Documentary Film Offers 7(ish) Observations About Staffing

Staffing Talk

A new “ documentary film ” about the staffing profession serves to combat that phenomenon, functioning as both an informative gaze-behind-the-curtain for those outside the profession and a pulse-check for ambitious staffing professionals.

Film 37

How to Film a Recruitment Video Yourself - Lights. Camera. Action!


You can easily create a successful, attractive and captivating video in the quiet, unused corner of your office, armed only with a camera, a set of lights, microphones and a couple of tripods – and you don’t need to re-mortgage to do it

Film 35

My BBC Film: How To Sell Your Skills Online

Sirona Consulting

Last year I was asked by the BBC to make a short film for BBC WebWise – their website for sharing different advice online. The aim of the film was to work with new jobseeker, review their existing profiles and offer advice on how and why to improve them.

Film 21

5 Films That Sum Up Running a Recruitment Agency

FireFish Software

Sometimes I feel we should put things into perspective, take a step back, and take a lighter look at the battles we fight, the victories we savour, and the losses we endure when running a recruitment agency.

Film 27

8 Movies Every Recruiter Must Watch

Undercover Recruiter

I have included a collective of some great films which are out there at the moment and every recruiter should be able to relate to! Recruiting Agency Recruiters film films movie movies Recruiter Sales

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Activist accuses ASA director of disrupting worker film Q&A

Staffing Talk

He attended the Northside Film Festival in Brooklyn in June where he (unsuccessfully) attempted to disrupt the post-screening Q+A session.In " Dave Desalario took the ASA to task in the comments section of this SIA post:Jim Essey, a member of the Board of Directors of the ASA. another comment, Desalario accuses either the…

A Recruiter of Oscar-Winning Talent Talks 5 Ways You, Too, Can Build a 'Dream Team'


What were top artistic talents from films like 'Titanic,' 'Jurassic World' and 'Avatar' looking for in a new job? Employee Recruitment

Film 15

Why No Job Seekers Watch Your Culture Video


No one watches your culture video If you film it, they will come, right? Recruiting teams have gotten wise to how powerful employer brand can be when trying to attract applications.

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7 Frightening Recruitment Statistics for Halloween

FireFish Software

So, no party/fancy dress/drinks list, or the even more ‘traditional’ horror films to watch at Halloween article. Our Halloween themed blog post avoids the expected. Instead, we’ve hunted down 7 frightening recruitment statistics.

Film 41

Wonder Woman – Why Every Firm Needs to Hire One


Giving women the director role on major film projects is, unfortunately, rare. The Wonder Woman movie has been a blockbuster success at the box office, at least in part because both the main character and the director are women.

Film 34

Should Recruiters and Employers Really Care If Candidates Smoke Weed?

Recruiting Daily

While I’d seen most of these classics before, this time I noticed a recurring theme that somehow struck me this time around: no matter what film, in practically every shot and scene, someone is smoking a […].

Film 36

Women in Tech: Hireology’s Julie Rodgers


Film has the Oscars, Theater has the Tonys, and in Chicago tech we have the Moxies. Last night were the 5th Annual Moxie Awards with hundreds of attendees representing the best of the tech industry in Chicago.

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How to Use Snapchat for Employer Branding

Undercover Recruiter

Apart from allowing individuals to take selfies through fun filters and film life around them, it’s also a modern marketing tool for reaching millennials and selling an employer brand. Snapchat is a craze that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

What If the Male Avengers Had to Pose Like the Female Ones

Staffing Talk

I guess a lot of people are going to see this film.

What ‘Hidden Figures’ Can Teach Recruiters About AI


In the recent film “Hidden Figures,” a group of women known as “computers,” help mastermind NASA’s effort to put a man into space and eventually on the moon.

Film 18

Using PR to Attract Top Talent


Some films use this idea for protection, as in a force field that repels threats. In movies, we’ve heard about the concept of “force.” Then there’s the force that’s like a special positive power, helping the good guys overcome the bad ones. Advertising & Marketing Featured

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The Personality Types of Highly Successful People (Infographic)

Social Talent

Based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, this infographic by Colonial Life , uncovers the personality types of some of the world’s most successful people, including US President Barrack Obama, Film Director Stephen Spielberg and Singer/Songwriter Beyoncé.

Film 63

15 Funny Interview Questions

Social Talent

Describe your life using film titles. If you could steal credit for any great piece of art, song, film, book etc which one would you claim? So you’ve got a candidate sitting in front of you for an interview.

How to Hire Talent Successfully in the Entertainment Industry


Here, the sudden need to hire creative talent for a new film arises often. Most recruiters know what it’s like to get hit with a hiring fire drill. Whether you suddenly have to scale due to ambitious revenue goals or a demanding new project, those intense hiring pushes are frenzied - but ideally, they're ideally temporary. The entertainment industry is different. And when it does, teams have to quickly tap into an existing network of qualified candidates.

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Staffing News of the Day, January 7, 2014

Staffing Talk

Have an army of freelancers and temps? Here’s how the Affordable Care Act affects you [Ad Age]. Illinois lawmakers aim to clarify who should pay if an employee injured en route to a job [Journal-Gazette & Times-Courier].

8 Spooky Pranks You Can Play on Your Co-Workers This Halloween

Social Talent

There’s a reason they made 4 Scream films, the mask gave people the spooks! Now, I’m not saying every Scream film was scary (That’s a different story altogether), but the mask used in the films sure did play its part in many a prank!

