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Onboarding New Hires? 3 Metrics to Track | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

One aspect of your company that needs to be addressed is the process you take for onboarding new hires. With many organizations adopting a remote work format, finding a balance between a traditional and a digital onboarding process will be essential in creating a positive and productive employee experience. Track Your Turnover.

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Onboarding Tools and Tips for an Adaptable Onboarding Process

ClearCompany Recruiting

Studies have shown that organizations with strong onboarding processes see retention rates increase by 82% , yet only 12% of employees believe their company does an adequate job of onboarding new hires. What works best for an in-person onboarding experience might not translate well for a remote experience. What’s next?


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ROI of an Effective Onboarding Strategy | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

While every organization onboards new employees to some degree, many lack the effective and impactful experience employees crave in a newly accepted role. In fact, 88% of all employees believe their company doesn’t provide a positive or effective onboarding process. Why Effective Onboarding Strategies Matter.

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How important is your onboarding process?


Is your onboarding process setting your new hires up for success? Is your onboarding process providing your company with the benefits that it should be? An effective onboarding program can offer several advantages to both the employer and the new hire. So what is onboarding exactly?

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Virtual Onboarding: The 5 Keys to Success in 2022

Speaker: Kate Pavlina and Jon-Paul Jaramillo

The pandemic made virtual onboarding our new reality. This webinar combines years of research with real-life examples to uncover a tried-and-tested framework for virtual onboarding. In this webinar you will learn: Insights and findings from years of research into the virtual onboarding practices of America’s top tech companies.

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Onboarding 101: What You Need to Know to Create an Effective Onboarding Process


One of the core ways your organization can nurture and retain top talent is by using a strong employee onboarding process. By thinking far ahead of your new employees’ first day, you can develop an onboarding program that starts from day one—the.

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Breaking Down the Virtual Onboarding Process


Onboarding a new employee means a huge data dump of company values and culture, job responsibilities, department procedures, and all the administrative tasks of setting up payroll and benefits. Remote employees face an extra hurdle in that all of their onboarding has to be done through virtual or text communication.

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How Zapier Saves 206,185 Minutes a Year by Scaling Their Onboarding Program

Speaker: Ben Eubanks and Ashley Priebe Brown

So when Zapier joined forces with Enboarder to onboard their new hires (aka Zapiens), Zapier’s Onboarding Program Manager, Ashley Priebe Brown, was determined to completely revamp the onboarding experience to scale with the company’s massive growth. Register now for March 14, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST, 2:00 PM EST, and 7:00 PM GMT

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The Virtual Onboarding Toolkit: 5 Lessons to Nail the New Hire Experience

Speaker: Georgie Duthy, Enboarder's Senior Customer Success Manager

We built an entire business helping the world’s top employers, like Shopify, McDonald’s, Dropbox, and Hugo Boss, deliver WOW onboarding experiences to their newbies. Sign up for this webinar to learn: The top 5 lessons we've learned about virtual onboarding since the pandemic. The #1 difference between in-person and virtual onboarding.

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Swiping Right on HR Tech: How Tinder and Southern Cross Automate Their Hiring & Onboarding Process

Speaker: Nora Diaz de Leon and Nicole Moore

A hiring & onboarding process that is disorganized and inconsistent leaves a subpar first impression with candidates and new hires. But the latest tech advancements have completely transformed the way businesses hire and onboard, allowing YOU to focus on what actually matters: creating meaningful candidate and employee experiences.

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Global Hiring Handbook: Onboard and Manage Talent in 20 Top Expansion Countries

From creating a compliant employment contract, to providing competitive benefits, to managing cross-culturally, this guidebook will help you get started with insight on how to onboard and manage talent in the top global markets.

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Reshaping the New Hire Experience: How to Unleash Their Full Potential From Day 1

Speaker: Dan Cable, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School

But to achieve this, we need to rethink our approach to onboarding. He's uncovered groundbreaking insights into onboarding and through real-life organizational tests and Harvard trials, he's found the key to successful onboarding. Join Enboarder and Dan Cable as he exposes the science to successful onboarding.

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Overcoming 3 Candidate Journey Challenges

Speaker: Meghan M. Biro, CEO & Founder, TalentCulture

The three common challenges in this journey are initial outreach, onboarding, and career mobility. For HR and recruiting teams, the future of work also includes how they can upgrade their current talent and employee experiences. In order to provide a more streamlined and personalized process, we need to address these areas.

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Retention Roadmap: Ways to Reduce Talent Turnover in 2022 and Beyond

The benefits of effective onboarding. In this eBook, get actionable tips to keep your global employees happy, engaged, and productive. Download this eBook to learn: The importance of career paths for employees. How to cultivate a healthy company culture.

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8 Pillars of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

By reading our eBook, you will learn best practices to help you: Attract and recruit diverse talent Eliminate bias during interviews and hiring Facilitate inclusive onboarding Leverage DEI to boost retention And so much more! To make a true impact on employees with DEI, it needs to be incorporated into every program within your company.