Your Professional Conduct Policy > Freedom of Speech

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In all cases, the Professional Conduct Policy you have at your company overrides Freedom of Speech. In general terms, your Professional Conduct Policy is written broadly to give people who have to make tough decisions the latitude to fire you.

Your Professional Conduct Policy > Freedom of Speech

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In all cases, the Professional Conduct Policy you have at your company overrides Freedom of Speech. In general terms, your Professional Conduct Policy is written broadly to give people who have to make tough decisions the latitude to fire you.

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

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The post Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? I’ve got a normal, everyday dilemma for you. You go into an interview for a job you really want. You’ve got a great career going, but this job is really next-level stuff, with a great brand.

Remote Work Policies for Recruitment Firms

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Many employers have already adopted remote work policies. While you may not want to move to a “mostly” or “always” remote workforce, it may very well make sense to consider a policy for unusual situations.

Up Your Analytics Game: How to Empower People to Take Action

Speaker: Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

4 cornerstones of a solid recruitment policy


A recruitment policy is a framework that clearly outlines all your business’s recruitment practices. The purpose of a recruitment policy is to promote consistency, transparency, compliance and adherence to labor laws and legislation.

Companies Must Strengthen their Social Media Policies to Reduce Phishing Risk

HR Technologist - RB

Companies should take steps to strengthen social media policies in order to render future cyber attacks. Safety

How You Can Reach Diversity Without a Hiring Policy

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She explains why you shouldn’t implement a hiring policy, and some tips for achieving diversity in your workplace. Too many companies strive for an inclusive and diverse culture, but find themselves stuck when it comes to brass tax.

Is Your Paid Time Off Policy Costing you Candidates?


Your paid time off policy plays into that, and can round out a strong offer—or send candidates running the other way. If you want to improve your offer acceptance rate and build a more efficient recruitment process , make sure your time off policy is attractive to candidates. Job openings are at a 17 year high , the unemployment rate is low at 3.9 percent, and employers everywhere are taking notice of the high competition for talent.

Great Vacation Policy Ideas, Tips and Advice


FOUR VACATION POLICY IDEAS TO ENCOURAGE WORK-LIFE BALANCE: 1. For example, Hubspot has a mandatory two-week vacation policy (in addition to unlimited vacation) and Evernote encourages employees to take at least a full week of vacation at a time by offering a $1,000 bonus for doing so.

Our New Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy governs the use of information on and any other website we own and operate (together, the “Websites”). If you do not agree with this policy, we recommend not using our website or our services. We will periodically make updates to this policy.

Does Your Small Business Have a Social Media Policy?


An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting your small business’s good name, so educate and guide your staff by creating a thoughtful social media policy. Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Social Media Policy at Your Small Business.

8 Guarantee and Refund Policies

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On one of our recruiting forums, a member recently asked about guarantee and refund policies that other recruiters use in contracts with clients. Have you had to change your guarantee policy due to a situation with a client?

10 Steps For Determining Flexible Versus Non-Negotiable Workplace Policies

Forbes Human Resources Council

Working hours, PTO, dress codes, conduct—determine whether flexible or non-negotiable policies are right for your company with these tips from Forbes Human Resources Council experts

How to Implement a Workplace Safety Policy

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We’ve all heard that safety is the best policy. But when it comes time to actually put your safety policy on paper, where do you begin? Below we’ve outlined how to draft and communicate your first workplace safety policy.

Workplace Cannabis Policy: Corporate America's New Recruiting Opportunity


If you knew that a company culture permitted or even promoted cannabis use, would you choose to work there? This may not be the first question you ask when assessing a potential employer, but as cannabis use is gradually legalized at the state level, the impact on the workplace cannot be ignored.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy

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I often have people ask me why should they have a social media policy? And I tell them that all organisations need a social media policy. A social media policy will help them understand what is and what is not acceptable to say about your organisation.

6 Things Your Employee Cyber Security Policy Needs

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The best way to educate your employees about cyber security is to develop an employee cyber security policy. Here are six things your employee cybersecurity policy needs. Safety

Pay Transparency Policy Ruling – How Does it Affect HR?


Are you familiar with the latest news surrounding the Pay Transparency Policy ruling? The company also had a strict policy in place to prevent her from talking about this when she began to make inquiries. The post Pay Transparency Policy Ruling – How Does it Affect HR? If you’re an HR professional, then you should be because January 11, 2016 marked an important date for many employers across the country.

5 Considerations for Your Company Relocation Policy

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With the race to attract and retain employees as competitive as ever, companies have learned that great talent knows no borders. Talent Recruiting Employee Engagement

Considering an Office Pet Policy? Start Here.

