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What Are Job Aggregators and Why Are They Important?


Job aggregators are perhaps the most valuable tool a job seeker has at their disposal today. That said, when something is that important to job seekers, employers, staffing agencies and job boards need to take notice. So, what exactly are job aggregators? It’s really quite simple. Job aggregators are to jobs, what Google is to information. They’re a one-stop-shop for job seekers.


The Importance of Working Environments


What Works Best for You?  The Importance of Working Environments. Look around you—do you have a cubicle, standing desk, or are you reading this on a mobile device?  As the boundaries between “living to work, and working to live” stretch, working environments are changing fast to keep up. Just like clothes and music, office settings go in and out of style.  Depending on when you entered the workforce (and your industry), you may have had a traditional office, a nook, cubicle, or the kind of communal work spaces associated with contemporary start-ups. How your office space came to be.

Job Postings: 7 Elements Your Job Descriptions Are Missing


7 Elements Your Job Descriptions Are Missing. Contributed by Amber Brunning. You want your recruitment cycle to move as smoothly as possible. You have no better tool than your job descriptions to attract the most qualified candidates. This is your chance to make a meaningful first impression. If your responses have been lackluster, your description could be to blame. Look at your previous job descriptions and determine what’s missing – you may have some blanks you desperately need to fill in. Answers to Important Questions. Why wouldn’t they take a similar position with your competitor?

10 Hilarious Blunders Made By Candidates On Their Resume

Social Talent

As a recruiter or hiring manager, it can be painstakingly hard to look at some of the junk that ends up on your desk. When it come’s down to resume’s, you’ve seen it all from the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes you’re genuinely left rubbing your eyes in disbelief and asking yourself “What did I just read?” Funny funny recruitment funny cv

The Guide to Performance Job Advertising

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Recruiting, Employing and Retaining Skilled Laborers


Hundreds of construction companies from around the United States are taking advantage of the BirdDogHR Talent Management System to find qualified candidates and develop their skills. In this competitive industry, here are some great strategies to recruit and keep your talent: Keep things simple. In the construction industry, safety and deadlines are important. Provide opportunities for growth.

How We Turned Valentine's Day into Customer Love Day


Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day can be mildly awkward at work. Heart-shaped cookies, chocolate truffles and sprinkle cupcakes may be tasty, but the minute you ask about ‘Valentine’s plans’, you enter a minefield. To avoid any gaffes with co-workers, we decided to divert everyone’s attention to one audience we universally love here at Lever, and pay homage in a fun way. Random acts of hiring

Hiring 55

How We Started a Hackathon Program

ClearCompany Recruiting

ClearCompany employees from San Francisco and Fort Collins recently joined their Boston-based colleagues for our company-wide annual meeting. To kick-off a week filled with departmental trainings, annual strategy overviews and goal setting sessions, ClearCompany employees put their minds together and “hacked” out some ideas they wanted to see become a reality.

The Millennial… Coming to an office near you…

Recruiting Blogs

Phew, that was close. Too close for words.  I was almost one of them. You know the ones that according to a viral video sensation are: "Tough to manage". Entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy". Addicted to social media and only interested in their own brand on Instagram". Sweden plump for "Generation Curling", while in Norway - "Generation Serious". Who are you? United State

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Beyond LinkedIn, Recruiting on Other Popular Social Platforms


Ninety-two percent of companies use social media to hire, so what how are you standing out? Popular platforms you need to be using

Trends That Will Improve Your Recruitment Strategy (Infographic)

Social Talent

New trends come and go like the wind. With that being said, two trends that have featured significantly within the industry of late are Technology and Diversity. This year highlights more than ever how important a recruitment strategy is to a business, with hiring processes changing at a rapid pace. Our working environment is changing and with change comes new opportunities.

Do We Still Need Recruiters? (Hint, the answer is yes!)


With all the technologies available to help increase recruiting efficiency,  one can argue that we’ve reached the point where we no longer need recruiters. Hold Your Horses. Technology has, for the most part, made our lives easier. However, it hasn’t reached the point where it can start replacing jobs that require personal interaction. Think I’m wrong? Picture discussing a job with Siri, and that’s the best case scenario. One of the biggest breakthroughs in A.I. came in the form of Microsoft’s Tay, which was corrupted by Twitter trolls in less than a day. Are You Asking the Right Question?

A Basic Recruiting Compliance Checklist

ClearCompany Recruiting

Federal and state laws require employers to maintain a number of specific records relating to the company’s hiring and employment practices. Failing to collect and retain the necessary records can result in fines, exclusion from government contracts and other sanctions. Recruiting & Sourcing

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

How Slack will change recruiting

Recruiting Blogs

It’s going to happen faster than you think. In fact, it’s already happening. Most of the innovative HR and recruiting tech companies have Slack apps. If they don’t, they’re most likely designing and building them right now. Including my team at Drafted. But most of these Slack apps are being designed as a small “value add” to the existing service these tech companies provide. This one is easy.

