How To Source Female Software Developers

Proactive Talent

In this webinar, "How to Source Female Software Developers," Jim Stroud - VP, Marketing at Proactive Talent shares 5 ways to find talent that your competition may have overlooked. recruiting sourcing sourcing tools webinar how to

WEBINAR: Discovering Hidden Talent Pools


In this webinar, we will cover: How to discover underrepresented talent pools. Webinar Sourcing Diversity inclusion diversity hiring remote work


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[Webinar Recap] Sourcing Beyond 2020: Building Global Pipelines For Adaptive Work


He shared his perspectives on sourcing strategies, global recruiting, hiring surges in 2021, and more! Sourcing Strategies To combat current and future sourcing challenges, James emphasized the importance of strategy for talent acquisition teams.

5 Key Takeaways From The #SourceCon Webinar – Sourcing Like A Salesperson – Metrics That Matter For Sourcers

ERE SourceCon

On Thursday, September 8 th , I hosted my first SourceCon webinar, Sourcing Like A Salesperson. As a courtesy to all sourcers, I have written a brief summary and key takeaways from the webinar. For those, who are interested, you can view a recording of the webinar and the slides by clicking here. Sourcing Talent Acquisition Webinars Featured

Big Brother In The Office

Speaker: Jim Stroud, Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Expert

Companies have started adapting their hiring practices to better understand their candidates. We are now seeing advanced technologies that monitor the emotional fitness of their workers, AI scanning the faces of candidates to see if they are telling the truth, and even employees getting microchipped. Join recruiting expert Jim Stroud in this SHRM Approved webinar as he discusses how technology is affecting all aspects of the workplace.

[Webinar] Unexpected talent sources: Slack, Instagram, and Facebook sourcing


Unexpected talent sources: recruiting on Slack, Instagram, and Facebook (with Brian Fink) Topics within the webinar: How to recruit on SlackHow to recruit on FacebookHow to recruit on InstagramClick here to skip the text and view the recording at the bottom. Adrie Smith: Hi everyone, welcome to yet another Recruitee Webinar.

WEBINAR RECAP: Discovering Hidden Talent Pools


Last week, Entelo hosted a webinar where our panel of experts discussed how the hiring market has drastically shifted with many talent acquisition leaders leveraging technology to tap into new talent pools. At last week's webinar, our panelists did just that.

Webinar Q&A: The Rules of Talent Attraction

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Rally and Workable recently held a webinar, “The Rules of Talent Attraction: Appealing to Talent Without a Big Brand.” During the webinar, they shared creative recruiting ideas and examples for how to compete with the big employer brands to attract top talent. Watch “The Rules of Talent Attraction” webinar on demand. View “The Rules of Talent Attraction” webinar slides. Ali: I work remotely so recruit/source virtually and can appreciate how you feel.

Summer of Sourcing Virtual Slam Day 3: Elevating Your Career with Proactive Recruiting


Summer of Sourcing: Elevating Your Career with Proactive Sourcing. Sourcing & Nurture webinar

Webinar: Create Your Go-To Recruiting Toolbox


During the webinar, we discussed the keys to finding the right talent, including preparing for each candidate search, sourcing from within your company, and leveraging social recruitment tools. The post Webinar: Create Your Go-To Recruiting Toolbox appeared first on JazzHR Notes. Intelligence Partnership candidate engagement Hiring Strategy hiring toolbox sourcing

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How to Use Sourcing to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Speaker: Shally Steckerl, President, The Sourcing Institute

