Sun.Mar 31, 2024

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Best Online Proctoring Solution for Universities


In the digital age, demand for advanced talent assessment and online proctoring solutions has spiked, driven by universities' transition to virtual courses and exams. Online proctoring ensures exam integrity and security through remote monitoring, deterring cheating and plagiarism. Its flexibility enhances accessibility, allowing exams to be taken anytime, anywhere, promoting inclusivity.

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Interviewers: Stop Asking Multipart Questions

Linkedin Talent Blog

I’ve always loved Jon Stewart ’s comedy. Truly brilliant. But as a talk show host, he has an odd habit: When he interviews guests, he will often ask them two, three, or even four questions at once. “When did you finally decide to do that, and what inspired you in the first place? And did it end up being as great as you hoped, or were there parts that didn’t measure up?