Staffing Wrap for Monday, October 5

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Michael Damphousse CEO of Green Leads and Smashmouth marketing blogger: a great resource for staffing and recruiting. Staffing, crm, and recruiting software for your iphone [link] Jeff Lipshcultz, founder of A-List Solutions, on Keeping It Real: [link] and How to Google-Rank Your Way to a Recruiter's Heart [link] The Research Goddess spills – what recruitment researches do: [link] They're shutting down Gourmet magazine.print media going down for the 10-count.

Lower Candidate Fall Off Rates in 3 Simple Steps

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Staffing Software Careers. Staffing Software Reviews. A strong recruitment CRM helps track appointments and routinize follow ups. And in those instances when fall offs do happen, a staffing CRM can track fall off related data for preventative reports.

Paperless Timecards Saving Staffing Companies on FTEs

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TempWorks Software Adds Fifty-Four New Customers in 2009 By diversifying, investing in technology, and providing immediate improvement to a staffing agency’s bottom line, TempWorks increased sales by 45% in 2009.

Business Process Redesign Lifts Hawaiian Staffing Leader

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Agency Redesigns Business Process to Dominate Hawaiian Staffing Market, Increase Productivity and Reduce Cost. Staffing, CRM and Recruitment Software One of the services that Akamai implemented was TempWorks Payroll Processing.

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The Reserves Network Creates Bright Spot for the Rust Belt

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Staffing, CRM and Recruitment Software Fortunately, staffing industry leader The Reserves Network (TRN), headquartered in Fairview Park, OH, has weathered the trend, experiencing the kind of success in 2009 rivaling that of local legend LeBron James.