Example Reference Check Questions


By the time you’re doing a reference check, you’re attached. You have high hopes that the hours you’ve spent trying to fill your open role are about to pay off, and you’ll be devastated if a candidate’s references don’t give the glowing reviews you want to hear. Interviewing

COVID-19 Employer Brand Messaging Examples


The COVID-19 crisis greatly affected all companies - big and small. The impact has certainly been economic, but also, it has impacted our perception of certain employers. How organizations respond to the coronavirus pandemic showcases how close they follow their core values when it comes to social responsibility, community involvement, customer partnerships, and employee support. Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing Employer Reputation Profiles & Management


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13 Positive Employee Feedback Examples


The post 13 Positive Employee Feedback Examples appeared first on Jobsoid. An employee feedback loop is an important tool that helps employees get a better insight into how their manager views their work. They also get to learn what they are doing well and where they can improve.

Leading by Example

Recruiting Daily Advisor

While there may be legitimate situations in which a manager doesn’t necessarily need to follow the same rules he or she sets for staff, there are very good reasons for him or her to do so—and lead by example. Literal Example of How to Execute Directives.

Paycor CFO Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 Finance and HR leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

5 Examples of Employee Feedback for Managers

Achievers - Recruiting

This article will focus on specifically helping employees when it comes to providing feedback to managers—why upward feedback is important, examples of employee feedback for managers, how HR can support, and more. How to give manager feedback (with examples).

Nearshoring, Offshoring & Onshoring: Outsourcing Examples and Definitions


Typical nearshoring examples would be: A company based in the United States outsourcing to a third-party in Mexico. An example would be outsourcing development from your office in Central London to, say, Kent. .

Bad Resume Example


The post Bad Resume Example appeared first on Simply Hired Blog. Interviews Job Seekers

10 Employee Feedback Examples and How to Use Them

Achievers - Recruiting

Let’s take a look at why employee feedback matters, how to deliver it, some real-life employee feedback examples, and how managers can respond and take action to build a culture of listening. A great way to do this is to keep the focus of the employee feedback on business outcomes; for example, “Because you did such a great job on this project, the client has increased their budget for our services.”. Examples of employee feedback. Positive employee feedback examples.

Core Company Values: 12 Inspiring Examples

Achievers - Recruiting

This article will break down what lies behind the best company values, help you identify the values that define your business, and inspire you with 12 outstanding examples of companies that live their values each day. Lead by example.

Paycor HR Leaders Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 HR and Finance leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

Examples of Hostile Work Environment

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Here are some examples of what may constitute a hostile work environment: Obstruction of someone’s movements, such as blocking them from leaving their office or cubicle or workspace. The post Examples of Hostile Work Environment appeared first on HR Daily Advisor. It should go without saying that most employers want to create an environment free from all types of harassment. Not only do they not want to be held liable for such behavior, it’s also simply the right thing to do.

9 Best Employer Branding Examples in Times of Change


Check out some of the best employer branding examples from the turbulent period of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. Recruitment Recruitment Inspiration

The Right Way to Include Your Work Experience on a Resume (With Examples)

The Muse

What experiences should you include? How do you format your experience section? How do you write strong bullet points? What does an experience section look like? Resumes

6 Awesome Employee Onboarding Examples


How do companies like Netflix, Salesforce and PepsiCo onboard their new employees? Learn from their awesome employee onboarding traditions! Read More. Culture and People

Practical Improvements in Organization Design

Speaker: Jon Ingham, Executive Consultant, Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services

Real life examples of the difference a little design and preparation can really make. HR functions need to balance their investment in talent management with more focus on organisation design. A lot of design projects involves strategic activity - however, substantial costs savings and improvements in effectiveness can be made through tactical activities, particularly around volume roles.

9 examples of companies creating content remotely

Stories Incorporated

We can appreciate the work that went into these examples of companies creating content remotely. We found these examples especially interesting, and so we wanted to share them with you. This example shows it’s possible to communicate powerfully using uncomplicated video and graphics.

Everything You Need to Know About Listing Hard Skills on Your Resume (Plus Examples!)

The Muse

How to choose the right hard skills to put on a resume—and 50+ examples to get you started. Resumes

How to Write an Out-of-Office Message During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Plus Examples!

The Muse

Tips and examples for every situation, whether you’re taking time off, working a new schedule, or have been furloughed. Work-Life Balance

Delegating Tasks: Examples vs. Templates

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Providing examples to team members can be a great way to guide their work. Unfortunately, however, team members may take a quickly constructed example and use it as a template without recognizing the opportunity for individual discretion. Example vs. Template. First, let’s consider the difference between an example and a template, as there is an important distinction when it comes to delegation. Example. Deciding When to Use a Template vs. an Example.

HR Trends for 2018

Speaker: Tom Haak, Director HR Trend Institute

In my introduction, I will give an overview of what I see as the most important HR trends, and give examples how organizations and creative innovative suppliers are adapting to the trends. Have some examples about front-runners and innovative suppliers. The HR Trend Institute follows, detects and encourages trends in the people and organization domain, and in related areas. Megatrends" are influencing work and the workplace.

5 Examples of Great Careers Page Content


5 examples of great career page content to get you started on the right foot Your careers page is often a candidate's first interaction with your company.

Do You Lead By Example?

Recruiting Daily Advisor

But one of the biggest mistakes managers make across all industries is failing to set a good example for meeting their rigorous expectations. As a manger, ask yourself, “Am I leading by example?”. Leading by Example. Leading by example doesn’t mean doing all the specific tasks you ask employees to do. Leading by example isn’t incompatible with delegation. It’s also about setting a positive example for others to follow. The post Do You Lead By Example?

