June, 2017

The Rise of the Super-Commuter


Staffing professionals know that the distance an employee has to travel to get to work is an important factor in whether a hiring placement proves successful. Over recent years, though, commutes have only grown longer for many people. The Washington Post reported on 2014 U.S.

Four Tips to Recruit and Retain Millennials


Today’s blog post comes from our friends at C UE. CUE provides industry-leading software and services essential to run and streamline your workflow so that you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

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If Recruiters Were Simpsons Characters…

Social Talent

Ahhh, the Simpsons, who doesn’t like the mad hatter family from Springfield? I certainly do! Springfield is home to many an oddball character, with it having some standout personalities.

Ready or Not, Google for Jobs Launches Today


After nearly a year of speculation, a search engine optimizer in Australia capturing screenshots in the wild , and an official announcement from the CEO, Google for Jobs officially launches today.

When Social Media Meets Employer Branding: Your Guide to Doing it Right

A strong and authentic online presence can mean big things for your company’s employer brand—from driving employee engagement to showing potential candidates how awesome your culture is. We created this quick and easy guide to help get you started.

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The recruiting secret that made me more money than any other

Greg Savage

Success in recruitment is ‘lots of activity – done well, with the right people’. Activity x Quality x Target Market 

= Success 
= Fun and money I believe (actually, I know) that activity is key to the ongoing success of any recruitment professional. It’s not all about activity, but activity counts.


How To: 3 Ways To Conduct A Flawless Job Interview

Social Talent

Here yee, here yee! Gather around yee recruiters far and wide, and feast thy eyes on best practices surrounding job interviews. Interviews can be tricky for recruiters, and sometimes, it can be hard to get a proper read on a candidate.

Here’s the Email CareerBuilder’s CEO Sent Employees Announcing New Ownership


Big news at CareerBuilder this week. The company has a new sugar daddy. Job Boards Mergers & Acquisitions Featured

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Ask the Sourcing Squad: How to Advocate for More Sourcing Resources


Chances are, your leadership team is juggling 24 different priorities on a daily basis. Even if they value talent acquisition as much as you do, their instinct may be ambivalence when it comes to allocating more resources to hiring

Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Modern job seekers have high expectations when applying for jobs. Download Newton’s guide for creating the ideal candidate experience to learn how you can attract top candidates and drive them to apply to your positions.

The 21 Best Email Finding Tools: How to Find Anyone’s Email


Finding an email address is often the last piece of the puzzle. Often you know exactly who you want to reach out to but you’re lacking contact information. An email address is literally worth it’s weight in gold.

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How Salesforce Chatter is Transforming HR


Does it take awhile to track down a particular email from a top level candidate? Are your emails bouncing around your organization during the hiring process? . If yes, I’d like to introduce you to Salesforce Chatter.

When is the Perfect Time to Post a Job?

ERE SourceCon

Job adverts cost mоnеу, and no recruiter wаntѕ to bе at аn есоnоmiс disadvantage bу роѕting jоb openings during timеѕ few people would see it.

Recruitment Vs Strategic Talent Acquisition (Infographic)

Social Talent

Phil Exec Search Solutions are back again with another detailed infographic. In this infographic, they dissect the two hiring approaches and highlight the differences between recruitment and strategic acquisition.

Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

The Importance of Recruiters


It’s easy to overlook your impact. Every day, you’ve got a full calendar and an overflowing desk. Taking a moment to celebrate what you do most likely isn’t on your to-do list. Agency Recruiting Corporate Recruiting Recruiting Featured


Infographic: Candidate Sourcing Dos and Don’ts


Candidates are well accustomed to receiving recruiting emails. In fact, many of them welcome it! A whopping 90 percent of talent say they’re open to hearing from a recruiter. But that doesn’t give you license to blast candidates indiscriminately – especially when they’re trying to enjoy their summers. Not all candidate sourcing tactics are created equal. Sourcing & Nurture

10 Reasons Your LinkedIn Invitations Are Getting Ignored

Recruiting Daily

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform and every week we create new virtual connections with people who send us invites and with those we would like to add to our network. If you send a LinkedIn invitation to a friend or work colleague, it is often accepted within 24 hours.

