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How To Get The Most Out Of Personality Assessments In The Workplace

Forbes Human Resources Council

Here are some dos and don’ts for using personality assessments to optimize your talent and employee growth strategy.

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How to conduct a post-personality assessment interview


Personality assessments, in particular, should be conducted with care. To ensure a fair and equitable analysis, follow up with a post-personality assessment interview. Additionally, many post-personality test questions will be customizable based on individual test results and will differ from one candidate to the next.


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Personality Assessments Aren’t Just Limited to Recruiting

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Are you using personality assessments during the recruiting process? While these assessments are great for seeing whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company, you would get more bang for your buck if you were to use them throughout the entire employee life cycle. Using Assessments Outside of Recruiting.

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8 Modern Personality Assessment Tools for Your Team

Recruiting Daily Advisor

HR professionals may depend on personality assessments for training and onboarding. However, this personality assessment is not appropriate for most businesses, as it covers too many areas unrelated to most work responsibilities. Source: docstockmedia / shutterstock. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

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How Personality Assessments Decrease Bias in Hiring


Hiring the best candidate can be tricky and employers have to decide which are the best tools, such as interviews and personality assessments, for making their decision. In these cases in particular it is easy to see how a personality assessment might be used to help alleviate certain biases that can be present in interviews.

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4 Things To Look Out For When Using A Personality Assessment

What’s Wrong With Using A Personality Assessment? The great news is that use of a personality assessment in the hiring process is growing in adoption. But what’s not so great is how to determine which assessment to invest in to help build your company. Both important behaviors needed in roles. .

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Tangled Up In Who: Building The Business Case for Personality Assessments.

Recruiting Daily

In this area, the scientific study and application of personality theory has yielded a wealth of insight (and terrabytes of data) when it comes to collectively managing individual outcomes. A Quick One: Building The Business Case For Personality Assessments.