This new Recruitment Trend will hurt you!

Greg Savage

Candidate care Coaching recruiters Coronavirus Management Recruitment TrendsThe topic that launched a thousand blogs. How will recruitment change post-covid? A lot of gloomy predictions. And some overly dramatic ones. So here is mine.

The Great Resignation Trend: 5 Reasons Why


Since April 2021, a record number of employees have quit their jobs, and even more are expected to join them in 2022 -- a trend some have termed “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit.” Recruitment Marketing Trends Candidate Experience Featured Post

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How Candidate Behavior is Affecting Remote Work Trends


Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing Trends Staffing Agencies Candidate Experience Featured PostIt’s evident that job seeker behavior has changed dramatically over the last few years.

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Agency 2020 Permanent Placement Trends. The facts.

Greg Savage

Future of recruitment Hiring Trends Recruitment Recruitment Trends future of recruitment recruitmentRecently, I shared the telling JobAdder data on new job-orders taken by Recruitment Agencies in 2020 in Australia and New Zealand. Today, actual permanent placements made.

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Attract Top Talent with 2022's Global Workforce Trends Report

In 2022, employee retention, work-life balance, and global team engagement will be top-of-mind for companies. This requires more diligence than ever, as being aware of the upcoming workforce trends will help boost retention and attract top global talent.

Recruitment Advertising Tips and Trends for 2021


New trends have become imperative to recruitment marketing strategies, and it’s important to keep up with the ever changing market. Here are some of the new trends on the horizon and what companies should be looking out for.

Employment Trends: Unemployment Rates and Rising Staffing Demand


Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing Trends Featured PostIn March of this year, the number of job openings and workers voluntarily leaving their jobs reached record highs. According to the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, there was a voluntary quit level of 4.5

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Workplace Trends 2022: Culture and Retention | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Let’s take a look at some of the top culture and retention workplace trends in 2022. Take a look at some of the top trends in #companyculture and #employeeretention, including remote work and a commitment to #DEI: Strengthen Company Culture to Retain Employees.

3 Trends Changing Frontline Hiring

Recruiting Daily

Here are three trends that are changing frontline hiring today. The post 3 Trends Changing Frontline Hiring appeared first on RecruitingDaily. Line cooks, home health aides, customer support and truck drivers are just a few of the millions of frontline jobs in high demand today.

10 recruitment trends I predicted in 2010. A decade later, how foolish do I look?

Greg Savage

August 2010) In that speech, I laid out 10 trends that I believed would impact the recruiting profession, and which I predicted we needed to factor into our strategies and business planning. Hiring Trends Recruitment Recruitment Careers Recruitment Trends recruitment recruitment careers

2021 Global Workforce Trends

What factors will affect growth, TA, and team management in 2021? From remote work becoming a mainstream way of doing business to talent shortages beginning to change the way companies build their teams, the global workforce will change rapidly this year. Download the eBook today!

4 Performance Management Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

ClearCompany Recruiting

Here are 4 performance management trends to watch out for in 2021: 1. Performance Management Trend: Emphasis on Diversity. Performance Management Trend: Focus on Reskilling. Employees are enabled to stay up to date on the latest trends and tools in an ever-evolving field.

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Recruitment trends right now! The last 14 days!

Greg Savage

They just represent the ‘trends […]. These are the headlines from the past two weeks. Based on dozens of meetings with agency owners and recruiters, and hundreds of emails and messages I get – a day. They don’t apply in every case.

5 HR Trends for 2020


When we think of trends, we may think of clothing and hairstyles, but trends can happen anywhere at any time. In fact, trends are also incredibly prevalent in business. But just what trends are going to shape HR in 2020 and potentially beyond? Guest blog by Wendy Dessler.

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Top 7 Hiring Trends in the Middle East for 2022


Resume Parser Taxonomy Skills taxonomy search & match engine AI based resume parser AI resume parser positive candidate experience diverse workforce hiring CV paring skill based hiring AI-based search and match automated resume parsing middle east hiring trends hiring trends middle east

2021 Global Workforce Trends

What factors will affect growth, TA, and team management in 2021? From remote work becoming a mainstream way of doing business to talent shortages beginning to change the way companies build their teams, the global workforce will change rapidly this year.

3 Trends that will Impact Recruitment Advertising in 2021

Rally Recruitment Marketing

We sat down with Chris Forman, the CEO and Founder of Appcast, to understand the latest trends in recruitment advertising and what you can expect in 2021. Trend #1: Unprecedented economic growth will increase cost per applicant.

Recruitment Trends to Embrace

NPA Worldwide

You must adjust and embrace these recruitment trends to grow your opportunities, develop your skills, and provide the value the market expects in a post-pandemic world. You will need to step up and accommodate this trend shift. Global Recruiting recruitment trends

13 HR Trends: The New Workplace


Trend” usually implies that the popularity of something is fleeting, but that’s not the case with the HR trends in the workplace today. Employee-centric companies are here to stay, and employee-focused trends will continue to grow as younger employees enter the workforce.

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Proactive Talent

It’s nearly June, which means we are at the precarious halfway point of the year, a perfect time to look at what’s in, what’s trending, and what’s new in recruitment marketing.

How to Leverage Data to Better Your Employees' Health Benefits Selection

Speaker: Darrell Moon, CEO, Orriant

We need to shift away from the focus on purchasing healthcare and instead, focus on how we can create health for our employees. By incorporating dashboards in our benefits selection process, we can watch for trends in benefits and leverage that data to lower costs, retain employees, and attract new talent. Join Darrell Moon, CEO of Orriant, to learn if your benefits selection is meeting your employees' needs.

