Research and feedback on traditional performance management systems indicates that the parties involved do not find the process valuable. Managers dislike it because it is time consuming, lacks timeliness, seems to always be done under pressure, and are often disputed. Employees who receive “positive” performance reviews complain they are not good enough and employees that receive “negative” performance reviews complain they are inaccurate and not good enough. What a waste of time and energy!! “Stop Torturing them and give them something of Value”.

Younger generation employees are clear that they need and insist on more feedback regarding all aspects of their jobs and job performance. How does management respond to this need? Initiate a system of ongoing performance management feedback. This feedback is in the form of regular conversations with the employee. How do you do this?

  • Have a developmental mindset in your feedback to employees
  • Train your managers the techniques needed to do this effectively
  • Train employees to participate in these conversations as a reward rather than a threat
  • Document the ongoing feedback in a confirming rather than “gotcha” way
  • Be transparent
  • Be genuine

Ongoing performance management requires managers to participate in an ongoing cycle of instruction/feedback, evaluation, correction/adjustment, evaluation…etc. Often managers are uncomfortable with this type of “confrontation” with employees. The training must help managers see the benefits of this type of conversation. Training must:

  • Provide the opportunity for reward/value
  • Provide the managers an opportunity to practice in a safe environment
  • Help managers change the conversations in ways that complement their individual styles.
  • Help managers learn that transparency and gaminess is strong management not weakness

“Stop Torturing them and give them something of Value”, will delve into more detail on these topics. Real examples from my practice in this area will be shared and discussed.

July 10, 2018 11 AM PDT, 2 PM ET, 7 PM GMT

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