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3 Parallels Between Customer and Candidate Engagement


Candidate engagement , which refers to the responsiveness of candidates and job applicants, is obviously different than customer engagement, which involves developing ongoing and loyal relationships with customers. Using analytics to better target customers and candidates. Driving engagement through social media.

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5 Tips to Ensure Consistent Candidate Engagement

Recruiting Daily

To provide you with the most effective strategies for maintaining consistent candidate engagement, we’ve gathered insights from experienced professionals, including managing directors and CEOs. They share their top tips, from creating a candidate experience roadmap to developing a recruitment communication guide.


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Checklist: 29 proven ways social media boosts talent acquisition in 2022


Then, social media recruiting should definitely be on your list of talent acquisition strategies this year. But there’s so much you can do to reach candidates on social media, and some strategies and tactics have proven way more effective than others. Looking to give your hiring a much-needed boost? hours a day.

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35 need-to-know social media recruiting statistics in 2022


With all the talent acquisition strategies out there, should you really be investing in recruiting on social media ? Rather than trying to convince you one way or the other, we figured we’d gather together as many social media recruiting statistics as we could find and share them with you. And so, without any further ado.

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Passive Candidate Engagement––A Playbook: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Active and Flowing

Passive Candidate Engagement – A Playbook: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Active and Flowing offers a game plan: Play the social media field to engage. Tap new sources and find the best of the bunch via online reference-checking and candidate referrals.

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Top 3 tips for social media recruiting content

Stories Incorporated

s Head of Marketing shares tips from traditional marketing that give social media recruiting content an advantage. Recruitment marketing on social media is not the sharing of “We’re hiring!” Great social media recruiting posts. Social content that tells your culture story. Stories Inc.’s

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Social Recruiting Strategy: Create Your Fall Calendar

Rally Recruitment Marketing

To help you plan your Fall social media content calendar, we’ve provided a list of holidays coming up over the next couple of months that your company may want to celebrate, as well as best practices in how to create social recruiting content that will attract and engage candidates to your employer brand and open jobs.