The *Real* Way You Make Your Employer Brand Come To Life On Social Media

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Your social media checklist for your employer brand might look something a little like this: Careers-focused channels created? Without a community management strategy, your overall social strategy is only halfway there. Social is a 24/7 thing, and it’s all instantaneous.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Increasing Candidate Engagement

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Offering them an insiders perspective can help eliminate a lot of those questions upfront, and in turn, help you better engage these candidates. In this “Choose Your Own Adventure” video, potential candidates can click and choose the direction they want the story to take.

Does Social Media Constitute Engagement?


Uncategorized candidate engagement community recruiting Recruitment Marketing social mediaIn the digital age of job search, luring applicants is a breeze. All they have to do is hop online and search in Google these days to start gathering a list of jobs in their area. While that’s handy for the jobseeker in terms of getting an idea of what is advertised, it does little […].

Social Media Statuses That Will Always Engage Candidates

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Keeping candidates engaged on social media is never an easy task, but you’d be surprised how far a well-written status that follows the right formula can take your posts.

3 Ways Texting Keeps Candidates Engaged

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With the adoption of online tools and communication platforms, finding, vetting and hiring candidates has become more streamlined and data-driven. Here are three ways to use text messaging to move candidates down the funnel and ultimately make better hires.

2018 Social Media Changes & Trends

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As with all things digital, social media changes quickly. Keep up to speed with these predictions and upcoming trends in the way candidates engage with social platforms. That means people will expect to see videos telling them stories when it comes to just about every facet of their media diet. This includes candidates who will expect to be seeing what your culture is like in full living-color moving across their screens.

Social Media Hiring Q&A with Recruiting Expert Katrina Collier


It’s no secret that social media is a hiring leader’s El Dorado, laying claim to millions of active and engaged potential candidates. Social Media Hiring Q&A with Recruiting Expert Katrina Collier.

What Is a Candidate Engagement Platform?


What is a Candidate Engagement Platform? An ATS tracks applicants, but what happens when candidates aren’t applying in the first place? Candidate engagement platforms work in this space to attract and encourage job seekers to apply for open positions.

5 Ways To Keep Candidates Engaged During The Interview Process


In this candidate-driven market, companies are now investing more in attracting top talent to open opportunities. But once you’ve got great candidates in the door, how can you keep them interested and engaged with your company as they move through your hiring process?

Social Media Day – It’s not a made up holiday to us!


This year marks the sixth-annual Social Media Day. Using social media in recruiting is all about connecting the dots. Clicks happened and candidates started coming in. Social media plays an important role in my diversity outreach strategy.

The New Model for Modern Recruiting: Continuous Candidate Engagement


Chances are you’re already feeling the impact of a declining workforce, not to mention mounting pressure to communicate in new ways that will appeal to Millennial and Gen Z candidates. Candidates are more informed and have more choices—they pick you, not vice versa.

Job Descriptions Are the New Landing Page.

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From the technology we use, to how we approach candidate engagement, so much around the recruiting and hiring process has evolved and improved over the years. But one thing sure hasn’t changed and–in today’s “candidate-driven” labor market–continues to stick out like a sore thumb.

What’s the Difference Between Candidate Experience and Candidate Engagement?


Looking back on 2017, the big buzzword in recruiting was ‘candidate experience’—and rightly so. The days of ‘post and pray’ are long gone and candidates are in control. However, there’s a problem in how we’re talking about ‘candidate experience.’ Candidate Experience

What is the Difference Between Candidate Engagement and Candidate Experience?


Over the past few years, a larger emphasis has been placed on the candidate in the recruiting process. Whereas candidates used to have to pine for the attention of recruiters, recruiters are now trying to find ways to woo candidates. Social media can now also make anyone's experience as a candidate amplified for the whole world to see, either in a positive or negative way.

The Latest News in The World of Recruitment 30th January

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Tangie Pettis has stumbled across MightyText , a candidate engagement tool that enables recruiters to send text messages using their computer or tablet. The Power of Quality Content in Social Recruitment. Don’t bombard potential candidates with numerous job postings.

Say Anything: What the 80s Can Teach Us About Candidate Engagement

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You’ve even developed a short list of prospective candidates to target after a couple quick searches. It’s engaging that talent and actually converting your prospects into candidates that’s the real deal breaker. ” for a candidate sourced from Github.

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Dramatically Boost Your Employer Brand

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Content Marketing involves publishing educational and valuable content for users which can help you develop long-lasting relationships with candidates. Understanding your candidate personas’ goals will enable you tailor your content better. What social networks do they use?

Blogging for Recruiters: 8 Practical Tips To Get You Started

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A good template for defining your audience is to create candidate personas which are idealistic versions of the candidates you want to attract and ultimately apply to your company. Not connected with us on social?

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7 Incredibly Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 6th June 2016

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pipeline of candidates, search history). What Do Candidates Expect from You During Their Job Search? “It’s It’s time to get back to basics,” that’s the message from the folks over at CareerBuilder after analysing the results from their 2016 Candidate Behaviour study with Inavero.