7 Virtual Interview Guide Examples from Top Employers

Rally Recruitment Marketing

With these examples as inspiration, you can create a Virtual Interview Guide of your own to help support your organization’s shift to a virtual candidate experience. We hope these examples of different Virtual Interview Guides are helpful for you to read through and consider.

The best examples of workplace diversity


The post The best examples of workplace diversity appeared first on JazzHR Notes. Many companies today believe they are being diverse in their recruiting efforts. Though diversity has finally reached the forefront of workplace discussions, a truly inclusive workplace is still hard to come by. That’s because it’s no longer just about meeting quotas and adhering to compliance , as Forbes contributor Susan Galer of SAP Global Communications reported.

The Value and Impact of Recognition

Speaker: Meredith Haberfeld, Founder/CEO of ThinkHuman

Join us for this one-of-a-kind discussion with four of Human Resouces Today's thought-leaders that will take rewards and recognition beyond the buzzwords and delve into the things that really matter: Real-life examples of the impact that well-timed recognition has made in the workforce. How can you create a positive feedback culture that celebrates all moments - big and small? It all begins with people recognition.

Examples of Costly Compliance Violations by Employees

Recruiting Daily Advisor

To highlight that point, in this post, we’ll look at some examples of disastrous compliance violations and their costly consequences. For example, Citigroup paid $285 million in fines for its role, while Goldman Sachs paid $550 million. The word “compliance” makes many employees cringe.

The Best Ways to Talk About Your COVID-19 Layoff in a Resume, Cover Letter, or Interview (With Examples!)

The Muse

How to address a coronavirus employment gap in a cover letter, resume, or interview—plus examples. Should you disclose a COVID-19 layoff in the job hunt? Finding a Job

How to Answer “What Is Your Work Style?” in an Interview (Plus Examples!)

The Muse

This question can be as daunting as it is vague. Don’t panic! We’ll explain why interviewers are asking, give tips on how to answer, and share sample answers. Interviewing

10 Attractive Job Posting Examples


Today I’ve put together a list of 10 attractive job posting examples that should give you some fresh and creative ideas. Job Posting Examples: Elastic. The post 10 Attractive Job Posting Examples appeared first on Ongig Blog.

Improve Productivity in 2019 by Choosing the Right HR Tech

Speaker: Barry Flack, HR Tech Advisor, Udder - Talent Technology

What examples are there of HR technology driving productivity gains? *HRCI-Approved*. This is a time of great opportunity for HR professionals to truly make an impact.

What Are Technical Skills and How Should You Include Them On Your Resume? (Plus a List of Examples)

The Muse

The definition, how to know which ones you need, how to put them on your resume, and over 50 examples. What are technical skills? Resumes

20 Examples of Non-Employee Referral Programs


If you're starting an external referral program and need of some inspiration we've compiled a list of 20 non-employee referral program examples

Here’s How to Write a Resume for Your Very First Job (Plus, an Example!)

The Muse

What to include on a resume when you haven’t had a job before, plus an example resume for a first job. Resumes

Top 10 Best Job Ad Examples


Looking for the best job ad examples ? We searched the web to find the real-life examples of the best job ads you have ever seen. Get inspired by these innovative and creative job ad examples! These top 10 job ads really stand out and make the right candidates want to apply. Read More. Recruitment Marketing

Stop Torturing your Managers and Employees with Traditional Performance Management - Give Them Something of Value

Speaker: Dr. Robert Sniderman, President of The Entrepreneurial Edge, Inc. and HRFocus USA.

Real examples from my practice in this area will be shared and discussed. Research and feedback on traditional performance management systems indicates that the parties involved do not find the process valuable. Managers dislike it because it is time consuming, lacks timeliness, seems to always be done under pressure, and are often disputed.

22 Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals


We found 22 examples of diversity goals from top companies aiming to boost diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Diverse Candidates (%) — Examples: Hilton and Restaurant Brands commits to a 50% diverse slate of candidates for all open positions. Diversity Goal at Interview Stage — Example: VMware’s CEO committed (on CNBC) to “No job-hiring process will end unless a minority candidate is interviewed.” 22 Diversity Goal Examples.

6 Examples of Inclusive Leadership from Around the Globe

HR Technologist - RB

Learn how, from these six examples. Inclusive leadership can significantly improve your team's productivity as well as the employee experience. Leadership & Succession

10 Examples of an Awesome Diversity Report


We found 10 examples of awesome diversity reports from top companies. The post 10 Examples of an Awesome Diversity Report appeared first on Ongig Blog. A diversity report is like a snapshot of a companies workforce diversity efforts.

Check Out These Nineteen Example Social Lists

Boolean Strings

Here are some sourced lists, as examples of what Social List can do, shared on the Boolean Strings Group on Facebook. The beauty of our tool Social List is that you can get a list of professionals in split seconds. As I offered to source for colleagues in my post, I got many beautifully diverse requests. Franchise Business Consultant in restaurants based in DFW. API Developer in Arizona. Java Developer, Montréal. Dental Hygienist.

Set Employees Up for Success: Using Onboarding to Increase Engagement and Retention

Speaker: Jennifer Currence, President, The Currence Group

When a company's retention is low, it affects employee engagement. When engagement is low, it negatively affects our ability to retain good people. How do you stop the downward cycle? A strong onboarding program can help. It doesn't have to be costly, but it does have to be intentional. Join The Currence Group President Jennifer Currence to learn how to design and structure an efficient onboarding process.