Recruiters, your Job Board is going to eat you!

Greg Savage

I have verbalised strong views on job boards over the years. An important part of the candidate acquisition mix, sure, but also increasingly becoming ineffective, geared only to active job-seekers, and in some cases price-gouging the very recruitment fraternity that allowed them to thrive in the first place. Automated Marketing Job Boards Marketing Recruitment Recruitment Trends Technology automated marketing job boards marketing recruitment

Understanding Facebook Job Boards


Compare that to the 300 million monthly active people on LinkedIn and the 250 million visitors per month on Indeed and it's a no-brainer that you should be utilizing their job boards to drive quality candidates to your key positions. Did you know that about 2.8


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New Job Board – Monster


Monster has always been a pioneer in the job advertising and recruitment industry. We considered your requests for Monster job board integration. And, we are happy to announce that Jobsoid is now integrated with Monster for effective job advertising.

5 Job Board Trends Recruitment Ad Buyers Should Know

Katrina Kibben

I observed 5 job board trends anyone who pays for recruitment job ads should know. The post 5 Job Board Trends Recruitment Ad Buyers Should Know appeared first on Katrina Kibben. Trends that will help you take a new approach to your ad strategy.

Are HR Technologies Ruining Your Employee Experience?

Speaker: Rayanne Thorn, Founder and Lead Strategist at Never Enough Media

Even happy employees peruse job boards for the next best thing, especially during a time of low unemployment like we are currently experiencing.

New Job Board –


We are excited to announce that Jobsoid now has a new job board – for seamless job advertising. In addition to the existing 20+ job boards, you now have Upward to reach out to a larger talent pool.

Power Source Flywheels Are More Efficient than Job Board Funnels


If you do feel that way, most likely your organization is too reliant on just one primary source for applicants - job boards. I have nothing against job boards. They provide an amazing service to generate applicants for your jobs.

How to Maximize Your Job Board Strategy


Are you getting fewer applicants from job boards? They're seeing fewer applicants than normal from job boards. Job boards look different now than they did before COVID.

What I Learned From Looking at 50 Job Boards

Katrina Kibben

What I learned and observed by researching 50 job boards across every industry and niche job. Consider this when you post your next job. The post What I Learned From Looking at 50 Job Boards appeared first on Katrina Kibben's Blog. recruiting job board

Recruitment Job Boards: 4 Ways To Upgrade Your Ads

FireFish Software

The rising cost of job boards has become one of the most talked-about topics in recruitment this year with the increase in prices affecting agencies and recruiters worldwide.

The High Tech, High Touch Future of Recruiting

Speaker: Lou Adler, Founder, Performance-Based Hiring

Hiring great people starts with a meaningful job and a “high touch” hiring process designed to meet the personal needs of exceptional talent. In this webinar, Lou will share key takeaways from 40 years in the recruiting industry.

Job Board Spotlight:

ExactHire Recruiting

The best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will integrate with your website via a careers portal, creating a seamless brand experience for job applicants. But to attract a high volume of applicants to your site, it is vital to have an ATS that features automated posts to a wide variety of external job boards. Without this, even the most efficient applicant tracking systems will be useless if job seekers cannot find your job posts.

Keys to the JobG8 2015 European Job Board Summit


The 4th Annual European Job Board Summit, hosted by JobG8, is set to take place next week and looks to be the organization’s largest event to date. 29, JobG8 CEO Louise Grant said her company expects to pull more than 180 delegates from their network of more than 4,000 job boards to London for the November event–coming from both Europe and North America. According to Kapner, the European Job Board Summit is one of the industry’s most important events.

Job Board Spotlight: Nexxt

ExactHire Recruiting

The best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will integrate with your website via a careers portal, creating a seamless brand experience for job applicants. But to attract a high volume of applicants to your site, it is vital to have an ATS that features automated posts to a wide variety of external job boards. Without this, even the most efficient applicant tracking systems will be useless if job seekers cannot find your job posts.

Top 7 Job Boards in Sweden


Discovering candidates for your jobs are the prime responsibility of any employer. If you catch hold of a job board, then your hiring process will speed up in a snap. Some job boards allow you […]. The post Top 7 Job Boards in Sweden appeared first on Jobsoid.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

Headlines scream about jobs growth, salary growth, low unemployment rate, the list goes on and on. There are less people out there looking for a job, and it’s harder. three job categories employers are. The top 3 job categories in the BountyJobs Marketplace. THE BOARD?

Why Job Boards Are Partnering with AI Recruiting Vendors


For traditional job boards, this has required a real step-change in their approach. While historically these platforms had the sole purpose of connecting candidates with job opportunities, nowadays they offer a whole host of products to help companies boost their employer brand and promote their roles even further. But, that’s why more job boards are partnering with AI recruiting vendors to stand out and ensure they’re the supplier of choice.

Best 7 Job Boards for Retail Industry


The matter of fact is that finding the right candidate for such job roles is […]. The post Best 7 Job Boards for Retail Industry appeared first on Jobsoid. The retail industry is one of the flourishing industries in current times.

Is Your Job Ad Falling Flat on Job Boards?


Is Your Job Ad Falling Flat on Job Boards? In fact, all the news says that a high majority of all employees are thinking about quitting their jobs or finding a new position as the economy opens back up. it's the big job boards, like indeed and zip recruiter, etc.

