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New Facebook Features Boost Hiring Outreach


New Facebook Features Boost Hiring Outreach. Facebook recently amped up its job application capabilities—what does this mean for HR, recruiters, and applicants? In terms of numbers, Facebook reports 1.23 Without argument, user engagement on Facebook is unmatched. While using Facebook as a talent pool is not new, the social media channel now offers more features for those interested in finding or filling a job.

Important Facebook Graph Search Developments

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It is difficult to ignore the potential of Facebook when it comes to sourcing and recruiting given that it has 1.38B monthly active users and 890M daily active users. While some people might think that Facebook’s Graph Search is effectively dead, it is still very much alive.

How to Recruit on Facebook


Have you ever struggled with recruiting on Facebook? Are you one of the many who don’t recruit on Facebook? Facebook FeaturedHave you ever wondered how to plug into the world’s biggest social network to power a strong talent pipeline?

7 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Careers Page

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Facebook now has a grand total of 1.49 Basically, if you’re not using Facebook to recruit in some way shape or form, you’re missing one of the biggest social recruiting opportunities this side of the galaxy! The Benefits of Running a Facebook Careers Page.

How Engineers Build Social Impact Every Day at Facebook

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At Facebook, engineers work in an environment where innovation, technology and social impact intersect every day. Here are some examples of Facebook. Employee Engagement Featured Company Culture Engineers Facebook social impact

How to Use Facebook for Social Recruiting Messaging

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When it comes to sourcing and recruiting, you should not ignore the potential of Facebook given that it has 1.38B monthly active users and 890M daily active users. Jobvite also found that while job seekers flock to Facebook, recruiters prefer LinkedIn when searching for potential candidates.

3 Facebook Hacks Every Recruiter Should Know

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Facebook now has over 1 billion daily active users and 1.59 Looking at these numbers, it’s hard to ignore Facebook’s potential for recruiting and sourcing talent. Well, for Facebook, we’re talking four degrees of separation. It's all about Facebook groups now!

Find Candidates Using Facebook With This Brand New Tool!

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We’ve just made it easier for you to find candidates using Facebook. ‘Facebook, you say? But I find my candidates on LinkedIn, where they actually want to be found…not on Facebook, where they share photos of their family and stories about their nightclub antics!’

How to: Ethically Screen Candidates on Facebook (Infographic)

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“It’s no surprise that Facebook is becoming a popular tool for recruiters. million applicants are reported to have found their job on Facebook, and 85% of recruiters recommend Facebook as a great tool to their fellow recruiters.

6 Common Facebook Sourcing Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

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BILLION people regularly use Facebook. But despite these sky high numbers (and the richness of data the site contains), relatively few recruiters are utilising Facebook in their recruiting efforts. Let’s face it, Facebook is a time suck. Not using Facebook’s Social Graph.

Can Recruiting with Facebook Work?

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Since then Facebook has introduced lots of different features for its users including adding filters to your photos, making voice and video calls, sharing pictures, and even changing your. Can Recruiting with Facebook Work? Recruiting Facebook Recruitment Social Media

I Know Facebook Has Been Somewhat Off-limits for Recruiting, But Imagine the Possibilities


Most recruiters I’ve worked with respect the sanctity of Facebook. Facebook Job Boards Featured

Between The Lines: What Facebook Jobs Really Means for Real Recruiters.

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If you’re in recruiting, I’m sure that by now you’re probably aware of the fact that as of last week, Facebook officially announced that they would be rolling out the ability for employers to post jobs on their Company Pages.

Are Facebook Reviews Damaging Your Hiring?

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Think Facebook reviews don’t matter? Nearly all of the HR & Recruitment professionals I have encountered in this time are actively using Facebook to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. billion Facebook users – that’s 1/2 of all Internet users!

Why sourcing Facebook is totally unlike LinkedIn

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Sourcing on Facebook is completely different to sourcing on LinkedIn, a Job Board or even your ATS. All those resources rely entirely on what a person says about themselves where as on Facebook you can find people based on entirely on what other people say about them.

How Facebook Could Destroy LinkedIn In a Year by @jimstroud

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Facebook Talent Acquisition[ This article is a transcript from my latest podcast.].

How to Source Candidates on Facebook


LinkedIn might be the first port of call for recruiters, but if you’re struggling to fill a role it’s worth trying to source candidates on Facebook. 76% of social job seekers found their current position on Facebook! Why source candidates on Facebook?

Facebook Recruiting May Be Coming to Groups

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Facebook groups are a unique, currently ad-free space within the Facebook empire, but that may change soon. Yesterday, Josh Constine published an article called Facebook tests ads in Groups, its next potential cash cow that noted testing of ads within groups is already underway.

The Simple Solution To Awkward Facebook Friend Requests

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The dilemma of awkward Facebook friend requests! Maybe I am just in a social recruiting bubble but I truly think that more and more people are conducting business on Facebook. The post The Simple Solution To Awkward Facebook Friend Requests appeared first on The Searchologist.

Sourcing on Facebook – Is It Worth Your Time?


Spoiler alert - five reasons why Facebook should be part of your sourcing strategy. The post Sourcing on Facebook – Is It Worth Your Time? appeared first on 1-Page Blog. Sourcing candidate data sourcing tools

Are LinkedIn and Facebook Merging?

