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Check out our Greenhouse ATS & CRM integration. The post Greenhouse Integration appeared first on Honeit Software. Honeit turns phone, voip and video calls into talent insights.

Greenhouse Report Says It’s a Candidate’s World and Northrop Grumman IT Hiring Got a Boost

The Cleared Recruiting Chronicles

A recent Greenhouse report confirms that employees will be ready to jump ship whenever necessary. CISA contract Contractor daily brief defense greenhouse hiring layoff northrop grummanAnd Northrop Grumman IT hiring was up in June.


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Recap: Greenhouse OPEN 2019


Last week, over 1,000 talent acquisition professionals converged in New York City for Greenhouse OPEN 2019. It was great hearing from so many awesome Greenhouse partners during the two days, and here are a few of our favorite sessions/takeaways from the event! This year, we celebrated Talent Makers - the people who have figured out how great hiring drives business growth.

Greenhouse Launches ‘Culture-First’ Onboarding Platform

Recruiting Daily

Greenhouse launched a new platform to onboard new hires in a way that addresses areas beyond paperwork and logistics. Greenhouse believes that a number of employers have reexamined their candidate experience and onboarding processes since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

[PODCAST] Greenhouse: Understanding the Hiring Maturity Curve with Jon Stross

Recruiting Daily

Here today with Jon Stross, the cofounder at Greenhouse. with William Tincup Staffing Talent Acquisition Technology Trends greenhouse hiring jon stross maturity curve podcast recruitinglive William Tincup

[PODCAST] Greenhouse – Why the Textio and Greenhouse Integration is a Game Changer with Dane Hurtubise

Recruiting Daily

Why the Textio and Greenhouse Integration is a Game Changer with Dane Hurtubise Ready to grow? In the virtual hot seat today is Dane Hurtubise, VP of Platform & Partnerships at Greenhouse. What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse + Glassdoor: Overcoming Hiring Manager Roadblocks

Glassdoor for Employers

Greenhouse Software bills itself as the world’s first recruiting optimization platform, leveraged by companies to optimize how they find, interview and hire talent. From strategic sourcing to customizable interview kits, Greenhouse technology helps organizations of all sizes improve their recruiting performance, find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions. View the Greenhouse blog here and Glassdoor’s here.

Greenhouse Expands Services to Assist With Implementations

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Greenhouse’s Services group will now be able to help enterprise customers implement the recruiting platform’s solutions more quickly and cost-effectively. Using four professional services capabilities, Greenhouse Services can facilitate implementation, setup, workflows and benchmarking.

Greenhouse Raises $50 Million, Touts Diversity Offering


Greenhouse , a popular applicant tracking solution, joined a growing number of its peers raising money lately. Hired, for example, just raised $30 million. Phenom People recently raised $22 million. I could go on, but the gist is recruitment remains hot and the number of firms looking for a piece of the pie is growing. Diversity Featured

Lever vs. Greenhouse — Which Is Your Next ATS?

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>> Note: If you're looking for alternatives to Lever and Greenhouse, check out the following solutions: For SMBs: ClearCompany. Chances are that every resource, including our shortlist of the best ATS's , features Lever and Greenhouse. . Lever vs. Greenhouse Features.

The Power of Our Partnership: HireRight + Greenhouse


Together, HireRight + GreenHouse have helped hundreds of employers hire and onboard candidates quickly and efficiently. We talked to Garret Starr, Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse about helping employers make smarter hiring decisions. Background Screening Partnerships

Greenhouse and Textio Partner to Simplify Hiring Process for Recruiters

HR Technologist - RB

Textio's and Greenhouse's partnership simplifies the hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers. Recruitment & Onboarding

Greenhouse Announces Annual OPEN 2019 Conference

HR Technologist - RB

Greenhouse, the talent acquisition software company, has announced its annual OPEN 2019 Conference. Recruitment & Onboarding

How Greenhouse Does Technical Recruiting

Stack Overflow

This topic is always on our minds—in fact, Greenhouse partnered with Stack Overflow last year to discuss technical recruiting tips & tricks in a webinar. If you’re not familiar with us, Greenhouse is a company that’s dedicated to helping other companies recruit and onboard the best talent. We all know that technical recruiting can be a real challenge.

