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Use Training to Increase your Employee Retention

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At the top of employee and candidate wish lists, especially for Millennials, is training. According to a recent ManpowerGroup survey , 93 percent of Millennials across the world want training, and availability of training opportunities is a top factor in job search and acceptance.

Web Based Recruitment Launch Online Video Training Course For Recruiters

Web Based Recruitment

Training Courses. Web Based Recruitment Launch Online Video Training Course For Recruiters. Video Based Training. The training is delivered online and has been designed to take Recruiters on a step by step journey covering: INTRODUCTION. • Training Courses.

Great Resources for Recruiter Training

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Recruiting Strategies Training Recruiter TrainingThe Recruiting Division. Do you and your recruiters know all the newest recruiting trends, techniques, and data about employment recruiting today? Is there leadership and teamwork for collaborative recruiting? Are you getting the hiring results you want for the efforts and resources you put toward filling your openings? Maybe it’s time to think about some of the latest strategies and tips for recruiter […].

15 Sources for Recruiter Training

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From time to time, our members ask for recommendations for recruiter training. If you’re looking for recruiter training, here are 15 solid options, in no particular order. Greg actively runs a desk, and shares a ton of handouts, forms, and other recruiter training materials.

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

Performers Requires less training, and hits the ground. eBook. The Essential Guide to. Recruiting Performers. How to build a scalable recruiting process that consistently results in great hires. Table of Contents How to Recruit Performers | Table of Contents Introduction.

The Key Ingredients of Good Social Recruitment Training


Have you noticed the guru trend? You know the one, where after creating one successful post on LinkedIn Publisher people think they are to the recruitment world what Gordon Ramsey is to the culinary world. This negatively affects social recruiting, a - Read more

Train the New-Hires Well: Hiring in a Competitive Market

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Well, fewer qualified people means hiring less than desirable candidates then training them on the job. For smaller start-ups and even pretty decent mid-size corporations, training programs tend to be a lower priority. Did your job depend on training?

Use Training to Leapfrog the Skill Gap


Like any good business knows, someone else’s problem is your opportunity

FREE Recruiter Training Video: “Marketing Call Mastery”

Top Echelon Contracting

However, Top Echelon is offering a FREE recruiter training video about this topic by one of the most respected trainers in the industry. The post FREE Recruiter Training Video: “Marketing Call Mastery” appeared first on Top Echelon. Making marketing calls (aka, cold calls) can be the most dreaded—and most important—part of any recruiter’s desk.

“Find Star Candidates” with Our FREE Training Video!

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The post “Find Star Candidates” with Our FREE Training Video! Recruiter TrainingEVERY recruiter wants access to star candidates. After all, star candidates is how you fill your clients’ most important open positions and make a big, fat placement fee in the process. However, star placements are hard to come by. appeared first on Top Echelon.

Sourcing Military Talent – Basic Training In Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts

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Increasingly, organizations are committing to hire veterans, whether because it is the right thing to do, or because veterans are an invaluable source of talent or because, as a government contractor, they must comply with a 6.9% hiring benchmark.

AI is Coming at Recruitment Like a Speeding Train

Good To Know

Brilliant article by my friend Rob McIntosh just came out, on the SourceCon sub of ERE. I’m not going to resay what Rob said so eloquently already here, but suffice it to say: if you are in recruiting, in any function,… Continue reading →

New Year’s Resolution: No More Traditional Sales Training

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” It’s estimated that corporations globally spend between $4 and $7 billion a year on training sales professionals, so it’s likely many of you have participated in event-based sales training where the aforementioned sales manager spiel is common.

Inexpensive Ways to Fund Employee Training and Education

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Small business owners already trying to stretch limited resources may view employee training as expendable. Fortunately, employee training doesn’t have to be expensive. Random training that neither side particularly desires wastes money.

The Searchologist – Same Great Training, A Better Fitting Name!

The Searchologist

If the shoe don’t fit this social recruiting training… When I set out on this journey over 6 years ago, I started by helping Job Seekers make great use of social media. The post The Searchologist – Same Great Training, A Better Fitting Name! I remember so clearly tossing around potential company names with my mate Stuart and and the excitement that came from selecting Winning Impression. It made sense… then.

Reaching Second Base: My journey toward being a Sourcer- The Training

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Training is a crucial part of evolving as a sourcer. As I mentioned in my first post , I was fortunate to get a chance to take the Social Talent Ninja Certification program. The certification program consists of 12 courses or missions as they call them.

5 top tips for making training fun


This isn’t just specific to the recruitment industry — workplace learnings biggest pain point is training engagement. This is what we class as an employees positive or negative emotional attachment to their training and this profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work. One of the elements involved in making training engaging is making it an enjoyable experience. Here are 5 top tips for making training fun. Video based training.

Are You Using These Recruiter Training Tips To Optimize Your Hiring Team?


The best way to sort out all three issues is to provide internal recruiters with proper training. Spending time on recruiter training is an investment that minimizes the risk of error and maximizes your potential to acquire valuable employees. Filling a position can be a tough task.

