Tangled Up In Who: Building The Business Case for Personality Assessments.

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I’m referencing stuff like intrinsic motivation, interpersonal dynamics, cognitive ability and personal skills or experience. A Quick One: Building The Business Case For Personality Assessments. Odds and Sods: A Closer Look At The Personality-Competency Connection.

4 Things To Look Out For When Using A Personality Assessment


What’s Wrong With Using A Personality Assessment? The great news is that use of a personality assessment in the hiring process is growing in adoption. But what’s not so great is how to determine which assessment to invest in to help build your company.

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Best Practices: Using a Personality Assessment to Place Co-op Students


I needed this person to have the right personality to be data savvy, hard-working, and assertive. I realized the importance of using a pre-employment assessment to filter through the applicants. Pre-employment assessments have grown in popularity recently.

5 Ways to Spot a Bad Hire Before You Offer the Job


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You Hate Personality Tests, But Do They Work?

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This is what personality testing is like. The use of personality assessments in the workplace is as divisive an issue as they come. Personality assessments are neither crystal ball mumbo-jumbo nor are they the end-all, be-all recruitment tool.

Making Better Auto Dealership Hires With Skills Assessments


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Employee Assessments:  What You Need to Know

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Employee assessments were the topic of the recent Brandon Hall Group Research Spotlight webinar , including how organizations are assessing employees and how that plays into a workforce strategy. Employee Assessment Tools. Employee Assessment Questions: Pre-Hire.

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

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News The Latest Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests ability tests career choices competency tests personality personality assessment personality tests preemployment assessmentsWas it a firefighter? A doctor? A teacher? I wanted to be a rock star (true story) because I just loved music so much. It’s a question that we’re all asked at one point or another in childhood. Funny thing is, how can we possibly know as a child what we want to be when. Read More.

Five Ways Talent Networks Help You and Your Career


Careers personality assessment Talent Network traitifyYou probably read the words “talent network” and think, “Why would I want to get email blasts from a company I don’t know, advertising jobs I don’t need?”

Using Personality To Play Matchmaker Between Applicants & Recruiters

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Whether you are a job candidate or an employer, you have to admit it would be nice to move beyond the specifics of a particular job listing, and figure out if your personalities – and cultures – are a good fit. will break down your different personality archetypes.

Are You Doing All You Can to Determine Right Fit?


Personality assessments are old news, right? Personality assessments are even in use in middle schools these days to help teens start to explore their career interests. However, there’s a new and growing application: assessment of job candidates. Business advisory company CEB reports that 62% of human resources professionals are using personality assessments to vet candidates in the hiring process.

Personality tests, do they work?

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" The use of personality assessments in the workplace is as divisive an issue as they come. Quite simply, people either love it or hate it.But if you ask them why, its often complicated. Sure, supporters like to think the naysayers are just threatened by the idea that they aren't unique; in the same way that the skeptics…

Considerations on Giving and Taking: A TED Talk

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Finding Top Quality Candidates News The Latest Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests givers and takers hiring best practices personality assessments pre-hire assessments ted talksWell, which is it? Are you a giver or a taker? This particular issue of “Givers” vs. “Takers” is one we grapple with everyday for clients. We all love the “Givers” but struggle to help them reach their optimal effectiveness.

#RedBranchWeekly: Say Hello to Better Recruitment and Happier Employees


Vitru came out to tell us hello with their personality assessment and to say goodbye to the Myers-Briggs, to help better your organization and improve teams. Are ready for better recruitment and happier employees? We thought so. Say hello to your answers!

Forget Interview Questions: 4 Fresh Tactics to Screen Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

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One staffing company, Office Team , found reference checks were the most common way companies gauged job applicants’ emotional intelligence, beating out interview questions and personality tests. This allows you to assess job skills, cultural fit, and emotional intelligence in real-time.

Happy Valentine’s Day: The Recruiting Technology You Should Love

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Personality Assessments: A Faster Way to Get To Know You. That’s why Tripp Rockwell , chief marketing officer at DNA Behavior International , love’s personality assessments. “I Some personality assessment options available for recruiters are Caliper and Truity.

5 Ways to Decrease Turnover


A common misconception is to overvalue work experience and education and undervalue work ethics, personality traits and other “immeasurable” items. Assess Your Applicants. You need to know the person, their traits, characteristics and tendencies.

Fine-Tune Your Interview Process


Testing in the form of skills test, survey feedback, and personality assessments offer rich information—so long as they’re conducted with careful attention to matching the open position and optimizing for candidate comfort.

