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Talemetry Announces Certified Taleo Integration for Advanced CRM and Job distribution Solutions


Talemetry’s Advanced Source & CRM and Job Broadcast solutions are now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, offering added value to Taleo customers.

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CRM for Taleo, PeopleSoft and iRecruitment at OHUG


Talemetry just finished a whirlwind week at the Oracle HCM User Group Global Conference in Las Vegas , where we were a Platinum Sponsor.

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TALEMETRY SOURCE & CRM AND JOB BROADCAST APPROVED FOR ORACLE CLOUD MARKETPLACE INTEGRATIONS WITH Oracle® Talent Acquisition for Midsize Cloud Service (formerly Taleo Business Edition)


The Oracle® Cloud Marketplace now features Talemetry’s integrated Advanced Source & CRM and Job Broadcast solutions for Oracle Talent Acquisition for Midsize Cloud Service (formerly Taleo Business Edition – TBE).

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Oracle Overpays $1.9 Billion for Money Losing Taleo

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Taleo just sold itself for a cool $1.9 First, to the Taleo management team, I congratulate you. It is losing money and market share, but that doesn’t count for much anymore. billion to Oracle. Some things need to be said about this. Suggestion for the developers: call your headhunter. There are a lot of great companies out there including mine that are looking to build great things, and they won’t be asking you to mate a fish with a bird.

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Taleo Settles With The TSA For A Cool $6.5 Million

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This is what happened to Taleo Corp., According to Media Newswire, in 2002 Taleo was hired to provide supporting software by subcontracting with CPS Human Resource Services , which in turn was contracting with TSA. Taleo settled by agreeing to pay the government $6.5

Is Your Applicant Tracking System Hurting As Much As It’s Helping?

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Industry Applicant Tracking Software Applicant Tracking Systems ATS Gregg Dourgarian Hiring job fair Staffing supply chain software Taleo TempWorks Everyone – candidates and hiring managers alike – knows why Applicant Tracking Systems exist, and knows they are far from perfect.

Taleo Revisited

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I have no bone to pick with Taleo other than that I plan for Tempworks to eat their lunch. And so it is that earlier this year I did the video post below on Taleo's acquisition of Vurv about which I received nastygrams from apparent Taleo fans.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems

NextWave Hire

So, a company like Taleo actually has an even greater share of the market than presented here since they charge more than a vendor like Jazz or Workable which sell to smaller companies for smaller dollars. Taleo. Taleo Enterprise. Taleo Business Edition.

You Ask, We Answer: The Staffing Talk Mailbox

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We’ve heard good things about Peoplesoft, Maxhire, Taleo, Bullhorn, PC Recruiter, and many others (iCims, RecruitmentForce, HireDesk, the list goes on), but you can only take that with a grain of salt.

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Is Your Career Site An Ugly Baby?

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If you use a Taleo or Brass Ring talent management software system make sure it is still branded with your logo. ” News brand experience Brass Ring career site HR job candidates Job Descriptions job profiles recruiter Staffing talent management Talent Wars TaleoSeinfeld.

Arya Has Arrived.

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Arya’s patent-pending technology is web-based and integrates directly with the Oracle Taleo Cloud and other recruiting software, which means that you don’t have to change the way you work—Arya lives inside the recruiting software you already know and love. Welcome to the brand-new Arya blog!

Social Content Army Powered By Excel

ERE SourceCon

We had Taleo Enterprise with all of its intricacies, applicant source data picked from a mile long drop down, and the term “social media recruiting” was new to our vocabulary. The year is 2012.

ERE 2016 Attendees You Can’t Miss at the Networking Party


Ask her about: using Taleo to track data for recruiting nurses, one of the most challenging positions for DaVita to fill. They use Taleo for data management – data is currently inputted manually by recruiters, meaning there is always room for human error.

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Love Letter, from Taleo?

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Last night I received a will-self-destruct email from someone apparently upset with my critique of Taleo's buyout of Vurv. Perhaps it was from Taleo itself; perhaps it was from a competitor who wanted to make it seem like Taleo was acting insecure. The email pointed out that Taleo's cash position was $90+ million. Finally, a suggestion for Taleo.

