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Three Reasons Texting Should Be Part of Your Candidate Communication Strategy


If you’re in recruitment, then you’re always seeking better ways to enhance the candidate experience and improve recruiting efficiencies. So it seems obvious that when a new tool makes it easier and faster to communicate with candidates, you should jump right on it. Enter the world of SMS/texting for recruitment. While consumer texting has been around for many years, it’s a newer concept applied between recruiters and candidates.

How To Motivate & Boost Your Employees Performance (Infographic)

Social Talent

Knowing how you can motivate and boost your employees is a struggle for many a manager. Managing a team of employees can be tough, and it becomes even harder when your workforce is diverse.

See You at SHRM Annual 2018!


It’s our first year attending the SHRM Annual Conference and we can’t wait! We just got wind that the conference is sold out. Aside from endless networking opportunities, these four days are packed with fantastic learning opportunities for HR professionals.

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By the Numbers: June 15, 2018


BountyJobs Bites. Hiring Forecast Strong into Q3. The Numbers: A survey released by ManpowerGroup ranked the U.S. as having one of the strongest outlooks for hiring among the 44 countries surveyed. 24% or more of the over 11K U.S. employers responding plan to increase staff in Q3.

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Live Webinar: Recruiting 101 – How to Choose the Right ATS

Recruiting 101 – How to Choose the Right ATS. Let’s face it: Recruiting is hard. It’s nearly impossible without recruiting software or an applicant tracking system to help you automate the massive amount of daily tasks involved in hiring. Applicant tracking systems are command-central for all recruiting activities and manage everything from posting jobs, to collecting feedback, to moving candidates through the funnel and onboarding new hires. But buying an ATS can be as overwhelming as recruiting itself. As someone working in recruiting or HR, you have control of the first part of the onboarding and training process and have a large part to play in the successful onboarding of the entire company’s new hires. Join us on Thursday, June 28, 2018, Time: 11:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM EST, for a live webinar to learn what an applicant tracking system is, what to look for, and how to choose the right vendor.

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When Measuring Performance Management Begins to Hurt More than Help

ClearCompany Recruiting

Performance management is a vital part of the employee experience. When done correctly, performance reviews should motivate employees to improve their performance by providing a consistent way to assess and select employees for promotion, transfer or alternate actions.

How Inclusive Cultures Power Championship Teams


The Golden State Warriors just won their third NBA championship in four years. Steph’s star-power, KD’s skill, Klay’s sharp-shooting, Draymond’s grit, and many more individual players’ skills are clear reasons for their consistent success. However, there is also a less visible reason for this success—and it happens behind closed doors during halftime. If you’ve ever wondered why the Warriors are so great in the third quarter, Marc Stein and Scott Cacciola helped answer that question.

The reasons that candidates join are NOT the reasons they stay.


Not too long ago, good pay and competitive benefits would be enough to both attract and retain the type of talent your company needs to be successful. That’s no longer true.

Why a great candidate experience results in better hires


Candidate experience may matter to the success of your organization more than you think. Here are a few ways the candidate experience impacts your business: Candidate experience influences brand perception. Companies that spend a lot of time promoting their brand in the marketplace.

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

With 200+ offerings in the market, choosing the right applicant tracking system can be a challenge. To help, we have developed a comprehensive buying guide highlighting what you should look for along each step of the decision process. Download the guide and ensure that the ATS you choose is the right fit for your organization.

Why Great People Make Great Companies

Undercover Recruiter

This week on the Employer Branding Podcast, we’re with a Chicago-based tech company that has been through the peaks and troughs of business and now competing for the best talent with the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook. ‘ James Ellis is the Global Head of Employment Brand at Groupon.

Happy Father’s Day: Building an Inclusive Workplace for Dads


Happy Father’s Day (almost)! A lot has been said recently about building an inclusive workplace for women—including mothers—but dads are too often left out of the conversation. The modern family and gender roles have evolved beyond men as breadwinners and women as caregivers. Many families now have dual earners, and parents share childcare responsibilities at home. However, the modern workplace has not adapted to the modern family.

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Glassdoor Announces Top CEOs for 2018 — Did Yours Make the List?

Glassdoor for Employers

You already know that having a great CEO is critical for business, but you may not realize how much of an impact. Featured Leadership News and Events Glassdoor Glassdoor Awards Top CEOs Top CEOs 2018


7 of The Most Audacious Tactics Used To Hire Top Talent

Social Talent

With the war for skills intensifying, companies are under even more pressure to evolve the way in which they hire top talent. Traditional job postings have become a thing of the past for many, as they move towards a more modern approach. Some of these are funky, fun and downright audacious!

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Are You Closing Candidates and Getting Them Onboarded Efficiently?

Once you choose a candidate to hire, the real work begins of trying to get them to accept your offer. And even if they do, you still need to get them onboarded efficiently. Are you doing a good job managing these steps? Take a 30-second assessment for a free evaluation of your job offer and onboarding processes.

Why it’s important to view recruiting spend as an investment worth making


Your employees don’t just work for your company – they are your company. Recruiting is important because it is literally the mechanism which builds your organization. Imagine you’re building a brick wall and you have a pile of bricks to draw from. Some are chipped and cracked, others were not fired properly in the kiln, and only a handful are perfectly rectangular. Would you grab a handful of bricks and start building – or would you sort out the best bricks first?

