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Sales meetings are like sex. The best bit is at the end.

Greg Savage

And the foundation for a relationship is the client meeting or sales visit. And most recruiter sales meetings are a debacle. Client Skills Coaching recruiters Recruiter coaching Recruitment Sales meetings client skills recruitment sales meetingsIt is simple.

Why Should Your Company Have a No Meetings Day?

Glassdoor for Employers

Why should your company have a no meetings day? Employee Engagement efficiency meetings No Meetings Day Office Productivity Productivity TypeformIt happens far too often. You get to the office with a coffee.

Meeting 21

12 Crucial Steps for Conducting Client Meetings

Undercover Recruiter

12 Crucial Steps for Conducting Client Meetings. Recruiting Business client client Meeting Meeting Networking new businessWinning new business is bread and butter for recruitment consultants.

Stop Wasting Time in Bad Meetings

Glassdoor for Employers

At Glassdoor, we recently unveiled new meeting rules, aka “Meetiquette,” to maintain Glassdoor’s scrappy start-up feel as we grow at a rapid pace. Our leadership implemented this policy to help us stay on the same page, be more effective and waste less time in unnecessary meetings.

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

Sadly, you don’t even realize that you missed out on meeting with Penelope at all, or that. hear back after an initial meeting? automate that part of the process since coordinating times around meetings. like dating – you can’t meet a new flame if you never leave your house.

How to Meet Staffing Requirements

Staffing Talk

" Calculating the amount of staff a business needs is a critical part of planning for human resources. It goes part and parcel with the process of analyzing and then identifying any staffing surpluses and gaps. Human resource planning is meant to focus on staffing an organization with the proper number of people who have…

Meet Google's New Job-Match API: Cloud Jobs

Recruiting Blogs

It’s a problem that recruiters and candidates alike are all too familiar with: poorly written job descriptions that do little to direct the right talent to the right open positions abound.

Why Your Intake Meeting is Broken, And How to Fix It


As if the recruiting and hiring process didn’t have enough wild cards thrown at it, we as internal recruiters are weighing things down by messing up one of the most important elements of success – the initial intake meeting with the hiring manager.

Meet the Answer to Your ATS Woes

The Hiring Site

Meet the Talentstream Sourcing Platform, developed by CareerBuilder and engineers at Broadbean. Look back at the evolution of recruitment: Technology changed the way we work, some occupations were created overnight while others disappeared, and the hiring process went from analog to digital.

Meet the World’s Most Successful Recruiters

Social Talent

The post Meet the World’s Most Successful Recruiters appeared first on Social Talent. In December 2014, LinkedIn released their list of the 100 Most In-Demand Employers of the year. The list was based on over 35 billion interactions between companies and members on LinkedIn.

Leveraging “Borrow” Recruiting Tactics to Meet Your Staffing Needs


That’s why organizations need to use “borrow” tactics to meet their staffing needs. Every time an organization needs talent, they do not need a full-time position. Sometimes organizations just need an extra set of hands for a few weeks or months. They would love to find someone who can be a regular extension of their operation. Latest News Recruiting HR Bartender Series

Virtual Reality Meets Facebook & Recruitment. Huh?

Staffing Talk

As we spend more and more of our waking hours ( and some of our non -waking hours ) in front of glowing rectangular screens, it makes sense that recruitment belongs more and more in the digital space. But what about the virtual space?

Why is it important for an Agency Recruiter to meet a candidate?

Recruiting Blogs

It is our opinion that an agency recruiter must meet every applicant face to face, whether in person or via video call. So meet with your agency recruiter. If they do not request a meeting, ask if you need to meet them face to face.

9 Steps for Conducting a Strong Client Meeting

Top Echelon Contracting

Below are nine steps for conducting a strong client meeting: 1. Rehearse a verbal and mental presentation of your meeting. The post 9 Steps for Conducting a Strong Client Meeting appeared first on Top Echelon. Rehearse your presentation.

Collaborative Meetings

NPA Worldwide

Read his post about collaborative meetings below: We’ve come a long way! Remember back in the day when meetings were scheduled, flights booked, rooms reserved and required time away from the office? The benefits of collaborative meetings are numerous….

How to Run Effective Team Meetings in 5 Simple Steps


How can you conduct a meeting that engages, inspires and actually achieves results? Here are five tips that might help. Building Culture How to Leading People

Take the holiday. But keep the pipeline pumping for 2017!

Greg Savage

Coaching recruiters Recruiter KPI Sales meetings coaching recrutiers recruiter KPI sales meetingsMost of us will have some kind of break in the next month or so. Christmas, New Year, summer holidays, Chinese New Year.

Meeting 50

Jobvite Helps Schneider Electric and Tenable Meet Their 2017 Talent Goals


Meet 2017 Talent Goals with Engage. The post Jobvite Helps Schneider Electric and Tenable Meet Their 2017 Talent Goals appeared first on Jobvite.

6 Things You MUST Do in a Kickoff Meeting with Your Hiring Manager


The quality of a recruiter’s relationships with the hiring managers they work with makes a world of difference. Good relationships set a recruiter up for success, while bad ones can leave a recruiter feeling like this: Recruiting collaborative hiring

Meet Robert, the Staffing Robot Content Strategist!

Staffing Robot

Meet Robert Haydon, our newest Staffing Robot content strategist! The post Meet Robert, the Staffing Robot Content Strategist! You may have noticed a few blog posts by Robert about point of difference and content video marketing. Get to know Robot Robert!

