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Uber: A Cautionary Tale for HR Policy


Uber: A Cautionary Tale for HR Policy. What happens when you try to grow a business without well-crafted HR policies? While there are laws against harassment, and policies in place to protect against it, too often the only realistic option is the one Fowler chose—find another job and leave the bad memories behind. With effort and expense, the company may yet emerge with shiny, strong policies that instill transparency into its HR practices.

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Fistful of Talent

The post Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? I’ve got a normal, everyday dilemma for you. You go into an interview for a job you really want. You’ve got a great career going, but this job is really next-level stuff, with a great brand.

Equality, Trust, and Higher Quality Employees: A Case for Open Salary Policies

Arya Recruiting Robotics

In December 2013, social media management company Buffer rocked the HR world when it adopted an innovative idea: an open salary policy. Let’s explore how an open salary policy could generate equality, an atmosphere of trust, and higher quality employees within your organization.

The Goldilocks ATS Story

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Great Vacation Policy Ideas, Tips and Advice

The Hiring Site

FOUR VACATION POLICY IDEAS TO ENCOURAGE WORK-LIFE BALANCE: 1. For example, Hubspot has a mandatory two-week vacation policy (in addition to unlimited vacation) and Evernote encourages employees to take at least a full week of vacation at a time by offering a $1,000 bonus for doing so.

Creating an Employee Rehiring Policy

Newton Software

This is where having a formal policy for rehiring former employees comes in handy. What is a Rehiring Policy? A rehiring policy involves bringing a former employee back onboard to work for the company. Why Should You Have a Rehiring Policy? Rehiring a former employee can save money and simplify the hiring process, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t still be a formal policy. The post Creating an Employee Rehiring Policy appeared first on Newton Software.

Background Screening Policy Helps You Avoid Hiring Pitfalls


That’s why developing an effective background screening policy is one of the best investments a company can make. A background screening policy has two main benefits: It provides clear guidelines that optimize your screening process.

8 Guarantee and Refund Policies

NPA Worldwide

On one of our recruiting forums, a member recently asked about guarantee and refund policies that other recruiters use in contracts with clients. Have you had to change your guarantee policy due to a situation with a client?

The Refund Policy On Poor Hiring Decisions

Converticulture Recruiting

If you treat hiring as a unilateral decision, you’ll be disappointed with the refund policy. There is no refund policy when the person that you’ve hired doesn’t work out. Without a “return policy” we walk down a murky path of defending our choice.

Pay Transparency Policy Ruling – How Does it Affect HR?


Are you familiar with the latest news surrounding the Pay Transparency Policy ruling? The company also had a strict policy in place to prevent her from talking about this when she began to make inquiries. The post Pay Transparency Policy Ruling – How Does it Affect HR? If you’re an HR professional, then you should be because January 11, 2016 marked an important date for many employers across the country.

Get Connected Series. Social Media In The Workplace: How To Create A Social Media Policy


Every employer should have a social media policy in place as a guideline for employees and as protection for their company. Recruiting Software Blog brightmove company company policy corporate employee employees policy social media

Best Practices For Building An Effective, Compliant Background Check Policy


To stay safe, keep these best practices in mind as you implement or update an employment-screening policy in your company. Create and apply background check policies across the whole company, even for executive management. Company-wide policies can (and should) be role specific.

Transitioning to new policies with applicant tracking software


An applicant tracking software platform can help businesses navigate hiring policy changes smoothly. A reliable applicant tracking software platform can ensure businesses don't miss out on top talent while keeping all hiring managers and HR professionals informed of changing policies.

Transportation Safety Policy Update (Podcast)


The post Transportation Safety Policy Update (Podcast) appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight. Laws and regulations relating to commercial motor vehicle safety are essential, but must also be practical. They should benefit the public, motor carriers and their employees while imposing a minimal burden on commerce.

D’Amicantonio: Do your policies address staffing specific third party exposure?

COATS Staffing Software

This can be found in the general liability or property policy when structured correctly but is a coverage not always included in standard insurance policies sold by an inexperienced staffing broker.

Creating an Employee Handbook: What HR Policies to Include


Outlining every organizational policy provides your team members with answers to common questions and lets them know how they’re expected to act while at work. It should tell employees they’re expected to be familiar with every policy and procedure that are covered. Conduct policy.

Transparency Policy: The Why & How of Building One that Works for Your Organization

ClearCompany Recruiting

Transparency policies at Buffer and Netflix have been much written about, as they are keeping their culture, and their salaries, out there for the world to see. Does your organization need a better transparency policy? “Transparency” seems to be the word of the day.

Sexual Harassment Policies

Recruiting Blogs

Despite people coming forward (and the guilty getting fired), 91% of companies surveyed stated they were not going to update their sexual harassment policy or they did not even have one in place. Considering it's 2018, these need to be addressed and policies need to be put in place. Many companies are lacking a social media policy, but you need to have one, and it needs to include sexual harassment. What does your sexual harassment policy look like?

5 Reasons Every Organization Needs A Recruitment and Selection Policy


However, if you have an effective recruitment and selection policy, then it significantly eliminates the employee turnover; making it easier for you to choose the just right candidate who not only meets the work-related competencies, but also complements the core values of your organization.