Nine changes recruiters must make – now!

Greg Savage

Everyone is telling recruiters they need to change. Hey, half my blogs touch on the same theme! So, you might be thinking, “OK, I get it. Change is key. But specifically, in what areas is this change meant to take place?” Good question! Well, luckily, we have The Savage Truth here to tell you

Should Recruiters and Employers Really Care If Candidates Smoke Weed?

Recruiting Daily

I was recently watching a bunch of those old black and white movies from the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. While I’d seen most of these classics before, this time I noticed a recurring theme that somehow struck me this time around: no matter what film, in practically every shot and scene, someone is smoking a […].

Film 31

Why Companies Are Searching For Employees With Grit

Social Talent

If a company is to be successful long-term, it needs to fill its ranks with the best candidates on offer. The right hiring decisions need to be made and HR executives must keep an eye out for employees demonstrating qualities that are reflective of strong organisational values and work ethic. Consider the time and money at stake. This characteristic is known in HR circles as ‘grit’.


Talent Acquisition is Dead: Talent Attraction Takes Root

How to Ensure Gender Diversity: Lessons From High-Tech Firms

The Hiring Site

A lot of job growth is coming from small- and medium-sized firms. How do these companies fill their jobs and ensure gender diversity in the process? Are women less likely to be hired in top jobs? My fellow economists Roberto Fernandez and Santiago Campero have looked at 441 small-and medium-sized high-tech firms that use the same applicant tracking system. The Good News: Unbiased Interview Process.


Recruiting Blogs

Hokjesdenken….  . We doen het allemaal. We kunnen er niets aan doen. Het is nu eenmaal genetisch bepaald. Het maakt onze complexe wereld overzichtelijker, maar ook kortzichtig en zelfs saai. Want ieder mens wil uniek zijn? Op het werk doen we niet anders. We stoppen onszelf of laten ons in een hokje stoppen. Dit kan door je leidinggevende, collega of situatie zijn. Dan is het tijd voor verandering!

Energy 28

Don’t Let Your Candidate Pools Freeze Over


We highlight the top ways to keep passive candidates engaged through the gloomy winter season

Between The Lines: What Facebook Jobs Really Means for Real Recruiters.

Recruiting Daily

If you’re in recruiting, I’m sure that by now you’re probably aware of the fact that as of last week, Facebook officially announced that they would be rolling out the ability for employers to post jobs on their Company Pages. While this feature has been in beta for some months now, last week’s long awaited […].


Robots in Recruiting: The Implications of AI on Talent Acquisition

11 HR Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Glassdoor for Employers

If you are part of the Human Resources (HR) world, looking to grow your network, and stay up to date on industry. Industry Trends HR Human Resources professionals Recruiting Twitter


9 Ways to Recruit the Best Talent for Your Startup


These are the strategies you need to know to find and keep best of the best. Recruiting

Why Structured Interviews Help You Predictably Hire the Most Successful Candidates

Breezy HR

Fact: Using structured interviews increases your chances of hiring a successful candidate. Because science. And studies. And experience. But before we dive into science (or studies, or experience), let us have a quick chat about the essence of unstructured interviews vs structured interviews, so we’re all on the same page. What Are Structured Interviews vs Unstructured Interviews? The chat.

Recruiting on Instagram: the Ultimate Playbook


Back in late 2011, a little known mobile app that went by the name of Instagram, had a healthy but still relatively small legion of about 10 million users. . Fast forward 5 years, and that little legion has ballooned into an army of over  400 million active users. Oh, and a whopping 90% of users are younger than 35 , making it one of the most popular websites among Millennials. Oh no! Link in bio.

Recruitment Analytics in a Programmatic Sourcing Era

Always Be Closing: How To Create A High Velocity Recruiting Engine.

Recruiting Daily

I have a confession to make. There was a time in my career when I just didn’t understand what, exactly, went on behind the scenes before every hire. Recruiting is one of those things that seems so simple, at least on the surface. mean, the job of recruiters is getting people jobs. It’s a […].

5 Reasons Your Employees Quit & What To Do About It

Glassdoor for Employers

How many times have you changed jobs? If you’re anything like the typical American worker, you’ll have changed employers about 12 times. Employee Engagement Featured Uncategorized analysis Company Culture Employee Retention Popular research

7 Things Interviewers Must NOT Say During an Interview

Undercover Recruiter

Are you currently interviewing candidates for the first time? Maybe you’re worried about how to phrase a particular question without overstepping the mark or perhaps you simply want to make sure that your company’s interview questions aren’t too imposing? Whether you are interviewing for the first time or would like a point of reference – View Article.

How to Beat Weak Hiring Managers When You Interview

Fistful of Talent

If you’re like me, you’ve routinely got friends, family and colleagues asking you for career advice. When it comes to the topic of interviewing, I’m on record as saying that you should let the person interviewing you for a job talk as much as they want. The more you let the interviewer talk – even encourage her to talk (that’s the key) – the more you win.

5 Recruiting Key Performance Indicators