Employer Branding, Meet Content Marketing

Glassdoor for Employers

Glassdoor’s own Alicia Garibaldi joined Salesforce’s Marketing Cloudcast this week to discuss how employers can use content marketing to attract top talent. Employer Branding b2b marketing Brand Content Marketing Marketing Podcast Salesforce

Make Meetings Work

FireFish Software

The meeting began hours ago, but there’s still no end in sight. It’s Friday, after 5pm, and it’s summer. In a hot sweltering office with the blinds drawn, soundtracked by the whir of an old fan projector, a group of people sit in suits and ties.

19% of Workers Could Not Make Ends Meet Last Year

The Hiring Site

According to a new CareerBuilder survey of workers who currently have a minimum wage job or have held one in the past, 67 percent said they couldn’t make ends meet, and 49 percent said they had to work more than one job to make things work. The recession is over, but times are still tough.

Meet the Demands of the “Snapchat Generation” During University Recruitment

The Digital Recruiter

The post Meet the Demands of the “Snapchat Generation” During University Recruitment appeared first on Take the Interview. Currently, the Millennial generation represents 27% of the U.S. population and by 2022, they will hold the largest representation of the labor force with 44% of the population.

Maslow Meets Marketing: The Psychology of Job Ads

Recruiting Daily

For example, when we’re starving to death, it’s unlikely we give a crap how our peers perceive us until we meet the more basic need for our survival.

How to Make Brainstorming Meetings More Productive

The Hiring Site

Here are some tips for getting the most out of brainstorming meetings. Revisit the topic and report progress at a staff meeting. Small businesses thrive on innovation, and bringing your team together for brainstorming sessions can be a great way to generate new ideas.

Meet the Startup That’s ‘Like LinkedIn InMail, Except You Get Paid’


“It’s like LinkedIn InMail, except you get paid!” ” reads the top of ‘s web page. Email Sourcing LinkedIn STEM Searches Featured

Meet Staffing Robot’s Newest Project Manager – Tara Hagman

Staffing Robot

Meet Tara, our newish project manager! The post Meet Staffing Robot’s Newest Project Manager – Tara Hagman appeared first on Staffing Robot. We have another Robot, folks! She’s not super new she just took forever to write her questions down!

Job Search Meets Farmville?

Staffing Talk

Can we please teach young people instead of dumbing down the process? Young people need apprenticeships, mentors, internships and leadership to teach them how to become great professionals.

How To Make A Connection With Candidates You Never Meet In Person

Spark Hire

But there is one thing that makes many organizations skeptical about using video interviewing in their hiring process: the idea that you can’t create a real connection with candidates you never meet in person. It’s no secret that, here at Spark Hire, we love video interviews.

Where Humans and Technology Meet


Here are some tips for defining where humans and technology meet in the workplace: 1. The post Where Humans and Technology Meet appeared first on LeoForce Blog. Informative automate automation technology balance human human employee jobs meet replacement robot technologyIt’s no secret that technology has irrevocably altered our lives. With technology, we are able to connect with others, increase efficiency, and largely make our lives easier.

How to Fight Back Against Productivity Killers in Meetings

The Hiring Site

This shift is good news for meetings, but it’s going to take extra effort to get back the full attention of workers, who are often in meetings, but don’t invest much once they’re there. Hosting captivating meetings. What questions will this meeting answer?

Meet Bill, Staffing Robot’s new Customer Experience Manager!

Staffing Robot

There is a definite satisfaction associated with giving someone the guidance and or the support to meet their personal or professional goals. The post Meet Bill, Staffing Robot’s new Customer Experience Manager!

Meet the Robots That Review Your Resume [Video]


The post Meet the Robots That Review Your Resume [Video] appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight. Hiring Managers know how an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help find the best candidate for a job.

Meet Evan, Staffing Robot’s newest Front-End Developer!

Staffing Robot

The post Meet Evan, Staffing Robot’s newest Front-End Developer! This is Evan, the latest in our team of developers who take the creations from our design team and make them into a functioning, mobile-ready staffing machines!

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Talent Connect Analysis: The Future of Hiring is Where High Touch Meets High Tech

Linkedin Talent Blog

At a recruiting industry conference in 2011 I contended that the future of hiring was bleak. I predicted most companies would still be doing the wrong things differently in 2016, just faster.

Meet Staffing Robot at These Upcoming 2015 Staffing Conferences

Staffing Robot

Meet up with us in person and check out our new booth! The post Meet Staffing Robot at These Upcoming 2015 Staffing Conferences appeared first on Staffing Robot.

Understanding What Mobile Job Seekers Want From Companies

Web Based Recruitment

So meet Charlette! Charlette was working at Olympia yesterday checking in delegates as they entered the meeting room. Mobile & Video Recruitment & EventsE Mobile Recruitment. Free Mobile Recruitment Guide. Video Recruitment. Training Courses.

When Recruiting Meets Marketing, and How We Slashed Our Time to Hire to Two Weeks


Nailing the intake meeting. After a thorough intake meeting, I used 1-Page Source to find and build a list of the talent we wanted. It all starts with a great intake meeting. BONUS: Get the printable checklist to use in every intake meeting to get true alignment.

Oh, The People You’ll Meet.

Snark Attack

It’s been a pretty good month for Eisenhower era literature, as Americans discovered Atticus Finch was a racist and Harper Lee still can’t move as many titles as Chelsea Handler, and, perhaps more importantly, Dr. Suess dropped a new book today. Well, he didn’t do it, although if he was a zombie, that would make […]. Social Media douchebags dr. seuss matt charney trolling Twitter