Recruiting Trends to Watch

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Candidate Assessments. Employers are getting more sophisticated in how candidates are evaluated, from video interviewing to personality assessments to sample work assignments and more. Qualigence International has released its 2016 Recruiting Trends white paper.

Mapping Job Recruit Talents

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While a resume tells you a lot about an individual it does not tell you whether they will succeed in a role and how their personality will fit in your organization. Personality Types & Preferences: Works Best Alone.

One Personality Trait Great Candidates Share—and How to Spot It

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The concept of grit as a positive personality trait was pioneered by psychologist Angela Ducksworth. Use personality assessments to test for grit and teamwork skills. And one of the best ways to uncover a person’s passion is by looking at that last section of the resume—hobbies.

Staffing News of the Day, February 13, 2013

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Don’t do personality assessments of your workforce [Cynical Girl]. Senators propose bill to expand visas for foreign college graduates with degrees in science, tech, engineering, and math [Politico].

Blind Hiring: A How-To Guide To Reduce Bias & Increase Diversity


Blind hiring at the screening stage starts by removing personal information from candidates’ profiles and resumes such as their names and photos. Another common pre-hire test is a personality assessment.

Who’s Privy to your Privacy?


According to the piece, a new study suggests that an algorithm can predict your personality based on all your different Facebook likes. Personality traits and culture fit are important when it comes to hiring, but is this going too far? This will just be a new, automated assessment.

The Job of Your Dreams in 1, 2, 3


To do this, take a pre-employment personality assessment. But you also have a personality that is actually a better predictor of success. This personality of yours helps determine your fit in a certain workplace environment and predicts your future success.

The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide to the People Analytics Debate (And How You Should Use Them) 


For recruiters, this means people analytics can cover a variety of topics such as skills testing, personality assessments, performance benchmarks, source of hire, cost of hire, and any other metric that is related to a hire’s potential success.



Attaching your Plum Profile as a link in the “Summary Section” will provide those looking at your profile with more personality assessment insights into who you really are. You can also turn these badges into a personal branded representation of you.



A personality assessment gives you insight into who someone really is which helps you manage your team. There’s no guesswork in how to interact with them, everyone is different and their personality says it all.

The Roundup: Good News for Indeed and Bad News for Google

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Using automated screening tools, language tests and personality assessments Interviewed has been helping recruiters conduct in-depth interviews since 2015. “We Indeed buys Interviewed. Working for SocialTalent it feels like I write as much about Indeed as I do my own employer.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting…to Apply for a Job


Be prepared for some companies to ask for personal information like a social security number. Some employers use personality assessments. At some point in your life you will be actively or passively seeking a job. If you haven’t searched for a job in awhile, you’ll be surprised at how much the hiring process has changed. This is the first post in a three part series to give you some tips and pointers on some fairly common practices to help you put your best foot forward.

The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide to the People Analytics Debate (And How You Should Use Them)


For recruiters, this means people analytics can cover a variety of topics such as skills testing, personality assessments, performance benchmarks, source of hire, cost of hire, and any other metric that is related to a hire’s potential success.

Seven Reasons to Choose Plum over DiSC


Here are seven reasons why Plum moved past the shortcomings of traditional personality assessments so you can find employees that are the best fit based on your unique needs and company culture. As mentioned above, DiSC assessments are almost always offered through a pay-per-test model.

How to Hire “A Players”

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Use assessments. Take advantage of talent assessments in order to determine your candidates’ actual skill level. It is also smart to utilize personality assessments in order to ensure the right cultural fit. Let’s face it, hiring is a tough job.

My Fascination Advantage® Is The Veiled Strength – What’s Yours? [free assessment]

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Read to the bottom of this post and get your code to take a free assessment! ]. As a self-proclaimed “Assessment Junkie”, I love the idea of answering a few questions, and within just a few minutes, being presented with a multi-page report that gives me all of the answers I’ve ever wanted to know about myself. But I do enjoy taking assessments to find new and different ways to understand how I best communicate with the world and where I can add the most value.

7 Steps To Help Your New Employee Settle In For Success On Their First Day


This person can help them settle into their new space. The results of their personality assessment will give you a clear indication of how to interact with them. Set your new employee up for success, starting with day 1.

How will the Future of AI Impact Your Job as a Recruiter

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Picture an ATS that can instantly search and compile a candidate’s available public information from social media and search engines, providing not just a personality assessment but also a schedule of the hours that candidate is most digitally active.

A Recruiter’s Guide on Candidate Submissions

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As a skilled recruiter in your trade, the hiring manager is quite often going to be curious about your personal assessment of candidate submissions. Don’t think that you can simply submit a candidate and leave out your personal assessment.