Current HR models cannot handle modern “candidate experience” expectations. From outdated SLAs and SOPs to insufficient personnel, lack of alignment and inadequately trained staff, recruiters are all too often overwhelmed with applicants, hard-pressed to find enough time to provide an excellent experience to every candidate. Enter "The Sourcing Method" - the solution to the dehumanizing of modern recruitment practices. By reaching out to fewer and more accurately matched candidates, recruiters can spend quality time delivering the full candidate experience and selling the “employer brand” instead of rushing through piles of unqualified applicants in order to be compliant with candidate tracking, disposition, and regulation. Top talent wants to be pursued not spammed, and certainly not ignored by the same “HR Black Hole” that has plagued our industry since the resume became the prevailing way to screen out candidates in the 1950s. Sourcing is not only the first step towards improving candidate experience, but also the most critical. Feed faulty input into any process and, as you might expect, the outcome will inevitably be flawed. This generally accepted principle called GIGO or “Garbage in, garbage out” is just as at home in HR as it is in computer science. By blindly accepting high volumes of unqualified incoming candidates, you limit your ability to be selective. Without infinite applicant pools and with practical constraints, your recruiters and hiring managers have a limited amount of time to spend judging the relative quality of each applicant. Some talent sources are deeper, offering a broader choice than others, while some offer a limited choice yet yield a dramatically higher applicant quality. Join President of the Sourcing Institute and author of “The Sourcing Method” Shally Steckerl as he explains how to effectively utilize sourcing to improve your candidate experience.

Webinar Recap and Recording: Uncovering Talent In The Deep Web


On Wednesday, March 27, SmartSearch sponsored a webinar for clients and others interested in learning how to use the deep web to uncover information and data about people when sourcing. Presenter Shally Steckerl discussed the various techniques and methodologies people can use as part of their sourcing and recruiting strategy. As a bonus, all webinar registrants will receive a 30% discount on any training conducted by Shally Steckerl.

Webinar “Sourcing Skills Assessment and Development”, Now with Recording

Boolean Strings

You are invited to a rare free webinar on Wednesday, January 22nd “Sourcing Skills Assessment and Development” [Edited: the webinar is over; please find the materials at the end of the article]. Are you interested in assessing your or your team’s sourcing skills?

Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

Rally Recruitment Marketing

webinar. We had so many wonderful questions at the end of the webinar, but not enough time to answer them all, so Kelly and Jessica were kind enough to answer them for us afterwards. If you couldn’t attend the webinar last week, you can get a recap of some of the key points on our blog post, Top 7 Ways to Attract Candidates to Your Hard-to-Fill Roles. On Demand Webinar. Rally note: This webinar was hosted in partnership with Glassdoor and Symphony Talent.

Webinar Recap: The New Rules of Facebook: Finding Job Candidates


Sourcing and recruiting via social media is gaining in popularity, and according to a 2017 survey conducted by CareerBuilder, it was discovered that over 70% of hiring companies use social media to find top talent. In support of this recruiting technique, SmartSearch hosted a webinar focused on using Facebook as a viable sourcing tool. Click here to learn more about sourcing and recruiting with Facebook search strings and to access the webinar recording.

Benefits That Employees Actually Want: How To Source and Implement Benefits To Win The Talent War

Speaker: Ellen Meza, Director of Global Benefits at DocuSign

Join Ellen Meza, Director of Global Benefits at DocuSign for this step-by-step guide for sourcing and implementing benefits to win the talent war and unlock ROI. This webinar will walk you through how to transition your company to a growth mindset when it comes to benefits, bolstering you against turnover and improving employee sentiment all around. You'll get tactical advice on how to understand employees' changing needs, and a framework to request the budget you need from finance and the support you need from leadership.

Summer of Sourcing Virtual Slam Day 2: Mastering the Analytics of Sourcing


Yesterday, we wrapped up the second session of our Summer of Sourcing Virtual Slam , a 3-day live video summit all about proactive recruiting. Our Day 2 session was titled, Mastering the Analytics of Sourcing, and our panelists came ready to tackle this tough topic in their finest summery getups with fruity cocktails in hand. Sourcing & Nurture webinar

4 Mysteries of Sourcing – Debunked!

Recruiting Daily

4 Mysteries of Sourcing – Debunked! Sourcing attracts a lot of obvious comparisons. Blog Posts Candidate Sourcing News Technology Trends Upcoming Webinars guest post hr technology Sourcing sourcing vs. recruiting

25 HR Conferences & Webinars in 2021


This year is projected to have fewer conferences so we decided to include some human resource webinars to our list. Below the table, we list out each HR conference/webinar and give you a detailed look including: date, location, key agenda items, and pricing.

