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There is no ‘luck’ in recruitment

Greg Savage

I had to laugh. I just could not help it. After one drink too many at an end-of-year function, a recruiter told me he was as good a recruiter as ‘Stephanie’ was. It is just that her results “looked better because she was lucky.” LOL Double LOL That was an extreme lack of awareness, I […].

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How to Use Video to Hire with Precision over Reach 

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Hi Rally Community! My name is Jonna Sjoevall, and I’m the Global Head of Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing at UBS , a Swiss headquartered global bank and the world’s largest wealth manager with over 71,000 employees.

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5 Effective Text Recruiting Tips | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

This piece on text recruiting was originally published in June 2018. It was updated in January 2022 with new data and information about SMS recruitment. Millennials and Gen Z workers make up a whopping 46% of the full-time workforce in the U.S.

The Benefits Of Texting For Recruitment


While it’s a given that the coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, some of the most noteworthy (and newsworthy) data involves how it has affected business operations and how many of us work.

100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

For the first time, we’re sharing the winning plays that took us from scrappy startup to a publicly traded company. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.

5 High Volume Hiring Strategies You Can Use in 2022


Hiring the right talent, and doing it at scale, is a challenge in and of itself. For many hiring teams, achieving success with high volume hiring often comes at the expense of tedious, manual outreach activities, messy spreadsheets, disorganized data, and difficulty. Read More.

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Top 11 Features to Look for in ATS Software | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Today, most of us use dedicated, powerful software (or even several different pieces of software) to perform our jobs each day. Applicant tracking software, also known as an applicant tracking system (ATS), plays a prominent part in talent acquisition strategies for most HR teams.

How To Recruit Talent in the Great Resignation Era

Proactive Talent

It’s been said a thousand times and will likely be said a thousand times, these are interesting times and especially in the world of work. According to a report from, the phenomenon known as The Great Resignation will continue through 2022. To quote said report.

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Building psychological safety at scale, with Madison Butler

Social Talent

When it comes to diversity and inclusion efforts in organizations, often the major focus is placed solely on hiring diverse talent.

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Revamping Your Recruitment Strategy in 2022: A Guide


You likely look for ways to grow your recruitment strategy regularly. Perhaps even daily. But knowing how you can elevate your recruiting efforts (i.e., identify, engage, interview, and hire qualified candidates with great speed and efficiency) is all the more important, as. Read More.

The Guide to Finding Global Talent

Remote work has opened the doors to hiring the best talent anywhere. Discover how building a talent hub in a specific geographic region can help grow your company. Learn key factors to consider when creating a hub and suggested locations.

Update on OSHA ETS for COVID-19 Vaccine Status Tracking


By Christopher Ryan, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Avionté On January 13, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay on the OSHA Emergency Temporary Statute (ETS) standard, pending a final ruling, which is likely to overturn the ETS vaccine or test regulation.

Non-Binary & Trans Candidate Experiences: 3 Ways to Update Your CxE

Katrina Kibben

Candidate experiences should be inclusive for everyone - including non-binary and trans candidates. How can you upgrade your experience for belonging? The post Non-Binary & Trans Candidate Experiences: 3 Ways to Update Your CxE appeared first on Katrina Kibben's Blog.

Flexible work hours: it’s important for 58% of US workers, survey finds


In short: we included flexible work in our new Great Discontent survey of US workers. Flexible work, however, is more complex than it sounds – it consists of two distinct areas of flexibility including location and time. They are two very different things.

How to accomodate candidates with ADHD during the hiring process


Arya - Recruiting AI Technology. How to accomodate candidates with ADHD during the hiring process.

How the Candidate Experience Is Your Competitive Advantage

Speaker: Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS | Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President

During this informative webinar, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President, Kevin Grossman, will share insights from their candidate experience benchmark research and teach you how the candidate experience is your competitive advantage.

How Our Hiring Team Makes the Most of LeverTRM


The irony of the Lever hiring team using our very own talent acquisition suite — that is, the industry’s only native ATS + CRM solution — to recruit and hire top talent isn’t lost on us. That said: Why wouldn’t we use. Read More.

