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2017’s Highest Paying IT Jobs


Today’s tech arena is a widely-varying cornucopia of cutting-edge jobs and responsibilities that barely even existed ten years ago. The immense power that new technology can grant a business explains these jobs’ rise to stardom.

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Pro Tips to Get Your Resume Past Technology & Into Human Hands

ClearCompany Recruiting

Applying to big brandname companies can feel like throwing a pebble into an ocean. How can one stand out when so many people apply for the same job? On average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes , but only 4 to 6 of these people will be called for an interview.

Is What a Candidate Posts On Social Off Limits to Employers?

Phenom People

One in five employers have rejected candidates because of their online activity, according to Recruitment Grapevine.

How to Use Applicant Tracking for Construction Candidates


You are here Home » Blog » Latest Blog Article. How to Use Applicant Tracking for Construction Candidates. April 25, 2017. The job of a recruiter is incredibly important and complex.

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

When your company needs to bring on new talent, it's tempting to do whatever it takes. But hiring just anyone isn't the solution. Download JazzHR's, The Essential Guide to Hiring Performers, to learn how you can create a scalable recruiting process that results in great hires.

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Recruitment & Marketing: A Natural Fit


In a digitally connected world, your talent audience expands far outside the reach of your geographical community and into your global online community. LinkedIn’s 2016 recruiting survey found that 56% of talent acquisition leaders noted they would be increasing their hiring volume in 2017. In order to capture the attention of the audience needed to […].


Recruiting Blogs

Ninja, Rockstar , Guru and Jedi are just some of the buzzwords recruiters are being encouraged to use when writing job titles. to attract potential candidates to their jobs. Is this something that works ?

Talent By the Numbers, V


Some fresh stats, facts, and figures: Uncategorized Featured


Combining Common Sourcing Tools to Create a Magic Sourcing Solution

ERE SourceCon

There has been a huge demand for sourcing tools. Many tools come and go, but some have become very reliable in our efforts to better source talent. Sourcers are keen on the advantages of sourcing tools, but many are still learning the power behind combining sourcing tools to achieve optimal success.

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

The Resume Avalanche and its Addicts

The Digital Recruiter

Feast or famine, but never satisfied One of the most common, if not THE most common, problem recruiting teams say keeps them from success is associated with application flow. Some companies feel they receive too many applications to screen.

Notes from the Road: Best Places to Work Highlights

Glassdoor for Employers

We’re just back from a tour of 10 cities where we hosted frank conversations with Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work winners for.

Developers in the Media: Truth or Fiction?

Stack Overflow

If you’re an avid TV watcher or movie-goer, chances are you’ve recently seen a developer portrayed in the media. But just how realistic are these characters (many of who are referred to as “hackers

Admin Professionals Day: 10 Ways to Show Appreciation in One Click, Call or Note

Glassdoor for Employers

Administrative Professionals’ Day (formerly known as National Secretaries’ Day) was declared in 1942 as a way to honor the people who keep. Employee Engagement Featured admin Administrative Assistants Administrative Professionals' Day Administrative Staff


Social Recruiting Survey Reveals How Recruiters Are Changing Strategies to Overcome Hiring Challenges

In a highly competitive job market, information is power. Check out our 2016 Recruiter Nation Survey to learn all kinds of hiring trend data.

Leading Video Interview Provider GreenJobInterview Announces Continued Financial Growth

Green JobInterview

Costa Mesa, CA, April 25, 2017 – GreenJobInterview, a leading provider in video interview solutions, today announced that it once again achieved record financial growth in Q1 2017. The video interview pioneer closed out the quarter with a record number of transactions and new logos.

How to Nail the 6 Key Parts of a Job Description

Linkedin Talent Blog

If you don’t spend hours crafting the perfect job description, it’s understandable. After all, according to LinkedIn's Global Recruiting Trends 2017 report, 56% of recruiting leaders say that their hiring volume will increase in 2017. It’s not like you're swimming in free time.

