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The Real Difference Between Job Boards and Job Aggregators


For industry veterans, it can be difficult to remember a time when recruitment marketing was still new and the differences between job boards and job aggregators was trivial when it came to advertising jobs online. The (obvious) difference between job boards and job aggregators. Read more on The 3 Most Common Ways to Advertise Jobs Online here.)

Recruiters, your Job Board is going to eat you!

Greg Savage

I have verbalised strong views on job boards over the years. An important part of the candidate acquisition mix, sure, but also increasingly becoming ineffective, geared only to active job-seekers, and in some cases price-gouging the very recruitment fraternity that allowed them to thrive in the first place. In Australia, Seek came onto the scene […].

70 Million Job Board Views and Most Come from


Talemetry clients get a lot of job views. And they have the ability to know which boards give them the most views, application starts, completions, and hires. job boardsIn fact they received over 70 million views in 2015. That gives Talemetry users a unique perspective on what works.

Top 30 USA Job Boards 2016

Social Talent

So, as you probably already know by now, each year we take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of job boards in a variety of different countries (this year we’ve already looked the UK , Ireland and Australia ). The post Top 30 USA Job Boards 2016 appeared first on Social Talent. Job Boards North America United states

Job Board Spotlight:

ExactHire Recruiting

The best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will integrate with your website via a careers portal, creating a seamless brand experience for job applicants. But to attract a high volume of applicants to your site, it is vital to have an ATS that features automated posts to a wide variety of external job boards. A: A job posting is an advertisement. million members.

Best 50 Niche Job Boards


Where to post job openings? Niche job boards attract top talent, giving you quality candidates with experience or interest in your specific industry (* Updated April 22, 2014). The best job search sites to post jobs include not only niche job boards, but also niche communities and publications. SmartRecruiters has posted 400,000+ jobs for 65,000+ companies. We’ve found that 62% of open jobs are posted to niche job sites. Here are the Best 50 Niche Job Sites in alphabetical order: Adrants. Post a Job to Adrants.

Classified Executives Weigh in on Google Job-board Rumors


“Google is planning to start its own job board.”. Job Boards Featured

Top Job Board Conferences to Attend in 2017


Not only were there a number of notable mergers, acquisitions and the like , but this was also the year that job boards began seriously researching and investing in programmatic buying. With 2017 on the horizon, we can expect this momentum to carry over and for job boards to take into account top recruitment marketing trends in their strategies for the year ahead.

10 Best Job Board Blunders ????

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Booing’ instead of booking – the internet’s rife with job advertisements featuring silly mistakes. Seriously (just for a second), it never ceases to amaze us what we stumble across on an almost daily basis out there in online job board land. So here, in all their glory, are just some of our favourite job post blunders of recent times: 1. Perks of the job….

Top 10 UK Job Boards in 2016 (Infographic)

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And just one of ways we like to do this, is to keep up-to-date with the visitor statistics of various job boards around the globe. So, today we’re checking out who’s hot and who’s not in our list of the Top 10 UK Job Boards in 2016 and comparing what’s changed since 2015. The post Top 10 UK Job Boards in 2016 (Infographic) appeared first on Social Talent.

What is a Job Board?


Job advertising used to be as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper, putting up a Help Wanted sign in the window, or getting it out there through word of mouth. The job board is the place that connects you to the rest of the world. Today, job advertising is primarily done through online job boards. Keyword Based Job Boards.

How to NOT Get Overwhelmed on Job Boards

Undercover Recruiter

I think everyone can agree there is something overwhelming about using job board sites to search for a new job. How to NOT Get Overwhelmed on Job Boards. Job Search indeed Job Boards job search jobseekers LinkedIn Monster Simply Hired ZealifyGo on three days later, and your recommended. View Article.

Top 10 UK Job Boards in 2015 (Infographic)

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And just one of ways we like to do this, is to keep up-to-date with the visitor statistics of various job boards around the globe. So, today we’re checking out who’s hot and who’s not in our list of the Top 10 UK Job Boards in 2015 and comparing what’s changed since 2014. and See last year’s list here.).

