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11 cool resources for recruiters

Greg Savage

Now is not the time to stagnate. The current slowdown is an opportunity to burnish and improve your skills as a recruiter and as a businessperson. It is the time to restock your skills briefcase. And there are some excellent resources around to help you do that. But you have got to act and join […] The post 11 cool resources for recruiters first appeared on The Savage Recruitment Academy.

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Discover How AI and Social Media Strategies are Revolutionizing Recruiting in 2024

Rally Recruitment Marketing

We’ve entered a new era in recruitment with two forces converging — the undeniable influence of social media and the unprecedented capabilities of AI. Social media allows us to reach candidates where they spend nearly 2.5 hours a day, while AI provides the tools to create data-driven content and continually optimize our efforts. It’s clear that staying ahead in the fast-changing social media landscape will push all of us in talent acquisition, Recruitment Marketing and employer branding to embra


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6 Ways to Elevate Your Healthcare Recruitment Strategies


Finding and retaining skilled talent, and developing robust healthcare recruitment strategies, are ongoing challenges in healthcare organizations today. Recent Employ research reveals that 43% of clinical healthcare recruiters and 50% of non-clinical recruiters are encountering an increase in their hiring volume when compared to the previous year. At the same time, 54% of clinical healthcare […] The post 6 Ways to Elevate Your Healthcare Recruitment Strategies appeared first on Lever.

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Spotting the Red Flags: Symptoms and Cures of Dysfunctional Teams


Teams are the fundamental units of organizational success, the gears that keep processes running smoothly. These teams help companies move forward by combining ideas from different individuals to achieve a common goal or solve a specific problem. However, dysfunction can be a major issue for a system that works efficiently when all components are in sync.

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New Report from 3,500+ Employers Confirms Retention is a Top HR Priority in 2024

The first report from Gallagher’s 2024 US Workforce Trends Report Series, includes data from 3,500+ employers who participated in the 2024 US Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. The report provides benchmarks for benefits, HR and people strategies to help organizations thrive. Organizations continue to rank retention as the top priority for HR, and second highest for operations.

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How to Find & Choose the Right Georgia Marketing & Advertising Recruiter for Your Business

Recruiters Lineup

The advertisement and marketing sector is a booming business in Georgia and a major contributor to the region’s economy. To stay competitive and productive in this business, you must have a competent team. Hiring the right marketing and advertising recruiters ensures you get the right staff for your company. With their expertise in the sector, they quickly access top talent and facilitate a tailored hiring process.

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11 Proven Ways Staffing Agencies Can Thrive During a Downturn


In the staffing industry, growth and success are often driven by the effective use of technology. As the market becomes increasingly competitive, staffing agencies must adopt innovative tech strategies to enhance efficiency, improve client and candidate experiences, and drive business growth. This article explores critical tech strategies that can help staffing agencies grow and thrive.

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The Rise of Fake Employment References and How to Address Them


Fake references have become popular among candidates, especially due to high demand for employment within the candidate pool. In fact, many businesses now offer fake employment references as a service to candidates looking to secure a position. For organizations that prioritize references and use them to verify a candidate’s skill, this leaves room for errors in recruitment and could ultimately lead to inaccurate skill validation.