Taleo Begins Layoffs

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Looks like another merger has produced "customer focused synergies" Jason Corsello as usual has the scoop

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10 things I learned researching the ATS platforms used by the Fortune 100

Great Hires

Taleo/Oracle and Kenexa BrassRing dominate the Fortune 100. The number of jobs flowing through the top systems (Taleo/Oracle, Kenexa/BrassRing and homegrown) dominate everyone else. Last week I decided to research the applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by the Fortune 100.

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Commentary on Taleo Buyout of Vurv

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High-priced buyout of financially troubled talent management firm Vurv gives Taleo (TLEO) new clients and needed functionality, but at what cost Boon for clients or another stock market bubble waiting to burst?

Recruiting recruiters – sourcing techniques.

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There are thousands of these platforms but common ones include Taleo, Aplitrak (part of Bullhorn), Smart Recruiters and Indeed offers an advanced search option. A guest post by Martin Lee. Ironic isn’t it that some of the hardest people to recruit are recruiters?

Pretentious Parsing Patent: Kenexa Sues Taleo

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Kenexa sues Taleo , and Jason Corsello at the Human Capitalist says it's because Taleo is eating Kenexa's lunch. Kenexa's financial statements make that easy to believe. Suggestion for both of these stuggling Web 1.0 talent-management wannabes: get out of the court room and get back to your development labs.

Cheat Sheet: Key Players in the IT Industry That Every Recruiter Should Know

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Taleo. Taleo. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. When you want to recruit the cream of the tech talent crop, there’s very little room for spoofing.

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Dear #CEO: Is #Recruiting even a #HR function at all?

SmartRecruiters is just like Taleo (for non-sales readers is a Customer relationship management tool. For non-recruiting readers, Taleo was the first Applicant Tracking system created in 1996 to catch resumes from CareerBuilder and Monster. Just like Taleo – which was designed by supply-chain professionals that built systems to move parts – not people. ” while recruiting leaders are telling their recruiters to put everything in Taleo.

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Dear 2015 #ERE attendees: Free Your Mind!


I was a talent acquisition leader with a large global organization and we had just begun the first phase of a global Taleo deployment. I came to ERE to shop for widgets and bolt-on solutions to try and make Taleo more modern and effective. We, ended up buying and implementing a talent community on top of Taleo. In subsequent years, I’ve met many of you in a similar situation as I was in 2011: You have an ATS from the 90’s (Taleo, BrassRing, iCIMS, PeopleAnything).

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Entelo Stack is Now Integrated with iCIMS Recruit


Entelo Stack integrates with many other ATS partners, including Oracle-Taleo, Greenhouse, and Lever, and we are thrilled to strengthen our existing partnership with iCIMS. Today, we’re pleased to announce Entelo’s latest partnership with iCIMS.

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Raising the Stakes: LinkedIn Acquires

Brandon Hall

Just to but this in perspective: SAP acquired SuccessFactors for over $3 billion, Oracle acquired Taleo for $1.9 Yesterday, LinkedIn announced its acquisition of , an online learning company, for $1.5 billion.

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Marketing or Recruiting: Which Department Should “Own” Social Media?


Job-seekers can’t interact with a careers site or a Taleo form; they want to ask questions, make comments, and share their experiences with a hiring manager. The great debate: Marketing or Recruiting. Who should be in charge of the social media for an organization? Coming from the area of talent acquisition, I understand the frustration that comes along with the left hand not communicating with the right hand in this area.

How to Create a Seamless Recruitment Workflow Plan

BroadBean Technology

Between them they know how Broadbean integrates with the leading ATS platforms, from Oracle’s Taleo to Cornerstone OnDemand , from Page Up to Workday. Every recruitment agency, in-house recruitment department or human resource office has a system for tracking applicants and candidates, which essentially is an applicant tracking system (ATS).

How Your Career Site Might Be Killing Your Brand


Redirected to Oracle’s Taleo ATS. Think about this: recruiting is the only public facing HR function. They interface with millions of candidates each year. and all of those candidates matter.

