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Build Your Talent Acquisition Strategy to Improve Performance


How to Build Your Talent Acquisition Strategy to improve your HR Performance? With great workforce comes great business”, however cliché this phrase may sound, it doesn’t change the fact that employees are the soul of any corporation or business. Investing in the top talents of the industry not just gives businesses a competitive edge over others but also helps them in gaining credibility of their internal and external stakeholders.


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In order to keep pace with the changes taking place in the business ecosystem, it is imperative for HR professionals to take every opportunity to gain knowledge and insights from every available source. .

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Judge Rules in Favor of hiQ – LinkedIn Can’t Block Startup from Scraping Public Profile Data

ERE SourceCon

A federal judge issued a huge setback for LinkedIn on Monday, ruling that LinkedIn can’t block the startup hiQ Labs from accessing public profile data.

Self-Assessment: The 5 Abilities Only HR Superheroes Have

ClearCompany Recruiting

What does it take to be an HR Superhero? Do you have it? Find out what makes HR leaders stand out above the rest and assess yourself to see if you’re one of them or if you could use a little training yourself. Talent Management

4 Templates to Enhance Your Candidate Experience

It’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and consistently with candidates, from the moment they submit their application to the moment they’re told whether or not they got the job. Download these templates to step up your communication.

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When Hiring for Attitude — Catch ‘Attitude Fraud’ Because Candidates Fake It


“Attitude fraud” — when candidates with an undesirable attitude purposely deceive and act as if they have a great one to get hired. Even though it is a major problem, few in recruiting make any attempt to detect or avoid it. Screening & Assessment Featured

4 Competency-based Interview Questions to Make a Solid Skills Assessment


Your employees are your competitive advantage, so it’s important to hire people who have the right skills to help your company succeed. Competency-based interview questions can help you suss out which candidates have the right skills, based on their past behaviors and performance. Below are four types of questions to ask, with sample questions for specific roles you may be hiring for. Interviewing

Ongoing Training: 4 Astounding Benefits For Your Employees

ClearCompany Recruiting

No job remains the same forever. Even if jobs never evolved, your employees do. Research shows that employees want to learn, change and grow in their careers. Spend on corporate training has grown to over $70 billion in the United States.

5 Networking Tips All Recruiters Should Know

Social Talent

Attending networking events as a recruiter can be daunting. Not only are you trying to make connections, but you also need to reassure potential clients that you can be trusted to find the right candidates for their company.

2017 Recruitment Media Benchmark Report

In this benchmark report, Appcast analyzed 2016 pay-for-performance recruitment media from over 750 companies across every major industry. Learn the trends and results that leading employers are getting from their recruitment media.

Middle-Skill Workers: The Backbone of Company Work Teams


Hire Education: What Do Your Candidates Really Need? . Is it possible that the right candidate for your company or your client might not have a college degree? We all know that a college degree equates to a higher income later in life, right? For years, the media has reported the benefits of higher education, which include greater income and employability over a lifetime, among other benefits.

See the Top Tech for Reducing Redundant HR Tasks


The typical HR department’s work and responsibilities are varied, and its responsibilities huge. And, as every HR professional knows, practically speaking that means that it’s easy to get bogged down in repetitive administrative tasks.

HR is the New PR


What’s bad for journalism has been good for public relations. Reporters have always had a tendency to leave the trenches of writing stories and the low salaries associated with that profession for the cushy confines of the PR industry.

Will Recruiters Bite When Your Email Address is Seriously Uncool?

Recruiting Daily

When I was 11, I collected rubber ducks, my favorite color was purple, and Blink-182 was trendy. So behold, my first email address — Tragically, this email address did not stand the test of time.

Guide to Lean Hiring

It's undeniable: over the years, hiring processes have become more complex. In many ways, this shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, the work that most of us do has become more sophisticated But does complexity really lead to better, faster hires? Of course not. In fact, many smart organizations have started a trend, a return to simplicity, that allows them to compete for talent more efficiently. This trend is called lean hiring. Download the Guide to Lean Hiring and develop a systematic approach to recruiting that increases productivity while eliminating waste.

NEW LinkedIn Features That Will Help You Post and Share Like a Pro

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Recruiters and sales people spend the majority of their time on LinkedIn, it’s where they keep up with industry news, build their personal brand and most importantly source prospective leads and candidates.

