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For those who may not know, other than my love first love: recruitment, I am an avid film buff. Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and will be concluding on Saturday and we, the non-celebrities, get to glimpse at a smorgasbord of new releases. I often ask candidates during interviews what their favorite film is in order to find out a little bit about them and at times it can be pretty revealing.

Film 100

Making a Brief Film


Had his initial two cheaters been in numerous sections of his lessons, with various instructing personnel, they’d n’t have been found. Today, cheating is more straightforward than actually. Plagiarism is an enormous risk. Fraud isn’t a difficulty with This isn’t a”victimless” crime. It makes a suspicion of the custom of science to the overall people.” ” But clearly, if you truly are innocent, maintain your innocence.”

Film 40

My BBC Film: How To Sell Your Skills Online

Sirona Consulting

Last year I was asked by the BBC to make a short film for BBC WebWise – their website for sharing different advice online. The aim of the film was to work with new jobseeker, review their existing profiles and offer advice on how and why to improve them.

Film 97

Documentary Film Offers 7(ish) Observations About Staffing

Staffing Talk

A new “ documentary film ” about the staffing profession serves to combat that phenomenon, functioning as both an informative gaze-behind-the-curtain for those outside the profession and a pulse-check for ambitious staffing professionals.

Film 85

5 Films That Sum Up Running a Recruitment Agency

FireFish Software

Sometimes I feel we should put things into perspective, take a step back, and take a lighter look at the battles we fight, the victories we savour, and the losses we endure when running a recruitment agency.

Film 77

The Bad and The Not So Beautiful: Film School for Recruiters.

Recruiting Daily

That was the s**t you had to do to make a movie, even the most mundane ones, like my pseudo-artsy film school projects that weren’t worth the paper they were printed on (literally). Trust me; I actually spent a summer off producing tax training films for H&R Block.

Film 105

When I Met The Coen Brothers And a Secret Behind the Filming of Inside Llewyn Davis

Select Software Reviews

I was eventually allowed back into the room for a few minutes, and informed that they were preparing for some sort of film shoot. It turns out these guys had lived in our building on Thompson Street while studying film at NYU a few decades ago.

Film 52

5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Recruiting & Job Videos

Web Based Recruitment

In fact, Danny Boyle (Hollywood film producer for Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and many other successful films) once said “One thing I have learnt is that 70% of the movie is sound” which just goes to show how important the sound is to the success of a film.

Video 169

The 9 Most Disastrous Job Interviews of TV and Film


Sometimes Tinseltown, for all its fictitious kitch, can end up capturing the essential, existential truth behind the dreaded life event that is the job interview.

Film 54

Pixar’s New Short Film Examines Workplace Diversity with Humor, Insight, and a Lively Ball of Yarn

Linkedin Talent Blog

Capital (the company name is as subtle as the film gets). The film centers on the question of what Purl gives up in order to fit in. The film underscores the necessity of people being allowed to bring their authentic selves — the whole ball of yarn, if you will — to the workplace.

Film 57

8 Movies Every Recruiter Must Watch

Undercover Recruiter

I have included a collective of some great films which are out there at the moment and every recruiter should be able to relate to! Recruiting Agency Recruiters film films movie movies Recruiter Sales

Film 92

Activist accuses ASA director of disrupting worker film Q&A

Staffing Talk

He attended the Northside Film Festival in Brooklyn in June where he (unsuccessfully) attempted to disrupt the post-screening Q+A session.In " Dave Desalario took the ASA to task in the comments section of this SIA post:Jim Essey, a member of the Board of Directors of the ASA. another comment, Desalario accuses either the…

Film 33

Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing

Web Based Recruitment

To show just how good smart phones have become a broadcast TV advert for the new Bentley Mulsanne (which costs around $300,000) was filmed and produced last year using only an iPhone 5s and edited on an iPad Air!

Video 130

Cascade to Unveil New Film Showcasing the Future of Work at CIPD's Inaugural Festival of Work Event

HR Technologist - RB

A new film showcasing what HR professionals can expect from the future of work is set to be unveiled at a premiere screening at the CIPD’s inaugural Festival of Work event, in June. Strategy

Staffing News of the Day, January 7, 2014

Staffing Talk

Have an army of freelancers and temps? Here’s how the Affordable Care Act affects you [Ad Age]. Illinois lawmakers aim to clarify who should pay if an employee injured en route to a job [Journal-Gazette & Times-Courier].

A Recruiter of Oscar-Winning Talent Talks 5 Ways You, Too, Can Build a 'Dream Team'


What were top artistic talents from films like 'Titanic,' 'Jurassic World' and 'Avatar' looking for in a new job? Employee Recruitment

Film 116

Location Scouting: How to Find a Great Spot to Video at Work


You’re ready to film; your script is sharp , your phone is charged, you’re looking good … WAIT! Where exactly are you filming? Where will you place your tripod? Does the space have good lighting? Does it highlight you, your colleagues or your office vibe?

Film 62

The Movie “Clerks” Proves The Innovators Are The Ones With Great Careers

Fistful of Talent

Enter the Gen X film classic “Clerks” If you’re not in the know, here’s a description of Clerks : Clerks is a 1994 American independent comedy film written, directed, and co-produced by Kevin Smith. Smith maxed out credit cards to make the film.