Film 19

The “Jerry Maguire” economy is about more than the money


In the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” the title character is driven from a cushy post at a sports agency by the realization that he is not doing all he can for his clients. Jerry wants to live up to his promises, delivering quality work and treating the professional athletes he represents as people, not just means to an end. If you employ contingent labor, you might be able to relate to his dilemma.

Film 81

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Launches Job Board to Help Former Criminals Find Work


In addition to being the original “Wolf of Wall Street,” a character popularized in the 2013 film by Martin Scorsese , Richard Bronson is now the CEO of a relatively new job board called 70MillionJobs.

Film 20

The Story Behind our Non-Traditional Employer Branding Videos That Worked

Social Talent

It all starts with getting one of the gang to agree to being filmed (yeah right, like they have a choice…). In the finished edit you only see 5 Random Questions being asked, but during filming we actually ask close to 20. Nicola McCarthy and George Bryan of the Digital Production team.

3 Things Candidates Care About More Than Money

Brazen Recruiting

Filming testimonial videos that focus on satisfied employees and posting them on social media is another great way to celebrate the values inherent in your company.

Film 104

Don't miss your next great superstar employee


Meryl Streep is the recipient of three Academy Awards, nineteen Academy Award nominations, and numerous film industry accolades, but at the very beginning of her career, she was rejected for a role in a major motion picture for being ‘too ugly’.

Don't miss your next great superstar employee


Meryl Streep is the recipient of three Academy Awards, nineteen Academy Award nominations, and numerous film industry accolades, but at the very beginning of her career, she was rejected for a role in a major motion picture for being ‘too ugly’.

Applying Moneyball Principles to Your Recruitment Efforts

NPA Worldwide

I recently watched the film Moneyball (I’m perpetually behind on movie-watching, but I digress), and was struck by how similar it is to recruitment. The premise of the both the film and the book is that the game of baseball is unfairly rigged toward wealthy teams.

Film 53

Social Media Recruiting: 5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn


Stage32 for Film, Theatre, and Television. 5 Recruiting Alternatives to LinkedIn. Submitted by Michelle Arios. LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters, allowing you to search through more than 500 million members to find your next top talent. But if you are finding that it is falling short, you might want to go a bit more niche.

Terminator 6: The Day Recruitment Didn’t Die

Undercover Recruiter

Ok, so the title might be a little far-fetched for a feature film, but with the spate of recent blogs about automated systems killing off recruitment, it could very well be Arnie’s next blockbuster.

Film 10

Why You Should Be Recruiting Ex-Sports Professionals.

BroadBean Technology

See our short film: [link] ). Resilience. Determination. Teamwork. Confidence. Drive. Motivation. Focus. Tenacity. Courage. Leadership. Passion. Sacrifice. Energy. Results-orientation. Self-belief. Being coachable. Vision. Composure under pressure. Performance in the spotlight.

A Talent Network for Angels


No, George never leaves his home town of Bedford Falls, but over the years he builds a talent network that helps him overcome career hurdles, becoming, as his brother says at the climax of the film, “The richest man in town!”.

Film 12

Short of Technicians, We’re Trying Virtual Reality


The shortage of technicians and the unfamiliarity of the energy sector have prompted use to explore new ways of recruitment and therefore they developed six special 360-degree virtual-reality films.

Critic says Staffing Talk post about workers was misleading

Staffing Talk

" Staffing industry critic and film producer Dave Salario writes on Twitter that our post on federal workplace rule changes was misleading:<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="">@StaffingTalk</a> &quot;hurting&quot;…

How to: Produce a Kick-Ass Recruitment Video for FREE in Under 60 Minutes

Social Talent

Just go to your phone’s camera, set it to Video mode and you’re ready to start filming! Be sure to film interviews in a quiet office where you can actually hear the people who are talking. If the company has scooters, slides, bikes or dogs in the office, film them!

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10 Of The Slickest Office Spaces Around The World

Social Talent

The creators of some of the best-loved films of all time deserve a swanky office. What do you think constitutes a ‘good’ office? My criteria is pretty simple. Close enough to walk from home. Pass at least one shop on the way so I can buy milk.

More Recruiting Shock Tactics

The Whiteboard

Innovative Career Solutions tried to live up to their name by referencing the erotic film Secretary in their job ad for a… Secretary…: “Secretary required in Mayfair.

Film 49

Jennifer Lawrence and the Plight of the Female Recruiter

Staffing Talk

As a dutiful father, I’ll be hauling the youngest four of the household off to Catching Fire , the Hunger Games sequel, as soon as they get home from school on Friday, the opening day of the film. I’m not thrilled about the film’s length, 2.5

Film 10

10 Cool Office Spaces

Glassdoor for Employers

You may remember the short animated film from Pixar featuring two desk lamps. In honor of this iconic film, one of the lamps now stands in front of one of the company’s offices, and even lights up at night. How does your office stand up next to the 10 coolest office spaces?

Film 33

3 Hot HR & Recruitment Trends To Follow In 2018

Social Talent

was some sort of next-gen technology that was only mentioned in blockbuster films set in the future. It’s hard to believe that we’re edging towards the latter end of the year, and soon 2017 will be a distant memory.