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5 Symptoms of Applicant Tracking Software Disease


Advanced recruitment software has become an essential part of the DNA of how HR departments and staffing agencies find candidates and match them to open positions.

3 Fresh Job Description Formats You Should Try (and Which One Works Best For Your Prospects)

Linkedin Talent Blog

14 seconds. That’s how long a job-seeker, on average, spends reviewing a job description before they decide to apply or not. And, many of them don’t even review the whole ad -- according to a study using eye-tracking software, the bottom one-third of the description is often not reviewed at all.

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5 Tips for Hiring an Engaged Workforce

Green JobInterview

Employee engagement is a top-of-mind topic for many business leaders who are struggling to keep employees motivated. According to Gallup, more than half of the US workforce is disengaged, which causes organizations’ productivity to drop and ultimately hurts the business.

LinkedIn, Please Don’t Leave Me. I Will Be a Good Sourcing Child This Time!

ERE SourceCon

LinkedIn can be an unforgiving, strict parent who will ground you or even put you in their self-governed jail if you do something they don’t like. If you don’t conform and follow the rules, you will be wiped out from existence. LinkedIn Social Networking Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured


When Social Media Meets Employer Branding: Your Guide to Doing it Right

A strong and authentic online presence can mean big things for your company’s employer brand—from driving employee engagement to showing potential candidates how awesome your culture is. We created this quick and easy guide to help get you started.

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Sixty Savage Seconds – The future of recruitment in 127 words

Greg Savage

Here’s the next “Sixty Savage Seconds” from The Savage Truth A one minute video of the best ideas, tips and tactics for recruiters… sixty seconds to make you think. This Sixty Savage Seconds is titled “The future of recruitment in 127 words“ Let me know what you think! Future of recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Trends Sixty Savage Seconds future of recruitment recruitment


How to Get the Best Return on Your Prospecting Voicemails

FireFish Software

When conducting prospecting or business development calls, it’s certain that many of your potential clients won’t be in the office or available to talk when you first try to reach them. So, voicemail is an important tool to use.

10 Best Practices to Improve Onboarding


The process of welcoming your new superstar into the organization is critical; a poor onboarding experience may compel a new hire to bolt from even the most reputable employer. To prevent that, make your new employee’s onboarding experience as smooth, welcoming and productive as possible.


Chatbots in HR: How Artificial Intelligence Will Determine the Future of Recruitment

Glassdoor for Employers

Ready to transform the HR and candidate experience, chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that are now increasingly being used to make the hiring process easier. Industry Trends Candidate chatbots HR Recruitment


Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Modern job seekers have high expectations when applying for jobs. Download Newton’s guide for creating the ideal candidate experience to learn how you can attract top candidates and drive them to apply to your positions.

How To Tap Into The Best Talent Pool: Your Alumni

Spark Hire

You love your university. As an employee there, you fully support its main goal: to educate young adults and prepare them for their futures. Did you know by doing this, you’re also creating a quality talent pool? It’s time to learn how to access skilled alumni to fill your open positions.


RecruitingLive w/ Anne Taylor: Learning to recruit, and survive during a merger.

Recruiting Daily

A merger or acquisition usually means culture change, layoffs, new policies, procedures, and regulations. Maintaining a positive outlook and recruiting in this environment is exceedingly challenging – especially in a candidate-driven job market.


The Software and Tools Your Small Business Needs for HR and Recruiting


HR software can be a boon for small businesses struggling with limited resources. These days there’s a vast array of online tools on the market, many of which are attractively priced and accessible for everyone, not just the big guys.


Chief Economist Insights: 2017’s Highest Rated CEOs

Glassdoor for Employers

Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist at Glassdoor, weighs in on the themes that have surfaced in this year’s Employees’ Choice Awards for Highest Rated CEOs. Industry Trends CEO Highest Rated CEOs 2017 Popular research


Using Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

The #TransformRM Virtual Tweets to Remember


It takes a tribe to make a virtual conference take off, and man did our recruitment marketing tribe come out in full force for Transform Virtual. Over 5. The post The #TransformRM Virtual Tweets to Remember appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Industry What's Happening transform recruitment marketing


How Does Your Candidate Experience Stack Up?

Phenom People

The candidate experience is a powerful tool that can move any candidate from thinking, “Do I want to work here?” ” to “I want to work here!”


Recruitment – Chemistry or Alchemy?

Undercover Recruiter

As an in-house recruiter, you want the successful candidate to be a good match to the role profile and up to the job-challenges but, more than that, the hiring line manager will want them to be a good fit. Surveys have regularly indicated that previous hires proved to be sub-optimal in 60% or more of. View Article. Recruitment – Chemistry or Alchemy? Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Blog.


