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Talemetry Clients Share Success Stories at the Oracle HCM User Group (OHUG) Global Conference


Talemetry clients University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Calgary were invited to present their stories of how they leverage Talemetry and Oracle HCM systems for exceptional recruiting outcomes at the annual OHUG Global Conference. ohug oracle

6 Clever Ways to Use Your LinkedIn Headline to Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

Social Talent

According to LinkedIn , when it comes to writing our LinkedIn profile headline, too many of us take a “just-the-facts” approach, listing only our job title and our company in the 120 character slot – an approach they believe stops many of us from realising the true potential of the most prominent text on our LinkedIn profile after our name. . ” says Dr. John Izzo. And hey, guess what?

Emotional Intelligence: Differentiator for Humans & Machines?


How can humans adapt to make the best use of machines—and remain employed? We talked earlier about the future of work and the likelihood that automation and algorithms may sharply reduce the job pool of the future. The The use of automation in human capital management allows HR the opportunity to expand—not diminish—their influence in the workforce.  Employment spheres up for grabs. Creativity.

How Recruiters Read Your CV (Infographic)

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We all know that it’s essential to have an impressive CV when looking to land your next big career move, but how much do you know about the recruiters who will be reading your CV? Which Which areas of your CV do they study most? How do they like to see the information presented? How How do you ensure that they actually read your CV?!

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Ten Tips to Hone Your Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Processes

Human resources departments in midsized companies continue to struggle to build the best workforce.

Beware of the “Smart” LinkedIn Recruiter Search Syntax Change

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If you use LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR) and have upgraded to the long-awaited new User Interface and Search – have you noticed that previously working searches no longer produce the expected results? The idea behind the redesign was to provide suggestions – for example, for job titles. This is how search has worked in LinkedIn and LIR until recently. But no longer. Please comment below.

Is charging temps/contractors a 'payroll admin fee' a new low for our industry?

High Performance Recruitment Coach

I seem to be very late to the story on this one. Early last year, people2people Shared Services Manager, Lisa Johnson had this issue raised with her in the comments section of her people2people blog Is your recruiter ripping you off? and subsequently Lisa wrote a follow up blog later in the year Who Wins When a Recruitment Agency Charges Temps an Admin Fee? specifically about the apparent Ethics Lisa Johnson people2people profitability temp recruitment

Recruiter KPIs. From Crap to Credible.

Greg Savage

Mostly, recruiters hate KPIs. Often, relentless focus on KPIs does more harm than good. Routinely, Managers drive old-school KPIs because they are bereft of any new ideas to increase productivity, and sad to say, the less success delivered by the old tactics, the more the manager pushes the KPI! It’s a destructive cycle of pain […].


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New LinkedIn Report Reveals the Latest Job Seeking Trends


In one of the the largest surveys of professionals globally , we asked 33,000 LinkedIn members how they look for a job and what it takes to make the jump from one company to another. And the results are in: almost everyone is open to hearing about a new job opportunity. The top roadblock for people trying to change jobs is one that companies can overcome with a solid employer branding strategy.

4 Guidelines for Optimal Job Application Conversion Rates

ExactHire Recruiting

We live in an age of distraction and it’s wreaking havoc on your talent applicant sourcing process. Despite your efforts to write engaging job descriptions, post them far and wide and publicize your amazing corporate culture, your click-to-apply ratio is dismal. So what gives? The proof is in the numbers, and it’s pretty staggering on both desktop and mobile devices. percent.”


Brexit. Now What for Recruiters?

FireFish Software

Britain voted to leave the EU in last week’s referendum. For many business leaders this came as a shock. What does it mean for the economy? How will it affect employment? How will it impact life in the UK? The simple answer to these questions is: we don’t know. Everything about Brexit is unpredictable, and it’s difficult to gauge what the lasting effects of the referendum will be.


Jazz Announces New Channel Partner Program


Introducing the Jazz Partner Program: Revolutionizing the SMB HR technology space. At Jazz, we’re committed to changing the way small businesses find – and hire – the right talent. It’s not just about providing the best recruiting tools or applicant tracking software, it’s about truly partnering with the small businesses we help. Designed with our Partners in mind. Opportunity awaits.

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5 Key Aspects of Accurate Applicant Tracking Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free ATS software pricing guide!

Limitless career opportunities: Indian Health Service

College Recruiter

Opportunity. Adventure. Purpose. The Indian Health Service (IHS) Great Plains Area is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of health care employment opportunities today. With clinical opportunities in more than 15 health profession disciplines, the sky truly is the limit for clinicians hoping to practice in the Great Plains Area. Offering health professionals […].

