Fri.Mar 17, 2017

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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Candidate Experience


Last week’s post discussed the current state of the candidate experience. What we found is that for many, the candidate experience leaves a lot to be desired. Currently in the market we are seeing organizations shift and retool their process to provide a better candidate experience. In continuing our candidate experience theme, this post will discuss three things you can do to ensure your process and your company are providing a good candidate experience. Treat Your Candidates Like Customers. These are three things you should be doing with your candidates as well. The Need For Speed.

Why Saying No Is The Most Underrated Skill in Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

First things, first; before I get into another recruiting rant, I want to go on record and own the fact that I am, in fact, really old (something only old people admit, honestly). Not that I feel like an adult (most days); I’m not married, and never have been; I don’t have any kids (that […].

10 of The Best Candidate Excuses for Not Attending an Interview

Social Talent

Candidate excuses, where do we begin? Have you got that dreaded phone call where your candidates car won’t start, or that they’ve taken a miraculous tumble down the stairs and broken their elbow in two places? Now, although these things CAN happen, sometimes you’re left wondering whether or not there’s any truth to the excuse. Let the head scratching begin! ” 2.

5 Questions You Must Ask to Keep Your Best and Brightest Talent


Creativity emerges because of our human messiness -- not in spite of it. Employee Experience


Employer Branding Ebook

With tips and real examples from companies that have mastered their employer brand, this Ebook is a must-have for talent execs. As a bonus, we’ve added a free audit at the end to help you score your employer branding activities. Download the Ebook now.

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50+ Ideas for Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


Nobody’s ever said that diversity and inclusion work is easy. But having grown a team that recently hit a 50:50 gender ratio (an uncommon feat, especially in Silicon Valley), I can let everyone in on a secret: It’s not rocket science, either. Diversity & inclusion

Ditch the Canned Interview Questions, Already


Tell me about a time when you had to work across multiple teams to finish a project. What’s your greatest weakness? How would your best friend describe you? Sorry. I nodded off for a second there. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, canned interview questions. side note: let’s agree to not Google that in case it’s actually a real post) (side note: I broke the dea l, it’s a real post.). Ugh, fine.

Upcoming Talent Board Workshops: Getting Hands-On with Candidate Experience

Phenom People

For those who may not know, Talent Board was founded in 2010 to highlight companies with outstanding candidate experiences through the global Candidate Experience Awards and Benchmark Programs. The Benchmark Program enables companies to better understand the current state of their candidate experience through survey research, allowing them to see where they are excelling. Read More.

Aiming for a More Diverse Workforce?  Don't Leave It to Luck


Increasing workforce diversity is a recognized strategy that can help make a company best-in-class. Rarely is this goal achieved by luck, though. To have people of all identities and backgrounds represented in your workplace, the talent acquisition process has to strive purposefully toward that goal. Getting a baseline measure of demographics within your organization, and setting goals for change, are two of the first steps you can take. Then, look for ways to bring diversity into your hiring process. Here are a few suggestions: Hiring Best Practices

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing an applicant tracking system should be exciting, not confusing. We've developed a quick guide to everything you should look for while going through your selection process, to free you from the stress often associated with choosing a new ATS.

Hiring for a Small Business? 5 Practices You Need to Know

Spark Hire

Small business owners and hiring managers often have limited budgets. As a result, they must be resourceful in order to stay on track financially, while still growing their team. Fortunately, new technology and a strategic approach to the hiring process makes it easy to snag innovative, creative professionals when it’s time to expand. It’s almost as if the individual is in a contract-to-hire role.

Diversity in your workplace

Recruiting Blogs

Be deliberate about making it so. Unless you’ve been in a cave lately you have noticed the media making noise about diversity in the workplace. Some high profile companies have landed in hot water over a reported lack of diversity and even harassment. I truly don’t believe that most startup companies intend to lack diversity – but when I look around the startup community – we lack diversity. Right?

RecruitingLive with Angie Verros

Recruiting Daily

What a better day to wrap up your work week than with two of the biggest personalities in the recruiting world. On this week’s Recruiting Live we welcome Angie Verros. Angie is the Lead Consultant at Proactive Talent. You’ve definitely seen her on Twitter. She’s funny and quick witted and has pretty much the coolest hair […].

10 Tips For Anyone Wanting to Create an Engaging Infographic


Infographics need to be engaging and easy to understand. These ten tips will help you develop an effective infographic. Customer acquisition Guide Infographic


Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week

Linkedin Talent Blog

In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you. We took a look at the articles staffing and corporate recruiters shared, liked, and commented on the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days and posted them below. Here are the top posts for this week: 1. Warning: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Talent Planning. 5 Things Top Employees Deeply Care About -- by Davide Migali.

What You Should Know About Human Capital Management Software

The Hiring Site

If you work in HR or recruitment, you’ve liked heard the phrase “human capital management” but you might not have a clear picture of what it means for your organization and your people. After all, buzzwords gets tossed around all the time but they don’t always translate into a meaningful difference for anyone. Human capital management (HCM) requires you to change the way you view your employees.

What is Employment Branding?


In today’s job market, it isn’t enough for companies to offer a competitive salary or provide employee perks to attract top talent. Job seekers are looking to join organizations that essentially serve as an extension of themselves—with similar missions, vision, values and goals in line. Is your company’s message compelling enough to bring them to the table? Authenticity is critical in this work.”

How Recruiters Can Help Clients Solve Human Resources Issues

Top Echelon Contracting

Human resources departments see issues in the workplace on a regular basis. These issues can lead to poor employee retention rates, loss in profit and productivity, and potential legal problems. As a recruiter, you can help solve some of these. Contract Staffing Training

Social Recruiting Survey Reveals How Recruiters Are Changing Strategies to Overcome Hiring Challenges

In a highly competitive job market, information is power. Check out our 2016 Recruiter Nation Survey to learn all kinds of hiring trend data.

"What Really Matters is How Much Someone Cares:" Hirepool's Erin Wilson

Entelo founder Erin Wilson joins Rob and Amina in the Hiring on all Cylinders studio to chat about his current work as a first time founder after more than a decade building teams for companies like Brightroll and Yahoo. Tune in to hear about: Why an authentic talent community with candidates who share your passion and values creates the strongest employer brand.

Success of Your Interview Depends Upon Thorough Preparation

Recruiting Blogs

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Making a good impression during an interview is imperative especially if you live in Yangon because a good portion of recruitment is done through personal connections. It is important that you present yourself well whenever you meet with senior managers. Thorough research and effective preparation is the most important part of your interview. United States

How to Give Your Employees More Freedom (And Why It’s Important)

There’s no question that successful companies are backed in part by satisfied employees. This employee satisfaction may be the direct result of autonomy in the workplace: a recent survey found that 53.4 percent of employees who felt they had complete control in their job reported feeling totally satisfied. Your organization doesn’t have to turn to complete anarchy, either. opens up unprecedented opportunities for the first time in Romepilot jobs

Recruiting Blogs

This week, was visiting Rome for their 4 th career day’s fair in Europe. The team was presenting a wide range of career opportunities that offers including line training programs and license conversion to EASA. The recruitment team was sharing information to help future pilots successfully start and develop their aviation careers. United States

5 Recruiting Key Performance Indicators

How many phone screens are required for each new hire? How quickly do candidates move through your hiring process? What recruiting data is meaningful to your company's senior leadership?