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10 Interview Mistakes Candidates Make That Every Recruiter Can Relate To

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We feel for you recruiters sometimes. There There is A LOT of work that goes into not only finding and sourcing quality candidates but also efficiently screening them for the interview stage, where things can get…interesting! Today we are going to list the top 10 interview mistakes candidates commonly make that every recruiter can relate to. Read on for some Friday Funnies!

3 Tips To Make Working From Home More Productive


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015, 24% of all employed people did at least some work from home. And while telecommuting certainly has its perks, it’s easy to see how household distractions and social isolation could lead to decreased productivity and an overall less enjoyable experience. There are plenty of great articles with tips on how to productively work from home.

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3 Interview Questions You Should Ask That Will Predict Job Performance

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Ahhh the interview! So much content around this topic it almost hurts our eyes. And we get it – the interview is a critical stage in the recruitment process so it makes sense for writers to generate floods of content on this topic. So we’re going to give you our take and cut through the bullsh*t. Handpicked Related Content: Interview Questions That Top CEOs LOVE to Ask (Infographic) ).

Such a great recruitment business. So I bought it! And why.

Greg Savage

Well, I didn’t buy the whole business. But I did invest a significant amount of money for a significant shareholding, and a place on the Board. thought long and hard about publishing this blog. This is personal financial information after all. Not really something to ‘share’. And I have invested in plenty of other […].

Reinventing Talent Assessment: Harnessing the Power of Assessment Innovations

When recruiting for high-volume roles, where organizations are faced with high attrition rates with continual requisitions, the total cost becomes enormous.

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7 Facts Recruiters Look For in Your CV

Undercover Recruiter

Most business decisions are based on hard cold facts, and hiring decisions are no different. If an organisation is going to invest time and money into employing you; they will need to see evidence that you can perform. By now we all know that clichés and buzzwords do nothing to impress recruiters, but many candidates. View Article. Facts Recruiters Look For in Your CV.

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10 tips for college graduates seeking job search success

College Recruiter

College seniors and recent college graduates often enter the job market eager and excited about the possibilities of landing that first job. But many quickly find out job search success isn’t immediate and requires a lot of hard work. But successful job seekers also quickly realize there are resources that can help: mentors, college career services […].

These Are the Top Companies for Work-Life Balance – And 3 Ways You Can Create More Balance for Your Employees

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Work-life balance is always top of mind for employees and candidates – we hear questions about it in interviews, or employees will discuss ways of achieving it in break rooms and during lunches across companies. Talent Acquisition Featured

The 3 Simple Rules For Following Up With Candidates

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Following up can be tricky business – you want to make sure that you’re doing absolutely everything you can to get potential candidates to respond to you, but on the other hand there’s that voice in your head that whispers  ‘They haven’t answered your first email, clearly they aren’t interested.stop being such a pest and give up the ghost!” Rule #1: Do it!

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Learn 5 tips to improve efficiency and get better results.

Product Enhancement: Jazz Success Portal


Providing Better Support for our Customers. At Jazz, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our customer experience. We take a lot of pride in providing the best possible support for our customers. Today, Jazz is taking the next step by introducing the new Customer Success Portal. In addition, Zendesk’s advanced functionality allows for finding the answers you need easier than ever before.

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12 Candidate Warning Signs For Interviewers

Undercover Recruiter

Can you really assess a candidate’s suitability fully from just a few conversations? How can you figure out their working style, their office compatibility and aptitude when you’ve only met them once or twice? Candidates aren’t the enemy, and we want them to be on their best behaviour. But when they’re trying to fit the role’s specifications, View Article. Recruiting Interview Warning signs

You’re Already “Doing” Recruitment Marketing


Aptitude Research Partners, a new HR Technology research firm founded by the highly respected team of Madeline Laurano and Mollie Lombardi, recently released a report called Talent Acquisition Systems 2016. The report is a look at current trends in talent acquisition technology along with an overview of a selection of ATS providers. recruitment marketing

How Recruiters (And Candidates) Can Still Have Love For Job Interviews.

Recruiting Daily

For all the talk of “reinvention” in recruiting, for all the products promising to “disrupt” hiring, and for all the banal banter about fixing what’s “broken” in talent acquisition today, the one part of the process that has more or less escaped any modicum of automation, transformation or innovation is perhaps the most important: the job interview.

A Recruiter's Guide to Attract and Retain Millenials

Tomorrow’s workforce won’t just include Millennials, it will be dominated by them.

How to: Successfully Influence Candidates at EVERY Stage of their Decision-Making Process

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The goal of all of your employer branding efforts should be to create differentiation and preference in the minds of both current and future employees within a desired target group – one which we want to recruit and retain from. However, there are many people who now believe that the traditional model has become a little redundant in recent years. Initial Consideration Set. Active Evaluation.

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6 ways college seniors should take advantage of career services

College Recruiter

You have arrived—it’s your senior year of college. Woo hoo! You have one year to complete of your collegiate journey. You should definitely celebrate. After After you celebrate, prepare yourself for a year of job search and career preparation. While your senior year will definitely be fun, it’s also hard work. You’re in the home stretch before […].

