Screening Software Engineers – Tips for IT Recruiters

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For software developers, in addition to passing a technical interview for their chosen skill set, such as Java or C#, can they also pass an interview that assesses their understanding of the foundational, basic software engineering principles that underlie all programming languages?

Google Announces Long-Rumored US Job Search Engine


On Wednesday, May 17, Google sent shockwaves through the recruitment space when they announced that they would be launching a job search engine at their annual I/O conference. The post Google Announces Long-Rumored US Job Search Engine appeared first on Recruitics.

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How Engineers Build Social Impact Every Day at Facebook

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At Facebook, engineers work in an environment where innovation, technology and social impact intersect every day. Employee Engagement Featured Company Culture Engineers Facebook social impact

Global Cost of Engineering Talent

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Recruitment of engineering talent is becoming increasingly more competitive. The search and selection of the best engineering talent has become a race to be first to the best engineering candidates with a lucrative offer.

Newton’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting

415-593-1190 | San Francisco Replace with visual More data on mobile recruiting: ● – 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine. A GUIDE TO MOBILE RECRUITING AND MOBILE APPLICANT TRACKING #nowmobile Newton Software, Inc.

Finding Female Engineers on LinkedIn

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Shout out to Jim Stroud for sparking this bit of creativity. Diversity LinkedIn Niche Searches Outsourcing Recruiting & Sourcing Types Social Networking Sourcing STEM Searches Talent Acquisition Twitter Featured

Recruiting Software Engineers on


Recruiting software engineers is a challenge in today’s competitive job market. As a result, high-quality engineering candidates are often bombarded by recruiting messages and have their pick of the litter when they want to consider a new opportunity.

It’s Happening – Google Launches its Jobs Search Engine

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After nearly a year of speculation, a search engine optimizer in Australia capturing screenshots in the wild , and an official announcement from the CEO, Google for Jobs officially launches today.

AmazingHiring – a tech talent search engine [expert interview]


AmazingHiring is the Ultimate Search Engine for Technical Talent. Well, our search engine is more for recruiters, you can think of it as “Google for recruiters”, and as such, it doesn’t require any submissions from candidates.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

If the seller is forced to rely on a “sales engineer” to. Choosing The Right ATS The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system Introduction ATS for Employers v.s.

Are Your Job Descriptions Search Engine-Friendly?

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And they need to be search-engine friendly. Well, it means that the spiders and crawlers that scour the web can find your job description, figure out what it’s all about, and return it in a job seeker’s search engine results.

Looking to Hire an Engineer? Get Smart About Your Approach

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In today’s technology-dependent business world, engineers are in high demand. Job Advertising Engineer Hiring Engineers How To Recruit how to recruit engineers HRAccording to Glassdoor’s research, almost 5,000 companies in the U.S.

Developer, Programmer or Engineer?

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The terms “developer”, “programmer”, and “engineer” are often used interchangeably to describe the same type of employee, but do they really all mean the same thing? 72% preferred the term Developer, followed by 60% favoring Programmer and 42% calling themselves an Engineer.

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Recruiting Software Engineers

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There’s an over-abundance of jobs for a very finite number of engineers. With such stiff competition, it’s important to ensure your recruitment process isn’t turning off the engineers you need to take your company to the next level.

How Recruiters Can Utilize Linkedin as a Search Engine

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A few days ago, we came across an article called, The new search engine that could give Google a run for its money. Here are some of the ideas Nemo mentioned that recruiters can use to harness the power of LinkedIn as a search engine.

Best Company Engineering Blogs

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Engineering blogs at companies have become more and more common in the past few years. Some employers want to build their talent brand in order to attract top engineering talent and start writing about the interesting aspects of what they’re working on as a means to drive inbound applicants. We thought we’d compile a list of the best engineer focused blogs that we’ve found for those thinking of starting one of these blogs themselves.

Why Should Senior Engineers Balance Trees in an Interview?


For nearly as long as companies have hired programmers, managers have asked engineering candidates to solve fundamental algorithm and data structure problems. And for nearly just as long, engineers have debated the validity of these challenges in job interviews (2005, 2015).

4 Tips for Hiring the Elusive Software Engineer [Infographic]

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In today’s candidate-driven market, recruiting top-tier talent is a challenge – and software engineers are among the most difficult candidates to hire. Talent Acquisition Candidates Hiring Recruiting Software Engineers

Building your B2B Sales Engine (Infographic)

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This infographic from Sales Engine Media breaks down exactly what is required to create a well-oiled B2B sales engine. The post Building your B2B Sales Engine (Infographic) appeared first on SocialTalent.

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These Are The 25 Best Paying Cities for Software Engineers

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Are you currently hiring software engineers? Recent Glassdoor data reveals the 25 Best Paying Cities for Software Engineers, by identifying the ‘real. Featured Talent Acquisition 25 best cities best cities best paying cities Glassdoor highest paying cities Software Engineers

How to Find Active & Passive Software Engineers on Stack Overflow

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Do you source and/or recruit software engineers? Would you like to know how to find software engineers on Stack Overflow who are actually interested in hearing about new career opportunities? How to Find Software Engineers on Stack Overflow by Reputation.

