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The 3 Simple Rules For Following Up With Candidates

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Following up can be tricky business – you want to make sure that you’re doing absolutely everything you can to get potential candidates to respond to you, but on the other hand there’s that voice in your head that whispers  ‘They haven’t answered your first email, clearly they aren’t interested.stop being such a pest and give up the ghost!” Uncategorized Featured


How to Be the Ripest Candidate of a Great Bunch

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You’ve been through round after round of interviews. You’ve You’ve watched the bung fruits be weeded out, and you’ve managed to hold on until the end. You’ve been requested in for one final interview; the feedback thus far has been great, but you also know you’re one of a few finalists vying for the same role. You’ve been hearing lately. View Article.

These Social Media Tips Will Make You Rethink Recruiting


The four biggest social media outlets provide unique features that can be used to grab the attention of job seekers. Recruiting

9 Tips For Launching A Career Abroad (Infographic)

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Are you thinking of launching a new career abroad? Whether you’re a graduate, professional or just fancy testing your skills in a new market, working abroad can change your life – and look good on your resume! But before you start thinking about packing your bags, you need to do some research first. How much is the cost-of-living in the country you have decided on? Source: Wizzcash.

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees. Register for this fun and fast paced session that will go through examples, tools, and what you should do tomorrow to gain an edge.

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How Google’s New Updates Will Affect Recruitment Marketing

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Have you ever tried to find something on your phone quickly only to be deterred by pop up ads that seem to be almost impossible to X out of? We have! Some companies use this strategy to get people to sign up for their newsletters while others use them for agressive recruitment marketing. This type of marketing is abrasive and leaves a bad impression on the user. So what does that mean exactly?

How to: Effectively Sniff Out Resume Inaccuracies

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Ok, so, resume inaccuracies might not be the most common resume problem. In this 2014 LinkedIn post , Google’s Laszlo Bock, a Senior Vice President of “People Operations” at Google (AKA human resources), put “Lies” as the fifth most common issue he observed with resumes. The Problem. Sometimes, the “goof” is someone rounding up their college GPA.

Need Innovators? Recruit Those Who See the Glass as Half Empty … and Leaking


Corporate employees can be classified into two categories. The majority of employees must be classified as “the glass is half full” people, who when they look at an existing process or product, they assume that everything is fine. However, a handful of employees can be classified as “the glass is half empty and leaking” people. Hiring Process Screening & Assessment Featured

Decision Time: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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We’ve all been there – a crossroads in our life when we are forced to choose between staying at a comfortable job versus exploring a new opportunity. The first option offers safety and familiarity, while the second offers new challenges, new surroundings and a bit of mystery and excitement as to what the future will. View Article. Decision Time: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Career Management


Talent acquisition for the 21st century

To succeed today, organizations need to take advantage of information technology in every area of their business. Talent acquisition is no exception. Robust, reliable technology can help recruiters more effectively engage with candidates.

Winning the Heart of Your Recruiter Starts with This


Is your job search putting you in a rotten mood? Well, chances are the people around you have taken notice; including your recruiter. Career Advice


The Airport Test: A Simple Rule for Startup Hiring


Recruiting for your startup is hard. In fact, it could be even harder than raising money, closing deals, finding partners and doing sales. Most startup founders and early employees are pretty inexperienced when it comes to hiring, and they rarely devote enough time to the process (in the early stages of your company it’s pretty hard to drag yourself away from anything that generates revenue).

Next Generation Sourcing

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If you have taken our world-class training before, you will be familiar with our exclusive souring tool called SourceHub, which helps you to dramatically improve your sourcing efforts through automatically generating your Boolean search string. Read on and learn how you can take advantage of the latest updates here: Find Candidates Any Time, Any Where. Step 1: Click on Hiroto. Neat, right?

How Lackluster Tech Job Listings Can Lead to Bad Hires

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How many times has a hiring manager come to you with a job that was so urgent, you could only cobble together a job listing that you hoped would grab the attention of developers? If your experiences have been anything like mine, I have a feeling that you’ve launched plenty of searches for developer candidates with job listings that you weren’t exactly thrilled about. Tech Job Listings

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

In today's competitive talent market, it's essential for HR leaders to be able to connect their recruiting efforts to hiring results. This eBook will show you how to easily navigate the talent market and focus on hiring employees with the most ROI: Performers.

How To Build A High-Performance Sourcing Department – Part 5 Leading by Example

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Sourcing requires a skill set that includes expertise in a variety of areas; such as cold calling, SEO, branding, social media and technology. Although sourcing requires this varied skill set, all too often, sourcing functions are led by recruitment or human resource professionals who lack core sourcing skills.

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Why is Diversity Important in Hiring?

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Author of the famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , Stephen R. Covey once said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”. This maxim is especially true in the workplace. According to a 2015 McKinsey study , diverse companies perform at least 35% better than their homogeneous counterparts. Research has predicted that by 2050 , Caucasians will no longer be the majority in America.

