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Job Description – Five Winning Rules to Follow


Do You Follow These Five Rules to Create a Winning Job Description? When you need to find a great candidate to fill a crucial position, the first step is to write a compelling job description. The question is – how? Job description best practices:  What are we here for? Too often, team leaders or hiring managers do not have the time or knowledge to write an effective job description.  With strong competition for top talent, some give up at the most crucial point of the recruiting cycle—describing what you want and knowing what you need. What do I mean?  So you want to get it right.

LinkedIn Hack: How to Convert Your Profile Views into Candidates

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Source: Sheila Scarborough/Flickr. Be honest – you love to see who’s looking at your Linkedin profile, don’t you? It’s perfectly ok to admit it – we all do! Maybe it’s the narcissist in us, but there’s just something strangely validating about knowing that someone has an interest in finding out more about you. Profile Views = Leads. Think about it.

The Unique Way EVERY Recruiter Should Be Attracting Top Talent

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Richard Branson once tweeted: “The art of storytelling can be used to drive change”. And over the last few years, science has proven that stories are actually able to change people’s attitudes and opinions. The persuasive power of stories is proven to work in various sectors, notably charities and commercials. But what has this got to do with recruiting?”, you might wonder. Be authentic.

Make the Internet Sourcer and Recruiter Friendly

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Last month, I had a coffee chat with a technical sourcing lead at Google to shoot the breeze about talent sourcing, brainstorming ideas about our industry. Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured

The SMB Guide to Posting Jobs

Whether you’re an HR professional for a small start-up, a high-growth company or a large enterprise organization, the quality of your team is the single best predictor of success. Learn how to build a solid sourcing strategy that consistently results in great hires by reading Jazz's new eBook, The SMB Guide to Posting Jobs.

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How to Double Your LinkedIn Connections (Infographic)

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Although having a super-network of connections on LinkedIn doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a rockstar recruiter, it certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible! As a recruiter, you should be actively trying to grow your LinkedIn network every day. So how exactly can you start to increase your LinkedIn connections?

Highly productive workers take more breaks (and other surprises)

High Performance Recruitment Coach

I recently finished reading, and enjoying greatly, the memoir Shoe Dog, of Phil Knight, co-founder and CEO of Nike (thanks for the recommendation, Peter). I am sure you won't be surprised to know that Knight worked incredibly hard, along with many other original and early-days Nike employees, to build a profitable business. Knight put in many long days, weeks, months and years in order to. EY Nike Phil Knight productivity Sweden work/life balance


This Could Be the Most Impactful Recruiting Article of the Year — Timing Is Everything in Recruiting


This “think piece” is designed to get you to use timing to recruit when the competition is low. College Recruiting Corporate Recruiting Direct Sourcing Employee Referrals Job Boards Labor Market Featured

What Company Clues Can You Pick Up at the Interview?

Undercover Recruiter

Before a job interview, most candidates are aware of the standard pre-interview preparation that’s expected of them. Researching a company and its management online has long been a prerequisite for a successful interview, not just to inform the applicant of the kind of company to which he or she is applying, but more importantly, to. View Article.

Talent acquisition for the 21st century

To succeed today, organizations need to take advantage of information technology in every area of their business. Talent acquisition is no exception. Robust, reliable technology can help recruiters more effectively engage with candidates.

Top Recruiting Nightmares (& How to Avoid Them)


Learn a few key tips that can help you prevent experiencing recruiting nightmares

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2 Tried and Tested Tactics Great Interviewers Use to Predict Candidate Success

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Sitting across the desk from you is Mary. Mary has applied for the role of a Customer Service Executive at your organisation. Her primary duties in this role will involve answering customers queries and handling complaints over the phone, extensive database management and creating reports. But how can you successfully tell whether or not a candidate will be great for your company? Tell Me More.

The Adventures of Your LinkedIn Resume

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LinkedIn profiles are often considered to be “new resumes.” ” It’s true, that if a professional fully fills out her LinkedIn profile, that profile works instead of a traditional resume, at least at the beginning stages of interviewing, at many companies. That is one of the innovations LinkedIn has brought into the area of recruiting, quite a game changer! link]. link].

Time Management for Sourcers and Recruiters – Schedule Building

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In our business, the number one aspect of sourcing and recruiting that is overlooked is time. It is one of the variables, in the long run, we cannot control it, however, we can influence it. Let’s take a look into a typical work day: Talent Acquisition Time Management Featured

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees. Register for this fun and fast paced session that will go through examples, tools, and what you should do tomorrow to gain an edge.

Recruiting Developers? You'll Want to Know This Before Interviewing Them

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One of the first steps in evaluating a developer for an open role is taking a deep dive into their resume. Whether it's a traditional resume, their Developer Story , or even their GitHub profile, one of the first things you'll look into is their education. Did they go a good school? Did they complete a Computer Science program? . But that's the old way of thinking. United States

Market Your Brand: How to Avoid a Marketing Monster


Many people already have “scary” on the mind. Don’t let your brand story be scary too

Why Recruiters Need Emotional Intelligence (Now, Like Never Before)

Undercover Recruiter

We talk at length about how and why the candidates we recruit must be high on the EQi scale but often fail to turn the mirror back on ourselves. As we rely more on data in the recruitment process, the value of recruiters rests in the ability to practice high levels of emotional intelligence to. View Article. Why Recruiters Need Emotional Intelligence (Now, Like Never Before).