Recruitment CRM is Marketing AND Sales


We know recruitment marketing and recruitment CRM are the hottest topics in recruiting right now. Recent research by Aptitude Research Partners and Brandon Hall Group points out the importance and the demand for these crucial capabilities. recruitment crm


Automate Your Recruitment Agency’s Social Media (And Save Hours Per Week)

Talent Hero Media

A dead simple strategy to build out your recruiting firm’s social media presence using automation tools that save you hours per week. The post Automate Your Recruitment Agency’s Social Media (And Save Hours Per Week) appeared first on Talent Hero Media

5 Recruiting Key Performance Indicators

How many phone screens are required for each new hire? How quickly do candidates move through your hiring process? What recruiting data is meaningful to your company's senior leadership?

How to Combat Bias in Recruiting


It’s widely known that diversity in the workforce is good for business. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey study , the companies with the most gender diversity outperform those with the least by 15 percent.

Our Take On The Role Craigslist Should Play In Recruiting!


“Craigslist is for buying used cell phones and golf clubs, not recruitment. I don’t think my candidate audience is even on Craigslist.”


JazzHR Partners with Click Boarding


Today, JazzHR announced our new partnership with Click Boarding – the leading provider of new hire onboarding technology for businesses of all sizes.

5 Tools That Every Recruiter Needs

Undercover Recruiter

Recruiting can be a long slog. All of the different components of the jobs, from cold calling for new clients, postings your jobs, sourcing candidates, reading resumes and performing interviews, can take up most of your day.

Get the Definitive Guide to Recruiter & Hiring Manager Partnerships

We've teamed up with Glassdoor to bring you the 10 steps you need to take to build an effective partnership with hiring managers.

How Better Interviews Lead to Better Business

Proactive Talent

There are so many factors of recruiting and hiring that companies could focus on when they want to improve their processes, save money or increase their bottom line - from how they source talent to offer acceptance, and everything in between. However, here’s an often-overlooked part of the hiring process that holds the power to make a significant impact on many areas of the company: the interview process.


5 Tips for Designing a World-Class Recruitment Website

NPA Worldwide

Today’s guest blogger is Sam Ajam of BuzzRecruiter.com. Founded in 2006, BuzzRecruiter.com creates design and marketing buzz that serves the recruiting and staffing industry nationwide.


Will A/B Testing Be the Next Big Thing in Recruiting?

Recruiting Blogs

At the end of last year, ERE published an article called “ 9 Talent-acquisition Trends to Watch for in 2017.” I was excited to see one of the bullet points was as follows: A/B testing will become a critical factor in the battle for talent.


Here’s What Tech Pros with Data Skills are Making

Dice Industry Insights

Employers and recruiters who specialize in data-intensive industries know that the salaries for data analysts and scientists have skyrocketed in recent years.

The Biggest Trends in Recruitment and Retention: PI Worldwide Survey Results

Learn about recruitment and retention from respondents in business support and logistics, education, finance and financial services, and healthcare and manufacturing.

How Increasing IT Salaries Impact Budgets and Hiring

Recruiting Blogs

The trend of rising IT salaries has picked up so much pace that many organizations now accept it as a cost of doing business. But what is that cost? The allure of higher salaries is a major factor driving tech pros to new jobs , and subsequently has employers across the U.S.

Using Recruiting Strategies to Hire for The Win


We highlight key recruiting strategies and recruiting tools to help you capture talented superstars

8 Ways Dancing Makes For a Better Workplace

Recruiting Blogs

Every business owner knows (or at least learns at some point) that the company’s success directly depends on the merits of its employees.

5 Ways Talent Networks Enhance Your Recruiting Strategy

The Hiring Site

How many times have you been browsing Amazon and put something in your cart, only to abandon it before you actually make the decision to buy? Job seekers do the same thing when it comes to applying for jobs.

Employer Branding: Five Tips to Make Your Career Site Your #1 Recruiting Asset

Learn how HR Directors in Enterprise companies can use their career sites as their number one recruiting asset.