Reddit’s 16 Funniest Job Interview Nightmares

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We’ve compiled a selection of the most cringe-worthy job interview stories from Reddit’s poor unfortunate users for your Friday reading pleasure Get ready to grimace! 1. NEVER mix business with pleasure… Tuesday mornings interviewer was Saturday nights one night stand… I’ve never given up on getting a job so quickly. – be_my_plaything. 2. – Unicrat. 5.

5-Minute Hacks to Make Your Resume Great

Undercover Recruiter

Here’s some food for thought. The time you spend at work will likely accumulate to around ten solid years. That’s ten years of sitting in an office, behind the wheel of a bus, or behind the counter of a supermarket checkout line. Day in, day out. A decade is a long time to spend doing something. View Article. 5-Minute Hacks to Make Your Resume Great. Resume & CV Writing CV Tips Writing


Money, Ideas, and People


Today we announced a $30m Series C financing round led by Insight Partners. This round follows two years of spectacular growth (700 new customers in 24 months) and validates SmartRecruiters as the leading candidate to disrupt the $3 billion ATS market, particularly in the enterprise segment. For me, it is another important milestone towards the realization of a simple vision. Who does not, loses.

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Human Resources Today - Industry Insights Your Peers are Reading

Want to read the industry insights your peers are reading about HR? Subscribe today to the industry's leading newsletter with over 100 thought leaders all writing on HR Technology.

The Brexit Effect and Talent


It’s over — the Brits have voted to exit the EU. For some this is a disaster and and spells the beginning of the end, and for others it’s a new beginning. Good or bad, the vote will impact talent flows. Global & International Immigration Featured


7 Ways to Stand Out to Passive Candidates


A passive candidate is someone who is not necessarily looking for a new job, but would be open to taking a new job if the right offer comes along. Candidates Hiring Talent How to Source Top Talent

LinkedIn Skills is Back!

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Back in October 2015, the eagle-eyed Irina Shamaeva noticed that (after killing the popular and extremely useful LinkedIn Skills product back in 2013), LinkedIn had introduced a new skills section to it’s lesser known Topics pages. It was pretty awesome! But in October 2013 LinkedIn scraped it without warning, much to the horror and disgust of recruiters everywhere. This is synonym heaven!

What Questions Should You ACTUALLY Ask Your Interviewer?

Undercover Recruiter

If you’ve bagged yourself an interview – congrats! You should ensure you’re prepared for all the questions they may ask you in the interview, but there’s one more part of an interview that you need to make sure that you’re ready for; the end of the interview when the interviewer/hiring manager asks you if you have. View Article. Interview Tips Interview questions

Just graduated? 5 ways to get to work

College Recruiter

Graduating with a shiny, new degree is one of the most satisfying feelings. It represents your academic achievements in a physical way. The problem is that graduating isn’t enough to land you a comfortable job. Statistics show that recent graduates of college have a 7.2 percent unemployment rate and a 14.9 percent underemployment rate. This […].

Transformational Talent – Who Are They And Why Do We Care?

ERE SourceCon

Just like you, I have seen a lot of unique situations as a recruiter. In fact, we live the ultimate reality TV show daily. Sometimes the content is good> great, other times it lacks a lot to be desired. One possible reason for this on again – off again content battle is due to the fact that we start our work with two pieces of paper – the job description and resume.

5 Ways To Use Video For Talent Attraction

Proactive Talent

Is your company still relying on text-based recruitment marketing in a visual world? The thing is, candidates want to know what it's really like to work at your company, and a bullet list of skills and a blanket sell statement about the company in a job description just doesn't cut it anymore. There is just no better platform than video to create that emotional attraction to a company and job opportunity -- and I'll tell you why! Here are five reasons why you need to focus your employer branding efforts on video now and in the future. 1. Add a video. Why is this important?

6 UAE Recruitment Agencies That You NEED To Follow On Twitter Now

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It might be another 4 years away, but Expo 2020  already has recruitment agencies in the UAE bringing their a-game to the table. Today, we’re looking at the major movers and shakers in the region that are rocking it on Twitter right now! Hays Dubai @haysdubai. @Baytcom. Adecco Middle East @AdeccoME. Michael Page @MichaelPageAE. HR Source @hr_source. Have we missed anyone?

How to Hire the Best Candidate (Not Just the Best Interviewer)


You’ve screened dozens of applicants, vetted a select few through multiple stages of your hiring process, and now you’re down to the final two candidates. First First there is Sarah. Interviewing her is like playing a great game of tennis. You serve the question and she smashes it right back with a well-crafted answer. At times your conversation is like the perfect rally.