Top 5 Job Boards in Poland


That is why the recruitment team should make utmost use of leading job boards to recruit candidates. These job boards will assist you in providing information in regards to the experience, skills, qualifications of the candidates, and much more.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

a job applicant. Job seekers are left feeling like the. person for the job. learning to scrub prior job descriptions and high- performing employee profiles to uncover the most. In theory, applying for a job should be simple. But in reality, the job. And job.

Top 7 Job Boards for Pharmaceuticals Industry


The post Top 7 Job Boards for Pharmaceuticals Industry appeared first on Jobsoid. Searching for an ideal candidate for the Pharmaceuticals industry can be an overwhelming task. To hire the best and most qualified candidates, you need to come up with strategic recruitment plans.

Best 5 Job Boards for Finance Industry


The finance department normally looks for professionals who are trustworthy, loyal, as well as dedicated to the job. Some of the top job positions in this industry are Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, among many others.

Top 30 USA Job Boards 2016

Social Talent

So, as you probably already know by now, each year we take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of job boards in a variety of different countries (this year we’ve already looked the UK , Ireland and Australia ). Yes, we’ve scoured on your behalf to discover who the movers and shakers of the job board world are in the USA and to note where today’s US job seekers are searching for jobs.

Top 5 Job Boards for Construction Industry


Attracting a potential candidate for the open vacancies is one of the toughest jobs for a Human Resources department. The basic requirement one should fulfill is the qualification and experience for a given job.

Top Job Board Conferences to Attend in 2017


Not only were there a number of notable mergers, acquisitions and the like , but this was also the year that job boards began seriously researching and investing in programmatic buying. With 2017 on the horizon, we can expect this momentum to carry over and for job boards to take into account top recruitment marketing trends in their strategies for the year ahead. The post Top Job Board Conferences to Attend in 2017 appeared first on Recruitics.

Use Applicant Power Sources, Not Just Job Boards!


Have you dialed in your job boards but still struggle to get enough applicant flow? They've focused almost all of their recruiting attention up to this point on job boards. Have you spent time trying to amplify it, but don't see an impact?

Top 5 Job Boards in Brazil


For that, you have to leverage job boards based on your business niches. The job board is the primary resource for an employer. The post Top 5 Job Boards in Brazil appeared first on Jobsoid.

Top 7 Job Boards in Indonesia


Considering the right candidate for job roles is a huge responsibility for an employer. To speed up this recruiting process, you should make use of the job boards for advertising. In addition to this, job boards also […].

10 Best Job Boards in India


The best and effective solution is to leverage online job boards to find the best candidates for job openings. The post 10 Best Job Boards in India appeared first on Jobsoid.

Top 55 Global Job Boards


We compiled a list of the 55 best global job boards out there. Check it out to find the most relevant job boards and job posting sites that best suit your needs. Advertise your open job positions on the best job boards in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and European countries ! Read More. Recruiting

Top 5 Job Boards in Hungary


Hence, it is important to know your job requirements and specifications before you start with your hiring process. The post Top 5 Job Boards in Hungary appeared first on Jobsoid. Recruiting the best talent is one of the most important tasks for the Human Resources department.

What is a Job Board?


Job advertising used to be as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper, putting up a Help Wanted sign in the window, or getting it out there through word of mouth. The job board is the place that connects you to the rest of the world. Today, job advertising is primarily done through online job boards. A job board is a website where employers can go to advertise their open positions and job seekers can go to search for open positions.

The Real Difference Between Job Boards and Job Aggregators


For industry veterans, it can be difficult to remember a time when recruitment marketing was still new and the differences between job boards and job aggregators was trivial when it came to advertising jobs online. For instance, while there are a number of blogs out there claiming to detail the difference between job boards and aggregators, almost all focus on simply one issue: The source of jobs.

Top 15 Free Job Boards in the UK


First and foremost, be sure to always post your jobs on both your company’s website and social channels in order to gain initial visibility. In addition, there are a number of free job boards in the UK that your HR department can leverage for even greater added exposure to quality applicants at no cost. That said, in can be difficult and time consuming to vet the many options available for free job postings. Employers Jobs.

Top 5 Job Boards in Mexico


Hence, making use of job boards is the best way to hire candidates for your job opening. First and foremost, you have to advertise your jobs on the best job boards to attract talent. Since there are hundreds of job boards in Mexico that […].

What the European Job Board Market Looks Like in 2018


There is no single European job board market leader. Global & International Job Boards FeaturedThere are 24!

Rethink Job Board Ads to Get Better Results

Hospital Recruiting

Your institution competes on job boards for the same positions, in the same general location, and frequently around the same salary range. Job postings that drive applications require creating an ad that candidates want to read and respond to.

How To Use Job Boards To Find The Best Candidates


Brand Boost: How To Use Job Boards to Find the Best Candidates. Job boards provide a wide range of benefits to a growing company, but some young startups don’t recognize that these websites also boost brand awareness. As they grow, companies can use job boards to present their best selves to a wider audience. Fortunately, age-old brand awareness strategies easily apply to sourcing high-quality candidates with online job boards.

NZME Wade Into Online Job Board Market

The Whiteboard

New Zealand employers and recruiters will soon have another new jobs platform to add to their sourcing channels. Well, that at least is what NZME will be hoping, as they announced yesterday the upcoming launch of YUDU , a job listings website with some extra padding like “industry-specific news, practical advice and tips, trends and insights for both employers and job candidates, as well as information on events within each industry.”