IT Staffing: 3 Strategies You Must Follow


Businesses rely on qualified and experienced information technology professionals to get through everyday challenges and perform at peak efficiency. For recruiters and staffing agencies, this need represents the chance to place numerous workers in appealing jobs.

Newton’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting

In recruiting, mobile’s no longer a trend. It’s the reality. Currently, 9 in 10 job seekers use their smartphones to find new employment opportunities. Lacking a mobile recruiting strategy? Download our guide to mobile recruiting for practical tips on attracting mobile job seekers and driving them to apply.

Why Candidates Are Ignoring Your Emails

ERE SourceCon

As a recruiter or a sourcer, do you ever wonder about methods to get qualified candidates to respond to your messages? In today’s competitive candidate market and with the rise of AI, aka “the robots,” we tend to forget about the human elements of recruiting.

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Recruiters…We’re Not All That Bad, Are We?

Social Talent

We give candidates and hiring managers a lot of stick.We’ve collected examples of ridiculous candidates answers in interviews and the real truth behind resumes to share with the world. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all just a self-defence mechanism.

Here’s the Real Reason Entelo Just Got $20 Million


Entelo just raised $20 million. Party time! Search Techniques Source the Web Talent Management Tech Searches Featured

Recruiting in Ed Tech: 6 Key Learnings from Seasoned Talent Leaders


By 2020, investment in education technology is expected to reach a whopping $252 billion. To grasp the market’s explosive growth, you don’t have to visit a classroom. Just chat with your relative who’s taking an online education course, your roommate who’s learning a new language on her phone, or your nephew who now uses a Chromebook in his kindergarten class. Everywhere we turn, we see education and technology merging. Recruitment process

The Goldilocks ATS Story

When your business is growing, choosing the right recruiting technology can be a challenge. How do we cut through the noise? We turn to fairy tales. Seriously. We use the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to break down the applicant tracking system market.

Employee Engagement Starts During the Interview


Despite being one of the fastest growing and revenue producing markets worldwide, Employee Engagement continues to run stagnant.

The Parity in Recruiting and Marketing


Working as a recruiter requires you to wear a lot of different hats. Recruiters have to take on some of the characteristics of a good marketer.

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6 Things Every Sourcer Wants a Candidate to Know

ERE SourceCon

A professional sourcer will look through hundreds of different candidate resumes and LinkedIn profiles a day, and therefore are highly attuned to noticing candidate’s mistakes. Some errors are minute and forgivable, some are too funny to ignore, and others can be an absolute killer to a candidacy.

Tech Recruiting: 10 Of The Best Questions You Need To Ask A Hiring Manager

Social Talent

If you’re a recruiter, you’ll know just how challenging it can be to extract concrete information from a hiring manager.

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Secrets to Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates!

Losing a quality candidate at the job offer stage is one of the most costly pitfalls in recruiting. Download our guide to boosting your offer acceptance rates and learn the 5 secrets to closing top candidates every time.

LinkedIn Turns on Damage Control in Light of Google for Jobs, Underscores It’s Not Indeed


With all the chatter around Google putting a chokehold on Indeed.com , LinkedIn clearly wants to make sure people know it’s not in the crosshairs too. Jeremy Rozicer , SVP of recruiting at Oak Solutions Group Inc. shared an email from its LinkedIn representative earlier this week.

Hiring at Booking.com — How to strengthen your technology recruitment with 100% growth yearly


Do you know that Booking.com is the biggest e-commerce company in terms of revenue after Alibaba and Amazon? Headquartered in Amsterdam, Booking.com’s technology team has 1.600 people with 80 nationalities.

How to Prepare Your Recruitment Agency for GDPR

FireFish Software

By now most recruitment agency owners have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes which will come into effect in May 2018. However, we’re not all clued up about what it means in practice and what we need to do to prepare for these new regulations.

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Recruitment in One Form


As a former CTO and someone who manages large Salesforce and Jobscience databases frequently, I am quite familiar with the challenges to capturing and maintaining clean data in a CRM system. We are all guilty of wasting precious time playing around with data in a system.

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How To Overcome Recruitment Challenges & Supercharge Your Recruitment RO

Gain access to this ebook to learn how you can overcome steep recruitment challenges and increase your organization's recruitment ROI.