Interview Questions Developers Wish Hiring Managers Would Ask

Stack Overflow

Whether you follow a structured format or judge candidates on the fly, the interview process is an extremely important part of every company’s success. Asking the wrong interview questions will not only turn developers off from applying to your company but can cost you a lot of money as well. The U.S. Yikes. Here’s what they had to say. Interviewing

The 5 Best Ways To Create A Successful LinkedIn Company Page (And Showcase Your EVP)


When it comes to Employer Branding, there’s no question or doubt that a LinkedIn Company page is one of the best ways to show candidates what your organization is really about. But underneath all of the funny quotes, job opening announcements and blog post links, have you ever considered whether or not your page clearly showcases your EVP to potential candidates? Hiring is expensive…. People.

Ten Tips to Hone Your Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Processes

Human resources departments in midsized companies continue to struggle to build the best workforce.

Dropping Lures: Attracting Pokémon and Talent

ERE SourceCon

Unless you’ve been taking a vacation from the Internet for the past two weeks, by now you’ve probably heard how Pokémon GO is all the rage – if not, just search the #PokemonGO hashtag on Twitter and you’ll see what it’s all about. Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured

5 Key Ingredients for a Successful Employee Referral Programme

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There’s a few reasons why year after year, employee referrals are named as the number one source of hire. Not only do employee referral programmes (ERPs) attract the highest quality candidates, they also perform best on the job and have the highest retention rate. No brainer right? They also know what it takes to succeed at the company so they can be a powerful recruiting source.

Future Shock: 3 Trends That Will Make Recruiting More Difficult


The World Economic Forum predicts that recruitment is going to become a lot more challenging in the next five years for just about every job in every industry. The WEF report —  the Future of Jobs  — attributes this situation to an increasing mismatch between available skills and those needed for jobs that are emerging as a result of technology and the changing nature of work.

Why INTJs Make the Worst (and Best) Employees

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Many organizations around the world embrace the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator , better known as the MBTI, to better understand and utilize their employees. It's thought by putting the right employees to work on the right projects, we'll all see better results. This is why MBTI testing is common across the corporate environment, especially in the United States. INTJs Don't Respect Authority.

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Applicant Tracking Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free ATS software pricing guide!

4 Unconventional Interview Questions to Hire Original Thinkers


While it’s true that leaders need devoted followers, it’s also true that having too much groupthink and not enough diversity of thought is a perilous position to be in. In fast-changing times, companies need people who think differently, have the valor to speak up and regularly challenge everything about assumptions, principles and the current business model. What was the rule? Question 4.

Invaluable Lessons I’ve Learned From 5 Top Talents on Social Media


In my recent series on social recruiting here on Jobvite’s blog, I’ve helped you with specific tactics and approaches to be more effective at recruiting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In today’s post I’d like to take a step back and talk more about the big picture of being successful on social media. By sharing them here, I hope they can help you in turn.

Find Candidates That Will Work Abroad With These Killer Sourcing Hacks

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We often get asked by the sourcing ninjas who are training for our  Black Belt in Internet Recruitment   about how they can search for candidates who are willing to work abroad. Unless someone explicitly states ‘Looking for overseas opportunities’ in their LinkedIn headline, it can be very difficult for a recruiter to determine who could be open to taking a job abroad.

How to Build a High-Performance Sourcing Department – Part 3 Training

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Why Training is Critical in Building a High-Performance Sourcing Department. Recruiting & Sourcing Types Sourcing Sourcing training TA Training & Certifications Talent Acquisition Featured

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Recruiters: Stop What You're Doing (please!)

Recruiting Blogs

These days there are a plenty of things demanding our attention. There are plenty of ways to attract attention. And, plenty of subjects and subject-matter that always seem be the center of attention. In fact, whether or not you realize it, many messages recruiters send (calls, voice mails, emails, inMails) come across as if the recipient is expected to drop everything and pay attention. Go figure!

The Gap Between Women vs. Men in STEM and What You Can Do About It [INFOGRAPHIC]


When Google released its workplace diversity report in 2014, this was an eye-opening moment for many (and I am sure a “doh” one for the women in this industry). The tech giant revealed that for technical roles, the gender split was 83% men and 17% women (as of 2016, the split is 81% to 19%). Here is what we found: Women make up less than a quarter of STEM professionals. Trends & Research

Jobvite Employee Spotlight Series: Mai Nakamura


At Jobvite, our employees are the heart and soul of our operation. They dedicate themselves tirelessly to make our customers successful. No one knows this better than Mai Nakamura, web development manager on our Customer Success team. Mai is a Jobvite veteran. She’s been with the company for more than five years and when she joined, she was employee #43 out of 75 at that time! Read on to learn.

The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide to Marketing (FREE Download)

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Recruitment and marketing have consummated their relationship. Employers today are increasingly using consumer marketing techniques to attract and convert top talent as it has become more clear that strong recruitment is dependent on adapting to the evolving landscape. In a world where 70% of candidates are passive, the tactics you use are critical in successfully recruitment skilled talent.