Film 119

What ‘Hidden Figures’ Can Teach Recruiters About AI


In the recent film “Hidden Figures,” a group of women known as “computers,” help mastermind NASA’s effort to put a man into space and eventually on the moon.

Film 171

Using PR to Attract Top Talent


Some films use this idea for protection, as in a force field that repels threats. In movies, we’ve heard about the concept of “force.” Then there’s the force that’s like a special positive power, helping the good guys overcome the bad ones. Advertising & Marketing Featured

Film 166

Why Workplace Ghosting Is On the Rise

TLNT: Talent Acquisition

In the 1999 film Office Space , a dark comedy about the mundane conventionality of work, disgruntled software engineer Peter Gibbons tells his new love interest, Joanna, that he hates his job and doesn’t want to go anymore.

Film 84

Killer Robots are Real and They’re Coming to Get You!

Jim Stroud

One of my favorite sci-fi films of all time is The Terminator. In case you have not seen these or the other Terminator films, the movies are about killer robots making war against the human race. I remember watching the film and being terrified, eventhough I knew it was just a movie. Now, I am … Continue reading Killer Robots are Real and They’re Coming to Get You! The Jim Stroud Podcast

Film 25

Wonder Woman – Why Every Firm Needs to Hire One


Giving women the director role on major film projects is, unfortunately, rare. The Wonder Woman movie has been a blockbuster success at the box office, at least in part because both the main character and the director are women.

Film 171

Willy Wonka and the Recruiting Factory

ERE SourceCon

Although that was pretty much closer to the vision of the book, the film was based on and frankly, had they gone that route the author would have probably would have sold the rights to the other books as well as he despised the original film and how it was rewritten.

Film 119

Jeremiah’s Photo Corner: Running an Analog Photography Store And Making Money As A Tintype Photographer in Santa Rosa, California | Jeremiah Flynn


Film cameras? Who shoots film cameras? It turns out an increasing number of people are becoming interested in film as an art medium and as a way to slow down an appreciate photography.

Film 52

What If the Male Avengers Had to Pose Like the Female Ones

Staffing Talk

I guess a lot of people are going to see this film.

Film 61

How to Find a Great Location to Video in Your Office


You’re ready to film; your script is sharp, your phone is charged, you’re looking good … WAIT! Where exactly are you filming? Where will you place your tripod? Does the space have good lighting? Does it highlight you, your colleagues or your office vibe?

Film 62

Not Being There


There was a very cool film that came out in 1979 called “Being There.” Peter Sellers played Chauncey Gardiner, an unusually simple man who only knew – and could only understand – what he saw on television. For him, the real world and the one on TV.

Film 42

Award Winning Announcement: The Power of Video to Unite and Persuade

JWT Inside

Silver: Film/Video-Recruitment for Non-Broadcast. Silver: Film/Video-Employee Communications for Non-Broadcast. Silver: Film/Video-Recruitment for Non-Broadcast. We are thrilled to announce the latest awards won by INSIDErs and our clients.

Film 56

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Launches Job Board to Help Former Criminals Find Work


In addition to being the original “Wolf of Wall Street,” a character popularized in the 2013 film by Martin Scorsese , Richard Bronson is now the CEO of a relatively new job board called 70MillionJobs.

Short of Technicians, We’re Trying Virtual Reality


The shortage of technicians and the unfamiliarity of the energy sector have prompted use to explore new ways of recruitment and therefore they developed six special 360-degree virtual-reality films.

Energy 136

Why Size Matters in the Workplace

Undercover Recruiter

If you don’t get a job based on your weight in the fashion or film industry, some would argue that would be fair enough as most of these roles require a certain image.

Film 100

How to Hire Talent Successfully in the Entertainment Industry


Here, the sudden need to hire creative talent for a new film arises often. Most recruiters know what it’s like to get hit with a hiring fire drill. Whether you suddenly have to scale due to ambitious revenue goals or a demanding new project, those intense hiring pushes are frenzied - but ideally, they're ideally temporary. The entertainment industry is different. And when it does, teams have to quickly tap into an existing network of qualified candidates.

How To Create Video Job Ads: Technical setup


Welcome back to our three part series blog ‘Making your best Video Job Ads’, this time we are going to cover all of your options when it comes to your set up for filming great video job ads. Recruitment Marketing Video Job Ads Video Marketing

Film 57

Why No Job Seekers Watch Your Culture Video


No one watches your culture video If you film it, they will come, right? Recruiting teams have gotten wise to how powerful employer brand can be when trying to attract applications.

Film 90

8 Spooky Pranks You Can Play on Your Co-Workers This Halloween

Social Talent

There’s a reason they made 4 Scream films, the mask gave people the spooks! Now, I’m not saying every Scream film was scary (That’s a different story altogether), but the mask used in the films sure did play its part in many a prank!

Film 148

7 Frightening Recruitment Statistics for Halloween

FireFish Software

So, no party/fancy dress/drinks list, or the even more ‘traditional’ horror films to watch at Halloween article. Our Halloween themed blog post avoids the expected. Instead, we’ve hunted down 7 frightening recruitment statistics.

Film 122