Top 5 – 2014 Weekly Wednesday Recruitment Webinars

Social Talent

The warmth of that roaring fire in the hearth is calling to us, that Christmas pudding served with lashings of snowy white whipped cream has our names on it and the allure of all of those neatly wrapped presents under the tree are too much for us to resist – Social Talent will be taking a short break over the Christmas period, but before we do, we thought we’d share with you a little Christmas present of our own – the best bits of our Top 5 2014 Weekly Wednesday Webinars.

How To 104

We Are Young: Tactics for Hiring Junior Developers

Speaker: Katrina Kibben, Founder and Principal Consultant of Three Ears Media, and Katherine Linchey, Relationship Manager at Codility

Historically, recruiters have avoided recent grads and junior talent because they didn’t have the tools or tactics to measure a candidate on aptitude or even know where to find them in the first place outside of college job fairs. This webinar will help you overcome that hesitation, teaching you strategies to identify, source and hire junior developers.

Webinar: Optimizing Your Sourcing Strategy to Drive Quality Candidates


A Home Health Care News + Hireology Webinar . Attend this webinar to find out how to source and hire the best of the best in home health care via a multi-channel sourcing strategy. During this webinar, you’ll learn: How to apply the consumer marketing and lead generation concepts you already know to your hiring strategy. How creating the right business process for candidate sourcing can significantly reduce your recruitment budget.

Webinar: Why You Need a Sourcing Strategy to Attract Caregivers


Join industry experts Linda Floren, VP Talent Management of BrightStar Care and Adam Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Hireology for an educational webinar on home health care hiring. The factors to consider when evaluating a sourcing strategy. Click here to register for the webinar. Webinar Details: Why You Need a Sourcing Strategy to Attract Caregivers. It’s no secret that the home health care industry is rapidly growing.

Webinar Recap: What COVID-19 Means for Your Hiring Process – Q&A


During the webinar, Corey, Beth and Matt dove into four key areas: Managing your current employees. Virtually sourcing and screening candidates. How Can I Get a Copy of the Entire COVID-19 Webinar? . To review everything covered in last week’s webinar, you can download the slides for free and watch on-demand here. The post Webinar Recap: What COVID-19 Means for Your Hiring Process – Q&A appeared first on JazzHR Notes.

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Common Sense Sourcing Webinar Has Been Annouced

Boolean Strings

We have just announced a brand-new webinar and workshop “ Common Sense Sourcing ,” that I would like to tell you about. I have recently posted two polls with suggestions of webinars that our colleagues would be interested in – on Facebook, in the Boolean Strings Group , and on LinkedIn. This topic described as “Common Sense Sourcing” workshop. Please feel free to add your comment about the choices of future webinars).

Engaging Candidates In A Transparent World

Speaker: Katrina Collier, Founder, Author & Keynote Speaker on Candidate Engagement

First, the Internet opened the door to you or your client’s company; then, Google for Jobs amplified it. But what does that mean to the recruitment lifecycle and your role within it? Surely, you and your company are not under scrutiny? Surely, employee and interview reviews have little impact? In this webinar, author of "The Robot-Proof Recruiter" and candidate engagement authority, Katrina Collier, will address how to gain and hold candidate's attention.

Webinar: Building a New Partnership Between CHROs and CEOs

J&H Staffing Services

This is a guest blog written by Tom McGuire the presenter from our recent live webinar Building Business Value Through Talent. The webinar is approved for HRCI and SHRM credit. This article, and our upcoming webinar, focuses on: Why this needs to happen.

The Future of Sourcing with @JimStroud [WEBINAR]


On this blog, I try to connect you with some of the best content available and today I wanted to point you towards a webinar tomorrow by Jim Stroud : “The Future of Sourcing: How to Leverage Tools, Talent & Technology To Win” It’s a topic that is paramount to how organizations will look to evolve their talent acquisition practices and find, attract, engage and nurture qualified talent. Sourcing superhero and our host, Jim Stroud , is ready!

Promote Your Jobs Via Webinar? This Startup Thinks You Will


Chances are, you’ve attended a webinar. Video Sourcing FeaturedIt was likely put on by a company, delivering you a healthy dose of content marketing, wrapped up in a sales pitch. But have you ever considered pitching your job openings to candidates in this format?