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5 Steps to a Smooth Year End Reporting Process


January is typically a crazy time for any business. You’re planning for the new year while simultaneously wrapping up the last. January is especially stressful for staffing and recruiting firms, who are responsible for tax reporting for large volumes of employees.

Can you be an unvaccinated Recruiter?

The Whiteboard

This week it finally happened. Actually, scratch that. It didn’t just happen once. It happened three times in one day. For the first time since this whole bat thing kicked off, we’ve been hit in the pocket due to vaccine mandates.

Everything You Need to Know About Answering Behavioral Interview Questions

The Muse

Be ready for any behavioral question your interviewer throws at you with these tips, questions to prep for, and example answers. Interviewing

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

Curiosity Won’t Kill You

Katrina Kibben

Curiosity won’t kill you, but waiting until you die to live might. I talk to people who do it every day. The post Curiosity Won’t Kill You appeared first on Katrina Kibben's Blog. Weekly Letters curiosity life advice van life


Define Strategy and Defeat Challenges with an MSP Partner

Allegis Global Solutions

Growing companies face many new workforce decisions and challenges, and one of the most pressing areas of need centers around the growing use of contingent workers. An advanced managed service provider (MSP) solution is a great way to take the guesswork out of managing your contingent workforce.

Recruitment Agencies Poised for Strong Growth This Year

FireFish Software

At the end of each year, we conduct a survey to collate the thoughts and views of recruitment agency owners across the UK and Ireland, establishing their plans and forecasts for what's to come in the year ahead.

The 2022 Labor Market: Where We Are & Where It's Going


New year, new labor market? While this isn’t exactly the case, the employment market does appear to be developing some consistency with new trends, and, due to the shift in behavior that has accelerated over the last two years, a new era in the labor market has emerged.

How to Create an Employer Brand That Attracts the Best Global Talent

Your employer brand not only affects your reputation and performance but your ability to attract and retain global talent. In this article, learn effective employer branding strategies, ways to communicate your employer brand, and more.

Are Your Background Checks in Compliance?

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Recruitment, while necessary, comes with a degree of risk. Employment screening programs are often used to decrease this possibility.

How to hire boomerang employees during the Great Rehire


Let’s chat about boomerang employees. Because the Great Rehire –the period following the Great Resignation , during which candidates will suddenly start applying to jobs in the truckloads–is coming.

Debunking 10 Common Myths about Pre-Employment Assessments

The Perfect Hire

There is a growing use of science-backed assessments as a powerful component of the talent acquisition process. And for good reason. Effective decision-making requires objective data and sound judgment, and that applies to decision-making about people as well.

A Candidate’s Perspective: Biased, (and Even Illegal) Interview Questions

Recruiting Daily

In terms of hiring, the interview is the ballroom moment for candidates and interviewers alike.

The 2022 Guide on Becoming An Inclusive HR Practitioner

Speaker: Dr. Akilah Cadet, Founder and CEO of Change Cadet

This fire-side chat was designed by Dr. Akilah Cadet, Founder and CEO of Change Cadet, to educate and empower HR practitioners and recruiters at every level, to become accomplices and hold other colleagues accountable. She will cover tips to work through difficult conversations, steps to apologize, and how to act in the workplace.

Writing Great Recruiting Emails Starts with Better Job Postings

Katrina Kibben

Most people let their recruiting emails suck. They claim they don’t have enough time, but it’s not that hard to optimize your emails. The post Writing Great Recruiting Emails Starts with Better Job Postings appeared first on Katrina Kibben's Blog.


How One HR Pro is Making an Impact with a Multi-Touch Mission

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Christie Lindor spent the first two decades of her career working as a management consultant at some of the world’s top companies.

13 ATS benefits and what they mean for your business


An applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines the hiring process by automating and organizing each step along the way, making it easier to connect with qualified candidates more efficiently. Using an ATS benefits your talent acquisition strategy in the following ways: 1.