Top 10 Australian Job Boards – 2016 Edition

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Each year we take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of job boards in a variety of different countries (we’ve already looked at the UK and Ireland this year). Today, we’re taking a look at the movers and shakers of the job board world in Australia and noting where today’s job seeker is searching for jobs. Job Boards australia Free Job Boards

Keys to the JobG8 2015 European Job Board Summit


The 4th Annual European Job Board Summit, hosted by JobG8, is set to take place next week and looks to be the organization’s largest event to date. 29, JobG8 CEO Louise Grant said her company expects to pull more than 180 delegates from their network of more than 4,000 job boards to London for the November event–coming from both Europe and North America.

5 Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

Glassdoor for Employers

Are you getting the candidates you want at a fair price from the job boards you use? A 2014 Glassdoor survey showed that 68% of employers were dissatisfied with the job boards they were using. With the average time to fill a position at 52 days and a cost of $4,000 according to a Bersin by Deliotte study , it may be time to reevaluate the job boards you’ve been using.

Top 15 Free Job Boards in the UK


First and foremost, be sure to always post your jobs on both your company’s website and social channels in order to gain initial visibility. In addition, there are a number of free job boards in the UK that your HR department can leverage for even greater added exposure to quality applicants at no cost. Employers Jobs. Have you used any of these free job sites?

Niche Recruitment – Why More Specific Job Boards Provide Top Talent

Harger Howe Recruitment

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently posted an article called Niche Job Sites Still Valuable as Legacy Boards Fade. We were very excited to read that article, because it confirms something we’ve long believed: niche jobs boards are more effective because they reach the right person at the right time. recruitment niche recruitment

WorkHere Looks to Rewrite Traditional Job Board Playbook With Mobile App


The traditional playbook for running a local job board looks something like this: 1) Get a keyword-rich domain, 2) Sell job posting packages to local employers and 3) Generate job seekers through search marketing, local radio, billboards, TV, partnerships, etc. Job Boards FeaturedThen repeat steps two and three over and over.

Has Your Job Board Proven Its Worth?

Glassdoor for Employers

Did you know that 68% of employers are dissatisfied with the job boards they are currently using? Metrics to consider when determining the value of your current job board are time-to-hire, quality of hire, cost-per-hire, cost-per-application, and app-to-hire ratios. Is my current job board solving my problems? The post Has Your Job Board Proven Its Worth?

Today’s Top Free Job Boards for Recruiters


Below, we’ve showcased four websites where you can post jobs for free , and advertise your growing company in the process. In many markets, it’s free for companies to post job openings on the site. Backpage : Similar to Craigslist, Backpage offers an extremely simple layout and free job listings for most companies. Indeed : Like Google for job postings, Indeed has dominated the landscape by aggregating available positions into a simple search engine. Since it’s the most-visited website of its kind, you’ll definitely spread the word when posting a job here.

Job Boards Don't Work (Like They Used To)


There is a lot of talk about how ineffective job boards can be these days. predictable hiring

9 Job Boards to Fill Your Recruiting Pipeline with Quality Talent


Posting a job to an online job board is arguably the fastest way to fill your pipeline for a role. But before you post to multiple boards, think carefully about which ones you use. A “spray and pray” strategy might fill your pipeline, but volume can be a detriment – rather than a boon – if you’re attracting the wrong talent. Recruitment process

How to Spend Your Job Board Budget Wisely


Recruiters rely on many channels to ensure they are capturing the attention and interest of today’s top talent including job fairs, social media, networking events, employee referrals, and more. However, one of the top outlets for recruiters seeking qualified candidates for job openings is job boards.

Job Boards: 3 Great Ways to Ensure you Retain Your Clients


Why have job boards been able to survive the dramatic evolution of online recruitment and job searches? Therefore, any job board serious about continuing to compete in today’s online employment market needs to keep client retention top of mind. Doing so, requires a detailed understanding of job-level performance.

LinkedIn’s ‘Open Candidate’ Could Be a Blow for Job Boards


It’s been a busy few days for talent acquisition technology. The week got started with the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Today, LinkedIn Connect kicked-off in Las Vegas, and there have already been some exciting new products launches announced. LinkedIn Featured

Why Your Next Job Isn't on a Job Board


Job searching used to be simple. Today, we have the web, and with it, hundreds if not thousands of job boards. There were two methods – the classified ads in the local newspaper and recruiting firms. Career Advice

How We Use WordPress Job Board Plugins on Non-WordPress Websites

Staffing Robot

However, you don’t need to be a WordPress user to get access one of the hottest, up-and-coming WordPress ATS job board plugins , Jobbee. How To Put A New Job Board On An Old Website. We know that not every staffing company that wants a responsive, mobile-friendly job board can afford to build a brand new website. Ready to upgrade your job board?

