7 Resume Database Software Tools to Source Hard-to-find Candidates


SignalHire. A comprehensive recruiting solution, SignalHire is making a name for itself particularly thanks to its HR analytics capabilities. As the U.S. economy continues to create over 150,000 jobs per month and basks in 4.4

The recruitment battle on two fronts - for candidate & client

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Such a platforms as SignalHire able the integration of the client in the process of working on a vacancy, to give the opened access to the performance of the way the recruiters hire. If you would like to try SignalHire and to take a look how it could help your business just visit our website www.signalhire.com or book a FREE DEMO of the software. The modern technology can greatly facilitate the work of the recruiter.

Check-list for the recruiter - How to choose the best recruiting platform?

Recruiting Blogs

For example, SignalHire platform managers usually invite the user to nominate an individual online-meeting with the software consultant and to conduct the virtual tour of all the features of the software. At the current recruitment market, the campaign for the championship between the applicant tracking systems intensifies. Both the great asset companies with the facilities in Silicone Valley and smaller startups are in this struggle.