10 Social Tools You Should Be Using

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We are spoiled when it comes to choosing our sourcing tools. It’s a requirement for any recruiter to have a sourcing toolkit that fits their recruitment needs and helps improve their productivity and performance. We are going to take you through ten social tools you should be using in your daily. Uncategorized Featured

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

In today's competitive talent market, it's essential for HR leaders to be able to connect their recruiting efforts to hiring results. This eBook will show you how to easily navigate the talent market and focus on hiring employees with the most ROI: Performers.

10 Ways to Promote Collaboration at Work

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Collaboration is a major concern of managers and for good reason. Collaboration in the workplace has a plethora of benefits. Collaboration “allows employees to feel more connected to their jobs and co-workers, reduces stress at the workplace, makes their jobs easier, allows for more work freedom, and in general makes them happier people”  says Jacob Morgan , co-founder of The FOW Community.

The Top 5 Mistakes Hiring Managers Make


The hiring process can vary wildly from company to company. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, every organization has their own values and definitions of a good hire

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10 Passive Aggressive Notes Around the Office That We Can All Relate To

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Have you ever been on the receiving end of a passive aggressive note in the office? Or maybe you’ve been the one to post an anonymous note to your co-workers, letting them know that it’s not okay to use your special mug, or drink your almond milk, or even eat your sandwich (here’s looking at you, Ross Gellar). ‘Hi, is that the police? See what they did there?! . 4. Carrots

Stop (Coddling Hiring Managers), Collaborate, and Listen


Recruiters and their HR partners have all experienced recruitment challenges on tough-to-fill roles. Some of these roles can be so difficult they’re called “purple unicorns,” and finding candidates for them can be incredibly daunting. Hiring Process Featured

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Recruiters must think like Marketers

A recent Human Capital Institute report found that 69% of respondents are having difficulty filling critical positions and only 20% agree that they have a strong talent pipeline for critical roles. Competition is fierce and the power has clearly shifted from employers to the candidate. Today’s job candidates expect to be treated like consumers, and the most successful marketing teams know that consumers are increasingly suspicious of brands. These marketing teams implement strategies to foster trust and loyalty among their target audience.

How to Design a Successful Employee Engagement Program


Have you ever wondered why some companies succeed with their employee engagement programs, while others don’t make any progress? What do these organizations do differently than those with less successful programs? Do they survey more regularly or monitor the follow-up process more closely? Do they have buy-in from senior leadership or a team dedicated to the program’s success?

Are You Waiting for the Great Pumpkin?

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Without fail, year in and year out, beloved Peanuts’ character, Linus, sits in a pumpkin patch on Halloween night waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear. Much to his dismay, it fails to turn up. Nevertheless, he remains undefeated and vows to wait again next year. He believes the Great Pumpkin is out there. . The elusive Great Pumpkin is a lot like your dream hire. Don’t be left in the dark.

Contingent Workforce Planning: 3 Keys to Getting Started


How do you start with workforce planning? I’m sure there are some very sophisticated HR models and guidance out there, but really, it all starts with asking a few very simple questions. The key is not only the questions you ask, but who you ask as well. Workforce Planning Contingent Workforce Management


3 Clever Ways Recruiters Can Mine LinkedIn’s Data for Better Hiring Insights

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LinkedIn is the largest professional database in the world. In other words, highly valuable insights we can use when it comes to trying to find the best candidate for the job. In this blog, we’re going to show you how to use LinkedIn’s data to gain invaluable insights that will improve your hiring process and enable you to act as more of a consultant with your Hiring Manager. Sound good? Great!

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Candidate Selection Without Compromises

Organizations need to find top talent efficiently and effectively -- now more than ever.

The Four Imperatives of a Woman’s Journey to Success


Embrace an unconventional path and seize opportunities presented to you. Believe in yourself and partner with others who do so, too. Always stand your ground and share your opinion with authority. Whatever your job, be proud and world-class in every action. These are just some of the lessons we learned during Entelo’s first event featuring women in leadership. These people can become your mentors.

My Name Is Not “Candidate”

The Recruiting Inferno

[In a collaborative co-writing effort originally appearing on RecruitingDaily , Derek Zeller and I took turns writing paragraphs. If you want to learn more about either of us, use google, bing, etc. That’s your job after all.]. My first name is not passive; it’s not Talent. My Mom never gave birth to a child named Candidate; my Dad never told his friends, “This is my son, Human Capital.”. My Name Is…. Please take a chance on me, I promise you will not be disappointed Please? My name is Monica, and I am scared. My Name Is…. My name is Emory, and I am angry. What am I supposed to do now?

New Job Offer? How to Peacefully Relocate Your Family

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It's a known fact that for many people, the moving process can be incredibly stressful. While it may be exciting to accept a new job offer, it may be hard for your family to wade through the transition of saying goodbye to life as they know it. Starting a new chapter is still exciting, even though it is stressful. Plan the Packing Process. Create a Meal Plan. Seek Extra Hands. Take Breaks.

3 Things Remote Developers Wish Recruiters Knew

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I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve made the assumption that if you told every developer in the world they could work remotely, they’d all jump at the opportunity. And sure, to some developers, the thought of having no commute and no formal dress code sounds like an incredible arrangement. Here’s what they had to say. Remote Work


3 Important Shifts in Job Seeking Behavior

Hiring great people today requires a new set of tools and a new way of thinking.