Uber For Outplacement: The Gig Economy and The Death of HR.

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There’s a running narrative among recruiting and HR people in which the concept of the “gig economy” is held as a sort of utopian progression of work. In theory, the ‘gig economy’ means that workers choose when (and if) to work, function as their own boss and build their own business without the previously necessary barriers to entry, like capital or a criminal background check.

Top 3 Recruitment Forums to Find the Answers to Your Burning Questions

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Recruitment is a fiercely competitive industry, one where you really need to have the edge if you want to stick out from the crowd. But let’s remember that sometimes in order to do this, you really need to pick the brains of other recruiters. Quora. Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. ’ Sounds pretty good, right? Recruiting Blogs. LinkedIn Groups.

3 Important Shifts in Job Seeking Behavior

Hiring great people today requires a new set of tools and a new way of thinking.

The Farce of Verbal Reference Checking

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I flew to England last weekend on something of a busman’s holiday  that, when factoring in the unscheduled landing in Bali to jettison a sick child and consequent rush through Dubai airport to make the connecting flight, was pretty much 28 hours on a plane. It’s an incredible development disrupting how companies procure and supply services. Always painful.

So You Want to Recruit for Startup? Here are Five Things You Need to Know

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Many recruiters are excited to have startups as clients. It is the adventure and attraction to candidates that seems to lure recruiters. It’s the “wow” factor of, I use this product every day, or I could see myself using this product, that is very appealing. This is an uncharted territory for a lot of staffing agencies and independent recruiters who have only worked with large clients.

7 Recruiting Quotes That Will Inspire You

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Words can provide a lot of inspiration in our lives. They make us rethink our perceptions and give us hope when times are tough. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting. Surprisingly, however, there’s a dearth of great recruiting quotes to keep us motivated professionally. Luckily, there’s no lack of quotes from other smart and inspirational sources. Download Now. William Shakespeare.

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You've written a  great cover letter  and resume and nailed an in-person interview. We'll be contacting your references," your interviewer tells you. Do you feel confident you know what your references will say? Your job references are just as important as your resume, cover letter and interview. Choose strong references. Reach out to your references. Ask permission. United States

The New Era of Talent Acquisition

Seventy six percent of recruiting professionals said their recruiting techniques have evolved or changed over the past three years.

8 Shocking and Thought-Provoking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 29th August 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Monster’s Largest Shareholder Will Fight Company Sale. Source: Uh oh! in a highly detailed letter it sent to Monster’s Board of Directors. Not only that, but the letter also went into into detail about a number of aspects the MediaNews Group feel Monster could improve upon. Monster should rebrand in order to appeal to Millennials. How does it work?

Who Offers Proximity Search?

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Finding several terms that are close to one another is a way to make the search results more relevant, i.e. make the search more semantic. This This feature is called  Proximity Search;  it’s especially useful when searching on the web and in long, unstructured documents. A Another example would be to look for a school name close to the year of graduation. operator NEAR. Boolean

7 Talent Community Truths That Took Me Years to Learn

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Ten years ago, I realized that the worldwide web had turned social. wasn’t certain when it happened, but suddenly it became a reality. The social revolution really put talent sourcers on the map. Social media was the answer to our dreams; people were no longer in hiding, we could find anyone. Social recruiting became a highly valued expertise and the adventure began.

Taking a Chance on the Less-Than-Perfect Hire


How do you spruce up your resume when you don’t have access to a computer? How do you prepare for an interview when you’re homeless? How do you compete with seemingly ideal candidates when your experience is far less than perfect? Recently a photo of Shaun Beever went viral on social media. His compelling story is one of transformation and determination. Would you have taken the chance?

Reinventing Talent Assessment: Harnessing the Power of Assessment Innovations

When recruiting for high-volume roles, where organizations are faced with high attrition rates with continual requisitions, the total cost becomes enormous.

It’s Time to Test Your Application Process

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I won’t be talking about usability, time needed to complete the application, or many other very important topics.  Today I want to focus on a specific test.  A test I think that should be done routinely and regularly. Use a pseudonym and a different phone number and email address.  Obviously these people should be called for an interview. Because we do not test it. United States

5 Companies Harnessing the “Power of Purpose” to Attract Top Talent

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Photo credit: Lydia Diaz. In his blog, ‘ How the Concept of “Purpose” Can Make a Huge Difference in Attracting Talent ’, our Chief Sourcing Ninja Johnny Campbell talks about the purpose revolution and the profound effect it’s having on the recruitment process. In essence, people are no longer happy to clock in, clock out and get paid. Teach First. “ Teaching. It’s moving.

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Incorporating Diversity Recruitment Strategies Into Your Hiring Process


Consider incorporating these helpful diversity tips into your hiring strategy

5 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Fill Your Open Roles


If you're having a problem hiring - with a recruiter or not - here are five possible reasons you can't get butts into your seats. Elastic Recruiting Hiring Talent How to Top Talent

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Learn 5 tips to improve efficiency and get better results.