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12 crucial recruiter tips. (In 10 words or less).

Greg Savage

A powerful two-minute read for all the desk recruiters out there. 12 tips. Each no longer than 10 words. Will lead you to fun and money. Click on the hyperlinks if you want more details on each concept. 1. Walk away from shitty margins or clients who disrespect you. Here is how to do it) […].

How to Use Pinterest in Recruitment

FireFish Software

With over 100 million monthly active users , Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks, with more growth in members and active users than any other platform from 2014 – 2015. It’s also reported that users are spending more time on Pinterest than on competing social channels, averaging 75 minutes per visitor , compared with Facebook’s 50 minutes per visit.

35 Tools Every Sourcer And Recruiter Needs To Know

Proactive Talent

If you’re a recruiter or sourcer, do you often find yourself starting your day early or staying up late to coordinate interview scheduling, pull together spreadsheets and reports, or search for tools that can improve your sourcing skills? If you’re a talent acquisition leader or recruiting manager, are you looking to speed up your candidate sourcing and recruiting process while improving your quality of hire? You’re not alone! These are common and very real challenges sourcers, recruiters and talent leaders face every day. Recruiting & Sourcing Chrome Extensions 1.

Tools 56

5 India Recruitment Trends That YOU NEED To Know

Social Talent

Thanks to the growth of India’s key industries such as IT, retail and banking, as well as the country’s continued focus on innovation, the Indian economy is growing at an attractive rate. As a result, the demand for talent is increasing across many sectors to deliver rapid and sustained growth. Trend #1. Increasing Gap Between Hiring Volume and Budget. Trend #2. Quality Quality of Hire.

The SMB Guide to Posting Jobs

Whether you’re an HR professional for a small start-up, a high-growth company or a large enterprise organization, the quality of your team is the single best predictor of success. Learn how to build a solid sourcing strategy that consistently results in great hires by reading Jazz's new eBook, The SMB Guide to Posting Jobs.

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How Better Onboarding Leads to a Better Candidate Experience


Automotive Industry Retail Automotive Dealership Hiring Onboarding Onboarding Process Employee Onboarding Turnover at Your Dealership

7 Totally Game-Changing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 19th September 2016

Social Talent

In recruitment news this week: Data Reveals the Best Time to Send LinkedIn InMails (the Answer is Very Surprising!). After countless email-related studies that tell us when the best time to sent someone an email is, LinkedIn decided it was about time they did the same for their InMail service. In fact, any time of day gets roughly the same response rate. The reason? and 6 p.m.

Amazing Benefits of Coworking Spaces Recruiters Should Not Ignore

Recruiting Blogs

There are many benefits of joining a coworking space, especially if you are a freelancer working from the confines of your home. But, there are also many hidden benefits for those looking to hire people for a certain type of work. Co-working spaces are visited regularly by recruiters who are looking to expand their businesses by adding an additional “asset”, which is you, to their team.

What To Expect When You Attend A #SourceCon Conference

ERE SourceCon

It’s hard to believe we are only two days away from the Fall 2016 SourceCon Conference. SourceCon is a three-day conference (if you count the SourceCon Happy Hour ) for recruiters, sourcers, and talent acquisition leaders. For three days, you get to share and learn from your peers, who face the same challenges you do every day in recruiting and sourcing.

Talent acquisition for the 21st century

To succeed today, organizations need to take advantage of information technology in every area of their business. Talent acquisition is no exception. Robust, reliable technology can help recruiters more effectively engage with candidates.

Did you know Goldman Sachs just down-shifted their on-campus recruiting?

College Recruiter

Goldman Sachs has long been considered a king of on-campus recruiting. Don’t get us wrong: they still do it, and they’re still aggressive around a few campuses. But recently they’ve shifted budget over to interactive, digital, social, and job boards more so — all in the interest of maximizing their college recruiting ROI. If your […].

Why a Recruitment Microsite Makes for Happier Job Seekers

Harger Howe Recruitment

Liz Ryan, a regular contributor to Forbes wrote an interesting piece this week called the Ten Things Good Employers Won't Ask Job-Seekers To Do. We would like to encourage you to read her article as it provides a great job seeker perspective. Today however, we’d like to show you why a recruitment microsite can solve a good deal of these problems. Microsite Development

3 Reasons Why You NEED to Give Candidates Feedback (and How to Give It Properly!)

Social Talent

Take a minute to think back to that first time you plucked up the courage to ask someone out on a date, or perhaps your first few applications to part-time jobs. It was nerve-wracking, maddening, and very easy to blame yourself for not being good enough, especially if you heard nothing back. But I think we can all agree that being rejected is better than being ignored. They need and want closure.

How to Handle Candidates' Salary Questions at Every Hiring Stage


Talking about compensation can be awkward. As a recruiter, you have limited budget and can't always offer the candidate everything they envision, salary level included. For you, the trick to negotiating salary is timing – you have to put the salary conversation on hold and get the candidate to focus on the career opportunity in order to make compensation a non-issue. Pause and let this sink in.

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

In today's competitive talent market, it's essential for HR leaders to be able to connect their recruiting efforts to hiring results. This eBook will show you how to easily navigate the talent market and focus on hiring employees with the most ROI: Performers.

