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Announcing Lever Nurture Recommendations to Kickstart Your Hiring


From day one, we set out to make Lever more than an “applicant tracking” system because recruiters deserve tools that not only track candidates but empower them with a competitive edge to win the very best talent

3 Simple Ways To Reach A Decision Maker In A Company

Social Talent

One of the most common struggles for sales professionals is reaching out to the right person – the decision makers! Salespeople pour their heart and soul into orchestrating the perfect pitch, then for it to fall on deaf ears. So, where are they going wrong?

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How Employers Sabotage Themselves -1

Recruiting Blogs

How Employers Sabotage Themselves. The Attraction Phase. Part 1 of 3).

The Future of Recruiting: Combining HR with Marketing

Phenom People

Old Lovers: Sales & Marketing Marketing and sales. Sales and marketing. There are VPs of Sales, VPs of Marketing, and VPs of Sales & Marketing. I’ve even heard the term “Smarketer” thrown around – a sales and marketing hybrid. Sales provides the revenue fuel for marketing to improve their efforts around brand awareness. Marketing provides sales. Read More. Recruitment Marketing Talent Relationship Marketing

7 Steps to Attract and Engage More Candidates

Want to improve the candidate experience of your job application and drive more candidates to apply? This guide covers: presentation of your careers page and jobs, length and complexity of your online application, application technology, and candidate acknowledgement.

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12 Interview Questions to Ask Every Sales Candidate

Linkedin Talent Blog

65% of hiring managers in sales agree that a lack of soft skills among candidates limits their company’s productivity. Of course, soft skills are notoriously difficult to screen for…and they’re also central to the act of selling.

Security Giant Telling Organizations They’ll Get $400 for a Hire


Allied Universal, the 150,000-employee security company hiring about 50,000 new employees over the next few months, is trying a new spin on referrals, offering money not just to employees but to organizations that may need funding. Career & Job Fairs Corporate Sourcing Employee Referrals Tactical Sourcing

Here’s Looking at You: The Importance of Pre-Hire Assessments


You are here Home » Blog » Latest Blog Article. Here’s Looking at You: The Importance of Pre-Hire Assessments. September 19, 2017. Assessments aren’t just another step in the hiring process anymore, they provide a neutral way to screen candidates based on their workplace fitness.

How HR Chatbots can save 100+ hours a month?

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“This is on behalf of Happy Company. Thanks for applying for the job. We've got some quick questions for you. Are you ready?”. . Yes”. . …………. …. …. …. . Thanks for your time. We'll get back to you ASAP. Meanwhile, you can go through our website to know more about us:”.

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Employer Branding: Funnel Building with your Employer Brand

Speaker: Iain Hamilton, In-house Consultant & Managing Director, People Traction

Employer branding is often viewed as a project rather than an evergreen way to attract and retain talent. In this webinar we will discuss how to build talent acquistions funnels using employer branding content and embracing a life-hack mindset.

The Roundup: Google for jobs and Learning to say NO when someone begs for a discount

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In the RoundUp we bring you the most interesting stories from the recruitment and sales industries. All the things that the world has been talking about from the i-phone x to… Well, it’s really been all about Apple this week.

Need Top Performers? Hire Candidates With a Strong Professional Network


Actionable Tips for Hiring Those With Powerful Professional Networks. Networking Screening Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Strategic Sourcing

The Greatest Story Ever Told, And What It Says About Leadership And Culture

Unbridled Talent

I’m on a plane today, traveling to speak to Human Resources leaders at a conference about The Future of HR.

Metrics: KPI’s for Sourcers

ERE SourceCon

Sourcing is more than just finding the right candidate for the job. It’s a process – sometimes a very time-consuming one – and processes need to be assessed to make sure they are working efficiently. Here are four sourcing metrics you can use to track how your processes are functioning.

Employer Branding: The No-Fluff Culture Conversation

Speaker: Kirsten Davidson, Senior Partner, Employer Branding, Employera

If you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall driving your culture and employer brand efforts forward, you’re not alone. Former head of employer brand for Glassdoor and industry leader in culture and employer branding, Kirsten Davidson shares the lessons she’s learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Join us for a frank conversation about what just about everyone is getting wrong, and how to get it right.

3 Tips for Posting Job Ads that Attract Candidates


It’s that time of year again. College graduates are flooding the candidate pipelines and you just happen to be hiring. But all these new recruits means a rise in competition for the best new talent out there. You want, no – you NEED the most talented individuals to join your team. But how?

We’re Listening: Glassdoor Surveys Employers on Recruiting Challenges

Glassdoor for Employers

Is attracting quality candidates a challenge at your organization? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone – a new survey by. Industry Trends Talent Acquisition Data informed candidate Trends


What We Need Now In HR….A Better Employment Verification System

Fistful of Talent

I guess I’m jaded after all these years–I don’t have a lot of faith in employment verifications or references. They’re supplied by the candidate. Are they really going to supply a bad reference? I don’t think they will. I know I won’t.