Niche Versus Generalist: Get the Best From Your Job Board Subscriptions

BroadBean Technology

Job boards are the essential tools recruiters utilise to spread the word of the latest vacancies and hot jobs. With an astonishing number and array of job boards available ( Broadbean integrate with over 7,000 individual job boards ) it can be time consuming and confusing just deciding where is best to advertise. Job Boards Niche Job Board

Top 10 Irish Job Boards – 2015 Edition

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So, as you probably already know by now, each year we take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of job boards in a variety of different countries ( we looked the UK last month ). And in doing so, we note the shifts and the changes, as well as any emerging patterns from the data to keep you informed as to where today’s job seeker is searching for jobs.

What Is the Best Job Board?

The Applicant Manager

With all the job boards available, it’s not always easy to decide where your time and money are best spent. So what is the best job board? The short answer – there really isn’t just one. Not for everyone, anyway. There are, however, better ones. The key is figuring out what makes sense for your business, and to spend your time and money in those places. Let’s begin by breaking things down…. Applicant Management Recruiting Best Practices Retaining talent

Top 10 Job Boards for Best Sales Hires


Let’s start with where to post your open sales jobs to create large talent pools so you can make the best hire. Top Sales Job Boards for Best Sales Jobs: connects top sales professionals to sales talent, offering professionals over 30,000 pages of related content and opportunities for career advancement. Post a Job to Sales Gravy. Craigslist is the 7th most viewed English speaking website worldwide and offer local job posting. Post a Job to Craigslist. Post a Job to SalesHeads. Post a Job to Mashable.

3 Tips to Help You Refine Your Job Board Selection


When it comes to evaluating your recruitment advertising strategy, using an effective mix of job boards and other online advertising sources is vital. With such a huge variety of job boards, aggregators, social media sites and other online platforms available, selecting the right sources can seem like a minefield. So, where should you start?

Job Board Ad of the Week

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It’s from Indian job board company Naukri. My 15-year-old son Andrew pointed out this ad that he found on his Facebook page. Dad, come see this,” he says. It worked on me. At first I thought it was some pitch for a donation. Then I wondered where the beggar went. Then I read the sign, thought a bit, laughed, and finally went to their website.

Use Job Distribution to Control Job Board Aggregators


Getting your career site scraped by job board aggregators like or LinkedIn can feel like you hit the jackpot. job distributionA sudden influx of free candidates reduces your cost per applicant and probably gives you some quality hires. So what’s not to like?

If Your Job Board Isn’t Mobile, You’re Losing Candidates.

Staffing Robot

Everyone has talked about the importance of your website being mobile , but staffing companies have an additional concern when it comes down to making sure your site works well on phones: your job board. When you update your site to be mobile friendly, you’re not only appeasing the Google gods; you’ve made it easier for job-seekers to check out your site when they are on the go.

New Job Board Partner: Totallyhired

Hiring Thing

HiringThing is pleased to announce the addition of a fantastic new job posting option, Totallyhired. Post to one of the fastest growing job boards on the internet, now available in-app

Job Boards: Keep Them on Your Own Site!

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Well – if a user comes to your site to find a job, and you shuffle them off onto a subdomain that makes websites from 2000 look modern, you may not get them back. Jobbee is a WordPress plugin that solves the problem of having to make job seekers leave your site to see your job board. The post Job Boards: Keep Them on Your Own Site!

Leverage Niche Job Boards to Source Talent Smarter


Major job boards such as Monster, Indeed and CareerBuilder are widely used by all types of companies today because they are effective at extending the reach of job postings to a broad audience. The right talent simply doesn’t apply to your job posts. You should incorporate niche job boards to your sourcing strategy! Job Boards Recruiter Advice

HiringThing offers new job board partner, WayUp

Hiring Thing

HiringThing is excited to offer access a new free job board options to our customers. WayUp connects students and recent graduate with jobs, including internships, full-time jobs, summer and part-time jobs. Over 3 million college students and recent graduates currently use WayUp, with 1 out of every 3 students who. Continue reading