Roadtrip Wrap-up: Greenhouse Recruiting Optimization Roadshow


We were so pumped to have been invited to roadtrip across the country with Greenhouse for their Recruiting Optimization Roadshow, leading the Inbound Marketing Workshop in Boston, Palo Alto and Chicago. Continue Reading → The post Roadtrip Wrap-up: Greenhouse Recruiting Optimization Roadshow appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Inbound Marketing Recruitment Marketing greenhouse inbound marketing recruiting optimization roadshow recruitment marketing

Why You Should Attend Greenhouse Open

Glassdoor for Employers

We are so excited to be teaming up with Greenhouse for Greenhouse Open ! Greenhouse Open is bringing together the largest community of forward-thinking Talent Acquisition, People Ops, and HR professionals for three days of knowledge sharing, professional networking, and training. There is a lot to discuss and the discussion is happening in May at the Greenhouse Open. Be sure to register now to save your seat for Greenhouse Open !

Greenhouse vs Workable: Overview and Feature Comparison


Below, we’re going to be comparing Greenhouse and Workable across several important categories such as pricing, features for candidate management, and integration. Greenhouse vs Workable: Which Is The Right Software For You? Greenhouse has been used by many companies, such as Dropbox and DoorDash, to make their hiring processes more efficient. If a vacancy has many applicants , Greenhouse works to filter them to find candidates that would be the right fit. Greenhouse.

The Power of Our Partnership: HireRight + Greenhouse


For HireRight partner Greenhouse, it means helping people-first companies unlock human potential by powering their workforce systems to hire great talent. The post The Power of Our Partnership: HireRight + Greenhouse appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight. “The Future of Work is here.” This is a popular sentiment within the human resources space, but what does it really mean?

Greenhouse Focuses on Helping Companies in Talent Acquisition

HR Technologist - RB

Greenhouse held an Open Conference in June 2019 and launched the Talent Makers initiative. Recruitment & Onboarding

Greenhouse Launches Customer-Preferred Partner Program

HR Technologist - RB

Greenhouse, introduced its Customer-Preferred Partner Program, a new partnership model to help companies make better hiring tech decisions by introducing peer guidance for Talent Acquisition (TA) tech stack considerations. Recruitment & Onboarding

Announcement: Beamery and Greenhouse Integration


We’re always on the lookout for ways that we can add value to users of Beamery and today we’re happy to announce our new integration with Greenhouse. Greenhouse’s strength in managing and optimising every step of the application process, makes the ATS a perfect compliment to our software. What is Greenhouse? Greenhouse is a modern ATS used by companies like Airbnb, Buzzfeed and Snapchat. Beamery and Greenhouse.

Big News! Tenfold's Newest Client is. Greenhouse!

Stacy Zapar

Very excited to announce that Tenfold 's newest client is Greenhouse ! Greenhouse is a truly innovative HR Tech company with world-class clients and a stellar product. My clients kept moving over to Greenhouse. Greenhouse has quadrupled in size in the past year and continues to be in high-growth mode. careers Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:

Greenhouse OPEN 2019 Conference Provides Insights into Transforming Hiring

HR Technologist - RB

Greenhouse, the talent acquisition software company, concluded its OPEN 2019 conference with more than 1,300 attendees. Recruitment & Onboarding

How Plum and Greenhouse Work Together: A Look Under the Hood

Lately, I am getting questions around ‘how does Plum and Greenhouse work together’. Plum will then generate an API key for you to give to Greenhouse. So you log into Greenhouse; no problem. What happens next is: Greenhouse will take Steve’s email address along with his name and send it to us essentially saying: Every hour or so I will ask for the status of this user. Once this is done, Greenhouse does not ask about Steve ever again.

Jobvite vs Greenhouse vs Lever: Which Is Better?

Contract Recruiter

Three of the most popular are Jobvite, Greenhouse, and Lever. Greenhouse Details. Greenhouse is another relative newcomer to the recruiting platform space. Greenhouse is almost the best of both worlds. The post Jobvite vs Greenhouse vs Lever: Which Is Better?

5 Examples of Greenhouse ATS Job Page Overlays


If you’re a customer of the awesome Greenhouse Software ATS, you may be looking for ways to enhance your job pages. A default, out-of-the-box Greenhouse job page might look something like: Notice the above job page has: Minimal branding (no matching header/footer, color scheme or fonts). What Is a Greenhouse ATS Job Page Overlay? A job page overlay is a design layer you put over your Greenhouse-generated job pages. 5 Greenhouse ATS Job Page Overlays.

Add AI-Powered Talent Management to Greenhouse ATS in 4 Hours


Or you could add a powerful Talent Intelligence Platform to your Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and gain new capabilities you never had before. We’re partnering with Greenhouse because we agree that finding talented people is too hard today. The combination of Greenhouse ATS and the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is making every aspect of talent management better for our customers. What can you do in 4 hours?

Best Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Software Comparison: An overview of Greenhouse vs Transformify: Which one to choose?