Your Social Media Policy should also be your Social Policy


Companies must introduce a formal social media policy for their organizations. If you don’t know where to start, use a social media policy template like the ones found here.

10 Ways To Create An Attractive PTO Policy

Glassdoor for Employers

When designing a PTO policy that’s right for your company, there are many flexible benefits to consider. We’ve gathered ten of the. Employee Engagement Benefits HR PTO Recruiting Vacation

Our Unlimited Vacation Policy

Hiring Thing

Here are HiringThing, we''re working hard on creating a culture of personal responsibility and mutual trust, and we wanted our vacation and time off policy to reflect that. After some reflection, we decided to adopt an Open PTO Policy which allows our employees the flexibility to take time off when they need it

5 Reasons You Need A Recruitment And Selection Policy


A solid recruitment and selection policy will result in the appointment of the best candidate, based on merit and best-fit with your organisational goals. Building Culture Candidates Hiring Talent Most Popular Recruitment Screen

6 Questions to Ask When Building a Background Check Policy


Many employers struggle with determining if they’re at a stage where they really need to have a formal policy around employment background checks. The reality is that most employers, regardless of size or industry, should likely have some sort of policy in place. That’s because, no matter what type of employer you are, background checks should be conducted lawfully, and consistently – and screening policies go a long way in helping ensure that this happens.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy

NPA Worldwide

I often have people ask me why should they have a social media policy? And I tell them that all organisations need a social media policy. A social media policy will help them understand what is and what is not acceptable to say about your organisation.

Gender-Neutral Leave Policies Need to Happen Now

The Hiring Site

If talent advisors are advocates for employees, how can they promote more gender-neutral leave policies? ” Family-friendly labor policies still tend to lean in favor of women being the primary caregiver.

Webinar Recap: Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating a Background Screening Policy


On February 27, 2018, Alexis Clark and Ian Bellais from Verified First led a SmartSearch SmartPractices webinar on the core concepts of what a well-designed background screening looks like, and what companies need to know about the changing legal landscape for background checks.

What A Trip: Recruiting, Retention and Your PTO Policy.

Recruiting Daily

Getting Creative With Your PTO Policy: 4 Employers Getting It Right. This is true at almost every company, but there are a few out there who are actually innovating in what’s more or less one of the most mundane areas of HR policy.

Why You Need a Strong Parental Leave Policy

Glassdoor for Employers

Today’s workplace is undergoing a shift as employers seek to retain workers, become more diverse and inclusive, and provide first-world standards for employees and their families. Employee Engagement Featured Benefits paid leave parental leave

Is it Time to Recall Some of Your Dealership HR Policies?


While the risks and potential harms pale in comparison to vehicle recalls, some employer policies should be similarly recalled and replaced. Some policies no longer work as designed because of subsequent changes to certain laws. Reasonable Accommodation Policy. Leave Policy.

Webinar Recording- The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Improving Your Background Check Policy

Spark Hire

While the process of creating or revamping your background check policy may seem like a daunting task, Curt Schwall from Employment Background Investigations is here to share with you why it is so important to have a policy, and also how you can create one today.

Does Your Criminal Background Check Policy Protect YOU?

Staffing Talk

If you do, you're in the majority, but your policies could still come under scrutiny. " Do you conduct criminal background checks for your job candidates?

The Most Unusual Corporate Vacation Policies: Innovative or Insane?

The Hiring Site

As far as radical vacation policies go, Virgin’s is pretty high on the list; however, one company may just have them beat…. But are these policies too good to be true? Take a look at a few other unusual vacation policies, and decide for yourself.

4 Workplace Policies That Attract Top Tech Industry Talent


Workers who reported flexible IT policies at work were more satisfied with their jobs (83 percent) versus those with strict policies (62 percent). Avoid losing your top talent with these four workplace policies that have proven track records for keeping employees happy and engaged.


Recruiting Blogs

Even though the practice is highly disputed there seems to be a rise in the amount of companies implementing the unlimited holiday policy, with a significant rise in the USA amongst tech companies, but is now begining to spill into countries such as the UK and Ireland. . .

5 reasons you need an official paternity leave policy


There are paternity leave policies on the books in about 80 countries but many of them appear little more than symbolic. So is a paternity policy really needed? If you’re looking into the business case for an official paternity leave policy , here’s five reasons to get on it: 1.Work/life conflicts are a reality for men too. A paternity policy is a conscious effort to alleviate the increasing struggles of working fathers.

Hireology CEO Offers Social Media Policy, Insight to AmEx OPEN Forum


Policy is best practice, especially when it comes to social media use in the office. In the article, titled, “What You Should Know About Crafting a Social Media Policy,” Adam highlighted the necessity of having a policy in place at the office: Management Hiring News

Develop Safe Policies for Marijuana in the Workplace at EBI’s Webinar

Newton Software

The post Develop Safe Policies for Marijuana in the Workplace at EBI’s Webinar appeared first on Newton Software.

Recruiting blunder: China's devastating one-child policy

Staffing Talk

" From NYBooks:The horrors of China's one-child policy are still being revealed. Each new account seems worse than the last:There are also creepier market responses to the shortage of brides: life-size, anatomically correct female dummies, selling for $5,000 and up. If China is running out of women, why not make fake women?… …