Video 93

Webinar Recap: Real Life Learning Strategies for Today’s World

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

In a webinar moderated by Melissa Asher, CPS HR Consulting Director, Training and Development, Greer and Snow shared the obstacles they faced when the PD Portal became the sole source of learning for users—and how they tackled them through trust, communication and thorough support.

The High Tech, High Touch Future of Recruiting

Speaker: Lou Adler, Founder, Performance-Based Hiring

Hiring great people starts with a meaningful job and a “high touch” hiring process designed to meet the personal needs of exceptional talent. In this webinar, Lou will share key takeaways from 40 years in the recruiting industry.

WEBINAR: Talent Pipelining – Why It's Critical Now


During this webinar, we will discuss how sourcers and recruiters can quickly adapt to the current state of work as well as prepare for the recruitment rebound by building an effective candidate pipeline strategy. talent sourcing Events

WEBINAR: Talent Pipeline Strategy – Why it's Critical Now


During this webinar, we will discuss how sourcers and recruiters can quickly adapt to the current state of work as well as prepare for the recruitment rebound by building an effective candidate pipeline strategy. talent acquisition Sourcing Events

Webinar Recap: Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting – The Future is Now


When brought into the sourcing, staffing, recruiting and talent management functions, it provides assistance and learning opportunities, unlike anything we’ve seen before. On May 22, 2018, Justin Turner, AVP National Sales at Arya, a Leoforce company led a SmartSearch SmartPractices webinar on the topic of artificial intelligence and more specifically, how it’s being used for sourcing, recruiting and talent management.

5 Tips For Better Enterprise Sourcing In 2021


Below, we’ve listed 5 ways that enterprise sourcing should change in 2021 so teams stay informed and meet candidate expectations for the upcoming year by efficiently and effectively sourcing the right talent.

Extending the Reach of HR: Supporting and Sourcing Remote Talent

Speaker: Karen Lim, Alliance Academy

The concept of Global HR is becoming more common as more companies become permanently remote. As companies expand their talent-bases beyond borders, HR reps will bear the responsibilities that come along with it. Adapting to different cultures, distances, and legal implications whilst preserving core company values is essential. Once you can do this, the world becomes your oyster. Join Karen Lim of Alliance Academy, and learn to thrive in a remote-first mindset.

Missed our Webinar on Sourcing Secrets?


Finding your future hires, whether you’re a recruiter, a dedicated sourcing resource, or a team, it can be a challenge understanding how to get started. I recently had the privilege of presenting my thoughts and successes sourcing candidates on a webinar with We covered a lot of content during the webinar, which didn’t leave a lot of time for questions. I wanted to answer your questions here about managing and improving your sourcing efforts.

Webinar Recap: Six Steps to Better Diversity Hiring


Webinar Recap. It’s so important to identify and remove any potential biases in sourcing and screening candidates. During the webinar, discussed reviewing how to effectively audit your hiring process to assess and improve on your current strategy. The post Webinar Recap: Six Steps to Better Diversity Hiring appeared first on JazzHR Notes. Even today, there is quite a bit of confusion over what diversity hiring really is.

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The September webinar slate from RecruitingDaily

Recruiting Daily

If you have some time at work and can check out a webinar to up your talent acquisition game, here’s what we’ve got coming for the remainder of September: 9/7, 1pm ET: RecruitingTools Live! Blog Posts Featured News Dean da costa free hiring Recruiting RecruitingWebinars Sourcing talent acquisition Webinars William Tincup

Data 43

Supercharge Your Candidate Sourcing Strategy: 10 Tips from a Pro


In a recent Lever webinar, How to Freshen Up Your Sourcing Strategy for 2016 , we had the pleasure of welcoming sourcing expert Jer Langhans as our guest. Jer has 15 years of sourcing experience at companies like Cisco, Microsoft, EA, Disney, Starbucks, and Expedia. Now, he’s the co-founder of Paired Sourcing, where he helps companies discover new talent and prime leads. Recruiting Candidate sourcing

Managing Global Teams - A Call For New Technologies

Speaker: Stefani Stanislawski,Tedx Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Product Development Expert

Join Stefanie Stanislawski, Entrepreneur, Software Product Manager, and product development expert, as she shares technologies and processes that could help HR heroes thrive in the new working environment.