Great Resources for Recruiter Training

The Recruiting Division

Maybe it’s time to think about some of the latest strategies and tips for recruiter training. If you need recruiter training, check out the following ways to sharpen your skills and improve your recruiting capabilities. AIRS Recruiter Training. AIRS training courses, certifications, and recruiter academy provide workshop and interactive training in recruiting and sourcing. The post Great Resources for Recruiter Training appeared first on

How to Train Vets to Succeed in Civilian Jobs

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Recognizing the value veterans can bring to organizations like theirs, Epic Health Services runs a Veteran Recruiting Program , led by Leah Nicholls, talent acquisition manager and veteran liaison, to provide specialized training to help military veterans achieve success in their civilian careers.

Can You Pass Sourcing Games?

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Great Hiring Takes More Than Training. Collaboration is Key.


In a recent post on LinkedIn, James Ellis says that if we want better hires, we have to do a better job at training hiring managers. He says hiring is a skill that can be taught, but that it’s “ignored by almost all professional development programs.”.

Why Small Businesses Should Require Interview Training

Linkedin Talent Blog

It is for all of those reasons that small businesses should require each and every leader, and anyone who could potentially conduct interviews, to attend interview training. What the interview training should cover. This training should cover a couple of different things.

Helpful Tips on Building a Training Program for Recruiters

Proactive Talent

We’ve talked about preventing burnout , we’ve talked about the relationship between the hiring manager and recruiter , and today we’re talking about how to train your actual recruiting team. It’s the entire lifecycle of recruiting including the basics of training your recruiters. An effective training program consists of several different parts. Each company is different and data will help create success within each and every recruiter you hire and train.

Data 12

5 top tips for making training fun


This isn’t just specific to the recruitment industry — workplace learnings biggest pain point is training engagement. This is what we class as an employees positive or negative emotional attachment to their training and this profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.

Entry Level Driver Training – A Long Time Coming


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published new rules on December 8, 2016 that require entry-level drivers to complete special training designed to ensure that they are competent and prepared to maneuver an 80,000 lb commercial motor vehicle safely before they can take their skills test to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The post Entry Level Driver Training – A Long Time Coming appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.

The Most Effective Method of Employee Training: eLearning


Employee training is a hefty task for all organizations, regardless of employee size and function. Which factors will be affected most with traditional learning system- Employee retention- Training has always been an important aspect in terms of employee retention.

Why Isn't Everyone In The Staffing Business On The Trump Train?

Staffing Talk

" Why do so many people in the staffing industry, and in business altogether, choose to vote against their own self-interests this election?

LinkedIn Removes Premium Search Filters

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Invest In Your Best Sourcers

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Your costs for training her replacement to take that project you were looking forward to off the table and the decrease in your team’s productivity becomes undeniable. Managing a team of any size, you have a finite amount of time.

Soft Skills Training: What Is It & Why Does Your Team Need It?

When it comes to customer service training, the majority of businesses place a strong emphasis on developing so-called “hard skills”. What Is Soft Skills Training? Moreover, soft skills training has the ability to impact the overall success of your business.

18 Extremely Intelligent Women Sourcers Share Their Favorite Search Strings

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Boolean logic will always captivate me. The art of manipulating a search to retrieve search results will never get old. Our use of Boolean commands has certainly changed over the years. We may not be spending hours each day refining our search and combing through thousands of results.

Choosing Professional Six Sigma Green Belt Training Which Is Right For You

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Six Sigma green belt training is an essential training program that makes an employee skilled and experienced within a work process. Before attending the Six Sigma training program , it is an efficient idea to determine what it is that you hope to get out of it.

The latest in sales training from the New Yorker

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" You really never know what you are going to get when you open up a New Yorker.That's how it feels to me and was especially the case as I gripped a recent issue on a nastily turbulent flight home last night from Phoenix and found an article on a subject near and dear to many a staffing owner and professional: sales training.Here's…

Glossary of Terms for Recruiter Training

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I stumbled upon a thorough glossary of terms that is a useful addition to your recruiter training program. Some of the definitions that I believe would be most helpful in a recruiter training program include: Applicants – People who apply to job postings, regardless of qualification.

Obama Wants to Take Over Your Job Board and Training Business

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The context of his statement was that of a private company, Siemens, that recruited a woman, Jackie Bray, paid for her training at a community college and then hired her full-time to take advantage of that training.

Competitive Pay and Training on Agenda for the Class of 2015

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These are challenges that employers and educators can work together to fix, bridging the gap between the training educators can offer and the soft skills employers are prioritizing. by Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer of CareerBuilder.

To BYOD Or Not To BYOD: The Future of Employee Training and HR Technology

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If there’s one time where talent management practitioners actually get the chance to achieve actual alignment on organizational vision and values (key determinants in employee engagement and job satisfaction) it’s employee training and development.

TempWorks Training Goes to the Dogs (video)

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Like me you may have missed Dalyce Brell, VP of Corporate Training at Tempworks, during the last two weeks. I watched this video of Dalyce and realized that even if I had the talent to train a dog I’m not fast enough to have kept pace.

Is Training-As-A-Service The Kind of Disruption We Need?

Spark Hire

Proponents of Training-as-a-Service, one of IT’s newest trends, would definitely argue that it can. According to their website, they make it “ easy to build, share, and track training materials ”. It offers prescription-based training software for small and midsize businesses.