Why Do The Best Engineers Not Work For You?

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I’d like to share one of my favorite articles I wrote not long ago, answering the very direct question: why do the best software engineers not work for you? Everybody knows that software engineers are in high demand today.

The Demand for Engineers


The most popular college major choice for high school seniors surveyed by CareerBuilder —the majority of whom already have a career in mind—is engineering. We can debate how many of these students will stick with engineering when they get their first homework assignments in college.

Move Over Marketing, Recruitment Is Also Engineering


Good decision making is essential in talent acquisition and employer branding, and it does not happen by accident. It requires a reasoned choice among competitive alternatives.

How Raleigh Is Engineering a Solution to the Skills Gap


In Raleigh, North Carolina they are engineering a solution to a worldwide problem: understanding the recruitment, retention, and skills development needs of today’s leading energy and technology providers. Engineering Staffing

Yahoo Talent Engineer Discusses Advanced Recruiting Lessons


As the former Head of Talent Engineering at BrightRoll, until they were recently acquired by Yahoo, Erin''s pioneered some truly interesting recruiting tactics. Erin Wilson is a special breed of Recruiter.

The Search Engine That Could

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Admit it; you are obsessed with Google. You’ve used terms like, “Google it” or “Googling.” ” You’ve downloaded its Chrome extensions, taken advantage of its Boolean and even asked it a question or two.

How Pipedrive Hired 30 Engineers in 6 Months

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This means our engineering team had to grow, too. Pipedrive had already attracted many great engineers, but when hiring for a large quantity of candidates who meet your quality requirements, you may have to look beyond the immediate local talent pool.

How To Find (More) Female Engineers on LinkedIn

Jim Stroud

Basically, it was all about finding female engineers on LinkedIn. After skimming the article, I quickly scrolled down to the … Continue reading How To Find (More) Female Engineers on LinkedIn.

How I Hire: Toni Martinez, Engineering Director at Softonic

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To effectively hire and manage the best engineers, you must have a passion for people. Currently the Engineering Director at Softonic , world’s top Multiplatform Software Guide, Martinez oversees an engineering team.

Here's What Engineers Hate About Your Recruiting Emails


The typical engineer receives an onslaught of recruitment messages every week. To find out how to improve the plight of technical recruiters everywhere, we asked Lever engineers to talk about where exactly it all goes wrong, and what recruiters can do differently.

Meet Google’s New AI-Powered Job Search Engine

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Meet Google’s New AI-Powered Job Search Engine. Google over the past few years has been focused on turning itself into an artificial intelligence company. They have been implementing AI into their platforms in order to improve search results. They have stayed out of recruiting, leaving the market for the likes of Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn for a long time but now have officially entered. View Article. Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Blog.

The Best Job Boards for Software Engineers (with pricing)


Does your company need to hire a software engineer? IT professionals (most notably software engineers) are the most sought after hires, according to Monster Intelligence data as of this October. Trovit is a job search engine that compiles thousands of websites in just one search.

Enrich, Understand, and Communicate: 3 Principles for Retaining Great Engineers


Adhere to these three principles and you’re well on your way to creating a culture great engineers will want to join and remain in. The battle for tech talent is fierce, and there’s way more to it than simply convincing candidates to join your ranks.

Four Steps to Recruit Elusive Engineers

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Engineers do not want to be found. Featured Talent Acquisition Engineers Glassdoor Hiring hiring tips how to recruit engineers Recruit Recruiting recruiting engineers Recruiting TipsWe’ve all been there. We recruiters are the bane of their existence, plaguing them with.

Sourcing Hacks 101: How to find your next engineer on GitHub (and discover their hidden email address)


Every recruiter knows that engineers are virtually nonexistent when it comes to replying to LinkedIn InMails, so the challenge becomes not only finding these talented engineers, but actually getting them to respond, regardless of the platform.

Should Engineers Really be Judged by Their Resume Writing Skills?


The post Should Engineers Really be Judged by Their Resume Writing Skills? Martin Harriman wanted to make his way back to the software industry after a decades-long break building hardware, so he did what most people do when they’re trying to change industries.

Data Engineer Job Description

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The number of Data Engineer positions increased by 112% between 2013 and 2015 (The state of Data Engineering- StitchData) as companies experience. Job Description data engineer qualifications requirements responsibilities

The Value of an Engineering Degree

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Unlike most four-year-degrees, engineering delivers an outstanding ROI. Fred Wilson at AVC has a great write-up on the subject with more than 200 comments from a lot of really bright engineers. My Dad went to Stevens, fifth on this list.

Guide on Recruiting for Engineering Jobs/ Companies- Mechanical, Civil, Electrical

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This post will acquaint you with all terms and concepts involved in recruiting for engineering/ manufacturing jobs. Besides engineering people are also required at various construction/ project sites. B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma Engineers at senior levels and ITI and graduates/ undergraduates at lower levels. B.Tech and other engineering qualifications like M.Tech and Diploma can be in following streams-.