Job Posting Sites vs. Job Aggregators: What the Heck’s the Difference?


While the line between job posting sites and job aggregators is blurring, recruiters that understand the difference between the two types of platforms can get more candidates with less work. A job posting site is where thousands of job postings are published and available for jobseekers to search. The jobseekers often end up on this type of job site because of their interest, expertise, or intent. In other words, most job posting sites are niche in some fashion.

Newton’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting

In recruiting, mobile’s no longer a trend. It’s the reality. Currently, 9 in 10 job seekers use their smartphones to find new employment opportunities. Lacking a mobile recruiting strategy? Download our guide to mobile recruiting for practical tips on attracting mobile job seekers and driving them to apply.

Strategic Staffing Can Cure Summer Hiring Woes

Recruiting Blogs

When it comes to summer hiring, candidates can be difficult to find, especially for entry-level or temporary positions. So how can you create a strategy for hiring over the summer months that won’t leave you short on talent?


SurveyMonkey is Killing Your Candidate Experience


SurveyMonkey is a silent enabler for average to below average candidate experience. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with SurveyMonkey. It’s cheap. It lets you create surveys. And many organizations who truly care about candidate experience use it to gather feedback from candidates.

Unique Ways Companies are Approaching Millennials in the Recruitment Process

Undercover Recruiter

With the increase of employees belonging to the millennial generation, it has become imperative to reach this market in unique and creative ways.


The Secret to Recruiting STEM Employees – What To Consider When Recruiting STEM Candidates

JWT Inside

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields will grow to more than 9 million jobs between 2012 and 2022. Today, the competition to recruit STEM candidates is fierce and many organizations are struggling to fill positions – especially companies that are not explicitly in the STEM industry. But every organization needs STEM workers, so how can your organization best recruit top talent?


The Goldilocks ATS Story

When your business is growing, choosing the right recruiting technology can be a challenge. How do we cut through the noise? We turn to fairy tales. Seriously. We use the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to break down the applicant tracking system market.

5 Transportation Careers With Surprisingly High Earnings

Recruiting Blogs

Job seekers who love to travel, rejoice! Transportation jobs can provide a steady paycheck while fulfilling the nomadic sense of wanderlust. What’s more, some transportation careers come with surprisingly high salaries. . Captains, Mates and Pilots of Water Vessels.


Last Week in Talent: June 26, 2017


The wheel of the talent acquisition machine never stops turning and last week was no exception, with Yello , Textio , and Sense all grabbing new rounds of funding, Todoist releasing a Slack-competitor called Twist , and Google for Jobs launching its quest to become the one job board to rule them all.


Why Your Company May be Losing $141,240 a Year, And How You Can Stop It

Hiring Thing

Making a bad hire is very costly, but how much does it actually cost? To quantify the amount, let’s do some quick math: The Center for American Progress conducted an in-depth study and determined that the average cost of turnover is 21.4% of an employee’s annual salary. This means that.


9 Data Protection Tips for Recruiters


All recruiters should be aware of any pieces of data protection legislation. This post contains various data protection tips for recruiters. A must read. Hiring Talent Recruitment Talent Professionals


Secrets to Boost Your Offer Acceptance Rates!

Losing a quality candidate at the job offer stage is one of the most costly pitfalls in recruiting. Download our guide to boosting your offer acceptance rates and learn the 5 secrets to closing top candidates every time.

Linkedin User agreement and what you missed!!

Recruiting Blogs

So a lot has been posted and shared about the updates user agreement for Linkedin (LI). Mainly about the use of tools, extensions etc. Reactions have varied from oh well who cares I am going to do what I do. To Oh know I am not using any tools, or extension (ext) on any place anymore.


5 Things We Love – In Tech and Digital – This Week! 6/26/17


It’s Brittany again, the Marketing Associate from PowerToFly. As always, I’m here to highlight some of the coolest and empowering resources, media, and news by and for women in tech. This week’s post is especially cool, because there’s a heavy emphasis on community and mentorship — something very much in line with what we do here at PowerToFly. But I won’t spoil too much, check it out for yourself! Geek Girl Rising.


4 Reasons It's Hard to Hire IT Engineers

Recruiting Blogs

Those who rely on engineering talent to achieve business goals have learned a hard truth in recent years: there’s a shortage of qualified engineering professionals in America. Making matters worse, finding engineers who specialize in IT is even harder.


How will the Future of AI Impact Your Job as a Recruiter

Recruiting Blogs

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a science fiction storyline, but a concrete reality that is revolutionizing countless businesses across many industries. In fact, 62% of enterprises are expected to be using AI by next year, with the AI market growing to $47 billion by 2020.


How To Overcome Recruitment Challenges & Supercharge Your Recruitment RO

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