5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Recruiting & Job Videos

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Mobile, Video & Online Recruitment Marketing Experts Job & Recruitment Videos. Video Recruitment Marketing. Mobile Recruitment Video Training Course. 5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Recruiting & Job Videos. Why Online Video?

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Web Based Recruitment Launch Online Video Training Course For Recruiters

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Video Marketing & Social Media Advertising For Recruiters. Recruitment Videos. Using Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates. Web Based Recruitment Launch Online Video Training Course For Recruiters. Video Based Training. Why use online video in recruitment?

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Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing

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Attract Your Ideal Candidates Through Recruitment Videos & Targeted Social Media Advertising. Recruitment Videos. Recruitment Video Ads. Using Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates. Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing.

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Video: Discussing AI in Sourcing and Recruiting

Boolean Black Belt

You can watch the recording of our chat here or play the video below to learn a little about my background and my thoughts about the evolving role of technology.

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Employer Branding: Using Social Media to Boost your Brand

Speaker: Audra Knight, Recruitment Operations Manager, Tenable

Get on board with video content, regardless of your budget, Utilize applications and tools to boost productivity & gain competitive intelligence. Social Media is a powerful way to boost your brand.

Four Great Tips For Better Video Interviews

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Mobile & Video Recruitment & EventsE Mobile Recruitment. Video Recruitment. Mobile Recruitment Video Training Course. Four Great Tips For Better Video Interviews. xmlns:dc="[link] xmlns:trackback="[link]. --> Filed Under: Blog , Video Recruitment.

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Using Videos to Source

ERE SourceCon

When you think of video use in recruitment you probably imagine some kind of career videos. But the usage of videos for staffing purposes could go far beyond that. Recruiting Resumes Sourcing Sourcing Function Talent Acquisition Video Resumes Video Sourcing Featured

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Why Using Online Video Should Be A Priority For Recruitment In 2015

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Video Marketing & Social Media Advertising For Recruiters. Recruitment Videos. Video Recruiting Workshop. Why Using Online Video Should Be A Priority For Recruitment In 2015. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Online Video Ads.

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Make Your Recruitment Videos More Exciting


How To Make Your Recruitment Videos More Exciting & Less Dull . Recruitment videos are some of the best resources for finding new talent. Though you might assume video is inherently engaging, a number of production mistakes can put viewers to sleep no matter what your topic is.

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Are You Making the Most of Video Interviews?


Using video interviews helps you meet more applicants and reduce the cost of your recruiting cycle. Video interviewing has come a long way. While poor quality technical support remains a bane of online interviews, the benefits of video capabilities outshine the problems.

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LinkedIn Embraces Its Inner Snapchat With New Video Features


Launching less than a year ago , LinkedIn was really late to the native video upload game. LinkedIn Social Media Management Video Resumes Video Sourcing Featured

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How to Create an Employer Brand Video that Stands Out

Undercover Recruiter

With video representing 74% of all online traffic, video content really does rule the internet waves. So it’s no wonder more and more companies are tapping in with employer branding videos to enhance their profile and attract top talent.

Using Video Interviewing to Enhance Your Candidate Experience


There are a fair amount of negative stigmas that video interviewing (or an on-demand phone interview) can have when presented to candidates or companies who are unfamiliar with it. Below are the three most common misconceptions we’ve heard or seen about video interviewing as they relate to the Candidate Experience: Video Interviewing is used to help the recruiter spend less time with candidates. Is Video Interviewing a Barrier for Candidates? No Access to Video?

The Roundup: An Ode To Video

Social Talent

Video is the heart and soul of SocialTalent. We have built a platform that’s home to 2200 videos that help people learn and work in tandem. At the end of 2016, Glenn Liebowitz published an article on LinkedIn discussing the video trends of 2017.

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The Future of Recruitment Videos Lies in the Crazy Trend of Unboxing Videos


It all started when I found my thrifty six-year-old watching YouTube videos of kids opening up packs of Pokemon cards. Video SourcingI thought he had lost his mind, but after a quick Google search, I came to realize that we have all lost our minds.

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5 Ways to Introduce Video Into Your Candidate Experience


Video is a powerful medium to showcase your jobs and company culture. Video is also predicted to account for 75 percent of mobile Internet traffic in the next five years. Facebook Video Sourcing FeaturedShowing is better than telling.

A Beginner's Guide to Planning Brilliant Videos 


Video has been proven to demand higher consumer attention than any other medium; in fact it is currently the fastest growing marketing tool on the planet! Recruitment Marketing Video Job Ads Video Marketing

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6 Keys to Making a Catchy, Compelling Recruitment Video

Recruiting Daily

People love watching videos online. In fact, online video now accounts for 69 percent of all internet traffic, and 55 percent of people watch online videos every single day.

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Free Webinar – How To Use Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates

Web Based Recruitment

Video Marketing & Social Media Advertising For Recruiters. Recruitment Videos. Using Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates. Free Webinar – How To Use Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates. Recruitment Videos.

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Skype Finally Gets Serious About Being a Video Interviewing Tool


There’s no shortage of video interviewing tools in the recruiting industry. Interviewing Video Resumes Video Sourcing FeaturedGreen Job Interview, HireVue, Take the Interview, Montage, Wepow, Sparkhire, and Vervoe are just a few off the top of my head.

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Video Interviewing Software [VIDEO]

Spark Hire

The simplicity of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions has allowed thousands of companies worldwide to connect with great talent and make them a part of their teams. Spark Hire eliminates these frustrations with a simple video interviewing platform.

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How Australia Post are personalizing the candidate experience with video.