My Pinch-hitting Home Run Moment: Pattern Based Sourcing

ERE SourceCon

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me explain what I mean by a pinch-hitting home run. pinch-hit home run is a very rare occurrence in baseball. pinch-hitter is a substitute batter. This player enters the baseball game cold, and against all odds, hits a home run. I can relate this uncommon pinch-hitting home run moment to a recent experience I had in sourcing. It

The Recruitment Marketing Infographic You Need to See


45% of companies say improving the candidate experience is their biggest talent acquisition priority in 2016, according to a new report by Aberdeen Group. Because candidates are. The post The Recruitment Marketing Infographic You Need to See appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Candidate Experience aberdeen group infographic

The Hottest Industries Hiring in Charlotte


Summer is certainly winding down, but the job market in Charlotte is heating up. Find out which industries and companies are hiring right now; including which top-paid positions are taking resumes. Career Advice Jobs

Cheat Sheet: Key Players in the IT Industry That Every Recruiter Should Know

Social Talent

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. When you want to recruit the cream of the tech talent crop, there’s very little room for spoofing. It would have to be a VERY rare occasion for a tech recruiter to find themselves drowning in a sea of CVs as soon as they advertise an open role. If you want to recruit top tech talent, you generally have to go out and find it yourself!

SAP 26

Candidate Selection Without Compromises

Organizations need to find top talent efficiently and effectively -- now more than ever.

What’s on the Horizon for Workforce Analytics?


The topics of workforce analytics and cognitive technologies were top of mind for the HR professionals attending IBM HR Summit last week in Boston. The conversation has gone from ‘Why should we do people analytics?’ ’ to ‘How do we do it?’ ’ and ‘What should we focus our efforts on?'” ” “Is it a core part of HR now? But will it be?

How to Hire Professionals that Have a Higher Level of Knowledge than You

Recruiting Blogs

Sometimes, your business evolves faster than you would have ever expected it to and starts to leave you behind when it comes to the knowledge and time you need to manage it. New technologies appear out of the blue, across the world someone finds more efficient ways of doing the same thing you are and your customers seem to be getting bored of what you have to offer. Freelancer or Full-time?

Client Got a Fee in Their Bonnet About Agency Prices?

Undercover Recruiter

Time to talk about something in agency recruitment which can cause all sorts of problems for newbie consultants, and even seasoned ones: the ‘percentage’ fee. Most recruitment companies work to a set percentage fee based on the basic yearly salary of the candidate; this tends to be somewhere around the 20% mark. Now, clients. View Article. Recruiting Agency Recruitment Percentages


12 Tips for Networking at Sourcing Conferences (Without Being an Awkward Mess)

ERE SourceCon

THE sourcing conference. giant room filled to the brim with people you’ve never met. Does the sheer thought of having to attend an event like this send shivers down your spine? Some people have a natural ability to adjust to any social situation that they find themselves in and thrive on meeting new people and making new business connections. Sourcing Talent Acquisition conference Featured

3 Important Shifts in Job Seeking Behavior

Hiring great people today requires a new set of tools and a new way of thinking.

5 Reasons to Rethink Banning Social Media at Work

The Hiring Site

Think allowing employees to use social media at work is a recipe for disaster? Before turning your small business into a Facebook-free zone, consider these possible benefits the company might reap by allowing workers to stay connected: Increased productivity:  People need short breaks during the workday to maintain energy and focus. better strategy is to set work goals for each person.

Human Capital Is Their No. 1 Challenge, So CEOs Must Demand More From HR!


A recent survey of global CEOs and board chairmen was conducted by the prestigious Conference Board , and it concluded once again that human capital is the top challenge that they face. Talent Management Featured

RecruitingLive with Katrina Kibben

Recruiting Daily

Katrina's throwing herself in the hot seat and letting none other than Steve Levy interview her this week on RecruitingLive. Blog Posts News Upcoming Recruiting Live katrina kibben recruitinglive steve levy

What’s the difference between diversity and inclusion?

College Recruiter

Diversity is a complicated topic, especially in this modern political climate where it seems like many are trying to define other groups as the enemy. It’s also semantically complicated — it means many different things to many different people. Some think of it as skin color, some as gender, some along socioeconomic lines. It varies. […].

The New Era of Talent Acquisition

Seventy six percent of recruiting professionals said their recruiting techniques have evolved or changed over the past three years.

Why Do Recruiters Spam Candidates?

Recruiting Blogs

Allison Kruse wrote a thoughtful article on the issue of excessive amounts of email being sent by recruiters.  I do applaud her concern and think that she has a good point.  . At the same time, I wonder how many placements she has made in the realm of technical search, where there are sometimes extremely few candidates that can perform a certain job, and a huge number of possible candidates to research.  . In any case, she has some valid points. Here is her article: trk=prof-post. United States

Re-post: How To Make The Most Of SourceCon Anaheim

ERE SourceCon

Are you attending SourceCon Anaheim tomorrow? remember receiving the e-mail confirmation last year – “You are now registered for SourceCon 2015 Dallas, September 17-18, 2015!” I was so excited to have a chance to surround myself with some of the industry’s best sourcers at a conference I had been semi-stalking for a year. What would I wear? Should I go to the after party?

3 Steps for Choosing the Perfect ATS


While I currently use Jobvite , I’ve also used five other applicant tracking systems in the past —  so I like to think I’ve become somewhat of an expert when it comes to ATS vetting. Below are three of the tips I’ve found to be most helpful throughout the process. Uncategorized Featured

This Is Your Table: How Platform-as-a-Service Delivers

Recruiting Daily

Platform-as-a-Service might very well be the key to unlocking the inherent power of big data for recruiters, hiring managers and all of the internal teams they serve. Blog Posts News Technology Trends hr tech hr tech trends hr technology market Platform-as-a-Service softwate

Reinventing Talent Assessment: Harnessing the Power of Assessment Innovations

When recruiting for high-volume roles, where organizations are faced with high attrition rates with continual requisitions, the total cost becomes enormous.