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Employer Branding and the Candidate Experience

Recruiting Blogs

You can read the summaries of those reports here: How Mobile is Taleo? Job search is online. Resumes are not only digital, they’re social. And recruiting is looking a lot like marketing. In the competition for talent, your employer brand is as essential for attracting quality candidates to your career site and into your applicant tracking system (ATS) as your consumer brand is to your marketing efforts.

Candidate Ownership: The Recruiters Headache

The Whiteboard

Several years later, I’ve uploaded a total of 4 CVs over 4 years to an ATS, businesses are still paying fees for candidates already on Taleo, admin is grinding recruitment teams to a halt, and there are more recruitment agencies than ever.

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Jobvite Announces Five Key Executive Hires Following Increased Bookings and Jump in Customer Satisfaction


Robert co-founded AirSurf Wireless and UpMo, and was previously Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at Taleo. Quarter-over-quarter bookings up 45 percent in 2015. San Mateo, Calif., August 26, 2015 — Jobvite , the comprehensive recruiting solution for the world’s fastest-growing companies, today announced the appointment of five new executives and shared key indicators of business momentum.

4 BIG LinkedIn Product Changes That Will Change the Way You Recruit (Forever!)

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From November, customers of Taleo, SuccessFactors, Jobvite and SmartRecruiters will be able to turn this on and accelerate their referral hiring. I have a confession to make. It’s been over 2 years since I actually wrote a blog post.

The Top 15 HR Technologies And Recruiting Tools of 2015: The Final Countdown.

Recruiting Daily

The first generation of ATS systems, which consisted of such legacy Taleo/Oracle/Peoplesoft ; SAP/SuccessFactors and Kenexa/Brassring (an IBM joint), are as much a relic of the early 90s as pogs, Blossom or Bubble Tape.

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6 Fascinating Recruitment News this Week – 26th September 2016

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Oh, and it integrates seamlessly with most leading applicant tracking systems including Taleo and iCims, and most email solutions. “We In recruitment news this week: Introducing Restless Bandit.

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We’re Excited to Announce Entelo’s Partnership with Oracle!


With this partnership, Entelo and Oracle’s joint customers can now source and import candidates directly into Taleo, helping orgs keep track of employees during their entire lifecycle. It’s official! Entelo is now a Gold Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

HR Tech Chicago ’16 ATS Shopping Guide – 5 Key Requirements To Look For


CRMs became popular in the mid and late-2000’s as add-ons to the legacy ATS’ like Taleo and Kenexa Brassring. Hosted at Chicago’s McCormick Place, this year’s HR Tech is going to be as exciting as ever.

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JobVite in a Nutshell

The Recruiting Division

Competitors include COMPAS Technology, Lever, Jobool, softgarden, Taleo, VidCruiter, Sortbox, ZipRecruiter, and Workable, web-based and cloud-based recruiting solutions providers. Jobvite is applicant software for recruitment and hiring with social sharing to easily bump out your recruiting process into social media.

Our First Hiring Success Client Roundtable!


My favorite quote of the day was “we received more candidates with SmartRecruiters in 2 months than we did with Taleo in 7 years”. We had the good fortune to spend a day last week with the recruiting leaders from a dozen of our customers.

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All Recruiting Is Mobile Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

All that said, however, these considerations are small potatoes when it comes to the huge possibilities inherent in mobile recruiting – and if you still need a business case built for why you should be considering mobile, well, you’ve clearly not been paying attention (or work for Taleo).

Hiring System: Broken. Employers: Clueless.

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Human resources executives run around in their corporate offices with their eyes closed, throwing billions of dollars at applicant tracking systems (ATSes) and job boards like Taleo, and LinkedIn, and they pretend no one can see they are dancing in circles buck naked.

The Rise and Fall of LinkedIn: A Recruiting Requiem.

Recruiting Daily

I’m not naming names (Taleo) but let’s just say when you have a user conference headlined by Maroon 5, you’re basically printing your own money living in the past.