Employer Branding Manager Quila Israelson talks to VideoMyJob about delighting candidates with video and her experience of introducing new technology to the team at Australia Post. Recruitment Marketing Talent Acquisition Video Marketing

HR Uncubed 2018 Recap Video


The post HR Uncubed 2018 Recap Video appeared first on Uncubed Fun fact: My parents raised me to be an overzealous thank you note writer (way before Jimmy Fallon stole my thunder on prime-time).

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Study Says Less Is More and Cheaper is Better When It Comes to Recruitment Videos


I’m not a big fan of video when it comes to resumes , but for employers, I think it’s a must-have. What companies struggle with, however, is exactly how video should be done. Branding Job Descriptions Video Resumes Video Sourcing Featured

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10 Top Company Culture Videos on Glassdoor

Glassdoor for Employers

Customer Success Employee Engagement Employer Branding Company Culture top 10 VideoLooking to give your company culture an overhaul or are you working on improving your employer brand? Here are 10 inspiring company.

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BrightMove Partners with Spark Hire to Offer Revolutionary Video Interviewing


December 8, 2015) – BrightMove, a leading provider of on-demand recruiting software for staffing firms, outsourcing providers and corporate HR departments, today announced that it has partnered with Spark Hire, the world’s most popular video interviewing platform for corporate HR departments and the staffing industry. BrightMove customers will be able to access Spark Hire’s video interviewing capabilities directly from their BrightMove account.

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The Seven Dwarfs of Employer Branding Videos

Recruiting Daily

You know the ones – the videos that make everyone want to share, swear or care. They’re video you can’t help but to watch, even when you’re running late. Every marketer dreams of going viral on social media. We’ve all seen it happen before.

Best Company Culture Videos

Recruiting Blogs

The corporate culture video has become morphed from something very generic and scripted, to a creative outlet that companies can use to share their story, and what they're all about.

Better Late Than Never: LinkedIn Will Soon Let You Upload Videos, Reveal Some Viewer Data


It’s about five years overdue, but news is spreading that LinkedIn’s 500 million users will soon be able to upload a video and share it. Branding Facebook LinkedIn Video Resumes Video Sourcing Featured

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Is Video Interviewing Now a Viable Option for Recruiters?

Undercover Recruiter

Is Video Interviewing Now a Viable Option for Recruiters? Recruiting CRM Interviewing URPanel Video recruiting virtual realityIt started with tech companies but is becoming more and more popular by the day by all kinds of employers and recruiters. Because it works.

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Why Employer Brand Videos Work

Glassdoor for Employers

The explosion in online video thanks to high-speed data connections on smartphones has radically shifted consumption away from text- and image-based content. Employer Branding Branding Employee Reviews Employer Brand Videos Workplace Culture

The 7 Dwarfs & Giants of Video CVs

Undercover Recruiter

However, why would you be satisfied with a simple piece of paper, when you can turn your CV into a BOMB video?! The 7 Dwarfs & Giants of Video CVs. Candidate CV Tips Dropbox Google snapchat video video CV YouTubeEven though we’re living in the future, the most common CV is still the old school A4 with matching Arial layout. Pretty standard, and it does the job, we get it.

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Why it’s Important to Create Employer Brand Videos

Undercover Recruiter

Recruitment and employer brand videos are an awesome way to give your brand a face. Why it’s Important to Create Employer Brand Videos. Employer Recruiting employer brand video Employer Branding Employer Branding Podcast Link Humans Podcast recruitment video TenableThey give candidates a chance to see who really works for your company, as well as an inside look at your working environment and company culture.

Next Level Talent Engagement with Video Messaging

Spark Hire

At Spark Hire, we have observed social sites like LinkedIn and Quora starting to offer users the ability to post videos. It has become pretty obvious the most engaging content on a social media site is its videos. This can be done in one central place: Spark Hire’s video messaging.

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Video Interview Tips for Employers


Video interviews can be a valuable addition to your recruitment process when used at the right time, and in the right way. Instead, use these video interview tips as a guideline to optimize your recruitment process However, every company and candidate is different, so there aren’t necessarily “hard and fast” rules for when and how to use them.

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Identifying the Perfect Video Interview Candidate

Green JobInterview

If you read that title thinking “so there IS a perfect video interview candidate?” In today’s rapidly changing workforce, every candidate has the potential to be perfect for participating in a video interview. Blog Changing Workforce recruiting tips video interviews

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How to: Produce a Kick-Ass Recruitment Video for FREE in Under 60 Minutes

Social Talent

There has been an awful lot of talk about the production of recruitment videos in industry media as of late, with several blogs covering topics relating to why you should make one, who has made one, and how to make one, and everyone from J.T. It is just a great video!

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How to Engage Hiring Managers During Hiring Process – Whiteboard [VIDEO]

ExactHire Recruiting

In this video, pick up some tips on how to better engage hiring managers to effectively participate in your small- to medium-sized business hiring process. Video Transcript: Hi, welcome to another edition of ExactHire Whiteboard Video Chat.

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Developing Diversity with Video Interviews

Green JobInterview

Blog Diversity competitive advantage diversity video interviewsThere’s no doubt that workplace diversity brings many benefits to employees as well as organizations.

J. Walter Thompson INSIDE Wins Video & Visual Awards

JWT Inside

Recently, we received three awards as part of PR Daily’s 2017 Video & Visual Awards show. This competition recognizes accomplishments and innovations in the use of video as a communication tool. Winner: Recruitment and Employer Branding Video- Representing America in a Career that Matters, J. Honorable Mention: Recruitment and Employer Branding Video. Walter Thompson INSIDE Wins Video & Visual Awards appeared first on JWT INSIDE.

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