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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Gitlab

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Gitlab is a web-based Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features, using an open source license, developed by GitLab Inc. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how.

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New Recruitment Marketing Updates for Fall

Harger Howe Recruitment

We’ve said it before and we’ll reiterate the point here; Fall is prime recruitment season. Fall is when you need to be on your game and ready to use the most up-to-date methods to entice candidates because the competition is fierce.

Looking to Attract Niche Candidates? Try Geofencing

Phenom People

If you’re a recruiter specializing in an industry with highly niche or hard-to-fill roles, you’ve already got a challenge ahead of you. It’s a constant battle of trying to pick candidates off from competitors, exhausting social media sourcing channels, and looking at new ways to target them.

GoToWebinar Test - Employer Branding

Employer branding is often viewed as a project rather than an evergreen way to attract and retain talent. In this webinar we will discuss how to build talent acquisitions funnels using employer branding content and embracing a life-hack mindset. After you register, you will receive an email from us and from GoToWebinar, providing you with additional details. If you don't receive these emails, please make sure to check your spam folder. In this session you will learn: Organization structures that are used to bring the outside in, Innovation metrics that lead to innovation success, Reward systems that reinforce innovation culture, How to grow talent inside and outside the organization that grows the topline. August 16, 2017, 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT

The 5 Stages of Recruiter Grief

Recruiting Daily

Each year, those of us who still have some burning passion for Hollywood (for whatever reason), gather to watch the Oscars. For 3-4 televised hours, there’s excessive backscratching and a celebration of the Cult of Personality going on.

10 Best Practices to Create a High Performing Sourcing Team (Infographic)

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Sourcing candidates is one of an essential part of recruitment. You can’t rely on your ideal candidate seeing your job ad, many of the people you really want to interview are already working in another job aka passive candidates.

The Ultimate Guide to Drip Marketing Campaigns for Recruiters


Recruitment drip marketing isn’t just the latest buzz term, but a lot of savvy sourcers and recruiters have woken up to its potential. They’re taking a page from the sales reps playbook and using it with some astounding results. Advertising & Marketing Email Sourcing Featured

Our Q&A with Google Dave: How to Attract Top Talent by Thinking Like a Marketer


Want to increase the response rate to your recruiting emails? Marketing can help. Hoping to attract more inbound applicants? Marketing can help. Need to hire more than 45 people by the end of this year? You guessed it: marketing can help. Employer brand

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

“If You’re Not Good-Looking, You Can’t Work Here”

Phenom People

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of buzz in the news about employers and their allegedly controversial hiring practices. It’s no surprise that bias, harassment, and other issues arise in the workplace, but more and more companies are gaining publicity for hiring only good-looking people. Of course, the legality around companies. Read More. News hiring practices recruiting

Four Lead Generation Tips for Recruiters


With so much competition across the board, recruiters need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and gain the upper hand and the confidence of possible clients.

The Roundup: LinkedIn’s Head of Talent Solutions on Recruiting For Longevity

Social Talent

This week on The Roundup, we listen to some top advice from Jon Addison, Head of Talent Solutions UK on how to recruit for longevity. Make sure you join us for The Roundup every Monday, so you can catch up on the latest news in the recruitment industry. Recruiting For The Long-Term.

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I Think I’ll Stay Awhile: Why Employees Stay at Their Jobs

Recruiting Blogs

Much ink has been spilled on the various reasons that employees leave a company – too much stress, not enough pay, no room for growth, et cetera – but what about the success stories?

How Employers Can Play by The New Rules of Work

Candidates want careers where they can grow and see their values reflected in the company's mission. As employers, you have to look at potential employees like customers. Download this ebook to learn how you can thrive in the new world of talent.

Managing Evergreen Jobs to Meet Compliance Obligations and Limit Financial Liability


Practical suggestions on how to remain compliant with OFCCP’s VEVRAA regulations when posting evergreen job requisitions

Where Do You Want to Find Job Seekers?

Fistful of Talent

Recruiters and sourcers are panicked about the changes on LinkedIn. It started with limiting free access to candidates and now there are rumors of recruiters ending up in LinkedIn jail for using Google Chrome extensions to ferret out contact information.

SmartSearch Optimizes Job Postings for Google Jobs Search


Once again, SmartSearch delivers the latest developments in the recruitment marketplace to our customers. We recently completed updates to the SmartSearch Career Center integration to include Structured Data coding for Google Jobs new AI-powered search engine.