How to Optimize your Candidate Engagement Rate


The top two barriers to identifying qualified talent are not finding enough suitable candidates to fill open positions, and candidates not responding to outreach. There simply aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around, and those who are the most in-demand have many opportunities available to them. That’s why it’s so important to focus on your candidate engagement rate. There are simply too few qualified candidates to let any of them slip away.

How AI transforms candidate engagement


Harnessing AI to engage job applicants. When integrated into an applicant tracking system, AI has enormous potential for bolstering recruitment efforts and engaging these high-quality candidates. The post How AI transforms candidate engagement appeared first on Jobscience.

3 Ways to Transform Candidate Engagement with AI


Harnessing AI to engage job applicants. When integrated into an applicant tracking system, AI has enormous potential for bolstering recruitment efforts and engaging these high-quality candidates.

The Secret Sauce of Candidate Engagement

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Candidate engagement is one of the most difficult things to master. Recruiters and sourcers have different takes on what makes a good candidate engagement program and several different best practices have worked.

Recruitment News: Remote Working & Candidate Engagement

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To ensure your candidate is a good fit, the ILO report has put together a six point criteria that needs to be met. The Secret To Candidate Engagement. Within the world of recruitment, candidates are a recruiters prized possession and are certainly their most valuable asset.

The Hype of Candidate Engagement and Candidate Experience


It seems that 2016 was the year when recruiters fixated on improving candidate engagement and the candidate experience. There were hundreds of articles and reports on candidate engagement, awards, and at least one conference devoted entirely to discussing it.

3 Ways to Transform Candidate Engagement with AI


Harnessing AI to engage job applicants. When integrated into an applicant tracking system, AI has enormous potential for bolstering recruitment efforts and engaging these high-quality candidates. Pulling from variables such as a candidate’s visits to the job site, entries on an application and time to respond to messages, the system would be able to determine which individuals need more attention.

Increase Candidate Engagement With MightyText

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One of my recent discoveries is MightyText, which is one of my favorite candidate engagement tools. I have an addiction to be overly curious about finding new gadgets and recruiting tools.

It Takes a Little Tech to Give You a Win-Win on Candidate Engagement

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The “recruiting is marketing and candidates are customers” mindset is driving interest in a traditionally overlooked aspect of the job search: candidate engagement.

3 Simple Steps For Improving Your Candidate Engagement


Candidate engagement has become a big topic in talent acquisition recently. Although there isn’t an official definition, candidate engagement generally refers to how responsive candidates are and how well they feel they were treated during the recruiting process. .

What Is a Candidate Engagement Platform?


What is a Candidate Engagement Platform? An ATS tracks applicants, but what happens when candidates aren’t applying in the first place? Candidate engagement platforms work in this space to attract and encourage job seekers to apply for open positions.

Hiretual Ventures Into Candidate Engagement With Version 3.0 Launch

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Hiretual can search across over 20 platforms utilizing AI Sourcing, assists with building boolean search strings and finding candidate contact information. Hiretual is a sourcing tool known to be a recruiter or sourcers “best friend.” ” Founding member Ninh Tran and co-founder Steven Jiang created it with us in mind. They will proudly tell you that “Hiretual was built by recruiters for recruiters.”

Improve Candidate Engagement with AI & Automation


With unemployment at a 17 year low , top candidates find themselves bombarded with emails, calls and direct messages all offering them new opportunities. When passive candidates have so much opportunity when it comes to their next job, recruiters are put in a position to entice candidates to their open roles and away from the next shiny thing to enter their inbox. With so much to do, they may not have the time it takes to provide the candidate experience they wish they could.

4 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement Throughout the Hiring Process


Effective candidate engagement and a positive hiring experience are both critical elements to building your best team. Below, we’ve pulled together several tips to improve overall candidate engagement. Continuously Communicate with Candidates.

The Secret to Fantastic Candidate Engagement Great Recruiters Don’t Tell You

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And you know what they say; “out of sight, out of mind” The fact is, the same thing happens to the candidates we email. In order to increase your candidate response rates, you should be following up on every candidate email you send.

Candidate Engagement — Is That What You Really Want?


Candidate Engagement FeaturedAlbert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” ” Recruiting operates under a similar rule: nothing happens until someone does something — looks at a job description or applies for a job.

5 Ways To Keep Candidates Engaged During The Interview Process


In this candidate-driven market, companies are now investing more in attracting top talent to open opportunities. But once you’ve got great candidates in the door, how can you keep them interested and engaged with your company as they move through your hiring process?

Are Candidate Engagement Platforms Really Worth It?


While businesses are establishing themselves and expanding faster than ever, one major problem remains: candidate engagement. The post Are Candidate Engagement Platforms Really Worth It?

5 Tips for Better Candidate Engagement


Take your HR professional's hat off for a moment and think back to the last time you interviewed for a job. When you went through a job search you probably asked yourself why you wanted to work for a company. After each interaction, you began to make assessments about whether or not a firm would be the right fit for you. Recruiting HR All

Requirements for a Continuous Candidate Engagement™ Strategy


With near perfect unemployment, candidates have more choices and are increasingly in control; they choose you, not vice versa. New rules call for a new approach to recruiting: one that puts the candidate at the center of the experience. Candidate Experience Recruiting Process

How Much Is Candidate Engagement Worth To You?