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The office has gone to the dogs. Well, that’s what it seems like given the growing number of pet friendly workplaces today. HR Employee Experience Perks

5 Reasons Every Organization Needs A Recruitment and Selection Policy


However, if you have an effective recruitment and selection policy, then it significantly eliminates the employee turnover; making it easier for you to choose the just right candidate who not only meets the work-related competencies, but also complements the core values of your organization.

Why recruitment selection and process policies matter


Many regard the recruitment selection and process as peripheral to core business functions, but that’s a misconception. It’s one of the most important functions in any organization, no matter the size or type of business. Hiring the right candidates to maintain the success of any business is crucial.

Instacart Backs Down on Controversial Pay Policy Update

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New Pay Policy Hurts. Recently, Instacart, a company that offers grocery delivery services through a Web application, instituted a new pay policy that resulted in some pushback from employees. Small changes to policies can have outsize effects on how much workers take home.”.

What A Trip: Recruiting, Retention and Your PTO Policy.

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Getting Creative With Your PTO Policy: 4 Employers Getting It Right. This is true at almost every company, but there are a few out there who are actually innovating in what’s more or less one of the most mundane areas of HR policy.

Creating an Employee Rehiring Policy

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This is where having a formal policy for rehiring former employees comes in handy. What is a Rehiring Policy? A rehiring policy involves bringing a former employee back onboard to work for the company. Why Should You Have a Rehiring Policy? Rehiring a former employee can save money and simplify the hiring process, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t still be a formal policy. The post Creating an Employee Rehiring Policy appeared first on Newton Software.

Six Ways To Craft A Social Media Policy That Fosters Employee Participation

Forbes Human Resources Council

The experts of Forbes Human Resources Council share their insight on crafting a social media policy that gets employees excited without feeling pressured about using their personal pages Want to get your employees excited about contributing to company social media?

ComplianceHR Offers PolicySmart for Employee Policy Compliance and Management

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ComplianceHR, a joint venture of Littler and Neota Logic, announces the addition of PolicySmart™ to its suite of intelligent, on-demand, compliance applications. Benefits Administration

Four in Five US Small Businesses Have No Formal Remote Working Policy in Place

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A vast majority of SMBs have no formal policy or process in place regarding remote work, new research of 190 small businesses has revealed. . Mobile Workforce

Vaping: When, How and What to Include in Your HR Policies

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Some employees may be using them out in the open, which raises the question of whether vaping should be addressed in your HR policies. The post Vaping: When, How and What to Include in Your HR Policies appeared first on TalentCulture. “Vaping” is on the rise, with 10.8 million U.S.

41% of Companies have a Policy that Regulates Political Expression in the Workplace

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Political expression policies outline acceptable political discussions at work, help avoid a hostile workplace, and provide legal protection for companies. Culture

Leave of Absence Needed? You Must Know These policies.


Different companies around the world have different kinds of leave policy. In a more formal workplace, you may need to construct your request in alignment with the company policy. In writing for a leave of absence, do well to familiarize yourself with the company’s policies.

What You Need to Know about Unlimited Vacation Policies

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Unlimited vacation time (sometimes called open PTO) is a flexible leave policy that has grown more popular in recent years despite the fact that some employers worry about people abusing it. In fact, many large companies have begun testing the concept while re-examining their PTO policies.

The Refund Policy On Poor Hiring Decisions

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If you treat hiring as a unilateral decision, you’ll be disappointed with the refund policy. There is no refund policy when the person that you’ve hired doesn’t work out. Without a “return policy” we walk down a murky path of defending our choice.

Background Screening Policy Helps You Avoid Hiring Pitfalls


That’s why developing an effective background screening policy is one of the best investments a company can make. A background screening policy has two main benefits: It provides clear guidelines that optimize your screening process.

New Marijuana Laws Mean Updates to Drug and Alcohol Policies

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With the tide rapidly turning as it relates to the use of marijuana, employers are charting new waters while putting new drug policies in place or updating existing policies. Update Drug and Alcohol Policies Immediately.

Unbelievable Company Policies and Procedures From Around The World [Infographic]


The team at Way We Do have come across some cringe-inducing examples of company policies and procedures from around the world, that are at best thoughtless and at worst, well, you can see for yourself. Building Culture Employer branding Infographic Leading People

Working with a Recruiter: Why Honesty is the Best Policy

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There is something to be said about integrity in recruiting — not only concerning the conduct of job seekers or employers, but how the professional recruiters they work with operate as well.

Why Your Company Needs a Strong Sick Leave Policy

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What starts as a tickle in the back of your throat can quickly evolve into a bigger problem. With flu season upon us, it’s the most popular time of year for sick day requests. But when there’s work to be done, it can be hard to pick between not falling behind and prioritizing your health.

Eight Ways To Effectively Manage Your Flexible Work Policies

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Strict work schedules and harsh time-off policies are a thing of the past for many companies. Today, employees seem to respond better to flexibility