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How to Have Productive Office Meetings

Undercover Recruiter

Meetings are usually considered as boring and a waste of time. Employees often dread their weekly meeting because they’re monotonous and not worthwhile. There are so many ways in which managers can improve their meetings with the following tips below.

Summer of Sourcing: Diversifying Your Talent Pipeline


If you walked in to Lever’s headquarters right now, you’d think you were in Hawaii. Why, you ask? The second annual Summer of Sourcing is upon us! Sourcing & Nurture webinar

How to Recruit like a Top CEO

Glassdoor for Employers

Vision, strategy, culture, and shareholder value are all key responsibilities of a CEO. But to quote Jim Collins’ must-read book, a truly. Talent Acquisition Hiring Recruiting Top CEOs

7 Steps to Attract and Engage More Candidates

Want to improve the candidate experience of your job application and drive more candidates to apply? This guide covers: presentation of your careers page and jobs, length and complexity of your online application, application technology, and candidate acknowledgement.

A 3-Step Essential Guide For D&I Success At Your Company

Social Talent

For the month of June, we’ve decided to turn our focus on to the hot topic of ‘Open-Minded Recruitment’ At SocialTalent, we practise what we preach and that’s why we’ll be sharing insightful tips on how you can increase your talent pool using diverse initiatives.

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The Golden Rule of Recruiting: Are you losing out by lacking a strong employer brand strategy?


Having a strong employer brand is an essential part of your organization’s strategy but can often be overlooked.

5 Ways to Avoid Employee Absences During the World Cup

Undercover Recruiter

The FIFA World Cup only happens once every four years, so it’s a special occasion for many.

A Game Plan for Interviewing: Essential Tips to Help You Prepare for Meeting With Candidates


So you’ve gone through all the resumes and identified the candidates who have the skills, attitude and aptitude mojo your business needs, and now it’s time to move on to the next phase of the hiring process—the interview.

What Employees Really Think About Their Benefits Package

Employers invest a lot of time and money crafting a benefits mix they hope will attract and retain talent. But are you offering what employees actually want? We asked over 1,200 professionals how they feel about their health and wellness benefits for our 2018 Annual Employee Benefits Survey.

ATS Killer: Latest Google Hire Updates Are Massive Time-Savers

Recruiting Daily

Google Hire ATS Admittedly, I am giant fanboy when it comes to Google and its products. I had a chance to speak with Google Hire team yesterday to get a peek at the new functionality — and, as always, they did not disappoint.

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TL;DR | Diversity Fatigue and Exclusionary Language

Social Talent

Too busy to keep up to date on the latest recruiting news and trends? Are you spending your morning smiling and nodding at the water cooler wondering where your colleagues find the time?

Winning the War on Talent with Perks, Benefits, and Video Job Ads


Written by Alex Roland, Marketing Intern The current war for talent has been difficult for many HR professionals to fight. With so few potential job candidates, how do you attract people to your company when READ MORE ».

How to Write Job Ads for Millennials and Gen Z

Undercover Recruiter

Sponsored by LiveCareer Every company wants to attract hot young talent, but seasoned recruiters have learned that what worked ten years ago doesn’t have the same results today.

Black or White: Moving Beyond the Traditional Diversity & Inclusion Box

Speaker: Elena Valentine, CEO of Skillscout, and Nancy Harris, CEO of Restart Consulting LLC

“But, if you're thinkin' about my baby, It don't matter if you're black or white.”. Michael Jackson’s popular song from the early 90’s only touched on one aspect of diversity. As time has progressed, we recognize that diversity extends far beyond just “black or white.” But often times, that is the focus of our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. And with this narrow focus, we can become trapped “in a box “ that inadvertently overlooks other aspects of DE&I. This can lead to employees feeling frustrated and our programs spinning in circles with no real progress. We’re here to disrupt your thinking and approach to traditional DE&I. This highly interactive session will have you seeing more than just “black or white.".

Google Introduces 3 New A.I. Features to Hire, Focused on Reducing Monotonous Tasks


No one’s stopping. Microsoft’s not stopping. Facebook’s not stopping. Indeed’s not stopping. And no, Google’s not stopping either. Announced today, the company is upgrading its Hire product with a focus on artificial intelligence. Google google hire

Glassdoor & Recruit Holdings Deal Closes

Glassdoor for Employers

Last month, Glassdoor announced entering into an agreement to be acquired by Recruit Holdings Co., Today, we are pleased to report. News and Events Uncategorized Glassdoor Recruit Holdings

Change Management and Technology Adoption


Enterprise video adoption rarely happens organically. To ensure your team’s success you need a video adoption plan. Without it, the initial enthusiasm for video will dwindle and your recruiters will quickly return to the old way of doing things.

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This Job Description Heatmap Shows You What Candidates Really Care About (and What They Ignore)

Linkedin Talent Blog

You’ve spent forever crafting that job description—and you’d like to think candidates are poring over every single word of your masterpiece. But, they’re not. There are whole sections of your job description that candidates pretty much ignore, and other parts where they’re hungry for more details.

Attracting & Retaining Superstar Talent

Speaker: Ryan Turnbull, VP, Wellness Practices Leader at Tolman & Wiker, & Bryce Eddy, SVP Employee Benefits at Tolman & Wiker

Ever wonder how companies differentiate themselves to attract and retain superstar talent? Join us for a panel event featuring thought leaders from Tolman | Wiker, voted '2017 Best Place To Work' by the Pacific Coast Business Times, as they share insight on the strategies used by top employers to win the war for talent.