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In this podcast… Have you ever uttered the phrase “I would pay this candidate to call me back” before? In fact, when you think about it, we have paid candidates to pay attention before with lunches, incentives, etc. How bad candidate engagement has driven a need for paid response.

What Football Can Teach Us About Candidate Engagement


While it’s not exactly the same, the entire experience can be easily equated to candidate engagement. Strategic recruiting teams are built to create strategies to reach the masses of candidates and keep them excited through the hiring process. Many of these candidates are champions and superfans of their brand, too. So why are talent acquisition teams overlooking the game of football when structuring new candidate engagement goals?

Text-Based Mobile Interviewing Drives Faster Candidate Engagement


Use of text-based technology is soaring as companies realize the power of text to reach potential job candidates and consumers. For talent acquisition leaders, text-based interviewing’s capability to drive faster, richer candidate engagement can’t be matched by other technologies, making it one of the most effective strategies in mobile hiring today. Candidate Experience mobile

The New Model for Modern Recruiting: Continuous Candidate Engagement


Chances are you’re already feeling the impact of a declining workforce, not to mention mounting pressure to communicate in new ways that will appeal to Millennial and Gen Z candidates. Candidates are more informed and have more choices—they pick you, not vice versa.

Using Intelligent Automation for Candidate Engagement and Selection


Once you’ve mastered the first step, attraction, you can begin to engage these candidates. You need to continue to use the old tacts that are proven to work when engaging your candidates, but intelligent automation can improve your processes even further. Intelligent automation has the capability to transform how you can recruit.

What’s the Difference Between Candidate Experience and Candidate Engagement?


Looking back on 2017, the big buzzword in recruiting was ‘candidate experience’—and rightly so. The days of ‘post and pray’ are long gone and candidates are in control. However, there’s a problem in how we’re talking about ‘candidate experience.’ Candidate Experience

Introducing Drip Campaigns: A New Way to Automate Candidate Engagement


As recruiters, we know that candidates don't always respond to our first message, email, or phone call. That's why we are excited to announce Drip Campaigns as the newest part of TextRecruit. All product update

How to Keep Candidates Engaged Without Seeming Desperate

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For recruiters, getting the communication balance right can make the difference between keeping a candidate keen and utterly annoying them. Recruitment Candidate Management

Why Recruiters Love Candidate Engagement Platforms: 


The way we communicate with candidates has changed. Whereas once upon a time we may have reached out exclusively via phone and email, consumer perceptions of business text messaging are changing for good. Consider that research by Trumpia found that 64% of consumers think businesses should converse via SMS more often. Recruiting All

The Overlooked Importance of Candidate Engagement

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Both companies and recruiting firms always seem to claim they understand the importance of “engagement” but are they really practicing it? Candidate Engagement becomes even more important when those candidates are passive.

Candidate Engagement: Getting it right in 2017

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Because there are still organisations who either can't (because they don't have the right recruitment technology ) or won't (maybe because they don't recognise the impact it has on their business) deliver good candidate experience. Here's how to get candidate experience right this year.

Save Your Company Culture with Candidate Engagement


Everyone wants to love what they do. Now, some of your employees won’t and that’s to be expected and perhaps even accepted. For some, it’s just a job. For others, a frightful transformation occurs, one that could be damaging your company culture in more ways than you know. Introducing, “the disengaged employee,” a recruiter’s worst nightmare. Recruiting All

What is the Difference Between Candidate Engagement and Candidate Experience?


Over the past few years, a larger emphasis has been placed on the candidate in the recruiting process. Whereas candidates used to have to pine for the attention of recruiters, recruiters are now trying to find ways to woo candidates. Social media can now also make anyone's experience as a candidate amplified for the whole world to see, either in a positive or negative way. Overall, candidates are starting to look more like customers in the eyes of the recruiter.

5 Reasons Why Staffing Apps are the Future of Candidate Engagement


Many staffing and recruiting agencies have been spurred to action by the knowledge that over 50% of job search happens on mobile. They’ve long ago realized the necessity of building a mobile-friendly site and making sure the mobile job application process is as seamless as possible

What You Should Look for in a Candidate Engagement Platform


At recent industry events, you may have heard the term “candidate engagement platform” being thrown around stages and various other conversations. Consider this your guide to what candidate engagement platforms are, why organizations invest in them, and what you should look for in yours. By now you probably know that attracting job-seekers today’s job market is as easy as a walk in the park….if if the park was on fire and you were on fire and everything was on fire.

Meetup and Eventbrite: Using Non-Traditional Recruiting Methods


Candidate Engagement

How to Write Recruiting Email Subject Lines that Drive Candidate Engagement

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The post How to Write Recruiting Email Subject Lines that Drive Candidate Engagement appeared first on Newton Software. Keep Your Recruiting Emails from the Trash Folder with These Killer Subject Lines Recruiting Emails.