4 SMB Recruiting Best Practices for 2017


The majority of SMB leaders (59 percent of small businesses and 54 percent of mid-sized) say hiring will increase. Seventy percent of most recruiting budgets goes to traditional methods such as job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies. Many talented candidates choose a job based partly on company culture, and that’s not limited to a SMB’s reputation. Another 41 percent are looking for better compensation and benefits.

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Report: 2016 Global Recruiting Trends for SMBs


If you work in HR for a SMB, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these insights to inform your own recruiting plans. SMBs reported having the best luck finding quality candidates through online job boards, whereas big businesses had more success with employee referral programs and social professional networks like LinkedIn. SMB talent acquisition managers reported that quality of hire is the most valuable metric, followed by time-to-fill and hiring manager satisfaction.


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Hiring for Small Business: The Best Tools & Strategies

Glassdoor for Employers

Small businesses should understand the value of having a business plan—that’s SMB 101. As a small business, you can use social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor to promote your openings without spending a cent. An ATS can automate your job postings, organize candidate information, and make communication easier, often with reminders, offer letters, and automatic responses built right in.

Why 2020 Hiring is Hopeless Without an Applicant Tracking System

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Department of Labor, there are 670,000 more job openings than there are unemployed potential workers. Top candidates are on the job market only 10 days only before accepting a job offer. Get your job listed on prestigious job boards across the internet.

Types of HR Software: A Guide


As an HR professional you may need any one of over a dozen different types of software to help you do your job. This bucket includes all the types of HR software relating to managing the compensation of employees. Compensation Management. These systems let you track and automate compensation plans for employees including bonuses, incentive programs and commissions, and salary planning. Job Board. The world of HR software can be a confusing one.

Employers’ top wins and lessons of 2021 – and what they’re planning for 2022


To understand all of it, we asked SMB employers what their biggest lessons of 2021 were and what their plans are going into 2022. Amy at Spartan Mechanical pointed to the importance of social interaction – and we found that many SMB employers would agree.

Recruiting strategies: a comprehensive guide for small business


Far too many of us are hiring with borrowed tools, no recruiting strategies and the nagging feeling that we’re losing time that would be better spent on our main job. Find employees: social recruiting and job boards. Closing the deal: making a job offer and hiring employees.

The Top 15 HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools of 2015.

Recruiting Daily

Recruiters, like quarterbacks, are highly visible and the most critical players on their entire team, since it’s their job to drive the processes required to score the top talent you’re looking for. We know what you’re thinking, and we know that it might seem a little strange including an old-fashioned major job board on a list of the most innovative players in HR Technology. With this and other SMB focused SaaS solutions, the war for talent may finally become a fair fight.

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7 Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Recruiters by 20 Percent or More


Consider these stats on the importance of proper onboarding: A study conducted by the Academy of Management found that providing proper onboarding and support to new employees (those within their first 90 days with a company) helped them feel better about their job and want to work harder. Make sure you structure compensation to include this minimum requirement, too. Posting vacancies to all job boards. Searching across all job boards.

Hiring Top Talent? Here Are The Best Methods For Sourcing, Screening, and Interviewing

Spark Hire

Before you start hiring for a position, come up with a clear description for the job. Lastly, you’ll need to create a job advertisement based off the description. This is what’s going to sell the job. You can drive as much traffic to your job advertisement as you want, but it means nothing if the ad doesn’t convert so make it good. Inbound – getting your job advertisement out there to create an engine for inbound applications.