Transformify - Recruiting

Our top 2 picks are Transformify and Greenhouse. Greenhouse provides guidance on hiring process design and automates all aspects of hiring. The recruiting solution of Greenhouse is supposed to eliminate the administrative burden. Greenhouse. Greenhouse. Greenhouse.

Event: Greenhouse OPEN 2019


ConveyIQ is really excited to be an experience sponsor of Greenhouse Open 2019 next week in NYC. This year, Greenhouse OPEN is celebrating Talent Makers - the people who have figured out how great hiring drives business growth. These include the unsung heroes of the hiring process and the business leaders who see the problem and champion great hiring and talent-making to drive their businesses forward. Talent Acquisition Events

Weirdly and Greenhouse: Together at last


If the ATS market was a coming-of-age movie, Greenhouse would be the new kid who arrived and became star quarterback overnight. The big appeal for many Greenhouse users (aside from that ??UI/UX) The post Weirdly and Greenhouse: Together at last appeared first on Weirdly. They’re popular, great looking, holding down straight-As and a member of every extra-curricular club or activity you can imagine. UI/UX) is the range of […].

Weirdly and Greenhouse: Together at last


If the ATS market was a coming-of-age movie, Greenhouse would be the new kid who arrived and became star quarterback overnight. The big appeal for many Greenhouse users […]. The post Weirdly and Greenhouse: Together at last appeared first on Weirdly. Not content to be in the popular crowd, they’re also great looking, holding down straight-As and a member of every extra-curricular club or activity you can imagine.

Greenhouse’s Director of TA Uses These 3 Recruiting KPI Buckets


Well, I’m thrilled you’ve all taken a quick break from it to join me here today, and if you’re worried about slipping into that cold turkey ATS withdrawal, I’ve got great news: this post is packed to the rafters with recruiting advice from the Director of Talent Acquisition at your and my favorite place to leave candidate feedback, Greenhouse. Jacqui Maguire has her work cut out for her in the wake of Greenhouse’s recent fundraising.

Greenhouse Adds Astha Malik to Its Board of Directors

HR Technologist - RB

Product Marketing Veteran Brings Deep Industry Experience Serving Diverse Segments and Audiences. Leadership & Succession

Owning Every Moment of Your Hiring Experience

Undercover Recruiter

Talent Acquisition book candidate experience Glassdoor greenhouse hiring experience Jon Stross LinkedIn onboarding ReputationCompanies often believe candidate experience begins and ends with the job application on your website.

SkillSurvey Announces Product Integration with Greenhouse to Speed Reference Checking and Enhance Compliance


Integration between SkillSurvey and Greenhouse Recruiting allows organization to add automated reference checking to their hiring process. News candidate experience hiring trends news coverage reference checking staffing and recruiting

How to Grow Your Career Without Leaving Your Company: A Conversation with Greenhouse's Lauren Allanson


That's because all of her recent career changes have been at Greenhouse , the hiring software company, headquartered in New York. Finding her own path Lauren first joined Greenhouse as a technical recruiter.

Interview Load Balancing with Greenhouse's Caitlin Wilterdink


When Greenhouse's Recruiting Manager Caitlin Wilterdink joined us on Hiring On All Cylinders , we were able to get an insider's view on the organization's recruiting process. One way Caitlin's been able to normalize this at Greenhouse is through a practice called interview load balancing, which aims to eliminate interview fatigue among tried and true interviewers. O Brave New World. That has such ATS in't. The Applicant Tracking System has come a long way over the past few decades.

How to Actually Set Boundaries at Work: Advice from Greenhouse Software’s Zakiya Daley


Zakiya was working as a Customer Success Manager for hiring software company Greenhouse , and she jumped right back into work after her maternity leave. If you're interested in working with Zakiya at Greenhouse, check out their open roles here.

Greenhouse VP of Engineering Decodes Tech Talk in Programming 101


As the days count down til we kick off Programming 101 with Greenhouse''s VP of Engineering, Mike spills the beans on what ticks off engineers the most – and how to get them on your side. As the first employee of Greenhouse who''s now the company''s VP of Engineering, you''ve built the engineering team from the ground up. We have that in spades, and that''s why great candidates turn into great hires at Greenhouse. Hiring tech talent is tough enough.

Top 4 Things We Learned from Greenhouse Summit 2015


The first ever Greenhouse Summit opened its doors this week, combining the forces of over 300 talent pros to discuss their top techniques for finding the best people and transforming their company into a lean, mean hiring machine. 266rGjmuJW #MindYourInterviews #GreenhouseSummit — Greenhouse Software (@Greenhouse). What other highlights did we we miss from this year''s Greenhouse Summit? Any cheers you''d like to shout from the mountains to the Greenhouse team?