Marketing content. So let’s #endthescramble by borrowing a strategy from smart Marketing teams: create a Recruitment Marketing Content Playbook.

ATS integration with hiring tools: what you need to know


Highlight a name online, or enter a name directly into People Search to search all the social and professional networks at once. You’ll get a complete profile, including candidate’s email addresses, resume and links to every social network on which they’re active. People Search integrates fully with Workable , enabling you to push prospects straight to your hiring pipeline. You can browse and filter data, collaborate with your team and do social recruiting too.

Top 50 HR Twitterati


From the most innovative recruiters to the smartest VCs and emerging entrepreneurs, they’re all having 140-character conversations that you can join in. Here’s Workable’s list of the top 50 people you should follow to make sense of the changing HR landscape. Follow @workable. Expert on HR and social media. He’s got generalist experience across many industries with particular specialisms in recruitment and sourcing. Recruitment. Recruiting Animal Canada.

Top 50 HR Twitterati – 2015


We’ve tuned out the HR noise to bring you the worthwhile voices on Twitter: the real thinkers, the content creators, the powerhouse recruiters, small business leaders, and entrepreneurs. To determine the size and level of engagement in each influencer’s audience, we used their Twitter follower count and two recognized social influence measuring tools, Klout and Kred. Recruitment. Expert on HR and social media. Recruitment. Founder of Recruitment Solutions.