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Best company careers blogs (and why your career site needs one)

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The best company careers blogs not only build candidate engagement and drive traffic. They also convert passive seekers into candidates, talent community subscribers, fans of your employer brand, or all of the above. The SEO power of a careers blog.

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Candidates Are Doing More Research Before Applying to Jobs: How to Attract Top Talent


Given the record-low unemployment rate, most job candidates today have the opportunity to be highly selective when it comes to making career moves. Because of this, top talent completes extensive research before applying to open roles – and if any red flags about your company, candidate experience or employee experience come up in their research, they’ll be less interested in joining your team. employees would be open to new job opportunities.


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Long-Term Care Jobs: Save Time and Money with Efficient Hiring


Filling long-term care jobs can be challenging in today’s tight labor market – and in many cases, it takes long-term care facilities longer than expected to hire qualified talent. Recent data found that, on average, long-term care jobs are open for 38 days. But another study found that top job seekers are off the market within 10 days of starting their job search – meaning your long-term care facility needs to act quickly or risk losing out on top talent. .

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employee Engagement.

How Your Dealership Can Prepare for the January Spike in New Car Sales and Job Applicants


An Influx of Job Applicants. If your dealership isn’t already staffed up, the good news is that December and January are also high-volume months for job applicants. Businesses across industries see an increase in job applicants throughout December and January, as employees start setting personal and professional goals for the coming year. How Your Dealership Can Attract Top Talent in Today’s Competitive Market. Think about your current process for job applicants.

Top 17 Recruiting Software Tools and Hiring Solutions

Recruiting Blogs

What is Recruiting Software Tool? Recruiting software helps in-house recruitment teams and recruiting agencies to manage and streamline the process of the job posting, sourcing candidates, resume evaluation. Most of the tools are aimed to automate the recruitment process. However, with so many options available of the HR tech market, it is a big challenge to pick the most suitable software. Team collaboration over the candidate profile. .