What to Do When Your CTO Isn't on Board with Employer Branding

Stack Overflow

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in recruiting is getting buy-in from the right people. You can have the best ideas to attract your future employees, but if you don’t have the budget or approval, it can be hard to execute upon those ideas. Recruiting can cost a pretty penny, especially when it comes to employer branding. Employer branding is a hot-button issue for a reason.

Recruitment Deals on Brexit Day

The Whiteboard

However, all I could find from a (admittedly quick) search was this article about the potential impact. But with a plethora of “could”, “might” and “maybe” statements it’s obvious that, as with everything else around this debate, no one really knows what it is going to mean. Now that’s value. Until then, have fun recruiting in your post-Brexit worlds.

HR people can be ‘numbers’ people


HR people can be ‘numbers’ people. I’m a huge tennis fan. At this time of year, I can almost smell the fresh grass being mowed on Wimbledon’s courts. It’s a welcome diversion from something that’s consuming a lot of my spare time at the moment … with two colleagues, I’m writing a book about workforce analytics, to be published in late 2016. And I think Andy Murray can help us with the answer ….

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The Quickest Way To Scan A Resume

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You are promoting a brand new open position down your channels and you are getting tonnes of applications – great start! Now you have to set aside a block of time to actually review these stacks of resumes. Reviewing resumes can be a massively time-consuming task and as a result become a bottleneck when trying to achieve a your time-to-hire goals. Current/Last Job Position (Time: 10 seconds).

Using social media to network in college

College Recruiter

While college students may use social media for personal reasons, they can also use it for their careers. Social media allows students to find the right contacts and engage with them, which helps students build a professional network. This network can be an asset connecting college students to internships or entry-level job opportunities. Chaim Shapiro, […].

Should You Hire People with Noticeable Weaknesses?

Glassdoor for Employers

As content manager at Day Translations, I have to admit, I’m a stickler for grammar. Or more accurately, I have an ingrained. Talent Acquisition Candidate Hiring HR Interview Recruiting weaknesses

How Microsoft-LinkedIn Could Reboot Recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

What's the big deal? On June 13, 2016, three big brothers got together and spun the roulette. The Microsoft house lost a small bet and the LinkedIn players got their huge payout. Microsoft's CEO  Satya Nadella , LinkedIn's CEO  Jeff Weiner , and LinkedIn's Co-founder  Reid Hoffman  announced  $26.2B cash LinkedIn acquisition. What is the financial impact for both of the companies? That's  4.6

Predicting Which New Hires Will Quit — a Checklist for Spotting Early ‘Flight Risks’


Corporations are currently encountering the highest voluntary turnover rate in a decade. And when they have to refill the position that was vacated by an employee quitting, it now takes a record 29 days to refill that vacated position. Onboarding Retention & Engagement Featured

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Brexit and the Recruitment Industry: Where do we go from here? So, Britain has voted to leave the EU. The decision has since sparked nationwide and worldwide debate on the impact this will have on a variety of issues including employment, the economy and life in the UK. And t he debate is also being raged as to how the decision will affect the recruitment industry.

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Embracing Candor: Improve Performance with Direct Feedback


“He said what?!”. Have you ever had the same conversation with someone multiple times over? You’ve talked to Jimmy three times in the past quarter but the message hasn’t gotten through. Despite your best efforts and professionalism, the problem continues to occur. Maybe its time for a tactical change not only for you, but your organization as well. What can I do?”. Do it tactfully as well.

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Trends Keeping Employers Ahead of the Curve

Glassdoor for Employers defines “trend” as: 1. the general course or prevailing tendency; drift: trends in the teaching of foreign languages; the trend of. Featured Industry Trends Employer Trends HR Trends recruiting trends

10 career mistakes to avoid

College Recruiter

One of your top goals is to have a happy and successful life. Your career is the key to achieving this goal. You’ve got a nice degree, have a lovely smile and are ready to work, but there’s one more thing that could stop you from realizing your dreams: Mistakes. Some mistakes could harm or […].

Recruiters’ Catch22: How to Define your Social ROI

ERE SourceCon

Social has taken the recruitment world by storm. It has now become a core component of the marketing strategies for many recruiters, HR professionals, and talent acquisition managers. What has accelerated this, even more, is the ubiquity of mobile which has been incorporated into our daily lives, enabling us to get instant access to social networking sites. Talent Acquisition Featured

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