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It also looks a lot more like Facebook Messenger, which is probably by design, as those two social media goliaths move inexorably closer to just merging and forming a complete platform for both professional and personal dealings. The post Are LinkedIn and Facebook Merging?

Facebook Takes Aim (and Fires) at The Recruitment Sector


Facebook has announced its new jobs feature. To confirm, this isn’t Facebook for Work/Workplace by Facebook – it’s Facebook formally entering the jobs market. Find our what this means for you here

War Ready: Why Job Postings on Facebook Are The Beginning of the End for LinkedIn.

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Facebook has reportedly thrown the opening salvo in its long anticipated move into the recruiting and hiring vertical, with TechCrunch reporting yesterday that the ubiquitous social network has confirmed it is beginning to roll out a “Jobs” tab, which allows employers to post (and, of course, promote) job openings directly to company’s followers and fans […].

Facebook’s Expanded Search, Good Or Bad?

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What will Facebook’s expanded search reveal about you? Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook continues to go from strength-to-strength because they really understand that keeping users on their site and active is essential to their future.

Recruiting on Facebook: How to Ethically Screen Candidates


It's no surprise that Facebook is becoming a popular tool for recruiters. million applicants are reported to have found their job on Facebook, and 85% of recruiters recommend Facebook as a great tool to their fellow recruiters.

Verify Mobile Numbers Using Facebook

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Mobile phone numbers and personal email addresses both uniquely identify people.

Facebook Live Repurpose Hack

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Though it’s been possible to stream live on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook Live for some time now, it’s still underused in recruitment and considering how much we recruiters like free tools, that’s a lost opportunity!

Should You be Facebook Friends With Your Manager?

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Have you ever logged into Facebook to find a shiny red notification that turns out to be a friend request from your boss? Should You be Facebook Friends With Your Manager?

Why Facebook Should Be Part Of Your 2016 Resourcing Strategy

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If you want to look at a wide range of social media sourcing options, here is a webinar I did recently and subsequently recorded that will give you some ideas: The biggest social network, Facebook, is strangely still one of the least used social sites for recruiting.

Recruiters: Facebook Fans are NOT Seeing Your Facebook Job Posts


At a recent recruiting conference it came to our attention that there is a lot of misinformation in recruiting circles regarding the use of Facebook to share job listings.

4 Ideas That’ll Boost Your Recruiting Effectiveness on Facebook


Welcome to the third post in our three part series on excelling at social recruiting through more effective use of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Today we’ll look at four approaches to increase your recruiting effectiveness on Facebook. This is where Facebook is powerful!

Why You Need to Use Facebook to Recruit

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Good news – there is an alternative: Facebook. LinkedIn is becoming very expensive to use, and so re-focusing your efforts on Facebook can be a cheaper way to reach and engage more candidates. Read on to find out why, and how to use Facebook for recruitment effectively and efficiently.

Candidate Shortage? Try Facebook Advertising

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Try Facebook Advertising. Hiring Recruiting candidate shortage facebook advertising RecruitmentAs a recruiter, you’ll understand the importance of having a steady stream of strong candidates prepped and ready to go, for when the perfect opportunities arise.

Three New Changes To LinkedIn and Facebook That Will Now Effect Recruiters

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So what are these three new changes to LinkedIn and Facebook that will effect recruiters? Facebook Graph Search. The other big change (so far) was from Facebook. Just as we start getting used to the awesome Facebook Graph Search for recruitment, they go ahead and change it!

Virtual Reality Meets Facebook & Recruitment. Huh?

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But the biggest announcement in the virtual reality space came from Facebook this week: Facebook, Oculus, and Virtual Reality. ” But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has more in store for it than just games. In a recent Facebook post (where else?)

Facebook Takes Aim (and Fires) at The Recruitment Sector

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Facebook has announced its new jobs feature. To confirm, this isn’t Facebook for Work/Workplace by Facebook – it’s Facebook formally entering the jobs market. Facebook moving to build job boards is fuelled by the same sentiment.

Our Favorite Facebook Sourcing Tool Just Received A Major Update

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If you don’t know McCusker or have used his extremely popular Facebook Sourcing Tool , stop what you’re doing right now and download it ! It’s a mixture of our sourcing favorites: Facebook, tool, free. According to McCusker, even the Facebook recruiting team uses it.

Facebook Testing Free Version of Its Slack Competitor


Facebook HR Communications FeaturedThe workplace messenger war rages on.

Facebook Jobs: Posting & Applying Made Easy

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On February 15th, Facebook rolled out its new Jobs feature—businesses in the US and Canada can now post job listings natively to their Facebook pages, and users can see those jobs in their newsfeed or find them on Facebook’s new Jobs bookmark. Companies have long used Facebook as a recruitment tool to engage with job seekers. Will the new Facebook Jobs tool be an opportunity for companies to have unfettered access to Facebook’s over 200 million active users?

How to Recruit on Facebook, Part 2


In “ How to Recruit on Facebook, Part 1 ,” I have discussed the importance of company branding, reputation, and the power of talent communities for building a strong talent pipeline. However, recruiting on Facebook doesn’t end there. Facebook Featured