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Are You Using AI to Communicate with Candidates During the Hiring Process?

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the hiring process has been a trendy topic over the past year, and if your company hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, you’ll be left in the dust when it comes to engaging and communicating with top talent.

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Conversational Marketing is Influencing a New Brand of Recruiting

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Over the last decade, it’s become clear with trends such as social recruiting , recruitment marketing and the recruiting funnel that marketing is a leading indicator for what’s to come in talent acquisition.

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Say Anything: What the 80s Can Teach Us About Candidate Engagement

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You’ve even developed a short list of prospective candidates to target after a couple quick searches. It’s engaging that talent and actually converting your prospects into candidates that’s the real deal breaker. ” for a candidate sourced from Github.

Social Media Isn’t Just How You Find Passive Candidates — It’s Where You Engage Them


Chances are, your job postings, referral programs, and website career portal are not bringing in all the candidates you need – especially for hard-to-fill positions. So, recruiting passive job candidates is a smart move. A new survey reported by HR Dive on research by ManpowerGroup Solutions finds that 37% of employees (especially millennials) are ‘always looking for the next job opportunity’ and refers to this new persona as the “continuous candidate.”.

Looking To Engage With Future Talent? Here’s How!

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Every company wants to hire the best candidate available to them. Depending on the role, company, and candidate, the time to hire will vary. We’re here to give you an in-depth breakdown on how you can effectively engage and connect with diverse talent.

Want Better Social Media Engagement? Add Some Sparkle!

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Want better candidate engagement? If you want to improve your candidate response rate you need to look like somebody. The post Want Better Social Media Engagement? Human Resources / Recruitment Candidate Attraction Employer Brand LinkedIn Personal Brand Social Recruiting twitterIn the same way that you can share too much of the wrong stuff, you can share too little of the right stuff!

3 Trends to Watch in Recruiting and Sales


New apps, social media, nudges … we’re always trying to catch the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve and impress our clients, vendors, prospects, and more. Candidate Engagement Passive Candidates Featured

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Three New Twitter Announcements That Will Greatly Help Recruiters

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As social networks mature they start to understand more about how people use them, and they make changes accordingly. Currently is becomes cumbersome if you are having a DM conversation with a candidate and having to keep stopping after 140 characters.

Why Ignoring Social Recruiting Will Cost You Your Career

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Gone are the days that clients are willing to pay you to screen candidates that they can get from job boards. Today, if the only candidates you have are the ones that come to you when they are ready, you will only have candidates that other people have too.

8 Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 2nd November 2015

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And it has some REALLY interesting new metrics that recruiters can use to access their candidate pool on Twitter. For example, Twitter have introduced a “TrueVoice” metric, which represents how much of the social media conversation is about a given brand, compared to their competitors.

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Social Recruiting Round-Up: October 2015

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Welcome to the October edition of our Social Recruiting Round-Up – a selection of the best, most shared blogs, infographics, webinars and recruitment news stories from the Social Talent blog in the last month. How to: Drastically Improve Your Candidate Experience.

Social Talent and Glassdoor Webinar: The Power of Purpose

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Johnny Campbell our chief ninja here at Social Talent will be joining Kirsten Davidson , Head of Employer Brand at Glassdoor , to talk about The Power of Purpose and What It Can Do For Your Company. Social Media glassdoor Johnny Campbell Kirsten Davidson webinar

The Deadly Sins of Social Recruiting.

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There’s been quite a bit of hype about social media. Social media is self perpetuating; networks are echo chambers that magnify their own importance. Are you really generating regular client inquiries and business development opportunities on social media?

The Unexpected Key to Revolutionising Your Recruitment Process

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So are HR manuals, social media policies, annual reports, analyst reports, research studies, customer evaluations, product reviews, employee testimonials, customer testimonials, videos from conferences, CEO blogs, tweets, updates and check-ins. ”. Your candidates are not stupid.

The Modern Recruiter: 5 Crucial Skills You Need to Have

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Significant changes have taken place, even in the last 5-6 years, including the changing demographics of multigenerational workforces, the arrival of the Big Data era and huge advances in mobile and social technologies. Candidate expectations are higher than ever before.

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How to Win at Job Post Distribution


In this candidate-driven market many companies find themselves with low applicant levels. This means candidates have the advantage when applying to, and ultimately selecting, their job of choice. Your job post could be all over the Internet but to be effective the content must be informative and relevant to candidates. In addition to the actual content, a visually engaging post is more likely to retain a candidate’s attention over a plain-text experience.

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The Frequency of Candidate Outreach Debunked: When to Hit Send, and When to Pick up the Phone


You’ve compiled your list of passive candidates to reach out to, and now comes the big decision: how do you make that all-important first contact, and how much is too much when it comes to outreach? to double your candidate response rates. Social Media.

3 Ways to Use AI in Marketing for Recruiters In 2018 and Beyond

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