Top Consultants Talk Interview Success

Recruiting Blogs

Let’s talk interviews. We ask our top performing, most experienced consultants how to excel in the interview process and leave your interviewer wanting more!

Employer Branding: The New Front-Line

Speaker: Philip Black, Head of US Strategy, Omobono

Hear from Head of Strategy, U.S. at Omobono, Philip Black, about new ways that leading, forward-thinking companies are using Employer Branding in order to differentiate themselves from competition to find the talent they need.

We're Ready for Our Talent Innovation Summit!


The photo above says it all. The countdown is over, and we're stoked for Day 1 of our Talent Innovation Summit! Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve previewed much of what’s in store over the next two days. We geeked out when Hot Topic gave us a peek at how they apply machine learning to recruiting, threw down the gauntlet when Lou Adler said he could find any top-tier passive candidate , went behind the scenes of GoDaddy’s diversity transformation story , and much more.

Partnering with Your Agency When You’re on a Tight Budget

JWT Inside

As an agency, we partner with clients with vast budget ranges. It’s not a unique situation – some organizations have more money to spend than others.

9 Things You need to do to Retain Your Top Employees


Workplace ‘loyalty’ does not carry the same importance as it used to. Here are 10 tips to help you tempt your top performers to stay and keep on delivering what they do best. Building Culture Employer branding Leading People

HR Tech Today Is a Lot Like Pitching Credit Cards to Impulsive College Students

Recruiting Daily

When you’re 18, it’s fair to assume that you know absolutely nothing about anything. What’s inconvenient is that most real knowledge really only comes in hindsight, which is about as useful as a majority of HR Tech ideas being floated in the industry at any given time.

Guide to Lean Hiring

It's undeniable: over the years, hiring processes have become more complex. In many ways, this shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, the work that most of us do has become more sophisticated But does complexity really lead to better, faster hires? Of course not. In fact, many smart organizations have started a trend, a return to simplicity, that allows them to compete for talent more efficiently. This trend is called lean hiring. Download the Guide to Lean Hiring and develop a systematic approach to recruiting that increases productivity while eliminating waste.

Not Just On The Resume

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Making mistakes on your resume is a sure way to get you overlooked. Presenting yourself in a less than favorable light will do that as well, but not just on the resume. Jobvite’s 2016 survey of 1,600 recruiters and HR professional found that 72% of respondents had a negative reaction to typos.

A New Career Option for Recruiters: Managing the Internal Talent Network


Recruiters have always been tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a network of contacts outside the company so that when openings become available they know who to call to get those jobs filled.

3 Rules for Managing a Job Interview Like a Shark

Spark Hire

You don’t need to be pitching business ideas to Mark Cuban to be in the Shark Tank. The wildly popular TV show takes you into the world of investing and entrepreneurship. As a recruiter, you play the role of a Shark during each and every job interview.

The Hardest Thing I’ve Sourced for; and I am Still Looking

ERE SourceCon

Sourcing Talent Acquisition Featured

Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Modern job seekers have high expectations when applying for jobs. Download Newton’s guide for creating the ideal candidate experience to learn how you can attract top candidates and drive them to apply to your positions.

How to Turn Your CEO Into a Talent Magnet

Linkedin Talent Blog

If you got it, flaunt it—and if you’re lucky enough to have an inspiring CEO, the best thing your recruiting team can do is show them off. A great CEO can bolster your employer brand and attract top talent.

An Executive’s Perspective: Rediscovering the Human Experience in Recruiting

Brazen Recruiting

This blog is the first of our new Executive’s Perspective series, featuring Brazen’s Vice President of Customer Success, Carrie McIntyre , who talks about inefficiencies in the recruiting process and how human interaction can help recruiters and candidates. Carrie, take it away!

When is the time to pay attention to recruitment marketing?


Whatever your company’s sector, it’s understandable that if you have very few employees – let’s say, 10 to 20 – you won’t want to spend a huge amount of money on recruitment advertising.


How to Attract Millennial Employees with Non-Monetary Benefits


Millennials are an important and valuable part of the workforce; in fact, they’re taking over the workplace. Based on data from Pew Research Center, more than one-in-three American workers are Millennials, and in 2015 they surpassed Generation X to become the largest segment of the American workforce. Since Millennials have different attitudes towards work, as we discuss below, the challenge for companies and hiring professionals is how to attract and retain them.

Newton’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting

In recruiting, mobile’s no longer a trend. It’s the reality. Currently, 9 in 10 job seekers use their smartphones to find new employment opportunities. Lacking a mobile recruiting strategy? Download our guide to mobile recruiting for practical tips on attracting mobile job seekers and driving them to apply.