Industry Trends

The Staffing Stream

Economy Europe Gig economy International Staffing TrendingWhite-collar jobs boom continues amid raging talent crisis. It’s official: The hiring market in the UK is showing no signs of slowing.

Limited Labor Supply Shapes Workforce Trends in North America

Allegis Global Solutions

In most places, the pressures of emerging workforce trends have created conditions of significant talent scarcity. Industry Trends

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5 Talent Acquisition Trends That Will Define 2022


The post 5 Talent Acquisition Trends That Will Define 2022 appeared first on Lever. As each year comes to a close, talent acquisition and recruitment teams worldwide plan their respective strategies for the next 12 months.

2021 Artificial Intelligence Trends In Human Resources


The biggest trend in HR, arguably, was transitioning to remote work. The post 2021 Artificial Intelligence Trends In Human Resources appeared first on PandoLogic. Recruitment Industry Trends programmatic2020 was an unexpected year.

2019 Compensation Best Practices Report

Following a record-year of job growth in 2018, employees now have the tools to research and evaluate employers, and feel empowered to make moves if they don't like what they find. Get the latest trends in compensation, and find out how your organization stacks up.

Getting Ahead of HR Technology Trends in 2021


From keeping employees engaged no matter where they’re located to driving performance using AI and data analytics, here are 5 of the key HR technology trends your organization needs to keep up with in 2021. The post Getting Ahead of HR Technology Trends in 2021 appeared first on Engage Blog.

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Remote Work: The Latest Trends For Job Seekers And Employers


Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing Trends Recruitment Marketing News Featured PostMore opportunities for remote work are here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated that many employers be more flexible about where and how work was done.

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Recruitment Trends for 2022


The trending hiring strategies in the pre-pandemic world now appear to be inefficient. What are Recruitment Trends? Recruitment trends are general developments or changes that revolve around the talent recruiting field. Recruitment Trends to Keep Up in 2022.

Hiring & Recruitment: 7 Key Trends for UK Employers


Companies have had to adjust and adapt recruitment strategies frequently the past few years, and since it’s still a candidate-driven market, learning about emerging trends to watch out for will ensure companies remain agile and competitive – which is essential when trying to obtain the attention of job seekers.

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2019 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

The unemployment rate has just hit 3.6%, the lowest jobless rate since 1969. Yet 50% of the time, the winning candidate hits the hiring manager’s inbox within 1 week when utilizing the BountyJobs platform. Download this report for a definitive collection of industry trends in critical hiring, brought to you by the world's leading recruiter engagement platform.

Three HR Trends to Look Out for in 2020


A number of trends have been seen in the HR industry, and HR executives must stay on top and understand their implications on the workplace and the workforce. Among the most significant trends seen in the HR space is the increasing use of human resource analytics.

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5 Shifts in Hiring Trends 2021


The last year 2020 has changed a lot in the recruitment industry. Across the globe, COVID-19 has profoundly disrupted our personal and professional lives. While the world is still going through the vaccination process, the organizations seem to have picked up momentum after the initial slowdown

Trending IT Certifications That Will Get You Hired in 2022


IT Staffing Recruiting Trends Hiring Tips Career Advice Tech Talent Salesforce Healthcare IT Technology Trends Specialty Practices Fintech Cybersecurity Cloud

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Top Trends Shaping the 2022 Workplace

Recruiting Daily Advisor

In my role counseling executive leaders for Vaya Group’s corporate clients, I’ve started to notice some emerging workplace trends that will continue to spill well into 2022. The post Top Trends Shaping the 2022 Workplace appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

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Gallagher Better Works Insights: Data and Insights to Build a Stronger Organization

Future-proof your organizational and business success with the right talent and policies. The latest issue of Gallagher Better Works Insights explores solutions to current employer challenges surrounding workforce shortages and trending leadership pain points.

Recruitment Trends in 2022

Zoho Recruit

The post Recruitment Trends in 2022 appeared first on Zoho Blog. Zoho Recruit #artificialintelligence #aimatching 2022 automation in recruitment Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Analytics recruitment trendsIn the last two years, our work environment has changed dramatically.

5 DEI Trends Shaping Talent Acquisition By the Numbers


The post 5 DEI Trends Shaping Talent Acquisition By the Numbers appeared first on Lever. Where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) were once just buzzwords for businesses, today, DEI is considered a cornerstone of successful organizations.

New Report: 4 Global Trends Influencing How Work Gets Done

Allegis Global Solutions

Organizations have enormous potential to create value and improve careers, but translating potential into real results depends on how they adapt to emerging trends. Industry Trends

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3 Recruitment Trends To Consider from HR Tech 22


Read the latest reports about trends in the recruiting industry and insights about how hireEZ is transforming outbound recruiting. Tips, trends and guides for recruiters. 3 Recruitment Trends To Consider from HR Tech 22. hireEZ Introduces End-to-End Outbound Recruiting Platform.

Meeting Today’s Challenges for Better Organizational Success Tomorrow

According to Gallagher’s research, stress and burnout raised organizational concerns for 70% of C-suites, and 26% of employers noted a decline in emotional wellbeing. The 2021 Q2 Gallagher Better Works Insights Report: Adapting for Tomorrow explores today’s unique workforce challenges and trends.